poor and dangerous

Zen was truly drunk.
  • Zen: I wasn't <i>that</i> drunk.
  • Yoosung: You called yourself ugly.
  • Zen: ...
  • Yoosung: ...
  • Zen: ...
  • Yoosung: ...
  • Zen: oh my god

“But I don’t care either, I don’t care!” said Tonks, seizing the front of Lupin’s robes and shaking them. “I’ve told you a million times…”
“And I’ve told you a million times,” said Lupin, refusing to meet her eyes, staring at the floor, “that I am too old for you, too poor… too dangerous…”

Victuuri and fairy tales crossover ideas

O.k I just couldn’t resist >//////< I love fairy tales so much and Victuuri just fit so much to so many fairy tales >////< So here some dose of my silly ideas of them in fairy tales AU:

  • The Beauty and the Beast - So Victor is of course a Beuaty- maybe even still in his beautiful long hair. ;) And Yuuri will be Beast Yuuri about who will be legends how scary and dangerous he is… So poor Yuuri will be living all alone in the gloomy castle of his loneliness and anxiety and sadness. But one day The Beauty Victor will appear in his castle and it will be revealed that in reality poor Yuuri is not any dangerous beast who people and rumors were syaing, avoiding him just poor cutie who got cursed by some little cute teaser wizard (Yurio ;) ) into.. piglet…!!! Victor took care of cutie Yuuri piglet and helped him broke the curse and Yuuri became once again a cute boy. :D The castle  become again happy and full of life place and boys lived happily ever after. :D 
  • Cinderella - I mean, any doubts Victuuri has something from Cinderella? ;) So haha we have Yuuri good and charming Cinderella (Katsurella?)and Victor as wizard  (fairy godmother counterpart)  who will give Yuuri all  strength and power to go for the ball and beautiful clothes, and pumpkin golden carriage and beautiful glass … skates - because it will be ice party on the rink ;). There Yuuri will meet Victor again and it will be raveled that Victor is not only magician who helped him but also loved prince of this kingdom. :D They will spend all time on the ball together, fall in love and of course live happily ever after. ;)
  • Little Red Riding Hood - this fairy tale is also so obvious for this two. ;) So i guess it will start with cutie yummy Yuuri in red cloak who go to visit his grumpy but very sweet grandma Yurio, then he will meet super hot and seductive Victor bad hot wolf.and… you all just know how this will go further. ;) Bon appetite, Victor wolf you can eat your cute little red Yuuri katsudon. ;) 
  • Little mermaid - I guess it could be again kind of symbolic here. Yuuri will be merman living his simple, eventless life under the sea. But one day he will meet beautiful prince Victor… He will be observing (along with his cute friend fish Minami and bird Yurio ;))  him from far, too scared to go closer to be exposed as mermaid.. But one day ship of Victor will have accident and then Yuuri merman will save him. They will fell in love of course from first sight ;) and after some adventures they will happily ever after. ;) I guess Victor in many ways opened Yuuri for his emotions, his charm for people, for world, so I guess taking Yuuri from the abyss of the sea showing him many colors of life and his own strengths. :D 
  • Rapanuzel- I mean… this fairy tale was so obvious. ;) because Victor’s beautiful long hair! How to not use this! :D So in this version Victor would be Victoruzel with long, long beautiful hair ;) and cutie Yuuri his little blushing prince saving Victoruzel from the tower. ;) 
  • Sleeping Beauty - this also I think think in very symbolic way, like Victor was this one to start Yuuri awaking. His personal, sexual awaking, awaking of his strength and his finding for himself. Times of his lack of confidence and stuff can be seen as time of slumber in a way… so: there were cute prince Sleeping Yuuri who was in slumber from 100 years but then Victor prince in shinning armor appeared. ;) Then he kissed Sleeping Beauty Yuuri and stopped his slumber and princes started their amazing adventure and love story. ;) 
  • Snow White and Seven Dwarfs - please just give me Yurio as fabulous Evil Queen ;) (he will be so ahjahahakj marvelous  like this awwwwww, go go Yurio :D). Yuuri will be Snow Yuuri White and Yurio’s rival, so Snow Yuuri White will ran away from Yurio castle and will hide with dwarfs (Minami, JJ, Phichit, Leo, Guang hong, Georgi, Seung-gil). He will spend there nice and peaceful life with them but… one day Yurio will appear and will pretend some old woman who sell katsudon. ;) Yuuri of course will take this… but it will be revealed it was poisoned Katsudon!!! ;) but no worries, prince Victor will appear. ;) Will kiss his cutie Snow Yuuri White lil glutton and will wake him up with powerful kiss. ;) 
  • The Ugly Duckling - not really big idea here but I guess Victuuri in a way is a little story of this, how all cutie baby shy Yuuri “the ugly duckling” thanks to love and influence of Victor  transformed into beautiful and full of eros ;) swan. :D 
  • Frog King - o.k here my first idea was Yuuri- frog, Victor- prince but… I thought maybe other way it also will work. :D As fairy tale about beautiful prince Victor who will be transformed by curse into ugly frog. ;) And this time it will be Yuuri who will broke the curse with power of his love and his warmth. :D Like we still don’t know too many about Victor and his past and I have feeling there are for sure some sad things in his past, some “curses” that just wait to be healed by Yuuri kiss of true love. ;) So haha kiss the Victor-frog, Yuuri. ;) 
  • Three Little pigs- O.k sorry it will be just more parody, but I just couldn’t not mention about this, in meaning it is about pigs!!! ;) So Yuuri will play all cute three little pigs and Victor will be of course wolf who try to eat them. ;) Eat his cutie Yuuri. ;) 

Thank you for reading! :D 


countdown to valentine’s day - seven otp aesthetics:

[2/7] - remadora (remus lupin/nymphadora tonks) - harry potter

“But I don’t care either, I don’t care!” said Tonks, seizing the front of Lupin’s robes and shaking them. “I’ve told you a million times…” 
“And I’ve told you a million times,” said Lupin, refusing to meet her eyes, staring at the floor, “that I am too old for you, too poor… too dangerous…”