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Fueled By Knock-Off Ramen: Part 1

and as i promised, a ficlet featuring the Funhaus crew in GTA settings. wrote this for the fun of it. i hope you enjoy it. it’s probably going to be a two parter. the set up and the pay off

let me know what you think!

They were a group of four and three contract freelancers respectively.

They didn’t have a permanent base of operations.

They didn’t have a set budget to operate on.

They were so low level that no one knew their name. Not the cops. Not the other gangs. Not even the news.

Perhaps that had something to do with their branding issue.

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allies +axis reacting to their kidnapped s/o on that time of the month

America: so blood is coming out of your vagina…welp chocolate is always the cure for that, but you gonna have to kiss me first -3-

England: just cause your hormones are allover the place dose not mean you can disrespect me,*throws a  box of pads at them*

France: what do you need i will get and give you anything…no not your freedom silly.

Russia: *holds up single tampon* will this be enough…no…then how about this *holds up two tampons*

China: food, you need lots of food sit down and rest.

Canada: *lots and lots of massages*

Italy: my poor baby, don’t worry i will do anything for you okay sit tight and i will get some nice food

Japan: well here you go and go lye down *hands them electric blanket*

Germany: uhhhhh *reading a pre teen girl magazine to try and figure out what to do*

Romano: well that sucks…ugh here you go *hands them a  gift basket full of pads chocolates electric blanket and more*

Prussia: well i have no idea what to do in this situation you have any ideas :3

Reyna Writes: Long-Distance

Rain pattered against the roof, thunder rumbling softly in the distance as the storm passed. Warm and cozy in bed, snuggled up with her blanket and against her boyfriend, Alya was at peace.

She was just beginning to drift off when Adrien spoke.



“Do you love me?”

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So here is what really eats at me about Loki’s story.

There is such potential there for a good story. A needed one. You have someone who maintains a certain perception about monsters. Basically, he’s racist—and it’s not just him. The protagonist of the story maintains these beliefs as well. Yes. Good. That gives the protagonist room to grow and mature before the end of the story. It affords the opportunity to demonstrate how baseless this racism is.

But does that latter point happen? Nope. Loki discovers he is the very thing he hates, and instead of separating his madness and bad choices from his innate “monstrous” nature, the story validates the racist perception of frost giants.

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Late; Min Yoongi

Poor Yoongi doesn’t know what he’s in for.

Word Count: 1,003

(A/N): I’m savage. I said I was going to post a Hoseok story…but here I am…posting a Yoongi one. I’m sorry, it’s coming I promise! I have some of it written out but I haven’t been able to finish it yet because I’m trying to get it just right :( Ugh, it’ll happen…really….pls don’t hate me lol. Welp, here goes my fucking fourth Yoongi story. Hope I did well. Feedback would be wonderful :D xoxo

Yoongi: “Coming home in 20 mins tops, baby!”

You eyed the text that Yoongi sent you, squinting your eyes at the screen. Twenty minutes tops? He sent that text 2 hours ago. You weren’t even frustrated at this point, he was always working later than he intended to at the studio and most times he was too tired to even do anything when he did come home. By now, you just wanted revenge. As morbidly cruel as it sounded, you wanted to make him suffer the way you have for God knows how long. You slipped your arms into the sleeves of your red robe, tying it securely in the front. You saw a pair of car headlights beaming through the window along with the sound of brakes screeching into your drive way. Quickly, you stood in the dark hallway directly in front of the front door and waited for him to come in. After a few seconds of hearing his keys jingling, the door creaked open and he stumbled inside, hitting the light switch so the lights of the hall came on. When you came into view, Yoongi gasped in surprise, obviously not expecting to see you there.

“Shit,” He yelped as his eyes widened with slight fear.

“Twenty minutes tops, baby!” you crossed your arms over your chest, mocking his text.

“Oh…gosh. I’m sorry, babe. But you know how work is, especially at a time like this,” Yoongi shrugged his coat off and kicked off his shoes. You raised your eyebrow daringly. Oh, he was going to get it.

“Yeah, well. Clearly your work is a lot more important than me,” you scoffed, trying to sound offended.

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CEO!Luke Part 14

Day 4 in Vegas

The Next Morning..

