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Week 15! I’m finally starting to catch up on series, so hopefully you’ll start seeing your own in here! Note that drabbles are no longer included due to the length of the recs. I hope y’all enjoy this weeks compilation. 

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Someone comments that you and Astro would make a cute couple


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JinJin would notice the flood of comments almost immediately, especially if you two were the only ones doing the V-live. His first reaction would be to grin and giggle, but he’d hold back and wait to see how you react. He wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but if you were just as happy about it as he was, then prepare for a flustered and smiley leader.


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((ignore the caption kekek))

MJ probably wouldn’t even notice the comments until the other members started commenting on it. Of course he’d be confused, not sure what they were talking about until someone (maybe even you) filled him in. He’d probably joke about it at first, trying to make everyone laugh, but deep down he’d take it seriously and bring it up later, when you two were alone.


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He’d notice the comments right away, pointing out a few to you and making some comments of his own. “They say we look good together, Y/N~. How about it, shall we date?” If you got flustered or embarrassed, he’d make sure to make you feel better. When you left the room, he’d immediately turn to the comments again. “Alright guys, what should our ship name be?”


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Flustered baby is flustered. Like, how was he supposed to react with all of these comments? Once you noticed his reaction, you’d start teasing him, poking his cheeks and calling him cute. The more comments people made about the two of you, the more flustered he’d get. Of course, when the V-Live was over, he’d make sure to confess to you properly


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His hyungs would start teasing the two of you the second they noticed. He’d get all giggly, cheeks pink while he fiddle with his fingers. Shy City, Population: Rocky. You can bet that he’d be quiet the entire rest of the V-Live, trying to make himself small (even though literally everyone’s attention was on him). You’d have to be the one to confess in this situation, because this baby is way too embarrassed.


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Speaking of embarrassed, this poor boy wouldn’t even know where to begin. Red face? Check. Nervous giggle? Check. Embarrassing hyungs? Check. Everything needed for an extremely flustered maknae. Unfortunately, you’d be in the exact same state, so it’s the hyungs’ job to get you two kiddos together! Only when you’re 30, of course. They can‘t have their babies growing up too fast, now.

Requests are open!

NCT dream reaction to you getting surgery

Mark- When you told him he’d freak out. He would call his mom for advice on what to do because he had never been a caretaking position before (okay none of these boys have). He would also ask Taeyong to take him to the convenience store to get a bunch of stuff his mom told him would help. He also would definitely go with you to the surgery and would probably bring one of his hyungs to drive both of you there and back. Also to make him feel better while you’re in surgery but he won’t admit that. He would definitely be the worst one about seeing you after surgery. He would be crying so much seeing a person he loved so much not being able to do anything or respond. He would hold your hand so tight and when you woke up you would be like, “Mark stop holding my hand it hurts.” He would be apologetic but he’s just glad you’re okay. Post surgery he’d be a little better but still pretty bad. He’d be so scared to do anything and we all know how terrible his cooking his so Taeyong, Doyoung, and takeout food to the rescue. Also he would so visit you after school everyday. Also remember the plushie. Can’t forget the massive teddy bear.

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Renjun- Little Renjun would be so heartbroken. He didn’t want to think about you like that. He didn’t want you to be in pain, but he knew that although the surgery would be painful you would be in more pain without it. He would probably get you a massive Moomin plushie and candy for after surgery. He would come visit you after your surgery whether that was in the hospital or your house he didn’t care, he just wanted to see you and make sure you were okay. He would probably make sure you have everything you need and would probably talk to your mom to see if he could help with anything. Once you got back to school he would help you get around, not caring if he was late for his classes. He wanted to make sure that you got to your classes safe. He would also definitely talk to his mom and would probably give you a bunch of herbal teas to help.

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Jeno- He would definitely take it the best out of all of them. He would just be more worried about you going under anesthesia then the actual surgery. He knows the doctor is well trained and knows what he’s doing but what happens if you don’t wake up from surgery? That would be his main concern. After discussing his fears with his mom and his Hyungs he would feel more comfortable but would still express his fears to you. After a lot of reassuring from you that nothing would go wrong with the anesthesia he would be a lot more calm about the whole thing. He would be texting you the entire day making sure that he knew what was going on. He even asked your mom to text him from your phone how the surgery went and how long you were going to have to stay at the hospital for so he would know when to visit. He would get you some candy and a plushie that you had mentioned you had wanted sometime earlier (another idols plushie or a specific character plushie). The next weekend after your surgery he would get a bunch of your favorite movies and you two would marthon them for the following two days.

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Haechan- He would act so cocky like he wasn’t worried in the slightest. But this poor baby. He would be a nervous reck. He would forget to do his homework because he zoned off worrying about your surgery. Just like Mark he had never been in the caretaker position before so he was even more lost than Mark. But he wouldn’t ask his Hyungs for help. Nope. Haechan was indepent. Or so he thought. On the day of your surgery while he was at school he would probably be in class when you text him that you were going to be put under the anesthesia in five minutes he would excuse himself from the class and go into the bathroom and freak out. Maybe even cry a little (he would never admit that to you though). Since your surgery was the end of the day Haechan may or may not have skipped last period to buy you a massive teddy bear and box of your favorite candy. He texted you asking if you were at your house or still at the hospital and your mom saw it and let him know you were still at the hospital and what room. After he got there you had woken up but still very out of it. He still made sure to give you a peck on your cheek though before giving you the teddy bear and the candy. And you best believe that everyday after school until you came back he would visit you.

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Jaemin- NaNa would be worried but would try not to express it. He didn’t want him being worried to worry you more. He already knew you didn’t want the surgery done so he knew that himself being nervous wouldn’t help. Because he normally walked home with, you one day before the surgery after walking you home he would ask if he could talk to your mom. You would be confused but got your Mom for him to speak to. He would ask her about what they were going to do, how long it would it, recovery time afterward, everything he wanted to ask you but didn’t want to worry you by asking. After he’d thank you Mom for the information he would head back to the dorm. Though he felt a little better having more information about the whole surgery he would still ask his mom for advice, not wanting to bother his hyungs with questions. He would take what his mom told him to heart making sure to try and be supportive throughout the whole ordeal and make sure that he took good care of you after. Stocking up on your favorite candy, movies, some bath bombs and a cute little plushie. Don’t forget to mention he would definitely give you one of his shirts to wear after the surgery. He would visit you as soon as possible after surgery and every single day after school.

