poor aj :(

Applejack: Er, joking aside, I’m not sure! Twilight definitely likes girls, she’s got a crush on that Sunset girl a while now. Rarity’s been getting treated a little weird by the girls in our class ‘cause she came out as bi late last year. I ain’t sure about Pinkie, but I don’t think she knows herself.


Howdy lovely people! Sorry for the short answer, I’m working on it. But seriously, Applejack and the gang ARE teenagers, they’re not entirely sure what they want. Applejack is fine, because she’s just gay. She just likes girls. But for other people, people who are more diverse in their attraction, it’s a little harder. Also, you may have noticed RD and Fluttershy weren’t mentioned, this is because they aren’t friends yet! You’ll see. Our poor little boot lesbian may have a bit of a crush on one them, but you’ll have to wait to find out. Til then!

the fosters boys as your prom date:

  • Jesus: not allowed to dance and depressed
  • AJ: will stare at another girl the entire time and then straight up ditch you
  • Wyatt: will be high and drunk from the start
  • Aaron: will heavily imply you’re a slut
  • Mat: will build up the courage to ask you to dance at the end, FINALLY

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Imagine Steve seeing a scary movie for the first time out of the ice and, since he used to think Frankenstein was terrifying, he is absolutely shook when he sees something like the Conjuring or Paranormal Activity

Steve knows it’s pretty ridiculous. He can sign up for human experimentation. He can perform like a little dancing monkey on a stage. He can fight nazis. He was frozen for seventy years only to wake up and have to fight aliens almost immediately. He’s battled with evil robots and more nazis and jumped off of buildings and out of planes with no parachute. He can do all of that without any fear.

But sit Steve down in front of a scary movie? That’s truly terrifying.

“Steve, you’re not even looking,” Bucky nags at him, sounding annoyed already.

Steve has his cell phone in front of his face blocking his view of the tv. He’s trying to distract himself by reading about Beyoncé’s new twins. It was working fine (Steve just loves Beyoncé so much. He can’t help it. Those babies are precious angels and he’s pretty sure he wants to find a way to protect them. Maybe she’s hiring a personal bodyguard.) until Bucky interrupted him. “That’s because I don’t want to look.”

“Steve it’s just a movie!”

“Uh huh,” Steve shoots Bucky an unamused look. Normally when Bucky brings home a scary movie Sam just watches it with him but Sam’s visiting his sister so he’s playing stand-in. He’s pretty sure the only reason he said yes is because Bucky can be a manipulative little shit when he wants to be. Both Sam and Bucky know he hates scary movies. The first time he watched one after the ice was with Sam. If there was any illusion in Sam’s mind that Steve was completely fearless, it ended that night. “A movie I don’t want to- CHRIST!” Steve jumps about a foot in the air when he hears the telltale music of a jumpscare.

Bucky’s face softens a little, but he does look like he’s trying to hold in a laugh. “Tell you what,” he says. He pauses the movie and reaches out to run his hand up and down Steve’s arm gently. “Go get your headphones and you can put your head in my lap and read about your beloved Beyoncé while the rest of the movie plays. I won’t be offended.”

Steve gives him a little smile. “I’d be the best bodyguard she’d ever have.”

“Sure you would, sweetheart, as long as she doesn’t like scary movies. You want a head rub too?”

Steve does.


ugh poor AJ, I’m gonna have to redo her completely because 1) her knees wonked and will not unwonk whyyyyy, and 2) …I literally just realized I merged the shirt cuffs to her upper arms instead of her lower arms where they should be. how did this even happen. how did I not notice this until now. (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮

she can still do some cute poses at least! please enjoy before she gets exiled to the bin with Fluttershy and her neck-stabbing shoulders.


aj anthology “every day is kitakitsune”
[T/N: “Kitakitsune” means “Northern Fox”, referring to the Kitaki clan. It’s also a pun on the phrase “mainichi wa kitsui ne”, meaning “life is hard, huh?” It’s a phrase closely associated with Yakuza themes.]

translation: @gyakutensaibanvsaceattorney
raws/cleaning/typesetting: @officialbarokvanzieks

please do not remove caption, edit or repost ty. also apologies for the lower quality; my book is completely water-damaged and it’ll take an incredibly long time to get the funds to order another one

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Hi Lovlies. How do you think each of the Avengers would cope with going on a cruise ship?? The spies being hyper vigilant, tony providing great internet, steve and the motion of the waves etc.

