poor attempt at creativity

It Comes Back to You

Fic Request:  Lydia gets selective amnesia from an accident and forgets Malia’s existence, Allison’s death, and everything that took place during Season 4 (so far). When she wakes up, the first person she asks for is Stiles which leads to them having an eye-opening conversation.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comfort

Author:  sofuckingobsessed

Author’s note: So I didn’t plan for it to be this long, and I definitely didn’t plan to end it like this, but it happened, so forgive me ;) It takes place sometime during season 4. I hope this is satisfactory.

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Honest Mistake {Jily}

Look who’s back with another poor attempt at creative writing! This was my distraction from writing my term papers, and it got me out of writer’s block. As usual, I’m an ESL speaker, so I’m sorry if there are any mistakes. 

Word count: 1,732

Genre: idk it’s a wild mix of humour and underlying fluff??

Characters: Lily, Alice, and subtext Jily

“Alice, I need to speak to you. Now.” Lily grabbed her best friend’s hand and started dragging her up to her dormitory. The Common Room wasn’t too crowded at this time of the day - it was the early afternoon and most students were either at lunch or in their afternoon classes. Some sixth and seventh years were lounging about, but those were exactly the people that could not, under any circumstances, witness the conversation Lily was about to have with her best friend.

“What? Lily, I was just talking to Haley about -”

But Lily wasn’t listening. The sinking feeling in her stomach she’d got after the transfiguration test half an hour ago had reached its maximum. Initially, she had sworn that she’d never talk to anyone about this - it was just too embarrassing to even put it into words - but thirty minutes later, she felt like she would explode if she kept it to herself. She needed advice.

They reached the dormitory, and Lily dropped Alice’s hand and looked at her despairingly, in the hope she would telepathically get what Lily was trying to convey. Alice didn’t seem to get it, though, as she only rubbed her wrist and looked at her mildly annoyed.

“What the hell was that for?”

“Alice, I really need your help right now. I did something bad.”

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