I am excited to be featured as the artist on showcase at Sip Coffee House for the month of April! Sip is a really nice cafe located on Grand Ave just east of Ogden (my neighborhood) and is a really great place. They’ve got good coffee, good soy chai lattes, plenty of space, and a super friendly staff. I’ve met clients there many times, and it always works out great. I’ve got 8 pieces hanging up throughout the cafe (and they’re all for sale), and they will be up for the whole month – so stop by and check it out, and let me know if you do ’cause I’m just a short walk away!


I‘ve been working on building an exposure unit for screen printing throughout the past month and it’s so close to being finished! I had to wait forever for the unfiltered black light tubes to get in – they broke twice in the mail. I’ve never built anything (except for a box and a stool in high school wood shop), and I’ve never wired anything ever, so the fact that it’s standing and (almost) all of the lights go on is thrilling to me! I’ve still got a little work to do, but I couldn’t hold back my excitement!

Part 3 of The Art On My Walls features a screen print from the illusive Left Handed Wave. This dude kills it all over the streets of Chicago! If you haven’t seen his characters waving around the city then you’re walking around with your eyes closed. One of his specialties is a dude in a banana suite waving, clad in gear for the season, wheat pasted up on walls, buildings, and windows.This two-color print is of the bunny variety over “Louis Vuitton Paris.” I got this a little more recently, and was really pumped to finally have something of his on my wall. You can check out a great interview with him on Sixty Inches From Center, and like his facebook page at www.facebook.com/lefthandedwave to get updates on what he’s up to, and to hear about sales so you can have some Left Handed Wave on your walls too!


I‘ve got GOONS on my wall! I’ve been wanting some Goons art on my wall for a long time, and finally got my wish a week or so ago! If you’ve walked around Chicago with your eyes open then you’ve seen his characters with big red lips and a variety of personalities and occupations wheat pasted or stickered up all over. I started noticing Goons up in the South Loop several years ago and loved them immediately. His characters are drawn boldly and roughly and make me think that he was probably having a good time while making them. The fun part for me is seeing what different characters are out there – one day I’ll see a dude in a basketball jersey, and another day I’ll see one giving another a horse-back-ride – it’s like trying to collect baseball cards or something where you want to collect as many of a team as you can (i never collected anything except sweet and low packets, so I’m only guessing that’s what its like). Visually there is really quite an extensive variety to the characters too, but you can always tell it’s Goons by the style (and the lips for the most part). I like many wondered about who the person behind these beautiful beasts was, but what I respect about street art is that you can enjoy the works of an artist, and even be a huge fan, and devote your praise and admiration to the art, not the artist. There is a pretty good interview with Goons on ADDICTED Chicago that will satisfy some of your curiosity.

I have to give an enormous thank you to Mr. Goons for making such a generous donation to The Art On My Walls with the awesome paintings above (it’s hard to tell, but that colored baby is about six feet tall!), and for even decking out the package he sent it in with Goons galore! Check out his site at www.goonswood.com where you can read about what he’s up to and buy some of his art, ‘like’ his facebook page and follow him on twitter @Goonswood to keep tabs on him.

Hey dudes! I am pretty excited about working with the super talented print-master Ryan Duggan on the redesign of his website, which you can now check out at www.RyanDuggan.com! Check out all of the awesome art he has up there, and check back frequently for more. I’ll be saying a little more about Ryan in the next few weeks (hopefully) for a new edition of The Art on My Walls.

I was listening to the most recent episode of “The Big Web Show,” web standards guru Jeffrey Zeldman’s podcast about “everything web that matters“, and he was interviewing Tina Roth Eisenberg (of www.Swiss-Miss.comTattlyCreative Mornings, and more) and they were discussing the common situation of a designer, or a developer, or really anything in the professional realm, where a client or boss asks you to do something that you don’t really have substantial experience in doing, and she said “Just say yes.” I have run into this many times and have naturally done the same thing – just say “yes” and then figure out how to make it happen. I think in any profession, but especially in a profession steeped in evolving technology, you can’t really learn everything there is to know at once, and if you were to turn down every opportunity that came your way that required you to do something that you don’t necessarily have much or any experience in, you would never have any work, and you would never advance and broaden your skill set! I really liked the discussion, and recommend that you check it out at5by5.tv/bigwebshow/81, and listen to all the other episodes while your there!

So I sketched out this quote while I was listening to the podcast, scanned it in and colored it. Then while I was eating my toast and peanut butter and editing, I looked at my napkin and thought it would make a good texture, so I scanned that in and used it! If you are in need of a texture like this I also saved the napkin texture as a tiff for you – I saved it as large as it would let me for the site, which was at about 8.5×11 inches at 180dpi – enjoy!



I will have a few pieces in a group show at Anchor & Eve, on Lake and Desplaines tomorrow (Saturday, February 2nd) at 8pm. Come check out the new work (see sneak peak below) I will have up, as well as some killer work by many other great artist folks! You can browse the art and the cute vintage stuff in the shop and go home happy with some goodies. See more information about the show here!