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Oh my god oh my god head canons (you've probably already done them but more of) blue and Ronan. Their friendship means so much to me!

I haven’t done headcanons in so long omg lets see if ive still got it

-“the same impossible stuff” aka these /rebels/ will do anything if u say u think they can’t do it

-ronan: bet u can’t run into aglionby and deface all of the vote for cheng posters

-blue: bet u can’t train chainsaw to behave like a messenger pigeon

-ronan: bet u can’t convince gansey that the Pig is actually the Hog and he is just mis-remembering

-blue: bet u can’t tell adam u love him

-ronan:….fkn watch me maggot

-that’s totally how it should happen stiefvater pls

-ronan taking blue to the barns and teaching her how to ride a horse

-blue getting on the horse backwards and insisting that she has done nothing wrong

-ronan walking into her cafeteria during lunch and yelling SARGENT U FORGOT UR LUNCH and tossing her her lunch bag leaving everyone else wondering “how the hell did blue tap that???”

-the lunch bag is just filled with yogurt lets be real ronan doesn’t know what else maggots eat

-blue’s shift at ninos is constantly interrupted by one (1) ronan niall lynch ordering the most nonsensical things just to see her and make her laugh

-“I asked for an irish cream this is obviously Scottish U PPL ARE FOOLS “

-“sir what do u mean by I like my lemonade the way I like my girls??” “I mean I want nothing to do with either of them”

-blue refuses to go anywhere unless it is via piggyback ride

-ronan telling gansey to have blue back by her curfew

-“… ronan do you even know what a curfew is?”

-they have a matching pair of snapbacks that say “hashtag” on ronan’s and “swag” on blues

-ronan makes mixtapes for everyone ok and blue’s is just every song that has the word blue in it, blues music, jet pack blues by FOB, colours by halsey etc.

-blue pranks ronan and its SO STUPID

-she rips his jeans forgetting that ronan WEARS RIPPED JEANS ALL THE TIME WTF BLUE

-she sews all of his pockets shut which just gives him an excuse to put his things in adam’s back pocket and fishing them out whnr (maybe accidental butt touching occurs who knows???)

-they gangsey studies 2gether for exams

-and by study I mean argue on whether or not Shakespeare or Tolkien was the real literary genius (adansey for the bard and bronan for tolkien) ft. noah who hasn’t read a book since ever

-their fav pass time is taking the piss out of gansey