Luke’s POV:

My body does one of those muscles spasms that wakes me up. I slowly open my eyes still feeling exhausted from last night. My arms are wrapped around Y/N’s sleeping body and my face rests basically on top her head. I don’t mind that her hair is in my face because one it smells good and two I love every aspect of her so I don’t mind one bit. I smile because I’m in such a good place. I’m in Vegas with my friends and my favorite girl. What could be better? I gently bring Y/N’s body as close to mine as I can because I just cannot get enough of her. I kiss her cheek gently for a few seconds and then do it again on the side of her nose. She still doesn’t move. I move some off her hair away from her ear and start to kiss her neck. I finally get a reaction from her as she tosses a little. I kiss up to her ear then suck on her lobe getting a giggle from Y/N. “Lukey no I’m ticklish there” she says pushing my face away with her hand. “Aha morning my sweet angel” I smirk as I climb on top of her and pepper her soft face with kisses. Y/N laughs out loud and tosses around. I tickle her stomach as she screams. “Damn baby” I laugh as I stop tickling her because I probably would end up having a foot to the face. All she does is laugh shoving her face into the pillows. “Baby where you goin?” I ask her. “Under this pillow” she says to me laughing some more. “Aha no come back I miss you” I grin just admiring the cuteness of my girl. She pops her head up wiggling her eyebrows at me. “You want some morning loving huh?” I smirk at her. “Aha I never said that!” she chuckles. “It’s all in your eyes baby” I say. “What do you mean?” Y/N asks. “I can always tell when you want me” I grin at her moving above her body. “Oh yeah?” she teases. “Yes” I whisper above her lips kissing them very slowly. She moans into the kiss and I slip my tongue in her mouth. We explore each others mouths as I was suddenly pushed away from her. “Hey what was that for!?” I ask. “Aha I want breakfast Lukey” she giggles getting up and slipping on a silk robe. “Ugh! You’re the biggest tease in this universe!” I yell into a pillow. “Aw my poor baby” she giggles walking out of our room. She honestly drives me insane because now I’m left here alone with a rock solid hard on that I now have to take care of. I decide to hop up to take a quick shower and to also relieve myself then I’ll join the others for breakfast.

Y/N’s POV:

“She’s alive!” Clara yells happily running towards me. I accept her into my arms and hug her back. “How are you?” she asks me. “I’m good now. How’s your head?” I ask. “It’s a lot better just had a headache for a few hours. Thank god it wasn’t a concussion” she says. “Oh that’s so good to hear” I smile. “Want some breakfast?” Michael smiles. “Yes I’m starving” I say taking a seat at the table. “Where’s Luke?” he asks. “Uh I think in the shower” I say pouring myself some coffee. “Oh okay” he says taking a bite out of his omelet. “How you feeling babe?” Clara asks me. “My body is kinda sore but I’m alright. Mentally, I’m great because Luke told me April will be locked up” I say. “We did it girl we did it” she smiles to me. “I know it’s insane” I sit back on my chair just thinking about it all. The door to Luke and I’s bedroom opens with a shirtless Luke walking out of it. “Morning everybody!” he smiles taking a seat next to me. “How was your shower?” I ask sipping my coffee hiding my grin. “It was great baby” he says to me. “Good” I smile. Luke piles some pancakes onto his plate with bacon on this side. He spreads syrup all over and starts to eat. “Luke I was thinking that we could take the girls out to golf with us today” Michael chuckles. “Aha that would actually be so fun!” Luke laughs then looks over to me. “Clara and I don’t have any golfing attire” I say. “Yeah I know I didn’t know I’d be doing any sports this vacation” Clara says. “I’ll give you money to go buy some at the Nike store down stairs” Luke says to me. “Luke no-” I protest but was cut by him. “Babe please it’s okay” Luke responds. “Please” he says again. “Alright” I sigh giving in. Luke smiles and continues eating his pancakes. “Let me pay for yours as well love” Michael says to Clara. “Thanks baby” she smiles at him. We all continue eating while making small conversation about how terrible it’s going to be getting back to work in a few days. “Ugh I mean filing papers all day long makes me wanna die in agony” I groan. Luke looks at me giving me a glare. “I thought you love your job” he says to me. “Lukey I was kidding!” I giggle kissing him on the cheek. “Oh” he says looking down. “I love my job” I smile because it’s the truth. Clara yawns and standing up from the table. “Okay I need to shower then Y/N we can go down to Nike” she says to me. “Sounds good” I smile to her. “I need to get a morning run in. Luke do you wanna join?” Michael asks. “No man I’m good I ate too much” he says rubbing his stomach. “Alright well I’ll see you guys in a few” he says walking out of the suite. Luke looks at me and shoots me a wink. All of sudden I just randomly get up and sprint into our bedroom flying straight onto the bed. I hear Luke running after me and he completely tackles me onto the mattress. “Luke!” I shriek. “Now that was a tackle” he smirks straddling my hips. “What’s under this tiny thing?” Luke smirks referring to my robe. “Nothing you want” I chuckle. “Nothing that I want? Baby are you kidding me!?” he grins at me. He slowly unties my robes pushing the sides apart revealing my breasts to him. “These are everything I want” he groans giving them both a squeeze. “Luke” I groan at the feeling. “You love when I touch your pretty tits don’t you baby?” he says attaching his mouth to one of my nipples. “Lukey the door is open!” I giggle. “Mhm what was that?” he jokes. “Ugh fuck you” I laugh at him. “You can fuck me baby anytime I’m all yours” he smirks at me. Luke was about to fully take off my robe when I hear my name being called. “Y/N you ready to go?” Clara shouts out. “Yeah I’ll be there in a sec!” I say climbing out from Luke’s grasp. I throw on some shorts and an athletic tank top as I slip on my flip flops. “Here baby” Luke says handing me his credit card. “Don’t say anything Y/N now go!” he says. I keep my mouth shut as I lean up to kiss him as my thank you. “Pick something cute out” he grins spanking my ass as I walk out. “Ooo!” I gasp as I leave him in our room. “Ready?” I ask Clara. “Yeah let’s go!” she smiles throwing her hair up into a messy bun. We walk to the elevators and I push the lobby button. “How are you really doing Y/N?” Clara asks me rubbing my arm in friendly manner. I knew what she meant. “I’m fine Clara honestly. I’m still shaken up but I’m fine” I smile. “Okay I was just making sure” she says to me. “Thanks you’re such a good friend” I say giving her a small hug. The doors open as we walk out into the shopping hall.

