poor baby i feel so bad for you

Please Forgive Me, Lance

Blue hated this so much. She’d wanted to go back on it ever since the first second she stopped letting Lance in. He looked like he’d cry. That made her want to cry, too.

But that had nothing on right now. It was in the middle of the night, two or three am in Earth time- Lance’s time.

He walked up carefully to her, looking her in the eye for two seconds at most, “Hey, Blue…. Look, I know you don’t want me, but I need to know. Please tell me why you gave me up.”

She’d wanted to. She’d wanted to reach out to her boy, to say, But I do want you. And it’s killing me that I can’t let you come back to me right now. And it’s killing me that it’s hurting you. But she didn’t. She couldn’t.

He continues, “Please, Blue… I want to know why you gave me up. I need to know why I’m not worthy of you. Am I even worthy of Voltron anymore?” His voice cracked, forcing the lion’s heart to follow suit. You are more than worthy. If anything I am unworthy of you. I didn’t want to, Lance, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.

He’d whispered, “Why can’t I ever be good enough? Why am I always just a fill-in? Why can’t I ever be more than just an extra wheel?!” Blue hated this with every fiber of her being. She didn’t want to push him out. But she had to, for Voltron. Fight now, all she wanted to do was tell the world Fuck Voltron.

He’d dropped to his knees now, shoulders shaking. Little splash noises hit the ground. Blue felt her hypothetical stomach drop the second she’d realized what they were. Tears.

But God, how it hurt her when he sobbed, “Why did you even bring me here?! If you were just going to… to ditch me like that, why did you bring me here at all?!”

I’m sorry, Lance, I’m so sorry. I want you to pilot me, but you can’t. Not right now. I love you so much, but I can’t.

He’d sobbed, “I’m not even meant to be on this team! I want to go home, where I’m wanted!”My baby, you are wanted, I’m so, so sorry I can’t tell you and none of us want you to leave. You’re meant to be here, Lance. Please know that.

A whispered voice of, “Lance?” The former Red Paladin had walked over, Lance frantically wiping his eyes. He’d realized it was too late, just letting tears fall.

Lance whispered, “Keith. I just… why doesn’t Blue love me anymore?!” He latched onto the other’s neck, sobbing. I love you so so much Lance, my baby, my raindrop. She felt bad using that nickname. She felt she didn’t deserve it with how she was forced to treat Lance.

Keith had whispered back, “I don’t know, Lance… I’m sorry. I’m sure she has a reason.” Keith had glared up at her. He loved Lance a great deal, she could tell that by his normally fiery and passionate gaze becoming a cold and unforgiving glare.

After Keith had gotten Lance back to his room, probably to sleep, he’d returned. He had the same stony and cold look in his eyes. He was angry that she’d hurt him. Angry at her. She was angry at herself, too.

He told her, “You hurt him. A lot. I don’t understand why you aren’t fixing it. He’s doubting his place on the team because of you.” I know, and I hate it. I can do nothing.

Keith continued, “I don’t know what came over you, but freezing him out like that has made him so insecure. He doesn’t even think he deserves to be called a Paladin. All because you couldn’t spare two fucking sentences to tell him otherwise.” I wanted to. Go, how I wanted to.

She wasn’t angry at him. In all honesty, under all the sadness and guilt plaguing her, she was glad Lance had him.

“I just don’t get it. He was so devoted to you. I mentioned you once outside his door, and he made sure to tell me that you two were very happy together and that you were his lion only. He loved you-still does-and you don’t even care enough to tell him he’s important?!”

“Why don’t you get it, Blue?! I know how it feels to be abandoned like that. It kills you. It makes you feel like you don’t deserve the ground you walk on, the air you breath. It makes you feel so alone, even if you’re in a room packed with people. You’re hurting him so much, Blue. Do you even care enough to fix it?”

She did care. So, so much. She’d be killed for her Paladin without thinking twice. He was her baby. She loved him with everything.

“He thinks you hate him. I know that isn’t totally true. Because if it were, you wouldn’t deserve to be a lion. I try to tell him he’s important and wanted and loved, but he doesn’t listen. He thinks that just cause we’re dating I’m lying to make him feel better. He talks so highly of you.”

I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve him. I’m horrible and awful and I shouldn’t have ever agreed to Black’s plan. I’m going to strangle her. He doesn’t deserve something like me.

He’d finished off with, “You’d think that after all that’s happened, you’d know that mistakes of this scale last a lifetime, and do irreversible damage.” After, he stormed out, leaving her to her thoughts. She was pushing the other lions out at all costs right now.

I hate this so much, and I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can. As soon as Shiro comes back, you’ll come back to me, and I’ll tell you everything.

She felt awful. She hurt her baby. Made him feel like he doesn’t belong. Made him think she hated him.

I’m so incredibly sorry, Lance. I can’t… I can’t let our connections come back, or I won’t be able to take it away again. I just hope Red will comfort you. Please don’t hate me, Lance. Please remember all the times I’ve told you how great you are.

I hate this so much, and I’ll make it up to you as soon as I can. As soon as Shiro comes back, you'lll come back to me, and I’ll tell you everything. Every single word about how great you are. Maybe then you’ll know why I did this. Please don’t hate me.

Please forgive me, Lance.

In fact no one really gave jin graduation attention as much as jungkook got.. Jin must have worked really hard too and i’m 100% sure he wanted to attend it so bad because graduation is once in life he won’t have the chance to do it again nd here is jimin saying jin must feel angry but doesn’t show, it kindda hurts and i really feel bad for him T-T
Sorry seokjin for not giving you the attention you deserve
Sorry seokjin for not having the chances you deserve to shine
And sorry seokjin for stopping you from attending your graduation…

Reactions To the Dragon Maid Finale Coming To You From The Afterlife Because I’m Fucking Dead

*Spoilers for Ep 13 Below!!*


No one deserved emotional mayhem on this level but I also thoroughly enjoyed it.

-Why the fuck did they have to put the cutest opening scenes in just before they fucking ripped my heart out fuck.  

-The flowers =my everything?? JUST FINISH ME OFF WHY DON’T YOU

-Kanna and Saikawa are so sweet throughout this entire thing omg 。゚(*´□`)゚。

-Kobayshi’s just chilling enjoying a day off finally and feeling peaceful and then they had to twist that fucking knife fuck

-I tried and failed to hold it together when Kobayashi hears that Tohru left.  Just the way she pauses and doesn’t know what to do and her lil sad face and you can just *tell*  this has absolutely GUTTED her that shit took three years off my lifespan.