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Chenle- He would take it very hard. Being the second youngest in the group he was still young and didn’t really know how to process the information. He would automatically go to his Hyungs for advice and what to do. He would be so nervous from the day you told him until you texted him everything went well. He would do anything for you and made sure you knew that especially leading up to your surgery date. He understood why you needed the surgery but he still didn’t want you to have it. He just hoped your injury would heal naturally but after explaining to him it wouldn’t he came to terms with it and tried his best to understand what was going to be happening. Again, just like the other boys it would be plushie and candy galore. The entire day of your surgery he would feel so nervous it started to affect him physically. Renjun would be the first to notice and then when he realised what day it was he would try his best to help calm his nerves and made sure he still ate his food and not just worrying about you the entire day. After surgery he would visit you as soon as possible. He would also sing to you, anything you wanted him to sing, he would. He wanted to see you happy after such a stressful day, even though it was more stressful on him than you. He would probably be a little more hesitant than the other boys to visit you after school everyday. He wanted to make sure that you had your rest and he didn’t want to interfere with that, but if you asked him to visit you he would be there as soon as he could.

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Jisung- Poor baby Jisungie. He would be the most nervous out of everyone for an obvious reason. He was so young. Nobody he knew has had surgery before. He would be stressed out of his mind. Dancing an unhealthy amount to keep his mind off of it. After you explained what the doctors were going to do it just made things worse. The thought of what they had to do to fix the pain you were in just sounded horrible. He would call his mom asking for all the advice she had and he would also turn to his hyungs for emotional support. The other boys actually started to have a serious concern about Jisung being so worried about your surgery. No matter how many times you, his hyungs, or his mom told him everything would be okay he wouldn’t believe it until he saw you out of surgery himself. He would try but fail to convince his hyungs to let him stay home from school to go with you to your surgery. After surgery he would be like all the others and get you a plushie and candy. Also during his unhealthy amount of dancing leading up to your surgery he had perfected many of his sunbaenims dances so he would dance them for after you had gotten out and he saw you were okay. Like Chenle he would be very hesitant to visit you everyday not wanting to seem obsessive. But he would have no problem coming over when you asked him too.

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A/N: I am getting surgery on the 9th of January which is what inspired me to create this

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Can you do a imagine of the RFA (With Jaehee and V) holding their newborn child(ren) for the first time? *I imagine Seven having twins and V having triplets*

Honestly, I always imagined Seven having twins as well! I think several people do haha.


  • When he was going to hold his newborn baby, he would be THRILLED
  • He is so exited, and he would probably be shaking and jumping impatiently waiting to hold his child
  • Whether it be a girl or a boy (though I imagine him having a girl), he would instantly love them with all his heart
  • He will be smiling like an idiot the whole day, and probably everyday until they get to go home
  • Definitely comments on the baby’s inevitably good looks
  • “Well, she/he has MY genes, after all ;)” 


  • This poor boy, he is so nervous
  • “Aaah, what if I don’t hold him/her right? What if I’ll be a bad father? What if- ”
  • But when he sees the baby, he instantly shuts up, and he stands there awestruck until you say he should hold the baby himself
  • He is nervous, but once he holds the baby, everything falls in to place. It just felt so… right
  • As he looked into the baby’s eyes, he was smiling and crying at the same time
  • “They’re beautiful MC.”


  • She would try to not show her nervousness, as to not make you any more nervous
  • When she holds the child (I imagine it would be a boy :D), she is overwhelmed by her feelings
  • She would cry and look at her s/o, then back to the baby
  • She would be out of words, but you knew how happy she was
  • ((Sorry if this is bad, I’m not used to writing about her))


  • His face looked as emotionless as people said it was, but that was because he wanted to compose his feelings to help you better
  • You saw the sparkling in his eyes though, and he looked like an inpatient 5-year old who’s trying to stay calm
  • He insisted on being the first to hold the child, but when the time came he was really nervous
  • Once the child was safely in his arms, he smiles from ear to ear
  • “This is our child MC. Our child.”
  • Holds onto the baby for dear life, while still being as gentle as possible 


  • He had mixed feelings, because he was really really happy, but at the same time worried and scared for the children’s future
  • Can he, who never grew up in a loving home, really be a good father? 
  • Like Yoosung, he forgets his worries when he sees the twins. When he sees the slight,thin red-looking baby hairs on their heads he freaks out
  • “omg MC look at their heads! Look at their little faces, look at-”
  • You just let him ramble, and his exited face talking about your children was absolutely adorable
  • As each of you hold one baby, he stands there just grinning like an idiot
  • He probably cries to because he always wanted a family and he is just so happy


  • He is so happy and exited, he just can’t wait to hold them
  • Three babies MC. Three!”
  • (assuming he has taken surgery) He keeps looking at them, saying how beautiful and gorgeous they are
  • He can’t wait to start taking pictures of you as a beautiful family of five
  • He gets very emotional, this precious man. He keeps looking at you and your babies , commenting on how “this one has your eyes! They all have your nose MC!”
  • He will stay by your side every second until you go back home, holding your new family members 

I hope this is fine. Have a great day!

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When would each Matsu seriously say 'I love you' for the first time to their s/o?

i love this ask and i love u anon for sending it

thank u

Osomatsu would probably tell you he loved you 3 minutes after knowing your name, likely over some favor he got you to do for him. Anytime after that, you’d know that if was an offhand, unweighted ‘I love you,’ and would generally go unaffected anytime you heard it. But when he’d actually mean it, would be hard to say. I can see him falling for someone relatively fast, but at the same time distant and light-hearted with his feelings, so a genuine ‘I love you’ probably wouldn’t be heard until at least 3 months into the relationship, maybe more.

Karamatsu is a heavily emotional guy, so when he says ‘I love you,’ he really means it with all his heart. Therefore, it would likely be a while before he openly confessed his strong feelings for you. 6 months minimum is about the time it’d take for him to confirm to himself the way he feels for you. He might exclaim that he loves you earlier on, but he’d quickly save himself by explaining that he meant it as appreciation for your gesture.

Choromatsu would want to be absolutely sure that it wasn’t just some infatuation before considering telling you, and when it became apparent to him that he was indeed completely in love with you, he’d be terrified to tell you. He’d want to confess his feelings only under certain circumstances, likely playing it all out in his head many times wanting it to go perfectly, but unfortunately for him, things don’t always go according to plan. Eventually he’d finally proclaim his love for you, but not after some time of knowing it. Probably around 8 months is when you’d hear him say it for the very first time.

Ichimatsu would probably die before telling you tbh. But seriously, not only would this poor baby be too nervous to tell you, but would also think that he didn’t deserve you, therefore holding back his feelings anytime he could have told you honestly. This would be forgivable, if his admittance of love for you to himself alone didn’t take centuries. He has a hard time trusting and becoming comfortable with others in the first place, so just realizing that he truly loved you would take some time. One day, the words would just slip out during an episode of pure bliss, perhaps cuddling close to you on a rainy day indoors, and there’d be no turning back. That day though, would likely occur after an astounding year minimum of waiting.

Jyushimatsu, like Osomatsu, would tell you he loved you right off the bat, but it was a childish, happy ‘I love you,’ like one a friend would say to thank one for buying them candy. The day Jyushi really meant it wouldn’t take that long to wait, because once he’s certain of his feelings, he’s unafraid to say them out loud for all to hear. Unlike his eldest brother though, he’d fall in love much faster, being the naive, innocent sextuplet that he is. It’d probably be around 2 months after officially dating when he’d say it.

