poor baby i feel so bad for you


“It’s just so hard when you’re so cute, and I’m so horny, and there’s only a couple of thin layers of cotton separating our genitals.”

My Cousin's Guinea Pig Isn't Doing So Well

She took her two guinea pigs to the vet the other day and a person (an intern or something) accidentally gave them 10 times the dose of the medication to get rid of mites. The vet took the pigs home in order to care for them for the weekend and it looks like Pumpkin isn’t doing super well. My cousin is freaking out (understandably). Her other guinea pig doesn’t like it when she’s away from her buddy. This is worse because it’s finals week. She has a final on Saturday (tomorrow) and projects to work on and she’s worrying so much about her poor babies. Send love please (Below is a random gif. Not her actual guinea pig)

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octopifer replied to your post:But your favourite animal though

I feel like you’ve chosen gradreel as your favorite animal

is it my fault that i want my own gadreel standing around so when someone makes a horrible addition to a conversation he can just do this face on command:

i can’t stop thinking about niall’s comments about not seeing the baby fuck i just…“anytime i’m in LA it’s just land in the evening and then the child’s already asleep”…what…you can’t see a kid because when you get to his city he’s asleep but…i mean…you wake up the next day…and you’re still in the same city…and “the child” is awake…so like….what???

as;ldkjsk i feel bad, niall was obviously put on the spot and i’m not /complaining/ about the answer i’m just baffled by other people making sense of it or even trying to lmao. i assume he didn’t have an answer prepared so like…the poor guy. but that answer i just.. What

A fetus isnt a human being yet. It only has life. So if you dont get sad when you step on an ant why do you feel so bad when someone has an abortion?.

I also hate how in every tv show or movie when someone gets pregnant and dont want the baby they decide they will keep it and they live happily ever after. no. thats bullshit. thats not real life, thats not how it works, a baby requires all your attention and money and you will have to give up to almost everything in your life to raise it and no one would do that for a baby they didnt even wanted when they’re like 17 and poor just because aborting was “wrong”

BTS reacting to you having toothache and not being able to eat, speak and sleep

Thanks for the lovely request, anon, I hope you are feeling better soon <3

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“Hey, sweetie! I cooked us some nice steaks and potatoes…What?” He asks confused as you hold up a note which says ‘I have toothache and cannot eat nor speak properly’.

“Oh I see…okay I could make you some mashed potatoes then with mashed vegetables if you like to? I won’t eat the steak today so you don’t feel bad…we can eat it some other day, now sit down on the couch I will get everything ready.”

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Comes home at 3am, only to see you sitting straight in bed with a cool pack on your cheek, having a sleepy expression on your face.

“Can’t sleep because of the pain…oh my poor baby, let’s get you comfortable. I will get you another cool pack and a pain killer, maybe? And then you will try to sleep? If you can’t I will stay awake with you the whole night until you just fall asleep.”

As soon as you want to try to protest by whining because you want him to sleep because of his exhausting day, he raises his hand assuring and takes your hand in his:

“Don’t worry I am fine with that. Now lay down, I get you the cool pack, this one is already warm.”

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“Oh no how am I supposed to survive without hearing your beautiful voice…what could we do the whole day which doesn’t involve exhaustion, talking and lots of eating? We could watch one of your favourite movies and relax a bit? If you want to? (Y/N)?” Hoseok turns around to see you, having fallen asleep on the couch due to a sleepless night before.

“Or just sleep, my beautiful princess.” He smiles while covering you with a blanket, making sure you are comfortable.

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“(Y/N)? Do you need anything else?” Namjoon asks as he enters the room with a hot tea for you, seeing you on the couch reading a book.

“Baby, I know you have nothing on the eyes but it is still to exhausting for you to focus on a book after having slept for only 4 hours…you should close your eyes and not exhaust yourself even more, you know that won’t help your toothache at all…give me the book, I will read out loud for you.”

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“I bet this is the last thing you want to hear now but…” He begins, already being given a suspicious look by you sitting on the couch.

