“I wish there were more animated characters who are nonbinary/gender nonconforming or have an ambiguous sex”

Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Apos (RIN: Daughters of Mnemosyne)

Crona (Soul Eater)

Chara & Frisk (Undertale)

Stevonnie (Steven Universe)

BMO (Adventure Time)

ssorry for making so many anonymous posts lately I’m just freaking out bc almost all the poopular peeps that I used to not have a good relationship with are starting to forgiving/liking me and stuff like that and I’m glad 
but of course I don’t like to say names because mmgggmmh 

why tf2 is good gaym and overwatch is BAD GAYME >:((((

reason nomnber 1: tf2 has HATSSSSS X^D lol git rukt

nombah deux: overwoth is BAD cuz it POOpular and poopular game is bad

Number 3: The TF2 FAMDOM IS PERFECT AND AMAzing nad has no problems EVERRRR and overwothc is full of BAD meanies DX

Fourr: ovwothc has ULTIMATES that is unfairr more unfair than random crits also i don’t know what MOBAs are

FAIVE: tee EF2 has TRADE servers and sexton hale

Six: I am crying cuz my tf2 friends left me to play overwathc and said that they’re gonna play tf2 again if it updates but it has been over 20 years. I’m so sad and

being gay that has rare het otps is becoming suffering

not because of the lack of content but it’s
when you do find the content its “hah im straight and the gays with their poopular ph//armercy and m/chan/zo won’t stop me. fite me at me ololololololll”

like bruh. shut your homophobic ass up.