poor aidan

d&d: so lf wants the throne, he want the ugly chair, climb that chair yasss

d&d: also he’s gonna tell sansa his endgame

d&d: right after he gave her to the boltons bc he doesn’t know bout crazy ramzy boi

average got watcher: omg can’t wait till lf diesss!! he’s so bad!!!1 

aidan gillen, who is a brilliant actor dedicated to his job, one of the few members of the cast who has read the books to get in the best way in character, who aknowledges where the character he plays come from, what turned petyr into littlefinger, the one who has spent years telling baelish doesnt want the throne he wants to work behind the curtain:

Without 🛋️

A/N: This piece is very long and has taken me a long time to write for several reasons. But I hope this is what these lovely people hoped for when they sent in their requests (x x x)! Love you all and I hope you have a great day :)

Harry had always been in awe of you.  

From the moment he had you in his life, his heart had been filled with your gentle compassion. He had admired your instinctive kindness, personally witnessing the way you’d give a piece of your heart to everyone in your life. “Being kind is all that I can give” he’d hear you say and it breaks him just a little when he watches your smile falter for a fraction of a second, before you arch your eyes and nod your head slightly towards him in reassurance. You’re doing it again, he gathers, putting up a front to satisfy the people around you. Making sure they remained lost in their pursuit of happiness while you’re left alone to pick up your own shattered pieces.

Harry had regretted that night the most. The first, of many, where your heart felt particularly heavy as you smiled and whispered “I’m fine” to his concerned eyes. The silk of your dress clumped at your shoulders as you walked away from him then, away from a night of celebrating your recent promotion at work and into a cab to nurse your friend that had gulped too much tequila to shove away his own misfortunate thoughts.

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Aidan Turner scything mining in the upcoming season of Poldark.

I can hear the distant sound of one million thinkpieces being written. I can already see the headlines.

Meanwhile, all the fangirls will be sitting there like…

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the smallest words (fma, 1/3)

Based on one of my headcanons that I came up with about Aidan, I was literally unable to stop myself from writing this. In fact, the problem became that I wanted to write so much that it turned into a two parter, which I think works better. This was so much fun. I had a blast getting into Aidan’s mind, especially about something that had to be confusing as hell. There are a few references to an article from my Hamilton-inspired fic “Hightlights” as well. This is seriously one of the angstiest things I’ve ever written, but listen, this fourteen year-old boy has got some shit going on. I loved writing from Aidan’s perspective. It was fun to see Riza and Roy from such a different view. The Havolina kids, Bran and Ally, belong to the brilliant stupidsexymustang, of course! Love them and her! Talking to her helped inspire me to write this.

we’ll give the world to you
the smallest words

People have treated him differently for his entire life. Bran says that he should be used to it by now, but Aidan can’t help but feel uncomfortable when people give him strange looks. It’s been like this for as long as he can remember, but then he does have a weird life. Not everyone can say that they’re the Fuhrer’s son. According to history, the Fuhrer before his great grandfather, King Bradley, had a son named Selim. Aidan wonders how he fared, being the son of the most important man in the country, if it made him feel like he was removed from everyone else or if he liked the attention that it garnered him.

Aidan decidedly doesn’t like it. His mom doesn’t either. They share that in common. His father, on the other hand, seems to glow in the spotlight. Aidan only likes the spotlight when it’s of his own choice and most of the time, what with who his parents are, it’s not. But this has been his life for so long. His parents are famous in Amestris for a lot of things. He’s their son. It’s only natural that people are curious about him.

He can only remember flashes of his life before his parents were married, but most of them only involve his mom. She’s always the constant in his memories of his earliest years. His mom hugging him, his mom smiling that secret smile of hers, his mom wrapping her body around his protectively when he crawled into bed with her and she was alone, his mom telling him how brave, strong, smart, kind he was. There are flashes of his dad here and there - letting Aidan sit on his lap in the car and pretend to drive, the flames he’d create while telling a dramatic story, the way he’d try to sneak up on his mom and always got caught.

But what Aidan mostly remembers about his father during the time before his parents married was his distance. It was almost desperate adoration in private and then a cold detachment in public. He did not hold Aidan. He did not take care of him when he tripped and fell. He smiled and made jokes, but they were the kind of interactions one did with their friend’s kid. His mom tried to make it a game, so when he always called his dad by the “correct” name, he got a treat or a little gift, like it was a prize.

“Congrats! You’re only three, but you didn’t make the mistake of calling out ‘Dad’ in public!”

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  • I feel like, on set, Peter Jackson had to deal with so much...
  • Aiden & Dean: I'll race you around the set, bro!
  • Orlando: I just want my knives as a souvenir, man.
  • Lee: Can I just swing this sword around all day, then take a 3 day hike 4 times this week?
  • Martin: I believe I shall gaze at my new shoes today.
  • Richard: Ok, now...what exactly is a script?
  • Peter was basically baby sitting, he wasn't directing a movie.