“But I know your teeth hurt but your legs don’t and I think a bit of fresh air won’t be too bad for you. Sitting in the apartement all day isn’t too good for you, you need some fresh air and some sun, maybe? I mean we don’t have to go for a one hour walk, how about 20 minutes around the park near your apartment?” He suggests.

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“(Y/N), we have to talk.” He starts and lets himself fall on the sofa next to you, causing you to whimper slightly at the impact of his fall which made your teeth even hurt more. You give him a questioning look.

“You have been giving me the silent treatment all day long now, not having said one word…what is wrong, what did I do to deserve that?”

You give him the ‘are you serious’-look, scribbling something onto the paper in front of you, explaining that you still had toothache.

As he read the note, realization hit him and he turned reddish:

“Ooops, I already forgot your teeth hurt…I am so sorry, sweetie, forget what I just said.” He says as he hugs you tightly.

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“Okay we need to find something which will distract you from your toothache for the rest of the day.” Jungkook smiles cheekily which never was good in the first place. You know what your boyfriend’s plans were-chaotic and childish but also effective.

“That’s why I bought a new video game we can play all afternoon now. Good distraction, you focus on playing, you rage and forget about your pain and it increases your concentration skills…it is a win-win-situation, obviously.” He says excitedly which makes you chuckle silently.

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I got dragged into the Jaydami hell by someone and well, there you have it, just take it and let me lay on the floor, regretting what I just did.

Those poor babies, dying and getting beaten up, I just want them happy and covered in fluff and hot blankets. Okay.

On second watch...

If you want to feel sorry for a “monster” in HHH, pick that poor baby ogre over Gaston. CGI on this show is always dreadful but as bad as the running looked, that poor guy’s expression was full of terror and pain. I have to give them credit for that. 

 And speaking of expressions full of pain…man, the first time I didn’t focus on Rumple’s expression after Belle dropped gaston into the drink. He looked in such horror that she’d had to go so far to save him. That is not a man who has manipulated his wife into doing what he wants.

Why Diablo 3’s Imperius is a poor baby and justified in hating you all.

After playing through Diablo 3 a few times with Silas, I’ve found that I actually have a lot of sympathy for the archangel of valor. He hates humans, he hates them SO MUCH, but y’know…I can’t really blame him. I mean, just look at the shit he’s gone through.

Archangel Inarius: Imma steal the worldstone out from underneath the raging armies of heaven and hell and just fuck the Eternal Conflict and actually fuck Mephisto’s daughter yeah that sounds like an awesome plan how can this possibly go wrong.
Imperius: What the shit bro?!? No! stop that! Why would you—DON’T STICK YOUR DICK IN THAT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

That’s how it starts. And then Imperius sees the Nephalem, which are admittedly terrifyingly powerful halfbreed spawn. 


And then, when Imperius is a little calmer, he actually tries to fix it. 

Imperius: Okay guys, this is salvagable. Inarius, just come home, we’ll destroy your half demon abominations and pretend that this never– 
Tyrael: What? No, genocide is wrong. 
Auriel: Besides, they’re kind of cute and they could use their power to help us. Let’s keep them. 
Imperius: Are you fucking kidding me.

And then he loses the vote to destroy the Nephalem, so he throws his hands in the air and is like: 

Imperius: FINE! But we’re using the Worldstone to cage their freakish power. That way they’ll go from being TERRIFYING MONSTER CHILDREN THAT COULD MURDER US ALL to just being disgusting mutants and I guess I can live with that as long as I don’t have to see their stupid ugly faces UGH faces.

And that actually works for a while until Tyrael gets himself trapped and Baal manages to corrupt the Worldstone that the humans were SUPPOSED to be GUARDING. 

And Tyrael’s solution was to SMASH IT TO PIECES. The thing that the hosts of Heaven and Hell had been fighting over since almost the dawn of time.

Imperius takes exception to this.

Imperius: You BROKE THE WORLDSTONE WHY. Tyrael. Tyrael you are grounded.
Tyrael: You can’t ground me! I’m grounding myself! *plummets to Sanctuary*

So at this point, Imperius has lost two of his archangel siblings and the entire Worldstone and it can all be traced to the humans.

