poor babies :'(

(( OOC: My boys cry a lot…….. and I’m trying to figure out whose crying is the saddest…

Sirius I-Really-Need-To-Cry-But-I-Hate-Crying-And-I’m-Emotionally-Unstable Conceal Don’t Feel Black: 

James I-Never-Fucking-Cry-Unless-I’m-Too-Overwhelmed-With-Happiness-Or-I-Just-Lost-My-Mum Potter: 

Remus My-Life-Is-A-Trainwreck-And-I-Cry-At-The-Drop-Of-A-Hat Lupin: 

Thoughts? )) 

Yuuri cries when Viktor threatens to leave him

Viktor cries when Yuuri says he wants to retire, which means he’d have to leave Yuuri

the separation anxiety is strong in these two

Everyone watched the full scene right?Everyone saw Joaquin’s little heart broken “He really likes me” right? Joaquin genuinely cares about and likes Kevin and now they both have ties to the main storyline which means more screentime! I just hope they don’t drag the ‘con’ storyline along for too long otherwise it’ll be too late

The Orb of Kadath: an impossibly ancient artifact imbued with dark and powerful magic. To one amateur adventurer, it was also an irresistibly appealing shade of red, and in a moment of impulse, a poor decision was made.

He’ll be fine— he just needs some medical and magical attention. And if these two need to read the runes on the Orb in the meantime, all they need is a light.

rule number one about axolotls seems to be “if it fits, it’s going in their mouth”. These axolotl people are smarter than their real-world counterparts, but… not a whole lot smarter, sometimes. They probably shouldn’t go adventuring without a chaperone.

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