-My big gay baby ass cried p much the entire montage when Tohru isn’t there that’s one of the most devastating scenes I’ve witnessed in any medium in a long damn while and is like real-life familiar to me a bit and just.  Holy.  Shit.

-But like props yo Kobayashi’s single mom-ing it up she’s gonna get shit done whatever way she has to

-But it still killed me because holy shit she has takeout because she works late af and doesn’t have time to cook for them

-THE MUG SHE DROPS that hurt me why would they do this to me she’s rushing so much to get ready and get Kanna up

-Taught Kanna to use the rice cooker because she won’t be home

-Kanna has to stay at Saikawa’s because mom’s working OUCH

-And Kanna misses her dragon mom I’m crying

- The way the house is so messy oh no Kobayashi you poor depressed lesbian I feel u bb been there, done that, bought that t-shirt

-Takiya is the real MVP lookin out for his fellow queer bestie, noticin’ something’s wrong, u go A+ bestie

-The way she runs when Tohru comes back omfg


-Like damn Kobayashi woke the fuck up and told off Tohru’s big bad dragon dad U GO BB

-Also what the fuck did he do to her face or whatever??

-Tohru’s face when he does that shit to Kobayashi.  Is.  PRIME.  I literally screamed OH SHIIIIIIIIT IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN.

-Tiny dragon daughter flying her mom to the other dimension to go get back her dragon mom my heart ❤❤❤

-Kanna’s the other real MVP she’s taking care of her mom, giving her the down low on dragon politics, telling her where Tohru is, flying her around.

-Kanna is the prettiest dragon look at those lil feathery angel wings angel dragon daughter ☆~☆~☆~☆

-And then Kobayashi’s measured conflict resolution is life and the way she talks about difference was cool af and just quintessentially her.  Diplomatic as fuck.

-The way Tohru like tackles her added the three years back onto my life plus one and gave me clear skin and watered my crops and paid off my student loans and bestowed upon me the most voluminous hair yo.




-Has she like called them?  Warned them at all?  I hope not I hope she just turns the fuck up and goes “Sup motherfuckers, haven’t seen you in a year.  You have a daughter in law and a granddaughter now you will love them as I do.  Don’t ask about the tail.  Or do.  Depends on whether it’ll give you an aneurism or not.”

-I both want to fic it and see it in-ep animated I’ve heard second season is a thing or is that wrong?  

-I’ll watch this episode over and over for the next 20 years.

-And fic it

-And cosplay it

-And protect it

so you only care about eleanor’s safety when video evidence surfaces of her literally being attacked…interesting.

Sick Day

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Tom Holland x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: After finding out your boyfriend is sick, you come to his rescue with a shit ton of snuggles and medicine.

Word Count: 1,310

Warnings: Language, fluff, sick!Tom, phobia of being sick (?), needy!Tom, snuggles beyond this world (lemme tell ya, GEEZ.)

A/N: Guess who’s back, m'friends! I apologize for my sudden “disappearance” lol. School and personal stuff has been really weighing me down. I won’t share the juicy details. For the anon that requested this, I hope I did it justice. :// As always, feedback is appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Waking up on a bright, sunny Saturday, you jump out of bed with a giddiness in your bones.

Maybe it was because of the weekend… or possibly the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you have saved for your binge day today.

Either way, you were bubbling with so much happiness that it started to alarm you. Especially since you weren’t one to really express emotions all the time. 

However, that was put to a halt when you got a text from your boyfriend, Tom.

Tom: To Y/N

Baaaabe, I think I’m sick.

Oh, c'mon!

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Sf9 When Your Insecure.

Inseong: he knows he’s a greasy boyfriend who doesn’t take many things seriously but he still tries and you know he’s trying, especially when you’re having a hard time being comfortable with your own body. “You’re so freaking sexy, just know that.”

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Youngbin: Skinship increases by 100. Touches you in all the places you ‘hate’. “Man, I cant believe you are mine. I’m the luckiest man alive.” 

You: Don’t touch that part…

Him: Why? I love touching you here. 

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Rowoon: Yanno this boy gonna treat you like a queen. He will make sure you arn’t skipping meals, and even doing the most where he will come to your work/school just to bring you your meal that you purposely left at home. Everyone at work/school looks at him with shock and whispers just like in a kdrama when he walks by.

Runs to you before you left to go inside the campus/building, still wearing his apron and slippers like “My Queen. You forgot your lunch.”

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Taeyang: tells everyone how beautiful you are. Holds your hand and isn’t afraid to walk around holding you from behind in public even when people are taking pictures. When people ask about you, he will proudly say your his.

Interviewer: I see your gf came on set to support you.

Him: Yes. She’s right there behind the camera, in the back. The love of my life. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met but she doesn’t know how much I love her.”

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Dawon: Another dork of a boyfriend who tries hard when it comes to serious topics like this. Of course he knows when to not act silly, and instead shows you affection but he can’t help sometimes to straight up hit on you to boost your self confidence.

Him: (sees you coming but still calls to you in front of everyone and their dog) HEY GODDESS! OVER HERE! (embarrasses you but oh well).

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Jaeyoon: Tries to get to the root of your insecurity. If it was someone who made you insecure, he will personally himself, out of his precious day to come for them. “You said you’re better looking than my girlfriend, but sweetheart don’t flatter yourself too much.” honestly when its just you and him, he will make sure you won’t have any of those bad thoughts. You can just tell how happy you make him when your hanging out together, he’s going to be smiling the whole time. (Probably won’t tell you that he went dragging that person who made you feel bad a few hours ago).

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Zuho: Shows you how beautiful you are. Occasionally comes in your room when your undressed since you two are in a comfortable relationship, and compliment you. “Mannn who is this fine lady I see right here?”

You: zuho get out.

Him: Oh, but I want to get inside ;).

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Hwiyoung: Poor baby doesn’t know what to do. Probably gets sad with you. Can’t focus on practice with his members when your not there. Can’t function because he’s so worried.

Rowoon: Stop worrying, she’ll be fine.

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Chani: This little squish ball doesn’t know much about being romantic but he will do everything in his capability to cheer you up whether it’s cute dates or making stuff together and handmade gifts and cards for you that has a cute message like “To my cutie patootie with the nice boot..smile!” 

 “Im making a heart for you!!! Wait a moment!-, wait where did it go..” 

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“Well that’s disgusting,
I feel bad for that poor kid”

“How are we supposed to protect our baby from hate?”