But at least they’re still just useless worthless humans, right?

Except the Worldstone got smashed so now actual Nephalem are being born again

Oh well at least the main three Prime Evils are dead and soul-smashed, right? Diablo is gone at leas–

Oh wait no, because Adria saw that coming and set up an elaborate trap and thanks to her and your Nephalem player characters Diablo is back. As all seven prime evils combined. 

All of which Imperius learns about the time that Diablo shishkabobs him and smashes through the gates of heaven.

Imperius is already not having a good day. So it really shouldn’t be much of a surprise when the next assholes to walk through those smashed gates (while heaven is in the process of being slaughtered by the armies of hell) are a party of Nephalem.

So his reaction to you is actually pretty tame when you think about it.

Imperius: YOU. Get out. OUT.
Player Characters: Uh…no? We’re uh, we’re trying to help you with your Diablo probl–
Player Characters: Dude chill, we’re on a time limit here–

And then, before Imperius can vent the rage and frustration he’s been holding in for thousands of years, Diablo smashes the crystal arch and Imperius crumples to the ground with his wings all tattered and broken.

And the player characters just walk over him on their way to the final boss.

Imperius hates you. He hates you so much and I cannot blame him.

And it just gets worse in the expansion.


Hey fellas, I hope you like my new ‘stony video’ yay, finally a new one, right?

I feel so bad for tony in cw, I mean steve really hurt him. poor baby. What do you think is it too late to say sorry?

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16 & Pregnant - Luke

A/N.: First of all, guys, always take care and don’t fall into this hole! It may sound cute that you’re close in age to your children and flattering that I write this with your crush, but teenage pregnancy (in my opinion) is one of the worst things that could ever happen with teens, especially with girls. Ruining your life at this young age is horrible. Have as much fun as you want but please please use a condom or take pills or do both I don’t care, just take care!

(I feel so bad writing this though. Poor Lukey, what if he reads this?! Go on Luke have fun, just don’t make small Lukeys all around the world!)

Thanks for requesting! x

(I’m thinking about writing a part where you already have a baby bump and you have to go to school. Would anybody be interested in it?)

And on that note, hope you’ll enjoy it!! xx

You always thought you had a great and supportive family, you had the best friends any girl could ask for and that you were the luckiest girl ever for having Luke as your boyfriend especially that everybody knew about this because 5SOS only got bigger and bigger. With this fame it was hard having time for each other, but you managed to be just like every other couple. But right now lucky wasn’t the word that described you.

Actually there were no words describing this situation. Happy would be too positive, unfortunate would be too negative. Being 16 & pregnant is not what girls crave for the most.

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stubborn love

Inspired by 12x15, still crying with my poor baby Amelia who can’t catch a break from bad things in her life :(

Fight until you can’t fight anymore. Someone said that. Wait, that was me. But when do we decide that we can’t fight anymore? Is it when you’re so tired of trying and you really feel like giving up? You can say a lot about me, yeah emotional mess, junkie, alcoholic, maybe even a slut but not that I’m a quitter. I’m just utterly exhausted. I need a break from Owen and he needs a break from all this crap that he’s going through and refuses any help. At this point, it’s better for me to give up then to get drunk or high, right?

Amelia could hear the distant rumble of a thunder but she run anyway. She wanted to get away as far from Owen’s trailer as it was possible. She tried her best to find her car, she swore that she left it in the same place as always but somehow she run the opposite way. Her cheeks were wet, not from incoming rain, but from her tears.

Owen made her feel like complete crap so many times and she wasn’t a girl who can be fooled by anyone. Except it wasn’t anyone, it was Owen, her Owen. He really made her feel like crap sometimes. But other times, he made her feel anything but crap.

She remembered the puppies, it was probably the cutest thing someone had ever done for her. She already could imagine them surrounded by puppies and children running around them. Yeah, she wanted kids. Amelia wanted his kids. To be honest, she wanted everything with him but again, another obstacle coming right in front of them.

