poor baby bae

Kyungsoo’s Movie Premiere’s:

(+ Baekhyun)

Joonmyeon’s Movie Premiere:

Minseok’s Movie Premiere:

Chanyeol’s Movie Premiere:

I seem to sense a pattern here guys…🤔

SM you’re being so obvious it hurts…like every member has come to support each other except Jongin (and Yixing but I understand his circumstances)

anonymous asked:

What kind of s/o do you think alt 2D is into?

tbh Alt. 2D doesn’t really have a type (lookwise) but personality wise, he would want someone very sweet, innocent, and trustworthy. Someone who would calm him down when he gets too crazy/wild (which he tends to be sometimes) and someone who would overall be very chill. He really likes laid back people. He’d also like someone who would listen to him when he has some things to get off his chest. :O

He’d also like someone who won’t run off with Murdoc

The ending of the X-Men Apocalypse be like:

Charles: *fighting with apocalypse*

Mistique: *fighting with apocalypse *

Beast: *fighting with Psylocke*

Nightcrawler: *fighting with angel*

other mutants: *fighting between them or with apocalypse

Eric: sooo i’m going to levitate here and dramaticaly look at something, making the magnetic field lines with things i found in the ground

Cidney: wow, the stars are beautiful tonight

Gladiolus: yeah, they are

Cidney: you know who else is beautiful though?

Gladiolus: (blushes) what?

Cidney: the Regalia

Title: Isn’t It Natural to be Jealous?

Pairing: KageHina, OiHina (bit), IwaHina (bit), AllHina (basically)

Originally by:  好き>大好き>愛 [pixiv]

Translated/Typesetting by: Just-Another-KageHi

Part 1/Part 2/Extra

This is part 2 of the doujin!!

Summary: Hinata sees Kageyama with an unknown girl in his classroom. For some reason Hinata is really bothered by it. Not knowing what to do, Hinata ends up ignoring Kageyama for the whole day.

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