“Do you know where it is?” I ask. “Michael said it’s on the left side near Panera” she says looking down the hall. “Okay well let’s just go left then” I say. “You look on the left and I’ll keep my eye on the right” Clara says. “Yup” I say. We walk for a few minutes because there was all sorts of stores here. “Oh hey I found it!” I say pointing to it. “Yay!” Clara says. We speed walk into the store as a man greets us. “Good morning ladies! Is there anything I can help you with today?” he smiles at us. “Uh yeah do you have women’s golfing attire?” I ask. “Yes we do right over there is the women’s section. You will find all the appropriate attire there” he says pointing to where the clothes are. “Great thank you!” I respond as Clara and I walk over to the women’s section. There was different colored skirts and shirts along with vizors. “Ooo I like this” Clara says holding out a highlighter pink skirt. “Sure if you want to blind everybody” I laugh looking at her. “Very funny” she groans at me. I scope through the different options and I see a light purple skirt that catches my eye. “What do you think about this one?” I ask holding it to my hips. “Yes yes yes! That would look great with black on top along with a black visor” Clara says all in one. “Awesome thank you Ms. Fashion designer” I laugh as I collect all my matching clothes. “You’re very welcome. Now help me” she says. “Well you can rock highlighter pink so I say go for it along with white tank top and visor” I smile. “You read my mind” Clara responds. “Aha let’s go pay now” I say as we walk to the cashier. “Find every you need?” the guy asks us. “Yes we did thank you for asking” Clara says to him. “That will be $45.67” he says to me. God I hate when Luke buys me things. I mean it’s very nice of him to do but still I always get antsy about it. I swipe Luke’s card as the guy puts my clothes in a bag. He taps a few buttons on the screen and pulls out the receipt from the tiny machine. “Here you go!” he smiles handing me my bag. “Thank you!” I respond retrieving it. Clara pays for her stuff and then we head out. “Have you ever been golfing before?” I ask her. “Never I only watched Michael do it. He offered me to try a few times but I was always too chicken but today I’ll try” she smiles. “How about you?” she adds. “Sometimes with my dad but I suck so bad” I laugh. “Aha well today we can fail together” she laughs with me. We walk past the Spa and see Emily and Sandra. We give them a friendly wave as we see them working. They smile back at us as we head off to the elevators. We ride up to our floor quickly and walk down the hall back to the room.