The rain accompanied her tears so that you couldn’t tell which one were raindrops and which one were her actual tears. You know this saying that someone is feeling under the weather? Amelia was indeed feeling under the weather, 7 feet under the weather but who counts?

She stopped running and broke down. She felt familiar weight in her pocket. It was a gift, birthday gift for her boyfriend or you know, whatever they were. That’s when she heard someone, she wasn’t scared, not at this point, she just didn’t care. And maybe, it’d be better this way.

“Amelia, wait!” it was distant, like behind windowpane. She didn’t move, she didn’t look to see who was talking to her because she knew. Of course it was him and she was more than sure that he’d begin his speech that she supposed to feel things and all this crap. But what about him? Did Owen really let himself feel stuff?

She put her hand into the pocket and looked at it. It was special gift. She gave it to only one person it but that didn’t end up well so she wanted to give it another try and let Owen have it. Maybe it was it? Maybe it was haunted?

Owen got closer to her, she felt his breath on her neck. It was so soft just like that time when they were waking up in each other arms. Except it wasn’t, since his breath smelled like a bear or six of them. Oh god, she wished she could have a bear right now or vodka tonic. Yeah, vodka tonic was her sweetest dream and the worst nightmare at the same time.

“I’m so so sorry! I shouldn’t have…” he shouldn’t have but he did. What was done cannot be undone. Her hair was wet and all over her face, it was so annoying for her. She usually liked her hair, especially like them between Owen’s fingers. She had all those thoughts and almost forgot that he was here until he wanted to grab her hand but it was just too much.

“Don’t touch me” Amelia said it with overdramatic tone. She tended to over feel things, she was a mess basically but Owen usually made her feel like something worth more than glass of vodka tonic. But still, he made her feel like this what? Third or fourth time in less than six months, not the best outcome for future husband.

Because she did imagine her future with him, she didn’t want to get married right away, it’d be sick in this exact moment but someday. It’d be just two of them. No family, no friends. Because what would be important in that day was their love and them, not some people who wanted free booze.

Owen stood next to her, close enough for her to feel his presence but far enough not to touch her. You know, with this small gesture, he won her heart once again. 43rd time but again, who’s counting. He knew how to act around her when she felt down and Amelia appreciated that.

“What’s that?” he pointed at the box in her hand.  The box was dark or maybe it looked like really dark one since it was the middle of the night.

“A box” she stated as it was the most normal thing in the world. “I hate you, Owen” again calm voice, she even stopped crying. Amelia was quite sure that she had no tears left in her eyes. After all, she cried so many times – it was something that she was perfect at.

Owen didn’t say a word. Maybe he didn’t know what to answer or he was too drunk to even say anything coherent. The fact was that he hated himself too. He did as Riggs told him. He looked in the mirror and all he could see was a quitter and liar and finally a coward. The last one probably hurt him the most – it just wasn’t the person his mother raised him to be. And still, he ditched his probably now ex girlfriend, he didn’t look for his sister. A coward.

“Not for destroying this day” she added. We all make mistakes, Amelia was more than aware of that. “For making me feel pain all the time, it’s because of you, you know?” it was harsh, she knew that but Owen didn’t even try fighting with this. She had a point, very good one in his eyes.

“I screwed up but I can do better and we can keep going…” he was desperate, they stood in front of each other. His eyes focused on her face which looked even more beautiful in the moonlight. It sounds like a cliché but still, every line on her face told different story. His favourite one though, was the one on her temple. When she was thinking it was pulsating like a heart, he loved it.

“But I don’t know where we’re going” and that was when it stroke her. Amelia loved him, she hated him because she loved him so much and she didn’t want to lose him. But before anything could happen between them, Owen had to figure his stuff out. Otherwise, Amelia knew she would end up hurt once again. “Here’s your birthday gift” she handed him the box. He had no idea how much both the box and himself meant to her.

