poopoo art

Not gonna lie I had a sudden feeling of NOT wanting to post this because I think I did poop on it. But I made a promise to my streamers that they shall see this today.

Anyways I was reading a Jaspearl fanfiction and in one of the stories Jasper and Pearl fused to create Moonstone. They didn’t give much description outside of number of eyes, arms, and hair color. But I wanted to draw it so here we are.


Link to the fiction right here.

Don’t worry there isn’t anything explicit in it. Also if anyone knows if the author has a tumblr, let me know so I can at least give them a heads up!


Fan-Fusion between Lapis and my gemsona Scoria, together they’d make Moonstone! All of her eyes are on that one side of her face, despite the odd placement she’s actually very stable.

She doesn’t really have a “different” weapon, but her water wings resemble butterfly wings and she turns water to ice at a very quick rate. 

Please don’t repost my art or use my design.