poor baby he's afraid

BTS Reaction to their gf’s parents not speaking Korean

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Since I (and most of the fandom) see him as traditional, I’m sure we all agree that he might be a little turned away, but if he really loved you (and I’m sure he would) he would see at as a way to better his English skills and maybe teach your family some Korean

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Everyone including him knows that he’s the worst at English of all the boys, so he might be turned away the most, but he would still try as long as your parents were willing to understand that he may not always understand.

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He’d see this to have a chance for English time and would probably use any skills he picked up while filming his next English time.

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He would not care or have any problems at all. He would also use this as an opportunity to further his English skills and impress your folks.

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This poor baby would be so confused, but he would be afraid that you’re parents wouldn’t like him so he would just nod to everything they said and get super flustered if he had to actually speak.

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He would be so excited to practice his English, but would probably confuse your parents by switching words around or randomly throwing out slang that he knew.

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This little bunny would also be very afraid of disappointing you and your parents so would stay quiet and only speak when directly spoken to and only say things he was confident with.

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How The Guys Cuddle With You
  • Italy: Italy loves to cuddle as much as he loves pasta. So, he is a really good cuddler. Italy loves to scoop you up in his arms and hold you tight. He would play with your hair and gently rub his hands down your back. Italy would snuggle into your shoulder and inhale your scent. He would whisper sweet nothings into your ear and he held you close to him.
  • Germany: Only one word can describe how Germany cuddles, and that word is AWKWARD. Germany literally has no clue what he is doing, and you would have to guide him through it. He wouldn't know how to hold you or where to put his hands. And the only reason why he doesn't know how to cuddle, is because he's actually never done it before. Once he gets used to it, Germany will love it so much, he wouldn't want to stop cuddling you.
  • Japan: Japan really likes his personal space not invaded, but when cuddling, he seems to loosen up a little. At first, he might be tense and fidgety, but after a while Japan will get used to it. Japan would loosely wrap his arms around you, as you nuzzled into him. He might even hum a tune to you as you both cuddled.
  • America: America is all for cuddling. He would cuddle with you 24/7 if he could, but that would mean putting off his hero duties, and like he could do that. America would be very gentle with you, treating you like a glass doll, not wanting to crush you. He would play with your hair, and tickle you a little too. This little cutie would trace his fingers on your back and on your arms too, making you smile a little.
  • England: Bushy Brows would cuddle you like a gentleman, because of course, he is one. He would hold you close to him, not too tight but not too lose either. England would run his fingers through your hair and trace patterns on your back. He would also plant kisses all over your face that would make you giggle a lot, and squirm a little.
  • France: France would treat you like royalty when you two cuddle, even if it's for 10 minutes. He places you on him and wraps his arms around your torso, and boops your nose with his nose, causing you to giggle. Francy Pants would softly sing to you as his hands rubbed your sides slowly. When you would nuzzle into him, a faint smile could be seen across his face.
  • Russia: This poor baby would literally be afraid to cuddle with you because he wouldn't want to hurt you. So you would be the one to engage the cuddling. Slowly, you would slide onto Russia and wrap your arms around his large body. Russia would tense up a little, but shyly put his arms around you. Russia would loosely hold you, afraid to harm you, but eventually he would warm up to it.
  • China: China absolutely loves cuddling. Whether if it's with you or Panda or a giant stuffed animal, he'll cuddle with it. When he cuddles with you, China has so much fun, especially for an "old man". China would tickle you and kisses every inch of your face. He would then start to pet your head like a cat's and make you laugh a lot when he asks you to meow like a cat for him. Like you would ever do that.
  • Denmark: Denmark loves to cuddle you all the time. He would scoop you up and plant kisses all over your face and hold you sooo tight. Denmark would try and make you squirm a lot by tickling you, but he'll stop if you push him off. Denmark would make you laugh then stare right into your eyes and whisper how much he loves you, then sweetly kiss you.