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hey jess, there's a ton of talk ab jin but here's how I feel, of course jin is a talented and an amazing individiual but i think he doesn't get many lines bc he differs from the rest of the boys? His voice, although beautiful, doesn't really fit with BTSs music... he should be singing ballads, not pop (tae, jk, and jimin's voices are so flexible). Idk i just hate hearing that it's bighits fault/that bighit is a bad company when clearly it's just not a right fit,, idk how do you feel?

OKAY so i have such a big problem with people stanning bighit more than they stan jin lmao. bighit is still a company. they are still part of the entertainment industry, they are inherently!!! flawed!!! i don’t know why this fandom likes to baby and protect bighit, when they are a company (not poor anymore, hello, thanks to bts) just like every other company in the music industry.

if we’re gonna use the “excuse” that bts’ songs don’t “suit” jin, let me just list songs from bts’ entire discography that are THE MOST “less pop.” here they are broken down by album:



skool luv affair

just one day

outro: propose

dark & wild

let me know

hyyh pt. 1

move/moving on

hold me tight

love is not over

hyyh pt. 2


whalien 52

autumn leaves/dead leaves

house of cards

“young forever” from the repackaged young forever album

youth (japanese album)

good day

wishing on a star

for you

wings (excluding awake) + you never walk alone repackaged

2! 3!

spring day

a supplementary story: you never walk alone

that’s 17 “less pop” or ballad-y songs that jin could have had more lines in. but surprise, surprise, jin doesn’t have the most lines in ANY of these songs. we’re gonna exclude spring day live version (bc the live version does it RIGHT). 

i really need the fandom as a whole to stop pretending that the “vocal color” bullshit we heard is real. it’s not. ALL VOICES ARE VERSATILE. if you’re a singer, you can sing whatever genre. i’m not gonna pretend to be a music expert, i was only in choir for a few years and i did theatre in high school. but voices don’t ONLY sing ONE thing. now, could jin’s voice SUIT ballads more than pop songs? sure. is that true? no. we can’t sit here and say maknae lines’ voices are more versatile than jin’s bc that’s so untrue. YES, jin is better at ballads. but to say he can’t sing pop is ridiculous. pop is SO easy to sing. any vocalist can sing pop, i’m sorry. pop doesn’t need some magical vocal quality that only some people have.

disclaimer before i keep ranting that i love everyone in bts and this isn’t me HATING any member so don’t come at me for that lmao. anyways let’s look at taehyung and jimin. jimin has been straining his voice since debut. his voice does not suit the more hip-hop/rap songs that bts have. YET HE HAS MORE LINES THAN JIN. taehyung has been forced to growl in a lot of songs. that’s not versatility, that’s just bad. when i think about boy in luv era, i wonder why jin didn’t take more of the verse taehyung had where he growled because jin’s voice could’ve sang it just fine. in my head.

anyways this is getting disorganized because i just rolled out of bed for this but here’s an amazing post written by my pal kinga (@taejinmin) on why bighit is shitty to jin.

i’m gonna end this by saying, let’s stop pretending jin’s voice is somehow second-rate compared to maknae lines’ voices because he’s “more of a ballad singer.” no. give him lines and he can sing well. he can sing pop, rock, r&b, whatever. bighit have consistently sidelined jin since debut and it’s just a fact? i don’t know why people want to keep protecting bighit. they don’t need our protection, they need to be held accountable for clearly doing jin dirty.

ADDITION: when big 3 companies do better line distributions than bts, it’s time to start wondering what the fuck is going on.


…really, Hannibal ?

Garbage the chihuahua (or…trash mouse…) makes a return…and Hannibal is still at odds with the dog and it’s secrets. 

The real mystery is where Hannibal moved poor confused Will’s clothing so he’d have to come out and wander around in a towel more :p

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  • Me when I'm not playing Turnabout Memories: awww, everyone just leave dear poor baby Feenie alone he is a sweet naive boy being led astray I must protect him
  • Me when I'm playing Turnabout Memories: stop fucking lying you sweater-wearing piece of crap
Bts Reacts: Their s/o crying after they prank them

~” Bts reacts to y/n crying of horror after a shitty prank because they scared her make it long please”


He already kind of felt bad for deciding to prank you in the first place, but then when you started crying he felt even worse.  Namjoon would pick you up and carry you to the bed or the couch and hold you close to him.  You two would be wrapped up in a blanket and he would try to comfort you.  He was smiling at first seeing your reaction, but once he saw you were crying he couldn’t help but feel bad again. Would probably say comforting things and rub his thumb on your side.

“I won’t do it again, I promise okay? I’m sorry baby, I know you were scared but I’m here to protect you now.”

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The two of you never really played pranks on each other? So it was kind of a shock when he decided to play a prank on you. Jin would try to cheer you back up by telling some of his dad jokes but you weren’t having it.  It’d be obvious how scared you were and once you started crying his heart would break a little bit.  With his arms out he’d approach you with a soft expression and talk to you in a quiet voice, he’d interlock your fingers with his as he tries to say things to help you calm back down.  He might even offer to sing to you and you’d of course, say yes and the two of you would stand with each other as Jin sang and hoped you’d forgive him for the stupid prank.

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Lowkey is was one of the younger members who convinced him to do this prank in the first place considering it’s pretty far out of his character.  Yoongi thought it would just be a harmless prank and that you would actually realize it was a prank pretty quickly, it didn’t take him long to realize he thought wrong, but at that point you were already so upset you had started crying.  He’d be really soft with you, offering you to come hug him by outstretching his arms to you, the two of you would stand there as he runs his hands through your hair or fiddled with the ends of it.  His other hand would be running up and down your back as he whispered countless apologies into your ear, he’d promise to never do anything extreme like this again because he hates seeing you so upset.

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Instant hugs and kisses once he saw you had started crying because of the prank.  He’d stop it immediately and go over to you explaining everything if you didn’t already realize that it was a prank.  Hoseok would try to do aegyo to cheer you back up and would hold your face in his hands kissing all over, especially where your tears had fallen to show how much he loved you and how bad he felt.  Lowkey thought you were the cutest thing ever and couldn’t stop playing with your cheeks and would gush over you to try and cheer you up.  Afterwards he would cuddle with you for the rest of the day and do anything to make it up to you.

“You’re so cute right now! But you’d be even cuter if you were smiling, cheer up! Your hope loves you!”

