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Everyone's worried about Cas, and here I am, worried about Jack :c his mom just died, he was just born, his adoptive dad died, and now he's being looked after by an angry grieving squirrel and a tired moose. Like I know he's full grown, but still, I worry. And now evil colonel sanders is on the block? Not a good enviroment for a growing boy angel guy thing. (I may be drunk)


I mean… the poor dude has just been born, somehow is immediately an adult, his dad is a giant douchewad and in another dimension, his mom is dead, then a scared worried moose man runs into his room all worried and scared.

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Closely followed by angry grieving squirrel man who just really wants to shoot him in the face (jeez, what did I do?! right?!) and spends most of the episode (and the next few) trying to shoot, stab or punch anyone and everyone in the face, including and most likely starting with and focusing on Jack.

Then he’s gonna probably flap off or run away somehow (find some cool 90s clothes too though, priorities!), end up in jail, probably does get shot at by the angry grieving squirrel, stabbed at some point, probably by those Angels, then he is just supposed to go with the angry grieving squirrel and the tired and worried moose and just chill, be their intern getting them burgers and stuff?

Trying not to take too much screen time away from them too of course :p

Jeez ok let’s all give the guy a break before he starts :D

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I feel dumb for not realizing McCree is literally Clint Eastwood.

LOL WELL He’s a lot of people! 

I mean, the Man with No Name from the Good the Bad and the Ugly is pretty much the obvious one. And McCree has a spray to imitate the famous poster. And he references it in his voice line  “I aint good, I aint bad but I aint ugly” 

“I tried being reasonable” is from another Eastwood movie I think. Fistful of dollars? I wish McCree had that other line after Dead Eye, the one where he goes “get 3 coffins ready, oops I mean 4″

I like to think Dapper/Gambler McCree is more a Mel Gibson’s Maverick. Awesome movie.

Or Doc Holiday cause, “I’m your Huckleberry” is from the movie Tombstone, when Val Kilmer scares the SHIT outta johnny ringo, which is why it always cracks me up when people use it romantically. 

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Hello,do you know what is going on with avs and matt?

Hi anon! 

It seems like Duchene has reported for training camp, after not attending any skates last week or the annual charity golf tournament.  So, he’s physically there, at least.  He doesn’t necessarily seem happy to be there (he met with the media for all of 19 seconds and didn’t take any questions), but I doubt “being happy to be here” is part of his contract, which is still good through the 2018-2019 season.  And I don’t think you can really fault the guy for feeling that way, considering he’s now practicing with a team that’s been actively trying to trade him for months.  If you believe Dreger on TSN, it sounds like both sides are still trying to figure out a workable, beneficial trade, though.  But whether something works itself out in time is yet to be seen.  

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Do you mind drawing Karasuma and Irina in the same age of the students?(I think they're 14/15) I always wondered how they have looked like! (Opposing the flood of alumni requests :P)

Throwback: Karasuma Tadaomi & Irina Jelavic (age 15)

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As a person who resides in the west coast,,,,, I am offended because i gotta go to sleep early because school is a pain in the ass 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤 😤

Fam i’m still jet-lagged and I have classes and a 3 hour drive home tomorrow so I feel u but @klancestellations is a jerk who lives somewhere that doesn’t get Voltron so im doing my civic duty and streaming it with her as soon as it drops

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Why does Asgore take back his apology at the end of the pacifist route after he hears that practically everyone else tried killing Frisk too? If anything, he should be more sorry to have put us through that after all we've been through. (yes I'm still bitter)

(undertale spoilers)

For context, here is the script from the game:

Given Undyne’s wide smile as she delivers the last line, the tone of this exchange appears to be humorous in nature (like much of Undertale itself, in all reality). It’s difficult to discern whether Asgore’s words should be taken at face value, and whether he truly does not wish to apologize. Both positions will be analyzed here.

On the one hand, Asgore actually being sorry for trying to kill Frisk would be more in line with his dialogue in the Neutral route.

I’m sorry…
I couldn’t give you a simple, happy ending…
But I believe your freedom…
…is what my son…
…what ASRIEL would have wanted.

I do not want power.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
I just wanted everyone to have hope…
I cannot take this any longer.
I just want to see my wife.
I just want to see my child.
Please… Young one…
This war has gone on long enough.

Asgore is referred to throughout the game by multiple characters as a “weenie” and “pushover” and other similarly amicable terms that indicate somebody who does not wish to harm others, and much of his behavior in the presence of Frisk reflects this. In this greater context, the isolated lines being discussed here might make more sense as being joke lines that don’t reflect Asgore’s true feelings.

On the other hand, Asgore clearly felt a compulsion to fight Frisk in the first place, and perhaps his dialogue here is an indication that he still recognizes that he needed to try to kill Frisk for the benefit of monsterkind, even though he hated the prospect of more fighting. Perhaps this line pays homage to his desire for the Underground to have hope, and his perception that fighting the humans of the Underground was his duty.

These lines aren’t necessarily incongruous with Asgore’s character, and there are some different ways to explain the way they fit into Undertale’s overarching narrative.  In context, it seems most likely that the lines were meant to be taken as light-hearted and humorous, but there may be a case for the opposite opinion as well.

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Do you still take prompts? I wanted to ask for one of zenyatta using his orbs sounds to calm genji when he has nightmares of his past, if its not much to ask. Thank you

still takin prompts. this is gr8 because i was planning on writing something like this today lol

brief warning for violence. genji doesn’t have nice nightmares.

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do you think jjong is going to dye his hair blonde again then? (after what he said on blue night today?)

oh yeah, he will. i’m honestly surprised that he dyed it back to brown / a darker color to begin with. personally, i think he looks great with both light and dark hair but it’s obvious that the blonde makes him happy.

i had to go back a bit to find it but, late last year, he said this on blue night in regards to him bleaching his hair: “it’s been about one year since i’ve started bleaching my hair. the very first time when i changed the color i changed it while thinking of breaking away from my previous self because …, after my car accident, i rested for a little bit over a month and, after that, while my activities resumed, things like my mindset …, i thought i should change, that i should brace myself. at that time, i felt excited.” (source)

this is why i’ve never nagged when it comes to how he stayed blonde for so long. for one, it’s his body and his choice to do what he wants with it and there was obviously some really deep personal meaning to the change in appearance. it was the most drastic change that he’d done to his hair at that point since shinee’s debut (his hair was either black or different shades of brown up until that point minus rdd!era hair which was still mostly brown) so…, if he wants to dye it back to blonde, that’s great. as long as he’s happy! anyway, i wouldn’t be surprised if he dyed it again by summer.