  • Norway: On the outside, Norge seems like he would not want to cuddle with you at all. But when the two of you are alone, all you with each other is cuddle. Norway wraps his arms around you and smirks as he touches your butt. You would elbow him in the gut and that would be enough to make him stop. Norge would play with your hair, and you would do the same to him. Once in a while he'd kiss your nose or your cheek, and you would nuzzle into him,
  • Iceland: Cuddling is something Iceland would rather not partake in. Not because he doesn't love you, but because he doesn't know how, and he isn't really into it that much. Of course, you wouldn't do anything that he didn't want to do ((if you would force him to cuddle, I will kindly show you the exit and lock the door behind you)) as for he would do the same for you. The two of you would end up wrapped in blankets and binge watch Doctor Who on Netflix for three hours
  • Finland: Finland is literally the best cuddler on Earth. He is just so fragile with you, and covers you head to toe with kisses. Whenever you two cuddle, you giggle nonstop, because Finland is being so cute and adorable. It's just so UGHHHH SO CUTE, ya know? Finland would braid your hair as he hums a traditional Finnish song to you, and you would hum along too because you would know the tune.
  • Sweden: Sweden would know what to do when cuddling, but it would just end up very awkwardly. Even more awkward than Germany. I don't know how that's possible but it is. Sweden's limbs would be everywhere. They literally wouldn't be able to stay in place. His arms would constantly be moving up and down your sides and back, trying to find a comfortable position to rest his hands. His legs are always moving, causing you discomfort. In the end, it'll be a disaster, and the two of you will just make coffee and watch a movie
  • Spain: Cuddling with Spain is like living a dream. His warm body against yours as he gently rubs your side and boops your nose. Spain would rubs his fingers through your hair as he softly sings you a song, making you sleepy. When he notices that you are about to pass out, he starts to massage your back to make you even more comfortable. Eventually you would fall asleep with him, and Spain would pull a blanket over the two of you so you are warm and cozy.
  • Romano: It takes little convincing to get Roma to cuddle with you. If you slide into his arms, thats how it would start. Romano would take your face in his hands and smooch it all over. You would giggle and squirm like crazy, making a smile appear on his face. Romano would pull you closer to him, and then the two of you would stay like that for hours, just cuddling and kissing and booping each other.
  • Switzerland: Like Iceland, Switzerland does not want to cuddle. No amount of begging will convince him to cuddle. Inside though, Switzy reallllly wants to cuddle with you, but he doesn't want to mess up so badly that you would leave him for good. Switzerland knows that it seems out of proportion, but the thought of messing up scares him so much, that he doesn't want to risk it. He'll make it up to you with a movie night so don't worry!
  • Prussia: Prussia is another one who is a non-cuddler. He says that he is too awesome for a baby thing like cuddling. But the truth is that he isn't that comfortable with you being that close to him. Prussia would be afraid that he would break you or hurt you somehow. In the future though, Prussia would realize that he couldn't break you by cuddling and would cuddle you all day long to make up for the missed time.
the Matsuno Bros insecurities

He’s always afraid if being left behind. Staying a child forever would mean there is no responsibility of the adult he actually is, but he just won’t except it.

Being alone. Kara seems to be constantly putting on a show out of general kindness, or for need of attention. Being called painful everyday does take a toll on one’s well being.

Never being successful. He ‘job hunts’ some of the time to be a better person. Most of the occurrences though, like in episode 24, don’t work out.

Where do I start with this poor baby? Honestly, he just wants love and attention but, is to afraid to ask in fear of saying the wrong thing. He hates being misunderstood.

He doesn’t like sadness. He never has. That’s why he smiles all the time 24/7. He wouldn’t want anyone to be sad, mostly beacause very bad things happen when your sad.

Totty really doesn’t want to end up a nobody. He wants to be different and apart from his brothers, with his name in shining lights, and people complimenting him all the time. 

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Model. I won’t see him for a week so I’m kinda freaking out

the poor baby scratched his face up again and we were afraid he might be going lame which is the last thing we need but I just hope he keeps getting better