“That was quick” Michael says to us before biting into a banana. “Yes it was babe” Clara says walking over to hug him. “I’ll be ready soon” I smile heading to Luke and I’s room. “Oh my god!” I laugh as I see Luke naked. “Luke you might as well be naked all the time” I laugh at him. “Hi love! And no I shouldn’t you should” he smirks at me. “Aha no way” I smile walking over to give him his credit card back. “Thank you” I smile. “No problem baby” he says giving him a kiss. “Lemme see what bought!” he cheers like a little boy. “Aha hold on let me change into it” I laugh entering the bathroom. I lock the door behind me just in case Luke tries to barge in. I strip off my clothes that I’m wearing except my underwear and sports bra. I take out my new skirt and rip the tag off of it and slip it on. Oh wow it definitely shaped my ass. I pull out the black tank top and put that on as well. It fit really well so I am satisfied. I collect all my hair and put it up into a ponytail. After that, I take out my new visor and put it on my head adjusting the strap. I look at myself in the mirror and laugh at myself because I look like one of those rich mom’s who golfs with her other lady friends every Sunday morning. I turn the nod to the door so Luke can see. Luke is tucking his shirt into his golfing pants as he looks up at me. “So sexy” Luke smirks at me. “Do you mean sporty?” I giggle turning around to show him my full outfit. “Sporty yes but sexy double yes” he says coming over to me. “Bend over” he says to me. I do as he says as he spanks me. “Luke!” I gasp. “Yup nice material. Good job babe” he says as I stand back up. “Ugh you’re weird” I groan moving past him to put on my sneakers. I grab my shoes and sit on the edge of the bed slipping them on. I jump back up and skip over to Luke and punch him in the arm. “Ouch what was that for!?” he groans. “Oh suck it up” I giggle. “That was good luck because I’m going to beat your ass” I smirk at him. “Do you want spankings Missy?” he hisses at me. “No Sir” I bite my lip running out of the room before Luke could get me and punish me. “You look so cute!” Clara yells at me. “Aha so do you!” I smile at her. Michael comes out looking all professional like. “Damn you going to go play at the U.S Open?” Clara teases. “Nah baby I just know how to dress” he says hugging her. “Ready to go everyone?” he asks. “I am!” I say. “Me too!” Clara adds. “Luke! You ready to go!?” Michael shouts out for Luke. He walks out looking all delicious in his golfing attire. Delicious again Y/N really? Well I mean he is my boyfriend so I can say that. His white polo shirt is tightly worn around his chest making his muscles bulge out but not too much. His black pants shape is ass very well making me wanna just spank it to be honest. “Yup let’s go!” he smiles walking by me carrying his golf bag around his shoulder. We all follow behind him walking out. We pile into the elevator having to squeeze because of the boy’s golf bags. When we get down to the lobby, we go the opposite direction because the golfing range was out back somewhere. “Are the golf carts here Mikey or do we have to go get them?” Luke asks him. “Yeah they pulled them around for us” he responds. Luke nods and heads out the door. Two shiny golf carts wait there for us as Luke hooks his bag to the side. “Wanna drive baby?” Luke asks me. “Yes!” I smile as Luke throws me the keys. I catch them and take a seat in the drivers seat. I turn the keys as the engine came to life. “Right behind you Y/N!” Clara shouts smiling because she is driving too. I smile and tap the gas pedal making our way to the range. “We have a few minutes to go because we want a good putting range” Luke says to me putting his arm over the seat. He takes his shades from on top of his head and puts them on his face. It is such a beautiful day out making the range look like a fresh green all over.