Todomatsu always tends to say ‘love ya’ as an interjection for ‘goodbye,’ but for him to actually say ‘I love you’ would be a whole different story. He wouldn’t want to ruin his chances with you by telling you too soon, so he’d likely time it just right. He may be shallow, but he’s deadly serious about his feelings, so when he does say those words, you bet he means it with all his little soul. It’d take a little time for him to fully develop feelings for you, but once he did, his skillful planning would be set into motion. It would probably be 4 months when he decided to tell you.

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How about the RFA reacting to meeting the MC's parents? ((Good luck on the blog by the way~ ^-^

This was so fun to write for, thank you!


  • Treats it like a new role and gets nervous as soon as the plans have been made
  • He is an actor though so he’s got this down
  • You guys could be inappropriate af all the way to their house
  • He walks through the door and snaps into this perfect being
  • Charms them so much you can almost see the shojo sparkles and roses around him
  • He’d need a little reassurance that he’s doing well though and he really is they love him


  • Probably freaked out for a while poor baby
  • You’d totally have to make sure she didn’t work herself too hard on prep though
  • Like she’s used to working to the bone so you have to take care of her
  • When she gets there she goes into work mode  
  • Her efforts pay off though
  • She comes across as so polite and they definitely approve of her


  • Not nervous but cautious because he doesn’t want to mess this up
  • He won’t of course but it doesn’t hurt to prepare a little
  • Honestly they find him super serious 
  • He’s a natural at making a good impression though and that’s exactly what he does
  • Like they love how serious he is about you but maybe he’s a little too formal


  • This precious child
  • “wHAT IF THEY DONT LIKE ME OH MY GOD” “Yoosung please they’re gonna love you”
  • Freaks tf out and makes sure there’s not a trace of any dark circles when he goes to meet them
  • Is super tense throughout the experience and you can tell that he’s trying a little too hard
  • They find him so sweet though


  • “I swear if you make any puns I will strangle you” “for the hundredth time I won’t I  p r o m i s e
  • I can just imagine him referencing memes or something throughout the night
  • Starts quoting All Star in a normal conversation
  • You’re there freaking out because you don’t want your parents thinking you’re dating a hardcore memer
  • Of course they don’t pick up on it at all
  • They do pick up on all the cringey jokes though oh lord have mercy
  • It’s obvious that they love him and how much he cares about you
  • Both of you kinda brush over the subject of what he does for a living
  • Your parents totally like him though 

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I love all your writing, so if you could, most of the Hinata ships for the newest ship meme? You already did Oihina so KageHina, KuroHina, BokuHina, LevHina, TsukkiHina, KenHina, IwaHina, TanaHina, or which ever ones you want. Thanks >.<

Aw thank you! I’m gonna do KageHina, KenHina, KuroHina, and BokuHina if that’s alright!


Who asks the other on dates: Hinata will tell Kageyama what he feels like doing and he’ll either agree or they’ll fight about for hours before they make a compromise
Who is the bigger cuddler: Hinata 100% 
Who initiates holding hands more often: Kageyama since he knows it calms Hinata when he’s antsy, though they’re both not the biggest fans of PDA
Who remembers anniversaries: Neither of them really
Who is more possessive: KAGEYAMA
Who gets more jealous: KAGEYAMA TOBIO
Who is more protective: see above
Who is more likely to cheat: neither 
Who initiates sexy times the most: Hinata
Who dislikes PDA the most: They both hate it but Kageyama more so than Hinata
Who kills the spider: Hinata doesn’t kill bugs and Kageyama is scared of spiders
Who asks the the other to marry them: Hinata 
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: They buy each other food and equipment lol
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Hinata. Though Kageyama is hesitant at first, he does slowly come around to the idea (he doesn’t want the kid to be scared of him aw poor baby)
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Hinata totally. Kageyama’s met Hinata’s family by the time they start dating, so it’s all good on that end
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Hinata tries to but Kageyama forces him to sleep in the bed while he takes the couch. Depending on how much Hinata wants to fight, they end up fighting through the night instead of sleeping lol
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Kageyama. When you had the experiences that he had in middle school, you get some pretty bad fears about losing people
Who tells the other they love them more often: Hinata constantly, in private, when he’s in a good mood


Who asks the other on dates: Kuroo. He always makes sure it’ll be something Hinata would like
Who is the bigger cuddler: Kuroo
Who initiates holding hands more often: Kuroo
Who remembers anniversaries: Kuroo. He likes doing extravagant things for Hinata 
Who is more possessive: Neither
Who gets more jealous: Hinata surprisingly 
Who is more protective: Kuroo
Who is more likely to cheat: neeiiitheeerrrrrr
Who initiates sexy times the most: Kuroo 
Who dislikes PDA the most: Hinata really doesn’t like PDA but Kuroo tries to ease him into it. It doesn’t really work all that well.
Who kills the spider: Hinata doesn’t let people kill bugs
Who asks the the other to marry them: Kuroo, when Hinata is rambling about something or other. Kuroo had been staring at him for awhile, not really listening, when he asked him
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Kuroo buys Hinata things all the time
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Hinata, very shyly. Kuroo is very on board with the idea
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Hinata, since Kuroo doesn’t talk about his parents much, so he doesn’t really know what to expect. They’re really cool people though and Kuroo just doesn’t talk about them because the topic never comes up. 
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Kuroo. Their fights usually don’t last that long though
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Kuroo. Whenever he makes Hinata upset, it’s never on purpose, so he’s always scrambling to apologize 
Who tells the other they love them more often: Kuroo, at least once a day


Who asks the other on dates: Bokuto, very enthusiastically 
Who is the bigger cuddler: Both are about the same level, which is very high
Who initiates holding hands more often: Bokuto
Who remembers anniversaries: Neither
Who is more possessive: Bokuto, totally
Who gets more jealous: Bokuto
Who is more protective: Bokuto
Who is more likely to cheat: 
Who initiates sexy times the most: The two of them are about equal in that respect lol
Who dislikes PDA the most: Hinata
Who kills the spider: see above
Who asks the the other to marry them: Hinata asks Bokuto one day on an impulse after he’d been thinking about it for weeks. Bokuto gets really excited and can’t words for a good five minutes and says yes
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Bokuto buys Hinata anything and everything he wants. Even if Hinata just mentions it in passing, he’ll get it (Kuroo does the same thing but with more restraint)
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Hinata
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Bokuto is exceedingly nervous, especially when he’s in one of his dejected moods. They both talk about their families to each other constantly, so Hinata isn’t worried
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Bokuto
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Hinata because their fights usually happen when Bokuto is in his dejected mood and when he’s there, he doesn’t much feel like apologizing
Who tells the other they love them more often: Bokuto usually will say it when he’s super sleepy and has his nose stuffed in Hinata’s hair 


