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It was the kind of kiss that pulled all the stars out of the sky and left the world in darkness. A brief pause in time that made you wonder if before this, you’d ever really lived.
—  Amidst The Stars
Weekly themed Jelix

Eyyy I finaly got to write something for this weeks theme, which was “rain/ Rainy mood” :D

This short story plays in my “Who we are” universe, ergo both of them are still in their teenage years and such.  It’s abit angsty but fluffy too :3

I’ll keep it short, enjoy~


The sound of raindrops bursting on the ground was almost deafening, smothering any sound that might would pierce through the darkness. It was late, a bit after midnight, the streets were quiet and deserted. The streetlights were blurry in the heavy downpour, and it didn’t took five minutes until his clothes were completely soaked, down to his skin. Water was running down his face, dripping from the streaks of blonde hair as the boy walked his way, hands in his pockets and hood pulled over his head. Not that it would do anything to shield him from the rain. It was cold, he was trembling slightly, but didn’t care. It was soothing in a way. How the only sound in the world was flowing water, washing over him like a river. He wasn’t even sure where he was going, just mindlessly walking in an aimless direction. More or less at least, he already knew where his feet would carry him, and didn’t make an effort to change it. There was only one safe haven for him, so he would go there.

Jack meanwhile was sitting with a cup of coffee on the couch, listening to the rain in the background while working last-minute on a paper he was supposed to submit in two days, and didn’t even start until a few hours ago. He was always procrastinating, and cursing over it afterwards. A loud knock on the door let him look up, confused. Who would visit him after midnight? Irritated he got up, marching to the front door, unlocking and opening it. Felix was standing there, dripping wet and shivering in the cold. “Oh my god are you okay? Are those bruises?” the Punk sounded worried, and even a bit shocked, quickly pulling him inside to close the door again. “No, I’m not”, Felix responded, sounding dull, tired, “not at all.” For a second there was silence, hesitation, until the Blonde gave up the resistance and broke into tears.

Jack was quick to catch him, carefully guiding both of them on the floor where he pulled Felix in a tight hug. The Swede had his face buried in his chest, hands clutched at his shirt as if he feared he would get taken away any second. The Punk stayed quiet, not really knowing comforting words, and just started stroking his boyfriends back and hair, letting him cry. “It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here”, he mumbled, adding soothing words and holding him close.

By the time Felix calmed down again, eyes and cheeks flushed red, Jacks clothes absorbed from the rain too, leaving wet patches on the fabric. “Sorry”, Felix whispered, voice sounding sore. “It’s okay, don’t worry. C’mon, let’s get you some dry clothes before you catch a cold.” The Punk helped him on his feet again, motioning him to take a hot shower first. Felix didn’t protest, but stayed quiet.

Later on, now in fresh, warm clothes borrowed from Jack he was sitting on the counter next to the sink in the bathroom, letting Jack take a look at the bruises and smaller cuts scattered across his face and chest. “You gonna tell me who did that?”, he asked, after he was done cleaning the scratches and cooling the dark bruises with a cream for it. He could imagine pretty well who was guilty of it, but still, wanted an answer from Felix himself. “Can we talk tomorrow please?” Felix gave him a pleading look, and Jack nodded. “Okay, if you want.”

Felix was glad he didn’t dug deeper and just accepted his wish. As if he could sense how exhausted the Swede was, Jack pulled him into bed after turning the lights off. Draping the blanket over them Felix thankfully cuddled into his opened arms, facing his chest as he was pulled in another comforting hug. Face buried in the crock of Jacks neck he soon started to relax, focusing on the sound og his heartbeat and rain hitting the window. “Try to sleep, okay? I’m right here, I’ll keep you safe”, the Punk murmured softly, stroking his hair. “Thank you. I love you”, Felix responded, a light smile hushing over his lips as Jack kissed the top of his head. “I love you too.”

The rain kept washing away sound and sight, but Felix didn’t mind. He was here in Jacks arms, and felt right at home.

I don’t think it was healthy of me to be awake at 4 in the morning dying over the Outlander season 3 premier it just doesn’t seem very smart.

But I did.

No. Regrets.

Title: Losing Him
Pairing: Handsome Jack/Rhys

Summary: Rhys can just feel Jack slipping away from his very fingers. They blame the migraines but this goes beyond even that. Yet there’s nothing either of them can do but try to hold onto one another.

Notes: A while back, I said I was gonna try doing some little drabbles for my Silent Hill AU that would detail some of Jack and Rhys’ time together during Jack’s spiral downwards. These two in this AU have such a heartbreaking and incredibly deep relationship so I need to flesh it out as best as I can with a few drabbles before I ever get around to writing the main fic.

All the drabbles will be stuck together into a series over on my AO3!

AO3 Version

It wasn’t in every moment that Rhys would be worried for Jack or scared of him. Sometimes there were the good moments, the moments that reminded him of the Jack he’d been with for five years now. The Jack that he had originally fallen in love with. The Jack that made him smile, laugh, and want to spend every day of his life with.

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Jack noted the data scrolling across his computer and the pages and pages of information about the deranged women spread out across the table. He sighed, lamenting how much he missed his team, missed Owen and Tosh, missed the Hub and its battery of computers.
The kettle whistled on the counter behind him. He didn’t move, letting it build up its steam. He missed Ianto most of all.
“I hate doing this shit by myself.”
Coffee in hand, Jack sat down and carried on.
—  Torchwood: Exodus Code