Luke and I stay in a comfortable silence as we drive along the smooth road admiring the view the big trees gave. We drive for a few minutes more as Luke sits up. “You can park next to that orange flag love” he says pointing to the flag. I make my way over to it and park slowly. Clara parks next to me as I pull out the keys placing them in a tiny cupboard. “It’s so nice out” Clara says. “I know right!” I smile as I get out of the golf cart. Michael and Luke grab their bags and set up next to the put. “This is our spot!” Michael says swinging his arms around and Luke does the same. Clara and I look at them like their idiots. “Do this to stretch” Michael says. “Ohhhhh!” Clara and I both say as we begin to swing our arms. After we all did that, Michael pulls out one of the his clubs and stands at the tee doing some practice swings. “Baby will you get me two balls please?” Michael asks her. “Don’t you already have balls?” she jokes making Luke and I laugh. “Yes I do would you like to see them?” he teases back. “Maybe later” she winks at him. “Okay TMI!” Luke laughs at them. Michael laughs and takes a swing. We all watch as the ball goes flying into the air. “You’re up baby!” he smiles pulling out a smaller club for her. “Mikey help me!” she says. “I will don’t worry” he reassures her. “Place your feet together, bop your bum out a little, keep your hands tight at the top of the club, look out to where you wanna aim, then raise your arms, then swing!” Michael says as he holds her instructing her moves. We all watch as she does a pretty good hit. “Whoa good job baby!” he smiles kissing her forehead. “Aha yay!” she cheers sitting back down. “Luke you’re up!” Michael say to him. Luke raises and adjusts his white gloves. “Go get em babe!” I cheer spanking his ass. Luke looks back at me in shock as he laughs it off. He gets in his position, looking out to aim then swings hard sending the golf ball flying. “Nice man!” Michael claps for him. Luke turns to me reaching to pull out a smaller club for me. “Let’s see what you got sweetheart” he smirks at me. “Need my help?” he asks me. “Nope!” I confidently say taking the club out from his hands. I place a golf ball on the tee and take my position. I look out to see where I wanna aim and place my feet together. I stick my butt out shaking it a little to tease Luke because I know he is staring me down right now. Luke shifts on the bench as I raise my hands about to swing. “Wait!” Luke says getting up. “Here lemme help” he says. “I don’t need help Luke” I say. Luke comes behind me and places his hands over mind on the club. “You wanna aim for the red flag over there okay? Make sure to give it a hard swing when you come down” he says guiding me. “That was what I was gonna do!” I protest to him. “Just making sure baby” he kisses my cheek then backs off.

“Go Y/N!” Clara cheers me on. I raise my arms and take a hard swing at the ball making it fly into the air. “Aha did you see that!?” I smile jumping up and down. “Whoa Y/N that was really good!” Michael smiles. I do this weird dance because I’m like that. “Good job baby!” he smiles leaning in for a kiss. I kiss him hard making him sit back down. We take turns doing this for another hour or so. Clara and I got tired of it so we watched as Luke and Michael had a little competition on who could hit the farthest. “Anyone up for some lunch?” Clara asks us. “Ugh yes please!” I say. The boys agree with me and pack up their clubs. They hooked them onto the sides of the carts as Clara and I drove again back to the hotel. “Did you have fun baby?” Luke asks me. “Yes I did!” I smile kissing him as he rubs my lower back. “Good” he responds. I park the cart back where we first got it and hand the keys to the desk that held onto them. There is this cute cafe there so we decided to have some lunch there instead of going to a full on restaurant. We all ordered and got our drinks really fast which was awesome cause I was thirsty as fuck. Our food came right after that which was another bonus because I hate waiting long for food. We all dig in not saying a word because the food was just so good like it always has been. We stay at the cafe for about a half an hour more making small talk. Luke pays the check then we all get head back to the suite.

At the Suite..

“Ugh I could use a nap” I yawn stretching my arms out wide. “Me too love wanna go take one?” Luke asks me rubbing my shoulders with his hands. “Yes please” I smile tiredly as we both walk into our bedroom. “Clara and I will be out here watching a movie” Michael says to us. “Okay sounds good” Luke says shutting the door behind him. I plop down on the bed and let out a long groan. “I know the sun does make you tired” Luke says plopping down next to me. “It does” I agree with him closing my eyes. “Come get under the covers baby” Luke says lifting up and crawling over to rest his head on the pillows. I get up and take my shoes and visor off and climb into bed with Luke. “Come here Princess” he says with open arms. I snuggle up in his arms and I fall asleep fairly quick.