Who asks the other on dates: Hinata since Kenma is usually just content to stay at home all day
Who is the bigger cuddler: Oh Hinata def
Who initiates holding hands more often: Hinata in private. Kenma, when he does sleep, likes holding Hinata’s hand when he sleeps uwu
Who remembers anniversaries: Kenma. He’s got reminders on his phone
Who is more possessive: neither
Who gets more jealous: neither really
Who is more protective: Kenma, since Hinata is very impulsive and if he’s not hiding from people bigger than him, he’s picking fights.
Who is more likely to cheat:
Who initiates sexy times the most: Neither, since Kenma is asexual, though sometimes Kenma will get Hinata off 
Who dislikes PDA the most: They both despise it
Who kills the spider: see above
Who asks the the other to marry them: Hinata
Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Kenma
Who would bring up possibly having kids: Hinata. Kenma would agree though he would hide how excited he is until they actually start the process
Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Oh kenma def
Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Neither. Kenma refuses to sleep on the couch and refuses to let Hinata sleep there either. It helps them make up faster too
Who tries to make up first after arguments: Hinata since most of their arguments are Hinata being stubborn about something and Kenma waiting until Hinata see’s that he’s wrong
Who tells the other they love them more often: Kenma, quite often, though usually through his actions more than through words

Hope you like em!

BTS reaction when feeling the baby kick in their wife’s belly

Thank you so much for sending in this cute request! I hope you enjoy it!


Jin: Seokjin would be a bit surprised at first as he felt the kick but a wide smile would quickly follow. He is very happy that you two were finally able to settle down a bit and start your own family. It was something he had been wanting for a while and still couldn’t believe it was happening.

“Wow Y/N, I still can’t believe you are carrying our child. Feeling them kick just made me so much more excited to see them!”

Originally posted by sughyun

Suga: Yoongi would look a bit freaked out by feeling the baby kick. He wouldn’t think it was cute at all. This poor thing would be more concerned about the fact that the baby just kicked you, not understanding everything that comes along with pregnancy.

“Yah…that’s so weird…why is our child kicking you…and why is it that I can feel it?!”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

J-Hope: Hoseok would be very happy to feel the baby kick against your stomach. He would look at you and give you a quick kiss before leaning down and placing a light kiss where the baby gently kicked you before.

“Yah, that’s so amazing! Just think, soon we’ll be able to see this little one! I can’t wait for that day!”

Originally posted by jiguk

Rapmon: Namjoon would be a little concerned as he feels the baby kick against your stomach lightly. The realization that you were carrying his child would hit him even more and make him smile. Even though he would be a bit nervous about becoming a father, he wouldn’t let those nerves overpower the happiness he felt about the whole situation.

“Jagiya, this is going to be amazing! We’re going to be the best parents in the world.”

Originally posted by baebsaes

Jimin: This poor babe would be so freaked out at first when feeling the baby kick. He would look up at you with a surprised yet concerned look, wondering if you felt alright. He wouldn’t completely know everything about pregnancy so something like this would probably shock him a bit. Afterwards though, I feel like he would be excited and anticipating the birth.

“Are you okay Y/N? Why don’t you rest up, you need to…-sigh-…I can’t wait for the day when we actually get to hold our child.”

Originally posted by suga-com

V: Taehyung would be very happy and excited when he felt the baby kick. He would look at you with his signature wide smile on his face, just very ecstatic about the fact that you were pregnant with his child. He really wanted to start a family, it was one of his dreams, and it was finally coming true.

“Jagiya! I felt the baby kick! Yah, that’s amazing! We’ll be able to see you soon cutie!” (Tae talking to the baby while rubbing your stomach lightly).

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jungkook: Jungkook would be surprised when he felt the baby kick. I feel like he would ask questions so he understood the whole pregnancy process a little more. After learning more about it, he would place his hand back on your stomach, wanting to feel another kick. It would fascinate him, bringing a small smile to his lips as he felt another kick.

“Ah, that’s so odd…but yet it’s amazing Y/N. Our child is going to be wonderful, just like his/her parents!”

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~Admin TaeTae

mirikomasato  asked:

Then I wanna make a request!! How will the Karasuno guys + Oikawa+ Iwaizumi+ Aone+ Kuroo will react when their crush accidentally fall asleep on their shoulders? Make it fluffy. Hehe Thaaaaaanks *hugs&kisses*

Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! So fluffy and adorable. They’re all so presh. Send help!

Sawamura Daichi: Daichi would smile at them and carefully scooch closer so they could lean on him more. But if he knew that they were dead tired and there was a more suitable place for them to sleep, he would actually wake them up and ask if they wanted him to carry them there.

Sugawara Koushi: Suga would end up falling asleep with them. He’d be so relaxed by them that’d it’d just happen without him meaning to. They would actually be the one waking him up.

Azumane Asahi: Poor baby would be too nervous to move. He’d be way too upset if he accidentally woke them up so he stays perfectly still until they did it themselves. He thoroughly enjoys every second of it, though, and thanks whatever forces at work for making it happen.

Nishinoya Yuu: After the initial freak out he’d go through, he’d try to fall asleep with them. If he actually did, they’d wake up cuz Noya snores so loud. If not, he’d just sit there with his cheek resting on their head until they woke up.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Tanaka would be a blushing mess but, once he calmed down a little, he’d do whatever he could to make them comfortable, even if it was a little inconvenient for him. If he had something to put on them, a jacket he wasn’t wearing or an blanket, he’d be sure to tuck them in with it.

Ennoshita Chikara: Basically Daichi but he wouldn’t be able to be so selfless with them, even if they were his crush. He liked being able to see the vulnerable side of them and the closeness they shared way too much. So he’d let them sleep long as he could, even falling asleep with them if they stayed out long enough.

Hinata Shouyou: Hinata would feel like the heavens just dumped every kind of blessing imaginable on him. Even if he were able to fall asleep with them, he wouldn’t want to. He’d be too busy trying to commit everything about the situation to memory.

Kageyama Tobio: Kageyama would be ecstatic, getting that cute, overjoyed smile on his face, but also really concerned because that’s definitely not the most comfortable position to sleep in. He’d really slowly slouch or sit up so their neck was at a better angle and wouldn’t hurt when they woke up. If there was anything else he could do to make their nap a little nicer, he’d do it.

Tsukishima Kei: He’d act completely indifferent but he’d secretly be super happy and probably smile at least a little bit, despite himself. He’d either stay put until they woke up on their own or, if he absolutely had to get up and they were at like his house or something, he’d really gently lower them down and get a blanket so they don’t get cold. If they brought it up later, he’d treat it like it was no big deal.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Pretty much the same as Asahi. The only exception is he’d try to get a little more physical contact, like moving his leg so their knees touch or putting one of his hands over one of theirs.

Oikawa Tooru: He’d be so happy with himself and just sit there and fiddle with his phone while they slept, smiling the whole time. When they woke up, he’d tell them something embarrassing like they have a cute sleeping face.