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Jimin would run over to you and pull you into a hug and it’d be so tight you might actually just forget about the whole prank for a minute until he pulls away and you’re back to reality.  You’d be a sniffling and teary mess and the poor baby would feel so bad that this happened all because of a dumb prank he decided to pull on you.  I feel like Jimin would just hold your face and tell you how much he loves you and how sorry he is, more than likely would go on a rant about how important you are to him and just do anything to cheer you up.  If you wanted to cuddle he’s 100% down for it, want to go get food? Also 100% down, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you cheer up he would do it.  He cares a lot about the people he loves and it’d hurt to see you upset.

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Tae would 10/10 probably be laughing, not in a condescending way, but you looked so precious to him? You mean everything to him and he couldn’t help but smile at you and try to get you to smile with him.  He’d try to get you to look at him and do something silly just to try and get you to laugh, once you finally did he would calm down a lot and just bring you to cuddle with him and watch dramas or movies.  You’d quickly notice he wasn’t paying attention and was just watching you the entire time, when you looked over to him he’d give you a light kiss before smiling and cuddling back into you and falling asleep next to you.

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The two of you prank each other all the time, but this time he took it a bit too far and had made you so upset you started to cry in front of him about it.  Jungkook would instantly rush over to where you were standing and pull you close to him saying how sorry he was and how bad he felt about making you cry. When you two pulled away he’d kiss you and try to get you to forgive him and to stop crying, he felt so bad you were crying, it hurt him even more because it was his fault.  He’d be really careful with you the rest of the day scared he would accidentally hurt you or make you cry again.  This is when he would just cuddle you on the couch or take you to one of your favorite places to make sure you’re happy and feel safe with him.  Jungkook would probably play with your fingers a lot while the two of you are cuddling, if you were into games, he might even let you play on his Overwatch account or the two of you would play something cheesy together like Mario Party.