11:30 PM

“Baby wake up” Luke whispers in my ear touching my cheek softly. I shift as I hear his voice call my name again. “What?” I groan rolling over to avoid him. He calls my name again as I give up.“What do you want!?” I hiss at him still tired. “Let’s go for a swim” he says to me. “What time is it?” I ask him. “11:30 PM” he says to me. “What!?” I lift up. “You have been asleep for a while babe” he chuckles softly. “You want to swim now?” I ask. “Yeah let’s go for a swim baby” he kisses my forehead. “Isn’t the pool closed?” I ask getting up. “It’s Vegas Y/N, things never close” he says. “Sure they do” I say against him. “True but not the pool. I checked earlier so we are all good” he smiles putting his swim trunks on. I take off my clothes not caring if Luke is here because he has seen me naked a thousand times. “Can you tie this?” I ask Luke. “Yeah sure” he says tying a knot on my top. “Thank you” I say as I slip on my bottoms and flip flops. We gently tiptoe out of the room because Clara and Michael were sound asleep on the couch. Luke and I take the elevator down to the lounge. We walk over deciding to go in the indoor pool instead of outside because it would be cold. No one else was here which wasn’t surprising because it’s almost midnight. We place our towels on a chair, taking off our shoes. We walk over to the edge of the pool where the deep end was. “You jump I jump” Luke smiles taking my hand. “Aw okay Jack Dawson” I giggle lacing my fingers with his. “1..2..3!” I shriek as we both jump into the pool. It was nice and warm which felt really good. I swam underwater all the way to the shallow end. I pop up and see that Luke was still in the deep end. “How did you get over there so quick?” he laughs. “Magic” I smirk as he swims over to me. Luke picks me up and wraps me around him. “You’re my beautiful mermaid that’s what you are” he smiles kissing my lips softly. “Aha maybe” I giggle into the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck as he takes us underwater then back up. We come back up and Luke squirts water from his mouth in my face making me cringe. “Ew Luke that’s gross!” I whine splashing him with water. “Loosen up baby” he says to me. “Fine” I say going underwater and then coming back up to squirt water in his face. “Ah no!” he laughs trying to swim away but I catch him. “Hehe I gotchu!” I giggle wrapping myself onto his back. We swim some more and have tiny makeout sessions from time to time which didn’t lead to pool sex which I was surprised didn’t happen. “Wanna head back up?” he asks me. I nod as we get out. I ring out my hair as we both rinse out under two showers. I ring out my hair again and wrap myself in my towel. Luke does the same and we both exit the pool area. “That was fun” I smile leaning against Luke. “I told you” he smirks down at me. I giggle as Luke slides his key card into the slot. We tiptoe back to our room shutting the door quietly not trying to wake up Clara and Michael. I literally rush into my PJ’s and climb into bed, tying my hair up into a bun. Luke takes off his swim trunks and gets in bed next to me. “Sleeping naked tonight?” I ask him. “Yes ma'am” he says kissing my cheek. “Aha well goodnight Lukey I love you” I smile kissing his nose softly. “Aw I love you too baby so much. Get some rest now” he says snuggling into me as I lay my head on his chest falling asleep.

The Next Morning..

My bladder decides that it wants to explode now so I run out of bed into the bathroom to relieve myself. I hear a phone ring from outside the bathroom and hear Luke groan answering it. I ignore the conversation as I flush the toilet. I wash my face then brush my teeth. I dry my face and mouth with a towel then open the door. “Please tell me you’re kidding!” Luke says in an angry voice. He takes a pause then speaks again at whoever he is talking to. Luke paces back and forth as he yells again into the phone. “What the fuck do you mean by that!?” he hisses. “No no you know what? I’ll deal with this myself!” Luke yells hanging up and throws his phone against the wall screaming in anger.