Iwaizumi Hajime: He’d be a little worried that they were apparently so tired that they’d just fall asleep but he wouldn’t wake them up himself. Underneath his concern, he’d know it meant they felt safe with him and he’d be really proud of that. Once they woke up, he’d tell them to sleep properly at home cuz he won’t always be around to be their pillow.

Aone Takanobu: Aone would be so embarrassed by the situation but also really happy??? He might as well have been a statue with as still as he stays. He’d let them wake up on their own and be a little embarrassed that they fell asleep on him since he looked so grave about it. He’d try to reassure them that it was really so ok with him and they could feel free to do it again whenever they needed to.

Kuroo Tetsurou: Kuroo would just sit back and let them sleep, being just fine with it. A small but genuine smile would be stuck to his face for a long, long time. He’d literally look like he was in heaven. If he accidentally woke them up, he’d crack some ridiculous joke, like he did it because he knew they wouldn’t want to waste a second of being able to look at his beautiful face.

Daddy I Need You - Cashton One-Shot

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Daddy I Need You

A dirty Cashton one-shot around 2,400 – 2,500 words

“It’s just…” Cal started, and Ashton nodded, although he knew that Cal wouldn’t be able to see it through the phone. “I need you Daddy” Cal sounded breathless, and Ashton suddenly understood everything. Ash swallowed the saliva he had in his mouth, biting his bottom lip as the sound of the other boys words were just so hot. They turned him on a lot. “I know it may be a stupid reason for me to call you asking for you to come home early, but I just…” Ashton had to readjust his pants, feeling them get a bit tight.


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What if Anna goes back in time and sees Little!Saru?

Imagine Anna gets sent back in time and she’s not sure what to do because she’s all alone and she doesn’t even know exactly when she is. So she’s walking around in the dark and she spots someone sitting alone in a park. The figure looks a little familiar and Anna holds up a marble to her eye. Then she smiles just a little and says “Saruhiko” as she walks up next to him. Fushimi’s just sitting there alone on a bench because maybe Niki left him there just for laughs or Kisa dropped him off there so he wouldn’t bother her and forgot to pick him back up. Little Saruhiko’s all surprised to see this random girl in frilly clothes walking around alone at night but he probably figures her parents are as shitty as his so he doesn’t really say anything, just looks down quietly. Anna starts making small talk with him a little, like she asks his name and everything but she doesn’t ask him about his parents at all. Saruhiko answers but he’s really cute and shy and kinda gloomy, so Anna smiles at him and touches his hand. They have kind of a nice little chat together and it’s really cute and maybe Saruhiko finally asks if Anna’s family left her behind too. Anna says that no, they should be coming for her soon and Saruhiko will have someone like that too eventually, so he shouldn’t give up yet. Saruhiko’s all confused but Anna tells him he’ll understand eventually and then she waves goodbye to him as she gets up to leave because she can feel the Strain power wearing off. Saruhiko tries to go after her and all he finds is a red marble lying on the ground. He takes it home and leaves it under his pillow and gets the calmest sleep he’s ever had for a week until Niki finds it and shatters it (and it cuts Niki’s palm pretty bad though and he has trouble getting the fragments out, almost as if it was on purpose).

Seventeen Reaction: When their friend/crush gets clingy to them

Thank you anon for your request!~

~ ❀ Admin Tundra ♡


Originally posted by 7teans

*Feels something on his back* Whoawaitwhat
*turns slightly to see you nuzzling into his back*
“And what do you think you’re doing?” *trying to control smile & butterflies in his stomach*


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

“Jeonghan. Jeoooonghaaan. Wake up sleepy head! we have a full day ahead of us!”
*Feels a body nuzzle into the side of him*
*Peeks one eye open& looks down to see you cuddling up, smiling at him*
*Also sees the boys half hiding behind the door snickering at him*


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

*Whips book across the room* *leaps off bed & opens door at the speed of light*
Jisoo: “What is it? Are you okay? What happened? Are you hurt?”
*Gets attacked with a bear hug* “No. I just wanted to hug you.”
*Startled Jisoo tries to control his heart*


Originally posted by seventeenpls

*Sleepy Junhui tries to take a nap on the couch*
*A weight is suddenly upon his body*
*Looks down to find you laying down, looking at him with a smile*
“Oh, well hi there.” *Flustered*


Originally posted by ultimatekpoptrash

Soonyoung: “So that’s what I though what we could do for the sixth verse of the song.”
*You pick up his hand and start to play with it* “Sounds amazing! You guys will look so cool performing.”
*Baby can’t stop smiling*


Originally posted by coolkop

*You suddenly cling onto Wonwoo arm*
Wonwoo: “Whoa, uhm… hello?”
*You cutely look up at him*
*Baby tries to hide blush*


Originally posted by kpopforever2

“Hey Jihoon-ah?” *Sets chin on shoulder and arms around his kneck*
“Oh, ah, yes?”
*Presses cheek against his* “Could we take a cute selca? Please~”
“Uh, sure.” *Nervous laugh because poor boy is frEAKING OUT*


Originally posted by shininghoshi

*Looks down from phone to find your head on his lap*
Seokmin: “Oh, hello. Can I help you?”
“Why aren’t you paying attention to me?”
Seokmin: “What, do you want me to cuddle you? Cause I can do that.” *Reveals cute gummy smile* 


Originally posted by wonwooi

*You’re both watching a movie when out of the blue you cuddle up to him*
*Looks down at you and grins to himself*
{He tried to pay attention to the movie but let’s be real here. He was totally stealing glances at you the entire time.}


Originally posted by seokmin---s

Minghao: “So hyung I was thinking for supper we could eat out maybe?”
*You come up next to him and set your head on his shoulder*
“Yeah that sounds fun! Could we please go Seungcheol? Please~”
*Cutie lightly places head on top of yours & does aegyo to sell it to hyung, while trying to contain his smile because wow you’re just sO CUTE*


Originally posted by seventns

*You pop out of no where*
“Hey Boo! Are you ready to go shopping now, or do you wanna go later?”
*You grab both of his hands and swing them around*
Seungkwan: Oh god, uh yeah I’m ready just give me a minute I’ll be right backyeahokaybye.” *Startled boo goes to recompose himself*


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Hansol: “Hey could you come over here and help me with this one line? I can’t seem to get it right.”
*Heart skips a beat because two arms snake around him from the side/back*
“Yeah sure! What are you struggling with?”
Hansol: “A-ah, uhm… just uh… this part right here.”


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*Is the one actually being clingy and adorable to you because Lee Chan don’t mess around*

uh-hellohello  asked:

"Hey, uh- M-mike? Er-... So, you can say no, if you w-want to but uh- its been way too long since i last visited my g-grandma... Soo... if you m-maybe wanted to go meet her, you could... yknow, if you want to." He sort of sounds on the edge of concern on whether or not this would be a bad idea.

Mike had looked up from the telly immediately when Mort had spoken, given his boyfriend his full attention. One hand is still idly resting in Caboose’s fur, having frozen midst petting him. 