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ghost tae

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  • i have so much hw i hope y'all realize how much i love you
  • i’m giving up my grades for this
  • jk apes is hard to handle i can’t focus i have the worst attention span in the world
  • anyway i’ve said it like twenty times but tae is gonna be a ghost in this au!!
  • mostly bcuz in scooby doo and the ghoul school,,, the ghost in there is so !! cute and bubbly and screams tae and i needed to pay homage to my queen
  • i really like that i can do backstories in this au so let’s get going!
  • the year is long ago in korea
  • things are about to get sad
  • things are hard for taehyung
  • korea is experiencing an industrial revolution which means people are getting off the farms and into the factories
  • taehyung has his own farm, which he inherited from his parents before they passed on
  • but a terrible drought has totally destroyed his crop and winter was harsh and he hardly had enough food to survive
  • he had to take three weeks of fasting to find himself tbh because he was that low on food
  • so when he hears about jobs in the city, he doesn’t really need to think twice about packing up and leaving
  • he knows that how he’s currently living won’t be enough to keep him alive, and so he decides he’s gonna take his chances with the factories
  • the government has really cracked up the factories to be something amazing too, like a really positive environment where people get paid well and treated fairly and everyone is chipper and happy and wonderful!
  • so taehyung packs up his things and he starts off down the long road to the city
  • country taetae has never been to the city before and he’s absolutely amazed at how big everything is!
  • there are so many people like they seriously like ram into him and nearly knock him to his bum but he doesn’t care at all because he’s so overwhelmed by all of them!
  • and the sights and smells too! like there’s food he’s never tasted and he wants to try it all because it smells so good and it makes his mouth water
  • tbh he ends up stealing some off a food cart because he’s so hungry and it smells so good
  • but he’s a little ! because there’s so much smog and garbage and it’s really a suffocating environment
  • tae is still pretty young for factory standards which means that damn a lot of factories want him
  • he’s tall, agile, sharp minded
  • he learns fast and it’s made obvious because he adapts to city life in a matter of days, picking up the slang, and the mannerisms of city goers
  • he knows how to act to and that’s how he lands himself a job actually
  • he shows up to a textile factory one day and it’s a lot of women but he doesn’t care, he needs a job and he needs a job fast
  • and so he goes into the interview and he draws his holey jacket close to his shoulders and he adjusts the cap on his head and he starts the dramatics up pretty quickly
  • he sits down in the chair and sighs loudly and the head of the factory is like why should we hire you
  • taehyung sniffles and takes the cap off his head “sir, you see, it’s my wife back in the countryside. she’s fallen extremely ill sir and i needed the money so we can get her to a doctor-”
  • he chokes on a sob and he sees the the interviewer dab at his eyes with a handkerchief and taehyung knows that he’s got the job
  • except the day he starts to work he really wishes that he didn’t
  • factories are god awful taehyung realizes
  • the second day he’s there, somebody gets their fingers caught in the machinery and it causes a mass panic
  • he works over twelve hours a day, in the dark, in the cold, in the dirt
  • his job specifically is working with the sewing machines because he’s nimble, long fingers, and he has a keen eye for detail
  • he works with a lot of older ladies and they all absolutely adore him they basically have adopted him as their own child
  • but things aren’t good for taehyung
  • he’s used to the fresh country air and light and the factory is bad bad bad bad
  • like his vision starts to go in and out and sometimes he gets serious migraines whenever he steps into the sunlight
  • and whenever he goes to the dingy apartment he shares with like ten other people he immediately collapses on the floor because he has no energy to do anything but sleep anymore
  • he thought that he would at least be better off food wise but he’s lost so much weight that he can see his bones whenever he looks in the mirror
  • things get worse when one day he’s working on a blouse and he starts to cough up blood everywhere
  • the aunties try to cover it up but the overseer comes and gives him a long talking to and a nasty bruise on the cheek
  • but taehyung is making money and even if it’s not a lot of money he’s still making it and he hopes that he will be able to maybe one day he can start a family and have his own house and-
  • but then it happens
  • the factory that taehyung works at does not follow any sort of safety precautions
  • they leave unused scraps of cloth lying in the corner of the room
  • and that’s where the trouble starts
  • the overseer?
  • yah he likes to smoke
  • and one day he disposed his cigarette on the floor, because what’s the harm right?
  • wrong
  • he doesn’t fully extinguish the flame and it catches on those unused scrap piles
  • taehyung is sitting on lunch break when he smells the smoke
  • he races to the back room and half it is eaten away by flames
  • he gags and sputters and he runs back into the main room and screams “fire!”
  • everyone goes into a mass panic because there’s so much cloth and so much wood and dust that the fire spreads faster than anything taehyung has ever seen
  • but he can’t save himself, not when there’s women and children around
  • he starts with the younger kids who shouldn’t even be in there in the first place and he ushers them all outside
  • when he goes back in to get some of the older ladies out, the smoke is so thick he can’t see anything at all
  • he hears them calling out though and he manages to push through the pain in his lungs and the tears streaming down his face to get them outside
  • third trip he doesn’t know who’s still left but he goes back in
  • everything is black
  • the fire is so close it scorches his face and causes him to sob
  • he can’t breathe the smoke is so thick
  • he calls out for anyone but all he can hear is the crackling of wood as beams fall around him
  • he collapses to the ground, eyes shutting slowly
  • the next day, the report is issued across the news
  • taehyung wakes god only knows how much later, feeling a light headed
  • scratch that
  • he feels light entirely
  • and that’s when he realizes, my dear readers, that he is no longer living
  • he wriggles his fingers
  • wriggles his toes
  • blinks a few times
  • he’s unnaturally blue and unnaturally see through
  • oh, and is he floating?
  • taehyung, as a spirit, is connected to the factory by spirit laws but since that places burn down he’s free to wander until he finds a place where he connects to
  • and that’s where you come in
  • taehyung woke up much after the accident and since his body was never found he immediately became a ghost
  • but the poor thing needs a place to stay and by accident, he stumbled across your house
  • he was tired of wandering aimlessly and you had a puppy in your house and that first peaked tae’s interest
  • you were playing music he liked and the whole place smelled like cookies
  • it’s a warm apartment, cozy, just you inside
  • you’re always at school so tae decides that it won’t be that big of an issue if he just stays for like, ever
  • you don’t notice him for a while
  • your slippers can never be found in the morning, but hey, maybe the puppy took them!
  • and the water runs sometimes, but you assume that you probably just left it on, right?
  • and so what if the tv is on when you get home, maybe you left it on and just forgot about it!!
  • well my friends, you are wrong
  • okay you are very wrong
  • it’s taehyung
  • he doesn’t think you mind because you never seem to comment on it but soon he gets kinda attached to you
  • whenever you try to skip breakfast, he opens the fridge door to give you a friendly reminder
  • and whenever you’re sleeping past your alarm, he’ll yank the covers off of you
  • he can go completely invisible, and that’s what he’s been doing for the most part but he wonder if he should reveal himself to you sooner or later
  • he does by mistake one day
  • you have a little keyboard in your house, you know the electronic ones that beginning piano students use?
  • you got it for sale really cheap at a garage sale and although you aren’t the most talented you still like to play it from time to time
  • so does taehyung yikes
  • whenever you aren’t home he’ll sit down and play whatever comes to mind, and he isn’t half bad either
  • your dog likes to sit there and listen to him play and bark along
  • one day your classes end early and you come home to hear piano music playing
  • you slowly open the door and see the keys moving up and down, same with the fake foot pedal you had to plug into the keyboard, but there is nobody in sight
  • you do what any normal person would do in that situation and you scream bloody murder
  • the piano playing comes to an abrupt halt
  • taehyung slowly comes into view and you can tell that it’s a young man but you can also tell that man probably isn’t the best word
  • he stares at you and then starts to stammer and as soon as he appeared, he vanishes
  • you can tell he’s moving though because he knocks down the coffee table in the process, can’t blame those long limbs
  • you run to try and follow after him
  • “hey wait a second i don’t wanna hurt you!”
  • slowly, he appears, and he’s standing in front of the kitchen sink, wincing
  • “it’s okay!” you smile slightly “I guess you’re the one who’s been moving everything around yah?”
  • he gives a quick nod and at first you guess he can’t speak but then he says “god im sorry, really, i wont do it again”
  • and you’re shook because he has such a puppy face but his voice is so deep and masculine and wowow that’s nice
  • “no it’s okay, i’ve been meaning to renovate for a while. say, what’s your name?”
  • and so he tells you his story, about the farm, the factory, they way his fate ended up playing out
  • of course you feel bad for him, how could you not? the poor baby is all alone in the world!!
  • so ofc you’re like yah you can stay with me for as long as you need but can you maybe stay in kinda human form??
  • so he does
  • at first it takes some getting used to because he’s there but he also isn’t there like one time you made this god awful pun and he laughed so hard that he threw his head back and it just kinda went through the wall
  • funny thing is though, whenever you go to reach out for him, it’s like you make actual contact with him like you don’t go through him like you can actually hold his hand when you two are watching scary movies
  • your dog absolutely loves him and that’s how you know he’s a good spirit, because your dog will not leave his side
  • tae feels bad for imposing so he tries to help around the house but when he tries to hold the pot of spaghetti it goes through his hands
  • or when he tries to mop he presses to hard down on the floor yah to try and remove the dust that he ends up falling through the floor
  • he still tries though and more than anything he becomes your personal companion!
  • like he stays up with you when you have lots of homework to do
  • he makes sure that you go to bed on time
  • he tells you scary stories when you’re bored too
  • he loves playing the piano for you too!
  • he says these are the greatest hits in the graveyard and then plays stuff like spooky scary skeletons he’s a hot mess
  • but something starts to go wrong
  • you wake up one morning and tae is not hovering over your bed like he usually does, he’s laying there, like actually laying
  • you scream and then he screams and bolts up and successfully manages to fall through the floor
  • when he floats back up he’s staring at you with the most wth look on his face
  • “tae you were actually laying there!?”
  • he laughs “yah so?”
  • and then he thinks about it and his eyes go wide and he holds his arms up and they aren’t as blue as they used to be
  • you guys need an intervention
  • you guys need seokjin
  • you two rush over to the witch’s house and you’re like hello emergency
  • seokjin spins to face you two and he rolls his eyes and tsks “i have customers you know”
  • “BUT I HAVE COLOR AGAIN” tae wails
  • “so?” seojin turns on his heel to grab a tea “it happens sometimes. the love of a human is enough to bring a spirit back to the mortal world”
  • seokjin glances at you accusingly
  • you go bright red and shake your head and start to stammer
  • meanwhile taehyung is staring at you with the most innocent of smiles and he is beaming like actual beaming
  • “wait you LOVE me”
  • “w-well i wouldn't’ say th-that”
  • seokjin rolls his eyes again “okay we get it, you two wanna make out or whatever, get out of my shop, you’re scaring the customers”
  • things are a bit different back home after this
  • tae is always winking at you for everything
  • and also somehow manages to fall through the walls at the most inconvenient of times???
  • “oh wait you’re about to change sorry didn’t realize”
  • “whoa there’s a bubble bath, no fair, i wanna come in!!”
  • and he physically starts to change
  • like one day you cut your finger while trying to cook dinner and you start to tear up and tae rushes over and thumbs the tear from your eyes
  • and you pause and take his hand in your and murmur “tae you have heat now”
  • but some things aren’t so cute
  • like the day his legs don’t wanna go ghost anymore and he gets stuck in the wall and you have to call over seokjin and yoongi to try and break him out
  • that day was filled with tears and curses and lots of laughs too
  • seokjin and yoongi were gagging the entire time
  • but one day you wake up and he’s not in bed beside you
  • like sure sometimes he’ll be hovering around or kinda drifting but he’s never not there? that’s not part of his usual routine?
  • you immediately panic and you race out of bed, your hair a mess, drool all over your face, your pajamas wrinkled
  • you get caught up in your blanket and trip but you push yourself up because where is he?!
  • what if something bad happened to him like god was finally like enough time to get off of earth you’ve had your time?
  • what if he was suddenly, somehow disconnected from your house, from you?!
  • you call out his name and search around the house but he isn’t anywhere to be found, not in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the spare bedroom either
  • you don’t know what to do so you slump down on the floor and hug your knees to your chest because you can’t imagine your life without him no matter how strange and unusual it was
  • it’s like a part of your soul has been taken away and you don’t know what to do about that and so you lay there and you sob and you curse the world for being so cruel because just when everything seemed to be going alright, it all goes downhill
  • “i do love you!” you sob “i was lying when i told seokjin i didn’t!I love you kim taehyung and now it’s too late and i’ve lost you!!”
  • and you’re so busy crying that you don’t realize that taehyung has slipped in, through the front door, your dog trotting in front of him happily
  • he gives you a really confused look and leans down beside you and shakes your shoulders and when you keep crying he sighs and picks you up like you’re a small child or something
  • “did you stub your toe or something again?”
  • you stop crying and blink, and then look up, because standing there is taehyung, in the living flesh, amused smile on his lips
  • “i… i thought you were gone!” you cry, but you start to laugh, because he’s here, and he’s human, and what could be more perfect and-
  • “well our baby had to go to the bathroom so i thought i would take him out so you could sleep in a little bit more?” he tries
  • but he’s distracted because you’re so close and he’s so real and things are so perfect
  • and so he leans down and kisses your lips and he’s so soft and gentle, and maybe even a little scared but that’s okay because you are too
  • he pulls away and he’s so red and it’s so beautiful compared to that somber blue he used to be
  • “i uh…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck “I kinda wanted to do that for a while now…”
  • and you nod and lean up and kiss him again
  • and against his lips you mumble “yah, me too”
  • the end