“Amelia, I don’t care about gifts. Let’s go, we can still have lobster. I can rally” he wanted to give her a hug or have any contact at all but all she did was taking a step back. She looked at him and the guilt washed all over him. Her eyes were red from the crying and they weren’t deep blue like they usually were. They were faded. Just like when she had a drink 2 months ago when he found her in the bar next to one and only Nathan. She didn’t have to drink anymore, all he needed to do was to make her feel like crap, once again.

“You, figure your staff out with Riggs and with you. I can’t be around you right now. You’re not good to my sobriety. There’s a letter in the box. I hope it didn’t soak. Owen, take care now” that was the words he used to say to Cristina to somehow replace I love you. She gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, it was gentle but at the same time so emotional that it left him speechless. Was it the end?

Amelia walked away and he didn’t move. He didn’t dare to walk after her. She deserved better. Owen knew that he could be better but ever since Riggs came to the picture he treated her badly. He came to the trailer, took a shower. That was when he sat on his bed and looked around the trailer. It was the mess but still it was in better shape than him.

Owen still had a box Amelia gave him. It was quite heavy and big. He wanted to look what was inside but once again a coward inside him refused to do it. His head was pounding but he decided to get over it by cleaning his place. Owen throw away all his bottles, he was such a fool. He destroyed the best thing in his life since Cristina which he also destroyed some time ago.

He was so angry and exhausted when he opened the box. Owen saw a watch, not a new one, it had a black strap and the dial which was quite scratched and the back of it had engraved initials “JS”. He touched the caption and he had a feeling that it belonged to someone close to Amelia. Soon after he saw a small envelope with his name on it.

Dear Owen aka Grandpa,

Happy Birthday you old man, I know you gave me a time to buy you a proper gift but I couldn’t think of anything else which would be as meaningful as this watch is (yeah, I don’t want to spoil you but the lingerie is going to rock your world too). I want you to have this watch, it belonged to my father. You don’t have to wear it, I just want you to have it because this watch means a lot to me, just like you. I hope we get to spend your next birthday together as well, maybe with a puppy that hopefully in a year won’t be a puppy anymore in a house which won’t be a trailer.

Okay, anyway Happy Birthday, O!”

Now, Owen was on hundred percent sure that he was the biggest fool in history of fools. And he knew that it was probably too late to fix this one.

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-that time of the month-

Y/n p.o.v

I cringed in pain, cramps consuming my lower stomach once again “it hurts so bad” I whined as I laid besides niall. He looked over at me and pouted “my poor baby” he kissed my forehead and started to rub my lower stomach “you need anything?” I looked up at his beautiful eyes “yeah,can you please go to the store and get me some chocolate or ice cream, I really need it” he nodded “okay babe, anything for you” you smiled slightly as he quickly stood up from the bed and grabbed some shoes, and his car keys. Niall was the best boyfriend, he made me feel like I was wanted and loved and maybe that’s one of the reason I decided to leave my house at an early age to go live with him. He always cared for me and was always there for me. I closed my eyes as a second wave of pain consumed me, I hated fucking periods, I swear us women were punished for everything, if we aren’t pregnant,punished, if we are, punished. Males don’t have to go through this shit at all, like not even a little bit of pain, nothing, makes me sick.

Niall arrived with a tub of my favorite ice cream flavor and a whole bunch of chocolate brands “didn’t know what to get, so I got them all” I giggled as I reached for a twix bar “I’m not mad at you” I popped a piece of the chocolate in my moud, and moaned slightly as the chocolate melted on my tongue. He watched quietly as I fed my cravings “want some?” I offered him some ice cream and he shook “but I do know what I’m going to want when all of this is over” he winked and gave me a cheeky wink, I giggled and took the spoon into my mouth “well….let’s see if you were good enough to get it” I tease. He groans and hides his face in the nape of my neck making me giggle even more. At the end of the night, I am 6 chocolate bars away from diabetes, the t.v is playing a Halloween movie and I end up cuddled into niall, he kisses his forehead and rubs my tummy to try to subside the pain that has been there since last night.

