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Sterek AU: The sheriff meets Derek for the first time, after Stiles tells him that they’ve secretly been dating. Sheriff Stilinski isn’t happy to learn about them dating, let alone having to meet Derek, however he sucks it up after seeing just how serious Stiles is about the boy. Derek is just dumbstruck that Stiles said that he really liked him. 

hii everyone!! ;u; it’s been a while since i last made a ff, probably due to my crying over puella magi school.. so thank you so, so sooooo so much to my followers and my mutuals for following me, and thank you to all the people all i follow for making my dashboard so pretty!!! ;v; it’s thanks to tumblr that i’ve been able to release stress (and probably get more stressed due to procrastination.. xD)

sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone; i was in a bit of a rush making this;; (still love you ♥)

i hope you all enjoy august and have a fantastic summer, stay healthy and eat lots of delicious food!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧


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also wanted to briefly thank the kpop blogs i follow for satisfying my bts and yg fam feels ;v;b ( thank youuu <33)

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Happy holidays!

ohey everyone it’s taylor c:

wow is it really 2014 already? it seems like just yesterday i finally started writing 2013 correctly on my papers haha. well i’ve had this blog for what… 8 months, i think? and what an amazing 8 months it has been so far. i’ve made some of the best friends i could ever hope for and met so many other amazingly wonderful and talented people, and i honestly don’t know what i would be doing if it wasn’t for this fandom. i feel like i’ve really found a place where i can connect with people and i finally have an outlet to express my creativity and it’s just really what i needed in my life. so thank you, to all of you, every single person that i follow and every single person that somehow thought i was worthy enough to follow, thank you so much. i truly appreciate every single one of you and honestly i wish i could hug you all and make a cake or something lmao. i’m trying not to get too cheesy though but i just have to express how grateful i am to all of you for making my 2013 way better than it would’ve been without you all. i love you all so so much c:

this is about twice as many people as my last follow forever but obviously i’ve met so many more wonderful people in the span of five months, so these people all deserve some recognition for making my dash and my life extremely enjoyable:


and a special shoutout to all the members and followers of key-net! i never would’ve imagined the blog would’ve gotten such a great response but every time i see a new post show up in the key-net tag i get so happy, you don’t even know (:

well i suppose that’s it, again the sincerest of thank yous to every single person that follows me or that i follow, and i hope we can all have a fantastic 2014 together!