poor baby bae


2015-10-19 // 2017-02-17

#baby is so scared of being alone and forgotten #someone please hug him now and tell him that no one will ever forget about him EVER #look at this puppy #my heart is bleeding for him

The ending of the X-Men Apocalypse be like:

Charles: *fighting with apocalypse*

Mistique: *fighting with apocalypse *

Beast: *fighting with Psylocke*

Nightcrawler: *fighting with angel*

other mutants: *fighting between them or with apocalypse

Eric: sooo i’m going to levitate here and dramaticaly look at something, making the magnetic field lines with things i found in the ground

Title: Isn’t It Natural to be Jealous?

Pairing: KageHina, OiHina (bit), IwaHina (bit), AllHina (basically)

Originally by:  好き>大好き>愛 [pixiv]

Translated/Typesetting by: Just-Another-KageHi

Part 1/Part 2/Extra

This is part 2 of the doujin!!

Summary: Hinata sees Kageyama with an unknown girl in his classroom. For some reason Hinata is really bothered by it. Not knowing what to do, Hinata ends up ignoring Kageyama for the whole day.

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i know everyone’s pumped up because there will be a new character in season two but are we not gonna talk about how nitori’s heart will be in pieces when he will realize rin is going to spend even less time with him to spend more with sosuke