Meet…Meet Mort’s grandmother? As in…a family member. Mort’s family member. Well…he supposes it’s time he met someone from Mort’s family. He and Mort had been…dating for a while now. 

But, uh…well, Mike hadn’t had great experiences meeting family, as few as those experiences are. Fathers hated him, brothers watched him like a hawk, mothers protected their purses around him. He doesn’t think he’s met a grandmother yet, though, so…

“Oh! Um…w-well, I mean…sure, baby. I’d, uh, heh, be, uh, happy to meet yer grandma…!”

I drew Willow drowning in fire because why not. I wonder what made her a pyromaniac, though. I mean, fire’s nice and all, but doctors don’t deliver a baby and say, “Congrats, it’s an arsonist!” very often. I don’t think. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, since she sets fires when she’s nervous. That’s why I drew her with a sad little smile. Poor Willow.

nice boots, though



  • peter straight up asking balth if he only agreed to the rules because of peter
  • peter misses holding hands (CUE ODE LYRICS)
  • balth thinks peter’s thinking of a casual thing
  • HE ASSUMES THE POSITION  the flirty position with his hand behind balth the moment he did that i was like OMG PETER YOU’RE SO OBVIOUS
  • peter thinks he’s being flirty and romantic with “there’s that look again, that look of potential” he thinks he’s saying “i know the song’s about me and i see your bedroom eyes let’s get together”
  • (pretty sure the lips do touch but barely. they don’t deny it though so they must have)
  • ugh he’s so ready but he stops himself bc he’s worried the romantic feelings are one-sided my poor baby balth
  • PETER IS SO CONFUSED he just doesn’t understand what balth is thinking
  • and then when balth asks “what does that even mean” peter just tries to explain his feelings, like he’s thinking ‘ok he wants me to actually ask him out or tell him i like him, i can do that’ 
  • but because he’s nervous and confused he just says “i think you’re really cool” which is like what you would say to ask out someone you barely know, not your best friend that you’re in love with, so balth thinks peter’s interest in him is casual AND BALTH CAN’T HANDLE THAT SO HE ASKS HIM TO LEAVE HOLY FREAKING SHITBALLS
  • peter looks so sad and disappointed and then he laughs at himself because he’s thinking ‘i did it again, i fucked everything up’
  • (ben talks about syncing the audio…does that mean he has actual sound equipment????? bc you don’t need to sync audio if you just use the camera for video and audio)
  • beeeEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEnnnnNNNNN what the fuck you’re not being okay
  • (ben is not in charge?? freddie is the king not him why does peter say ben’s in charge
  • similarly, he didn’t even come up with most of the rules, freddie did. idk the continuity error bugs me)
  • i do at least agree that they both broke the rule, balth reciprocated
  • balth says “put it up, i don’t care” and ben says “are you sure?” like he thinks balth’s serious OMG BEN HE MEANT HE WASN’T GOING TO FIGHT YOU ON IT NOT THAT HE DOESN’T MIND
  • im also not sure why ben is so angry about it? i mean on the one hand i am, because as he pointed out, he’s the only one who’s been trying to follow the rules (when the others broke them it was usually on purpose and not even caring) even though he would really like to break the shenanigans rule and it’s harming his relationship, but he’s sticking with it because he cares about the flat and about honoring his word. on the other hand, he clearly wants pedrazar to get together so why would he make things worse for them on purpose?
  • and NO, ben, the fact that the punishment hurts so much does NOT mean it was just. it means it was far too harsh for a fraction of a second of lip contact.
  • it’s just so disproportionate. i mean, peter kisses two different people many times during faustus rehearsals and gets socks thrown at him, it was funny and he enjoyed it. this punishment is meaner and the infraction was smaller it makes no seeeeeeeeense 
  • edit: as @deadformatgrumps pointed out, ben was the one to make people turn cameras off during hero’s birthday. why is he now airing private moments as punishment?

anonymous asked:

Lets have a situation where the GOM dorks, Kagami and Takao are nervously confessing their undying love to their crush like a high school girl.

what do u mean they arent high school girls

Kagami the bae: he’d be sweating buckets, and he’d be so nervous it’d probably take him a while for him to form a proper sentence. He’d mumble his confession out and when asked to repeat himself, he’d confess really loudly. “I-I really like you, ______!!”

Kuroko: externally, he wouldn’t change much, but he’d have practiced his confession the night before a million times. There is a slight tremor to his hands as he clenches them into fists and says determinedly “I like you, ______-san. Would you go out with me?”

Aomine: he’d be frowning to hide his embarassment, and his ears would be tinged a scarlet red. He’d end up being somewhat rude in his confession because he’s so nervous, but he’d take a deep breath and say it again, more firmly and gently. “_____, I like you.”

Kise: he’d be so nervous he wouldn’t be able to stand still, and a light blush would cover his cheeks. He’d have to take a few breaths to assure himself, but he’d end up stuttering a little in his confession. I like y-you, ___cchi! Go out with me!”

Midorima: he’d be screaming internally. On the outside, though, he wouldn’t change much. He’d say it quickly, but firmly, and as soon as he finishes his confessions he blushes, much to his embarassment. “_____, I like you. Go out with me, nanodayo.”

Murasakibara: the poor baby would have been so self-conscious he wouldn’t have eaten much of his snacks that day. He wouldn’t quite be able to look at his crush in the eye, even though he probably towers over them. I see him resting his head on top of theirs and mumbling out “______chin, I like you~”

Akashi: he’d be like calmness personified, but that’s only because he kept giving himself pep talks since the day before. He’d calmly smile at them while he says clearly “_____, be mine.”

Takao: his nerves would start kicking in at the last possible moment, so the moment he sees them he’d forget everything he practiced the night before and he’d blush uncontrollably. He’d end saying only a “I like you, ______chan!”, even though he planned a whole speech.

anonymous asked:

This blog gives me life. I have a prompt: Alfred was worried for a while that the Wayne line would die off so now that Diana is pregnant he is very happy and is a bit of a mother hen but Diana uses the opportunity to pry embarrassing stories of Bruce as child out of Alfred.

“Miss Diana!” Alfred sounded absolutely startled to witness the Amazonian princess phasing into the BatCave via the Transporter he had installed personally. It had seemed so very appropriate all those years ago, when immediate conveyance was essential for Justice League business. However, no matter how safe he knew his mechanism to be, it did not sit well with him to see Wonder Woman arriving via his creation. Not one bit.

She smiled, unaware of his inner turmoil. “Good evening, Alfred,” she greeted with such earnest enthusiasm to see him still hustling about. “Bruce asked me to come here as soon as my meeting at the UN was finished.”

“To hear the results of your tests this morning, no doubt.” Surmised the intuitive and equally eager butler.

“Is he home yet?” Wondered the heroine who embodied the concept. She glowed naturally – Alfred assumed that being a divine creature would do that to a person – yet there was a something else fluttering about behind her azure eyes.

