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Title: Losing Him
Pairing: Handsome Jack/Rhys

Summary: Rhys can just feel Jack slipping away from his very fingers. They blame the migraines but this goes beyond even that. Yet there’s nothing either of them can do but try to hold onto one another.

Notes: A while back, I said I was gonna try doing some little drabbles for my Silent Hill AU that would detail some of Jack and Rhys’ time together during Jack’s spiral downwards. These two in this AU have such a heartbreaking and incredibly deep relationship so I need to flesh it out as best as I can with a few drabbles before I ever get around to writing the main fic.

All the drabbles will be stuck together into a series over on my AO3!

AO3 Version

It wasn’t in every moment that Rhys would be worried for Jack or scared of him. Sometimes there were the good moments, the moments that reminded him of the Jack he’d been with for five years now. The Jack that he had originally fallen in love with. The Jack that made him smile, laugh, and want to spend every day of his life with.

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Jack noted the data scrolling across his computer and the pages and pages of information about the deranged women spread out across the table. He sighed, lamenting how much he missed his team, missed Owen and Tosh, missed the Hub and its battery of computers.
The kettle whistled on the counter behind him. He didn’t move, letting it build up its steam. He missed Ianto most of all.
“I hate doing this shit by myself.”
Coffee in hand, Jack sat down and carried on.
—  Torchwood: Exodus Code