very cute request! i hope this fluff can make you as happy as it made me while writing it!

(also i’m sorry if some characters have longer paragraphs than others! i don’t have anything against any characters it’s just easier to write for some than for others :,-00)


-he used to do the same when he was a freshman in college but stopped after a while (his mom was not happy)

-he thinks it’s cute and he never questioned it, he liked hearing you talk to your parents because your voice was always soft and nice and it made his heart swell

-sometimes one of your parents will want to talk to yoosung and he happily obliges every single time because he!!! loves!!! them!!

-most of the time that he talks to both of them or just one of them it ends up with sharing cute but embarrassing stories of you

-“MC once cried when she blew out her birthday candles because ‘they actually went out’ ”

-“she did the same thing once when she was drunk!”


-overall he thinks it’s cute and sweet that you take the time to call and talk to your parents each and every night

-every night when you’re about to call them and he’s home he’s just like: “yay!! it’s time to call MC’s mommy and daddy!!”

and you’re just like: “i love you yoosung but don’t call them that.”

-though sometimes when you’re about to get down to business (to defeat the huns) you have to stop to call your parents or else you’ll end up forgetting and getting sad in the morning

-that’s the only time it makes him feel any negative emotions towards it lmao

-but overall supports you and these nightly calls because it’s nice to hear you talk to them and it’s nice for him to talk them as well


-he thought it was really adorable the first time he caught you in the middle of a conversation with your mom about the rising prices on kimichi

-he likes to listen in to your conversations with your parents because it helps him cope with what he didn’t have with his parents (aw zen,,)

-and it’s also really therapeutic somehow to talk to them about small everyday things

-sometimes your parents will call at night and ask to talk to just zen instead of you and at first you were upset but to see zen laughing and talking about little things he did throughout his day with your parents made your heart go like: !!!!!

-from time to time he’ll tease you about being embarrassed to say i love you to your parents in front of him but overall he supports these nightly calls

-sometimes you catch him talking to your parents when you come out of the shower and it’s cute but at the same time you’re just like: “babe,, please wait for me before you talk to my parents about how i fell this morning you piece of sh-”

-he loves talking to your family and thinks that calling your parents every single night is completely acceptable, he supports this and you 100%

-(except on nights he’s feeling needy and frisky and you have to stop him to make a call to your parents and he’s left all riled up for 30 minutes to an hour)

-but despite that the nightly calls between you, him, and your parents makes him feel like he has a family in your family, and it also makes him feel closer to you


-when you both started up the cafe she didn’t really notice since y'all were both pretty busy with the whole process of starting up a new business

-but as things calm down she starts to notice you say goodbye and 'i love you’ to someone on the phone every time she steps out of the shower/comes into your shared bedroom

-she’s s u s p i c i o u s but doesn’t question it since she respects your privacy

-one night though she’s about to enter the bedroom when she hears you talking, presumably on the phone, so being as curious as she is she waits outside the door and listens to your conversation

-she feels super bad for eavesdropping but she just wants to know who you’re talking to!!

-she can only make out bits and pieces of it but most of it is just you talking to someone about your aunts and cousins and just family in general so she feels a little bit relieved for some reason (poor baby could never admit it to herself but she was worried about your 'i love you’s’ being romantic and directed at someone other than her)

-she never brings it up to you but she assumes it’s just your family, she thinks it’s cute and always gives you the privacy you need to talk to them because she doesn’t want to intrude

-over time though you talk to your parents while she’s in the bedroom and sometimes, but very rarely, she’ll join in on the conversation

-overall she just thinks it’s sweet and it’s one of the many things to love about you


-this poor guy comes home from the office really late at night so he’s never around to see/hear you making phone calls to anyone

-it isn’t until he comes home early one night that he hears you talking about how happy and lucky you are to be with him to someone on the phone and he’s like: !!!????<333

-he just barges into your shared bedroom while you’re still on the phone and points to the phone while giving you a confused look

-you explain that you call your parents every night to talk to them about random things and to say goodnight and at first he’s like: “are you homesick? do you wish to go see them soon my love? because we can have that arranged-”

-but you quickly have to turn him down and explain that you’re just really close to them and like to keep in touch and he kind of understands but still thinks it’d be more fulfilling to go see them in person

-when he comes home early and you’re talking on the phone he likes to lay his head in your lap to listen to your responses, no matter how random and out of context they are

-he never really talks to your parents one on one and instead just bids them a quick and polite 'hello’ and let’s you do most of the talking since they’re your parents after all

-overall he doesn’t feel anything towards it, he thinks it’s cute you do it consistently each and every night and respects your time alone with them


-he’s the one who keeps track of you and saeran’s phone plans as well as records so he immediately noticed your constant calls out to an unknown number every night

-he didn’t want to bring it up to you face to face for some reason and just did his own private research on it

-he quickly found it was your home number and he pieced the pieces together by himself

-you call your parents each and every night!! could you get anymore precious??