Was it perhaps something to do with the child she was carrying, the one she was trying to reach by rubbing her engorged belly?

Ravishing as always, Diana was dressed in an evergreen maternity gown that truly completed the look of a woman made from the Earth. Her makeup highlighted her in the most becoming of ways, her jewelry classically elegant, it did the old butler’s heart well to know that his charge was not only about to become a father, but that he just so happened to ensnare the most beautiful woman on the planet. His work on the Batmobile’s engine had left him covered in oil, meaning that he felt quite improper to greet her while his appearance was in such disarray.

“Come,” he suggested rather than ordered, his tone indicating as such. “Let us retire to the lounge, and I can bring you something to eat. Perhaps some more of that Greek yogurt parfait I prepared for you—”

“Please, Alfred, I think I’ve eaten enough yogurt this month to last me a lifetime.” Considering she was immortal, that was saying something.

Disappointed with her response, the older gentleman moved to help her climb the overdramatic staircase toward the ground floor of the manor. His proposal to install an elevator had been rejected – by her, no less. Bruce had also attempted suggesting it to the pregnant superhero who claimed that flying while she carried was very disorienting. He had been in the proverbial dog house until openly denying Alfred’s idea during their next meal together. As Wonder Woman, she was such a conscious person of the happenings around her.

He couldn’t help but to assume that all of her empathy was extended outwards, with very little left to focus on within.

Upon reaching the grandfather clock’s entryway, he heard the poor woman sigh. “It isn’t the weight of the baby that tires me – it’s maneuvering myself so that the baby stays safe. I can’t walk around my own apartment without feeling as though I’m going to bump my stomach against the kitchen counter or the bathroom sink!” It was evident in her tone that she thought of herself as an anxious mess.

Alfred could empathize with feeling protective, sometimes beyond the realm of reason.

They entered the lounge easily enough, despite both of their nervous inclinations. “Do not trouble yourself with maintaining your apartment, Miss Diana. I’m sure Master Bruce would be more than willing to—”

“That apartment has been my home for too many years now; I couldn’t leave it, even if it was destroyed in one of our many battles and I had to rebuild the entire building myself.” Her dedication was believable, her pregnant body detracting from such a hypothetical possibility.

The offer did not stem from one sole place of concern, however. There were multiple benefits of having Diana move into Wayne Manor for not only her wellbeing, or the baby’s, or even Bruce’s, but for his own peace of mind, no matter how truly selfish he felt for even thinking such a thing. “But you do intend to move in, after the baby is born, don’t you? We have many rooms to turn into a nursery – even Master Bruce’s old crib is hidden in one of the many closets in this perennial house.”

“Bruce’s crib?” Oh how her voice sang a tune of exuberance, her expression one of uninhibited mirth. “You mean he wasn’t born a grumpy old man?”

Alfred was absolutely ecstatic as well, that he finally had a comrade with which to rip on the young master with amicably.

Chuckling, the next few words he spoke were quite bold, even when compared to his usual sarcastic approach to conversations with Gotham’s crusader. “No, no, I think the only reason he has yet to fire me – no matter how many times he has threatened, over the years – is simply because he strongly believes in keeping his enemies closest to him. And out of every single believed ‘Kryptonite’ the Batman may possess, he might actually faint if I shared some of the nasty stories from his younger years with you. I assume that’s why he has the entire house bugged.”

“If I refuse to move into the manor without you to ‘buttle’ the next generation of the Wayne line, you should be safe from being terminated.” The mischievousness he had only glimpsed in Wonder Woman over the years was in full form before him now, seated on the couch in the manor’s lounge, visibly impressed with her cunning manipulation of the father of her child.

Nevertheless, it was the slight note of unintentional kindness that Diana spoke, that truly stole Alfred’s breath away.

The next generation of the Wayne line…

The reality of her words resonated within his ragged old body, instilling a newly discovered brand of vitality into his veins. Ever since the Mr. and Mrs. Were tragically murdered before their only son, Alfred had genuinely wondered if there would ever be a day in which Bruce would recover, and plan for a family of his own to treasure. For too long did he endure witnessing women from all over the world awkwardly encounter him in the kitchen the morning after a casual romp, for too many moons did he have to drive disappointed prospects home when the Batman’s role took priority and he could no longer entertain his dates for the evening; it did not matter what sort of woman traipsed through those doors – the very ones he polished at least three times a week – because none of them ever managed to break through to the man beneath the armour that was his stubborn full of a charge.

None, except for the Amazonian goddess before him.

And to hear her speak of the child she carried have familial ties to the once seemingly hopeless hero of Gotham City truly gave Alfred’s once defeated heart to soar.

He cleared his throat at once to avoid sounding hoarse. Without delay, did he reveal all to her, “Did you know he was expelled from our Gotham’s most prestigious academy?”

“Was he?” Diana nearly giggled like a schoolgirl herself, to hear of such a secretive anecdote.

“I don’t know if I should tell you why, exactly. However, I feel as though you have a right to know more of the seedy background of the man who shall be the father to your child.” Reflexively, Diana stroked her round belly at the mere mention of the babe inside, and they both grinned happily to one another to once again have it stated that she was carrying.

Wonder Woman, the champion of truth, leaned in ever so slightly in order to whisper, “Did it have anything to do with that sharp mouth of his?”

Everything Master Bruce does is impacted by the way he speaks to people; no other man could see himself beneath his people while still talking to them as if he reigns on high.”
“He does sit amongst the gargoyles around the city, quite a bit,” Pointed out the thoroughly amused princess. She rested her elbow against the back of the couch so that her hand could act as a supportive cushion for her head, allowing herself to become even more comfortable for their discussion. “But I doubt he was just as fascinated by such things as a baby.”

Alfred answered with an impish glint in his eyes, “Would you believe if I said that he was quite a fan of Winnie the Pooh?”

“Winnie the who?” Was the well-warranted reply of a woman who was not privy to the popularized children’s characters of a world she was not born into. Most obliging, Alfred withdrew his smartphone from his pants’ pocket and took to Google to help him clarify. Within seconds he had a picture of the yellow bear on his screen and showed it to the curious woman, who found herself cooing the moment she laid her eyes on the cartoon plush. “I’ve seen this one before, it’s quite popular! Bruce enjoyed this as a child?” While unaware of stories designed for infants, Diana knew how to navigate the world’s most successful website and began swiping through the images for the search, looking over all of the other characters from the series.

“If you dared to turn off the movie when he was watching it, he would throw the most outrageous fit; even when he was not yet at the age to have depth perception, he always managed to throw a bottle or a rattle or his ‘chook’ directly at my hand, as a retaliation of the cruelest kind.”

“A ‘chook’?” Diana repeated to demonstrate her confusion.

“Ah, it was Master Bruce’s name for his pacifier when he couldn’t pronounce the word… though I honestly have no idea how he came up with such a word.” The answer he provided dramatically befuddled him.  