{a week after}

I watch cartoons, little giggles leaving my lips, niall has gone to record his solo in a song that was just confirmed to be on the boys last album. I was all alone home and missing his touch, now that I no longer had my period, I really wanted him. I heard the flat door, open and close and I quickly sat up, I fixed my shirt and checked my hair in the near by mirror, niall had seen me at my worsts but I wanted to seduce him like a mermaid. He walked into the room, he smiled and walke over to the bed, pecking my lips sweetly. He sighted as he took off his shirt and threw it in the dirty clothes hamper. He sat on the edge of the bed “rough day?” I asked, rubbing his shoulders slightly, he nodded “I know a way to leave you less stressed” I offered, he smirked and looked up at me “oh really?” I nodded and pushed him on the bed slightly “you were a good boy last week and I wanted to give you a present” he hummed as I took off my shirt “and what would that be, y/n?” He challenged, I kissed down his bare chest and up to his lips “me” I giggled. He switched positions so now he was laying on top of me, supporting his weight with his arms above me “you want me to have you?” He bit down onto his lips “all of me” I moaned. He kissed the valley between my breasts making me whimper “always love to please you” he said before pulling my shorts down. I giggled slightly before he undid his belt buckle and pulled his own pants down.

He went to kissing me hungrily. He ran his smooth hands down my body like he was molding me. He gently danced his fingers on the band of my underwear, making me rise my hips up pushing him to do so, he slipped them down my legs slowly, when they were off, he ran one finger up my lips making me part from our kiss and moan loudly “you really want me, don’t you?” He smirked as he noticed how wet i was. I smirked “aren’t you the One to talk” I said, drawing my eyes to his evident boner. He chuckled “all for you” he groaned as he kissed my shoulder while pushing my bra off. He snapped his hips against mine, creating friction from his hard on to my clit. I grinded back into his, my skin growing hot as I he licked my collar bones and played with both of my nipples “I want you to ride me…..ride me so hard” he moaned into my ear as he started to dry hump me faster, I moaned loudly as I pressed my nails into his back “yeah?” I managed to ask, he grunted “yeah”.

I turned us around and I pushed his boxers down, his member springing out and laying onto his stomach, pre-cum oozing slightly from the tip. I smirked and went down “let me clean this mess up” I licked up his tip making me groan out loudly and snap his hips. I pushed them down slightly and smirked as I took more of him in my mouth, soon I found myself bobbing against him, he ran his hands through my hair “babe…..uh…fuck….stop” I let him go with a pop as I looked at him concerned “believe me, I love what you were just doing but I really would love it if I came inside you” he moaned. I smirked as I went back up and I sat my back facing him, I grabbed his cock and gave it a few pumps before slicking his tip In between my walls making both of us moan in unison. I slipped him in slowly, gasps and whimpers leaving our lips at the same time again. He was Almost all inside me before he gave in a last pump. I snapped my hips, he sat up, his chest now pressed against my back, I began going up and down, his member slipping out and going back each time. He grunted into my ear, his hands taking breasts and playing with my nipples, I tossed my head back onto his shoulder as I continued my motion, his cock hitting my g-spot directly, I let a loud scream, his name followed by it,he smirked “it’s right there, isn’t it?” He took his free hand and rubbed my clit, making me claw at his thighs.

I grounded my hips down, his unstable breathing fanning against my neck as his chest heaved up and down against my back. I closed my eyes as waves of pleasure ran through me. Once in a while he would leave little bite marks here and there, later on to let everyone know the things we did behind closed doors. His finger rubbed quickly against my nub “I’m so close, niall” I moaned, he peppered kissed my neck “it’s okay love, just let go” with a few snaps of my hips and more kisses, I came. He thrusted up, milking my orgasm as he seeked his. Finally he came as he fell back onto the bed, I took his member out and fell besides him, he kissed my forehead “need to be a good boy for the rest of my life” he panted as he tried to catch his breath, I smiled and looked over at him “yes, Indeed”


  • tumblr staff:hey we gonna change some shit around whatchoo want, tumblr?
  • tumblr:a decent block system, better video that doesn't repeat, an actually user-friendly inbox, you name it
  • tumblr staff:just fuck you up? okay!