-he never really brings it up with you since he works late into the night and isn’t really around to hear/see you talking to them but every now and again when he takes breaks he can hear you talking quietly to them and it makes him feel all warm and fuzzy inside because sometimes the conversations are about him

-when the convos are about him and he can hear them he just busts open your shared bedroom door and says something ridiculous or embarrassing loud enough for your parents to hear and tease you about it

-“i really do love him. he’s sweet and kind and has the cutest face ever,”

-saeyoung, barging into the room, “i lOVE YOU TOO MC”

-your parents on the phone, “there he is.”

-when he isn’t working late into the night he likes to listen to you talk to them about little everyday things

-he still feels like he doesn’t deserve you or your love but to hear you talk about how happy you are or about how much you love him and your life at the moment makes him feel better every now and again

-he sometimes talks to your parents just to tease you but he also talks to them because they treat him like he’s part of a family, something he never really got to experience in his own childhood so it’s nice to hear an 'i love you’ or 'take care of yourself’ from people who truly do care for him

-he won’t ever admit it to you but one time you fell asleep while he was talking to your parents and all they did was thank him over and over again for making you as happy as he did and all he could do was respond with a choked up cry

-he loves you and your parents so you calling them each and every night is no problem, he loves them and they love him so it’s a win-win situation 24/7


-you weren’t too embarrassed about calling your parents in front of V because he wasn’t the type of person who would tease you terribly so from the first night you slept in with him you told him right off the bat

-he doesn’t really have any other response other than an “that’s alright darling.”

-he doesn’t really say anything when you’re talking to them and he’s nearby since he wants to give you privacy/respect your phone call but he likes listening into your conversation no matter how mundane and 'boring’ they might be

-you sometimes talk about his photographs and his recovery on his eyes and he feels embarrassed by this but never says anything to you about it because he knows you’re just trying to give your parents a check-in ok how he’s doing since he never really talks to them

-every once in awhile you’ll say something that interests him and he’ll join in on the conversation and almost every time he does he compliments you somehow and your parents tease you about having such a lovely and supportive boyfriend which almost embarrasses you as much as V does by continuing on to compliment you and looking at you lovingly

-(fUCK this just turned into me talking about how sweet V is i need to stop)

-sometimes you’ll force V to say something to your parents if you have to get up to go get water or something and all he does during the phone call is talk about how amazing you are as both a person and as his partner

-”MC is absolutely gorgeous, all the photographs of them i have prove it. i’ll be sure to send them to you if i ever get the chance-”


-every time you end the phone call and let out a soft little 'goodnight, i love you’ he feels his heart curl and thump heavily against his chest because oh god you’re just the cutest and sweetest partner to ever exist how’d he get so lucky to call you his?

-sometimes when you say goodnight he’ll say it too and loudly enough for them to hear it just so they know he’s there

-overall he doesn’t feel anything towards you calling them every night but he thinks it’s sweet and it’s just another thing to love about you


-y'all didn’t even sleep in the same room a few months into your relationship because he didn’t want to scare you off with his recurring nightmares that were “hellish to deal with” according to him so he never knew about your nightly phone calls to your parents

-but after a while you two started sharing a room and that’s when he noticed it, though it took a while

-he goes to bed pretty early and you tend to call your parents after he’s gone to sleep because you don’t wanna bother him but one night he wasn’t fully asleep so he listened in

-the conversation wasn’t really anything interesting but at one point you said something along the lines of you having to be quiet because your 'sweet boyfriend’ was sleeping and you didn’t want to disturb him and that made him feel all warm and fuzzy because wow?? you were talking about someone like him to your parents?? He felt so loved but also embarrassed

-he never brings it up to you face to face but always pretends to be asleep so he can hear your conversations with them every night

-he feels a little weird and feels like he’s eavesdropping (saeran, sweetheart, that’s exactly what you’re doing) and being a creep because of it but he just wants to know what’s happening with your parents/family in general!! he cares a lot but it’s embarrassing to say it to you

-he’s never talked to your parents but he’s heard them talk about him like he was family and he always feels his chest tighten up before feeling all soft and happy every time they do

-up to this point in your relationship you still don’t know that he knows that you talk to your parents each night but he hopes you’ll bring it up to him one day so he doesn’t have to

-he thinks it’s precious that you talk to them each night and he likes hearing you whispering to them about random things and then trying to hide your laugh

-overall he doesn’t mind it, it’s nice to hear you talk anytime of the day

So like that scene where Kara is telling Lena that she wishes she could talk to people that were gone. Lena looks so fucking sympathetic. Like “My poor baby, please let me hug you.” Like Lena realizing that this sweet ball of sunshine does have some skeletons in her closet and is holding a lot of weight. And she feels so bad for her friend, but she’s so unaccustomed to having friends that she doesn’t really know what to say or do, so she just lets her guard down and let her emotions show on her face. I’m living. 