“A mystery of the strangest kind, I assure you.” Came a displeased baritone from the lounge’s doorway.

Both occupants of the couch turned their attention towards the distraught master of the manor, who appeared to have endured a light drizzle outside before entering his home. Still, despite his sullen mood to discover his two greatest confidants gossiping about him like a pair of clucking hens, Bruce Wayne strolled over to them with a manly sort of grace and leaned towards his Wonder Woman. Laying a kiss upon her lips, he lingered while ignore the elder man in the room. “How are you feeling?” He asked half of his question while still pressed against her skin.

“Mmm,” Diana hummed as she savoured his touch, dazed for but a moment. “Very well, actually. It’s both terrifying and exciting to learn about what sort of terror you were as a boy.”

“From my understanding, you weren’t a mere doll on a shelf as a young girl, either.” Bruce countered successfully. The unspoken permission he had to run his hand over the curve of her stomach was intimate in his own right, a touching scene to behold for the butler who never though he’d see the day.

An Aphrodite-like laugh echoed in the room. “No, but I didn’t start attacking my caretakers until I had outgrown diapers.”

“I highly doubt that.” Admitted the manor’s master, openly insulting its newest resident.

Diana feigned insult, then turned to face her ally in such stories. “Alfred!” If they were younger, it would have sounded as though she was requesting for Bruce to be scolded or punished for his rudeness. Knowing that she could handle herself, Alfred knew that she was merely asking for support in their ridiculous lover’s spat.

Much wiser than them both, the butler turned to face his boss and informed, “I will be making Miss Diana a dinner of spaghetti and spinach meatballs very soon; does that suit you as well, Master Bruce?”

“Even if you managed to make me a turkey dinner and laboured over every single side dish, I wouldn’t forget your betrayal, Alfred.” Speaking such heavy words, wearing a mocking façade of dismay, Bruce departed from the lounge without looking back at the pair of them. He pretended to be offended by their private exchange, but his oldest friend knew much better than that: Master Bruce would prefer not to be the one to wander down memory lane for almost any reason, so it only made sense that the responsibility of sharing such tales fell onto his elderly shoulders.

“Bruce!” Diana called after him, sounding as though she was going to scold him herself now. “You didn’t even ask about the gender of our child!” Her mood had shifted so quickly, the aftershock feeling like the reaction of two tectonic plates colliding.

“The gender?” Alfred repeated, stupidly.

Slowly, the enraged Amazon fell back into her seat as if she had never been roused to yell after the Father of the Year. She nodded once she was comfortable again. “I’ve been waiting for a week or so to learn whether we will have a boy or a girl, and I finally got my answer today.”

Before she could tell him anymore, Alfred held up a staying hand. “If you wouldn’t mind, I think I’d like to be surprised.”

That reaction shocked Diana, as she was most definitely excited to share the news with someone in her makeshift family. Blowing at a stray strand of ebony from her face, the slightly disgruntled superhero whined ever so softly, “Are you certain?”

The empathy he housed for the poor woman who was forced to suffer through a lifelong struggle with a partner like Bruce tugged him every which way. Alfred kindly decided on a compromise, so that she would not be made to endure anymore pain, especially not by his own doing. “Why don’t you share with me the names you have decided on? That way, I will know what to call him or her when you bring the baby home.”

“Oh,” the idea’s pleasant compromise rang true in Diana’s immediate reaction. Once again, he had soothed her riled spirit and found her to be quite agreeable, much more so than Master Bruce used to gripe about during their courtship days. “Well, all right. Bruce told me that we can choose any name so long as, if it is based in Greek, our friends and family can pronounce it too.”

“That seems…fair.” For once, Alfred could only assume.

Diana’s nod confirmed that she had accepted the term graciously. “So, I thought that a good name for a boy would be Alexandros, because it is a name given to someone who defends men. It holds a great deal of history behind it and it is used universally now.”

By meaning alone, the old man, who felt like nothing more than a rattling ball of unbridled excitement, agreed completely. “A fine choice, Miss Diana. Especially considering who his parents are.”

“Thank you, Alfred.”

“And, if you are to have a baby girl?”

“Penelope.” The answer was blunt, accentuated by a beautiful smile.

“Penelope?” He said the name once after her, trying to hear if he too could make it sound so angelic.

Diana seemed to be searching for something in his eyes, and Alfred could not understand her gaze. So, when he had worn a rather stupefied expression long enough, she put him out of his misery and disclosed, “Penelope is a strong name, as it belonged to the wife of Odysseus who fought her own battles while he was on his journey. But, I also liked the sound of this name because it reminded me of you – we could call her Penny. Isn’t that what your family name is, Alfred?”

Oh, how he fought to keep himself from tearing up due to such a sweet sincerity. Though Master Bruce was not present in the room, his butler knew that the decision on their potential daughter’s name was a shared choice, and it warmed him beyond measure. To think that his dream for the poor orphan boy he had raised on his own for years not only had his own family, but he planned to honour the only family he had had for years in such a secret way.

Indeed, this sort of secret was much better than any old gossip some old butler had to share.

Alfred nearly choked when he spoke up after her sentiment nearly undid him. “Ah, it’s…Pennyworth.”

Without missing a beat, Diana simply said, “That’s perfect, then. You’ve had your hands full with a very bossy boy for all of these years; if you were to get along with my daughter as well as you do with me, I am sure the two of you will be as thick as thieves.”

Good God, he hoped so.

Just when Alfred thought he could never be happier, he seemed to be proven wrong with every single passing day of Diana’s pregnancy. At long last, the sound of little feet would be scampering through the halls of the once lively, prestigious Wayne Manor, and the old man that he had become knew time would stand still for him many times while he ‘buttled’ after the next generation of Waynes…

Well, he could not help but to think, I seemed to have done something right, then.

The evidence of such a truth would be proven to him soon, only four months away.

((Did anyone else tear up for Alfred? He deserves all of the love! Plus, isn’t it cool that they are honouring a man with a name for a daughter? I am not a fan of characters naming their children after other characters that already exist in the same universe, because it becomes incredibly cheesy, way too quickly. So I thought I would find generalized Greek names that apply to both of them, and ta da~ It just so happened that Penelope had a cute ring to it, that also complimented the best butler ever! I hope you enjoyed the Winnie the Pooh and ‘chook’ stories too, and feel free to prompt me if you so choose! ~ Maiden))

asriel20asi  asked:

how would Oliver, Flavio, Gilen & Zao react to their shy/sweet gf giving/offering them a blowjob?

(I just did their reaction to their s/o offering, because it was easier than writing out four scenarios. Also, it’s under a cut, for obvious reasons.)

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can you make a scenario based on this one: youtube /watch?v=M30_MMRiW-4 where tablo and haru decided to visit bigbang on their concert and haru gets flustered/embarassed on jiyong and you're there too (in the room) and you tease jiyong how his handsomeness can attract anyone and such like that. just fluff fluff heheheh

I hope you like it bby ~

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