  • peter straight up asking balth if he only agreed to the rules because of peter
  • peter misses holding hands (CUE ODE LYRICS)
  • balth thinks peter’s thinking of a casual thing
  • HE ASSUMES THE POSITION  the flirty position with his hand behind balth the moment he did that i was like OMG PETER YOU’RE SO OBVIOUS
  • peter thinks he’s being flirty and romantic with “there’s that look again, that look of potential” he thinks he’s saying “i know the song’s about me and i see your bedroom eyes let’s get together”
  • (pretty sure the lips do touch but barely. they don’t deny it though so they must have)
  • ugh he’s so ready but he stops himself bc he’s worried the romantic feelings are one-sided my poor baby balth
  • PETER IS SO CONFUSED he just doesn’t understand what balth is thinking
  • and then when balth asks “what does that even mean” peter just tries to explain his feelings, like he’s thinking ‘ok he wants me to actually ask him out or tell him i like him, i can do that’ 
  • but because he’s nervous and confused he just says “i think you’re really cool” which is like what you would say to ask out someone you barely know, not your best friend that you’re in love with, so balth thinks peter’s interest in him is casual AND BALTH CAN’T HANDLE THAT SO HE ASKS HIM TO LEAVE HOLY FREAKING SHITBALLS
  • peter looks so sad and disappointed and then he laughs at himself because he’s thinking ‘i did it again, i fucked everything up’
  • (ben talks about syncing the audio…does that mean he has actual sound equipment????? bc you don’t need to sync audio if you just use the camera for video and audio)
  • beeeEEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEnnnnNNNNN what the fuck you’re not being okay
  • (ben is not in charge?? freddie is the king not him why does peter say ben’s in charge
  • similarly, he didn’t even come up with most of the rules, freddie did. idk the continuity error bugs me)
  • i do at least agree that they both broke the rule, balth reciprocated
  • balth says “put it up, i don’t care” and ben says “are you sure?” like he thinks balth’s serious OMG BEN HE MEANT HE WASN’T GOING TO FIGHT YOU ON IT NOT THAT HE DOESN’T MIND
  • im also not sure why ben is so angry about it? i mean on the one hand i am, because as he pointed out, he’s the only one who’s been trying to follow the rules (when the others broke them it was usually on purpose and not even caring) even though he would really like to break the shenanigans rule and it’s harming his relationship, but he’s sticking with it because he cares about the flat and about honoring his word. on the other hand, he clearly wants pedrazar to get together so why would he make things worse for them on purpose?
  • and NO, ben, the fact that the punishment hurts so much does NOT mean it was just. it means it was far too harsh for a fraction of a second of lip contact.
  • it’s just so disproportionate. i mean, peter kisses two different people many times during faustus rehearsals and gets socks thrown at him, it was funny and he enjoyed it. this punishment is meaner and the infraction was smaller it makes no seeeeeeeeense 
  • edit: as @deadformatgrumps pointed out, ben was the one to make people turn cameras off during hero’s birthday. why is he now airing private moments as punishment?
Ugh, We Need to List off...

The certain things that just GUT YOU AS A CAPTAIN SWAN SHIPPER.

You all know the feeling I’m talking about. That feeling where during certain scenes…certain moments…they just gut you. That feeling where your stomach gets all wrangled into a ball and twists all over the place and it physically hurts like you are unable to breathe or think or keep from clenching your throat because the beauty and pain of the ship of dreams is just too much…………….

When he gets her out of the ice cave and he’s literally so freaking relieved that he’s about to throw up and she just cups his little head. FUCK.

When she whispers “Come back to me,” multiple times like she’s so desperate for him to breathe and she’s so goddamn scared and oh god she needs him to breathe so bad. FUCK FUCK FUCK.

When he finishes kissing her mouth and then kisses her neck and nuzzles her neck and just sways with her because he thinks he’s never going to fucking get to hold her ever again. GOOD FUCK.

When she puts Merida’s heart back in her chest and she just needs him like she need his warmth and his strength and she’s so traumatized and she just breathes out so deeply and launches herself at him and he catches her reflexively and is again, so relieved that he might throw up. FUUUUUUCK. 

When he literally says the words “If things go well and she wants me to hold her…” like he is literally anticipating her wanting him to hold her cause he can sense she is the type of person who likes to be held and needs to be held and he just wants it to be perfect. FUCKING CHRIST.

When that fucking goddamn bloody gash reappears on his neck for the third time and the look on her horrified heartbroken face like is there anything that guts you worse than her little whimper of pain like she reaches out to touch it and just would give up anything to make it go away. FUCKEDY FUCK

When she fucking sprints up the stairs because she is giddy as fuck even though she was just brutally traumatized, and literally tackles him and knocks him over and giggles like that is how relieved Emma Swan is she literally fucking giggles and squeezes her pirate’s hand so goddamn hard. FUCK ME.

When he tells her it’s his job or he hopes its his job to protect her heart like has their ever been a single fucking person dedicated to protecting Emma’s heart like he cares about her feelings so much and he just wants her to be okay 900% of the time it makes me so weak the way he loves her endlessly. FUCK, MAN.

When she starts to cry when she is told she’s his happy ending like she doesn’t get freaked out or run away like she is honoured beyond belief and so many tears well in her eyes and just one escapes and oh my god it’s like my stomach is being chopped up by a butcher that is what it feels like. WHAT THE FUCK.

When he kisses her little soft cheek before leaving her like this man has killed hundreds but this woman has literally transformed him into a fluffy cheek-kissing bunny like he is a little woodland creature he kisses it so gently help me get over it oh my god. UGH, FUCK.