How would fights with Kim Jonghyun be like:

  • my first question is: would there even be any fights?
  • this kid is basically an angel, why would anyone fight with him 
  • but if it would happen, Jonghyun would be quick to solve it 
  • very calm, rational and prudent
  • will think twice of whatever he wants to say so that it won’t offend you 
  • I feel like even if you were to throw insults at him, this poor baby would just look at the ground and say nothing 
  • he seriously despises arguing with you 
  • and always does everything in his power to fix everything before a fight would erupt
  • will never raise his voice at you 
  • very soft-spoken even when fighting 
  • won’t say anything hurtful, but if you were to say bad things to him he will keep thinking about it and wonder how he can fix it 
  • I didn’t joke when I said he is an actual angel 
  • even if the fight was your fault, Jonghyun would always apologize first
  • if the fight was his fault, then he would be at a loss of words and just take whatever you’re throwing at him
  • keeping his head down and almost on the verge of crying 
  • it wouldn’t surprise me if he would really cry during fights sometimes 
  • would always try to explain to you that he is incredibly sorry, but I feel that besides “I am sorry” and “forgive me” he won’t say much
  • if he caught off-guard for a second like you staring into space while thinking or something 
  • he will probably backhug you when you’re least expecting and hold you really tight 
  • “please forgive me. I am very sorry, Y/N. Forgive me, I really hate seeing you mad.” 
  • and you can’t say no, so you always give in 
  • but he will never regret making you forgive him because he won’t make the same mistake twice 

ya know watching the outpouring of grief and concern and sympathy over Keith in the wake of S4 really drives home to me how much this fandom just absolutely hates Shiro. cos i mean… where was all this love when Shiro was the one missing? when Shiro didn’t have a Lion, or a place on the team? when Shiro was feeling insecure and uncertain about his role as Black Paladin?

it’s not even that people didn’t care about Shiro being gone. it’s that Shiro literally deadass vanished into thin air (and we still don’t know where OG Shiro is, or if he’s okay) and the entire fandom greeted his departure with unbridled glee. as soon as people realised the Black Lion was up for grabs it was a constant spin on the wheel of New Black Paladin Roulette and every meta and post about this treated Shiro as an afterthought. “if Shiro comes back he can help pilot the Castle!” was the usual closing line of all the 3k word metas about why some other character was totally better suited to pilot the Black Lion, or why the lion switch was so great and everyone was getting character development. Shiro fans who wanted Shiro back in the Black Lion were dismissed as “demanding” and were told in no uncertain terms that the switch was permanent and “good storytellng”.

i know. because i had to fucking sit through it. for six months. i had all this stuff said to me, personally, on my own fucking posts about Shiro’s role on the team. i went to the fucking mat for Black Paladin Shiro and got repeatedly kicked in the gut for my troubles, usually by Black Paladin Keef stans.

and literally all i wanna do is enjoy a cool cartoon about giant magical robots having space battles but that’s pretty hard to do with the fandom’s permanent throbbing hate-boner for Shiro poking me in the hip every time i venture into the tags.

y’all ain’t fucking slick with this. i see what’s up. the sheer level of vitriol that gets levelled at Shiro and his fans is as baffling as it is disgusting, and i have had to wade through that swamp for over six months. and now Keef is off the team and all the BP Keef stans are crytyping into their knife-shaped Cheerios about how sad and terrible it is and wah wah bad writing and why did the team reject him poor baby Keef he needs so much love and ya know what? you can eat my entire ass.

don’t get me wrong: i like Keith as a character, and i have a huge well of feelings about him in S4 and his arc with the BOM and what that means to him. but right now i’m finding it really fucking hard to summon up any sympathy for his stans - especially the ones who’ve spent the last six months cramming endless Black Paladin Keef content down everyone’s throats whilst aggressively shoving Shiro into the background to make room for Keith’s “character growth”. cos my fave went missing and got sidelined and the entire fandom greeted that with one huge stinking shrug emoji and then went right back to making gifsets and edits of literally every other character as Black Paladin. and the Black Paladin Keef stans were leading that charge from day one all the way up til the end and when Shiro fans complained about this we got told to suck it up and get over it because this was “better for Shiro”.

so yeah. i’m feeling really fucking petty right now. i think i’ve fucking earned it.

anonymous asked:

In the tags of your military comic you said you unintentionally made Keith's actions a trigger for Lance, which is understandable since shooting someone from far away is hella different than seeing someone die right in front of you. So does that means that maybe poor baby Lance might start associating those bad feelings with Keith on accident? How would he, and Keith, deal with that?

–what about keith? is he dealing with some emotional processes as well? (other curious anon; referring to military au)

I’m glad you asked these questions cuz i’ve been thinking a lot about this after i finished the comic. 

Keith definitely has a lot on his shoulders as well, however his emotional and mental processes are very different from Lance’s. Since Keith’s upbringing is a harsh one (orphaned due to the war) he’s grown up believing that the world is cruel. He takes his role as a soldier very seriously and has a strong sense of duty, to the point where he shoves subjective feelings out of his mind almost entirely. Where Lance and Hunk are empathetic to those around them even the enemy, Keith believes entirely in “it’s us or them.” In the beginning, Keith doesn’t really understand the emotional struggle Lance goes through in taking the life of others, immediately assuming Lance is acting soft; he basically doesn’t realize Lance has PTSD. 

A part of me considers the trigger for that particular moment, is seeing the face of the man that got killed– im my original draft of the comic, i was actually going to draw the enemy soldier’s face in detail. The face of the enemy soldier dying was actually meant to have more impact than the expression Lance makes seeing it. I decided against it mostly because i didn’t want to make the comic too gory (and i was already spending way too much time on it and i just wanted to have it done lol). So the image that would keep returning to Lance is the face of that man that died, more so than the act of Keith killing him. But yes, I can definitely see Lance developing a subconscious association of that incident with Keith. 

Lance would be very reluctant to bring it up, trying to hide it but not being able to control the subconscious twitches and flinches he gets when Keith gets too close. At this point in time, their relationship would become undoubtedly strained. Keith not being able to understand and Lance not being able to admit/address his issues causes a lot of frustration on Keith’s side. 

And that’s all i got LOL their relationship in my au is a complicated mess that i still need to figure out because frankly i haven’t had a lot of time to think things through completely (plus i’m getting into extremely touchy territory here so i have to think really hard about it) 


Maela looks down at her cell phone, extremely confused. Why was Diosa so upset? And what was that about RJ having a baby? She sends a text to her older brother.

Maela: Hey bro!

RJ: Hey moonbeam!

Maela: RJ! Is this crazy news I  just heard true? Are you having a baby?!!!

There’s a pause before next text comes through.

RJ: Who told you that?

Maela: Diosa! OMG!!! RJ, is this for real? What did Mom and Dad say? I bet they freaked!!!

RJ: They don’t know yet. Please don’t tell them.

Maela frowns. If their parents didn’t know, then how the hell did Diosa know?  RJ and Diosa weren’t friends like that.

Maela: Wait, what? Then how does Diosa know? I feel so bad for her. She’s still sooo upset over Nicky. She was even crying when she told me about your baby thing.

Another pause between messages.

RJ: She was crying?

Maela: Yeah, poor thing. She’s not over Nicky at all.

RJ: I gotta go, Moonbeam. Talk to you soon. 

Maela looks down at the messages, completely bewildered.