“I don’t feel good,” Steve groans, his head sagging between his knees.

“Huh,” Tony says. “Who knew that the Super Soldier Serum didn’t take away motion sickness?” Steve hears him rummaging around in his bag for something before he finds it and gives a pleased hum.

“What are you even doing?” Rhodes asks from where he’s seated in the lounge chair. The three of them are in “Mission Command” aka Tony’s room since he only managed to score a luxury suite for himself.

“I’m trying to fix the wifi on this godforsaken boat so we can get our intel, get the bad guys and then get out.”

“I don’t know,” Rhodes says. He slurps his drink loudly. “I wouldn’t mind staying the entire cruise.”

“Ugh,” Steve groans.

Tony opens his mouth to reply but just then Clint comes falling out of the ceiling. Literally falling out of the ceiling.

“Hey guys,” Clint manages, coughing with the dust that’s surrounding him.

“Great,” Tony says. “Now I have to fix that too, or well, pay for it at least.”

“I’m okay!” Clint assures them.

“I’m not,” Steve groans.

“Hey guys! They have a- what the hell?” Sam questions as he enters the room. He flings the door shut when Natasha strides in behind him. They’re both dressed to the nines in tropical gear and holding fruity drinks. Steve’s stomach continues to churn.

“Clint we haven’t even been here four hours! We haven’t even entered international waters!” Natasha says. She’s trying to stifle a laugh. Sam is too. He’s mostly unsuccessful.

“Steve, buddy, you don’t look so good,” Sam’s telling him but Steve doesn’t hear because he’s too busy racing to the bathroom.

“What’s wrong with him?” He hears Sam ask.

“What’s more believable? He has a weakness for piña coladas or apparently gets very, very sea sick on cruise ships?” Tony answers.

Steve rests his cheek on the cool tile of the bathroom floor. Then he groans.

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I love your "Steve gets catfished" fill. I'd love to see Sam's reaction, because there's no way Steve would have gotten as far as a date with "Dwayne" without at least mentioning that he was chatting with someone on a dating app to Sam.


Steve practically buzzing under his skin by the time Sam gets home.

Sam gets halfway through putting his stuff down and taking off his shoes when he notices. “What’s got you all excited?”

Steve gives Sam a smile so big it hurts his cheeks a little. “I have a date,” he says proudly.

“Ohhh! You finally scored a date, huh?”

Steve smiles into his cup of coffee as Sam takes a seat across from him at the table. “Only took me a century but I did.”

“It must have been that old man charm that got them. By the way, how does this person feel about the sixty plus year age difference? Unless you’re dating an old person. Do you like older men and women?”

“I prefer to stay with someone who’s walker I don’t have to find a place to store during dinner,” Steve says. Then, “but the guy seemed cool with it. Plus, I don’t even think someone my actual age could figure out how to use tinder at all- you know, besides me,” he adds proudly.

“You don’t get to start bragging about you technological achievements until you start running a mile that’s over seven minutes. It’s a rule. So let me see the poor soul that’s agreed to go out with you.”

Steve pulls up his phone and scrolls until he gets to Dwayne’s profile. He blushes and mumbles, “His name is Dwayne and he’s pretty hot if I do say so myself.” Then he shows Sam.

“Huh,” Sam manages after a moment. “Well he’s hot I’ll give you that. Know anything else about him?”

Sam’s giving him a weird look. Steve doesn’t know what to make of it. “Yeah! He lives close by. He seems to make a good living. He says he’s an entrepreneur. Whatever that means.”

“Oh cool.” Sam’s still giving him a weird look. “Hey, where’s Bucky?”

“He’s in his room, why?”

Sam’s already standing up and heading down the hallway. “No reason!”

This is still one of my favourite AJ pictures. And yes, this is child (Nick) is the one who was in an accident which left him brain dead only a month after this picture was taken. And AJ got in touch with Nick’s parents, and talked to him through a phone call before Nick was taken off life support. RIP 😞😇