poor adam!

  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

Thanks for the straight teeth, then


This here’s my part of our trade with the lovely @erlie! You can find her part here http://erlie.tumblr.com/post/151808844539/i-lured-ered-jaeger-to-a-trap-called-the-raven go check it out o//

(you can blame erli for getting me into this whole TRC mess in the first place by the way :,D)

It was a lot of fun, thank you o//

Went with Captn. Thayer to visit Robert Peacock and his poor distressed Family. We found them, in one Chamber, which serves them for Kitchen, Cellar, dining Room, Parlour, and Bedchamber. Two Beds, in one of which lay Peacock, where he told us he had lain for 7 Weeks, without going out of it farther than the Fire. He had a little Child in his Arms. Another Bed stood on one side of the Chamber where lay 3 other Children. The Mother only was up, by a fire, made of a few Chips, not larger than my Hand. The Chamber excessive cold and dirty. …. When I was in that Chamber of Distress I felt the Meltings of Commiseration. This Office of Overseer of the Poor leads a Man into scenes of Distress, and is a continual Exercise of the benevolent Principles in his Mind. His Compassion is continually excited, and his Benevolence encreased.

John Adams, from his diary, March, 1767

Could we give Paul Ryan that job for a while?

  • Oliver: I have a problem.
  • Adam: is it your raging heart boner for the princess?
  • Oliver: well, yes, but I was talking about-
  • Adam: how everyone thinks you had something to do with your parents death?
  • Oliver: uh-
  • Adam: Or that your sister is missing and you don't know if she's alive or dead?
  • Oliver: I-
  • Adam: or maybe it's-
  • Oliver: okay! I get it! My life sucks!

My sister and I like to play this game where we visit the free health fairs, specifically the free hearing tests, and we try to see who can troll the doctor the best. My sister does a great Ben Wyatt impersonation when she is “diagnosed” with hearing loss. This is followed by falling to the floor, sobbing, and then calmly getting up, putting her hearing aids back in, and walking out the door.

I wanna see Kylo be redeemed, but in a specific way. I want Kylo getting his ass handed to him by Rey, and when he’s almost finished off, she stops to let someone else do the honors. Leia steps out of the shadows, in full mom mode, and goes off on him, complete with yelling his full name at the top of her lungs (everyone irl and in-universe knows Leia is not someone to mess with). Then, she drags him by the ear to the Falcon, and when they get to the base, drag his sorry ass off the ship by the ear.