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charlielcleveland  asked:

Buttons being serious and not goofy sometimes is honestly my favorite. Gives me more insight on his character and who he is as a person and I love it.

Gotta balance out the happy stuff with sad stuff and vice versa! Speaking of which, he’s been a little bit too happy lately. But not to worry!….. We’ll fix that.

Addendum to previous post. I told my wonderful friend Jacquelyn Mitchell Smith this story:

Braces off!
Going to Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate. I Ordered broccoli with my steak and Ethan told the waiter:
“Because I’m 15, I’m getting fries!”

and this was her reply!p

Get to know me tag!

Bllaaahhhhhhghghghhsdgsdgesgesshgaer ok ok @dragon-in-my-soul you tagged me gosh now i gotta do this lol 

Rules: Answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better

1) Nickname(s): potato, poop, hotdog, chorus, chuck norris, porus, negative nancy uuhhhh i think thats it? idk theres probably more
2) Gender: Male
3) Star Sign:
4) Height: 5′8
5) Time: 6:28 pm
6) Birthday: April 4th
7) Favorite Bands: Gorrilaz, Daft Punk, Royal Crown Revue, Chinese Man, YACHT, Cibo Matto, A Tribe Called Quest, Stuck in the Sound, Little Dragon, Queens of the Stone Age, Doomtree (some are not really bands but theyre not solo artists soooooo oh well)
8) Favorite solo artist: Nujabes, Childish Gambino, Blockhead, Nightmares On Wax, Nas, Jonwayne, Kendrick Lamar, Run the Jewels
9) Song Stuck In My Head: Snoop Dogg song Sumthin Like This Night lolol
10) Last Movie Watched: Okja (ahhhhhhhhhdhfsgsg omg that was the best movie ever like wtf its on Netflix go gogogogo watch ittttt!!!!)
11) Last Show Watched: One Piece
12) When did I create my blog: ummmmmmmm probably during 2013 or 2012???
13) What do I post: Reblogs and random shit lol
14) Last Thing I googled: Papa johns delivery times lolol
15) Do you have other blogs: yeah my art account @onigiridoodle97​ go look at my shit lol andddd another shitty blog 
16) Do you get asks: Nah
17) Why do you choose your url: it was supposed to be Onigiri97 cause thats what i use for everything, but some punk ass bitch stole my name so i had to change it lol
18) Following: 363
19) Followers: 293 ( all though im pretty sure most of my followers are porn bots lol)
20) Favorite colors: Brown and blue 

21) Hours of sleep? uhhhhhhhhhhh who dat lolol

22) Lucky number: Idfk lol
23) Instruments: ahhh yes its my jazz smooth tender voice 
24) What am I wearing: shirt, shorts idk  
25) How many blankets I sleep with: two 
26) Dream Job: sleeping lol nah, its illustration 
27) Dream Trip: the BATHHH
28) Favorite Food: ahhh shit uhh onigiri lol, udon, spaghetti, pasta dishes, 
29) Nationality: Ecuadorian and Colombian 
30) Favorite song now: ah shit i gotta think now damn. Sleeping Powder, Stylo, Momentz, Charger, We got the power, Hallelujah money, Ascension, Out of body all those by Gorillaz, We the people, Melatonin, Solidwall of sound by A Tribe Called Quest, The journey by Chinese man, Come and get your love by Redbone, Even flow by Pearl jam, ahhhhh idk what else man imma go with Eldo. by Ahwlee 

imma tag @222222555555 @brandanabanana @musicinmeinsoul @typicallytasha90 bleh go have fun with this lol

I love halsey. She feed me when i am hungry. She clothe me when i am cold. She give me water when i thirst. She wipe my ass when i poop. She mash my potatos when my potatos are simply baked. She kiss my forehead when i have bad dream. She tell me to shut the fuck up when i am talking too much