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You don't know me or have a reason to care but I had an extremely shitty day and I discovered your blog and it made me smile repeatedly. I love your beautiful baby snakes and look forward to seeing more. Thanks for what you do.

Hello friend!

I’m sorry that your day was the poopiest. Please enjoy a bonus baby snake photo.

I also had a really crummy day and your very kind message made me smile, too, so thank YOU!

I’m really glad that I could help brighten your day, and I appreciate you returning the favor. :)

Zico,Dean: what kind of a movie would you guys be?

aomg and mino will be posted soon…


mr & mrs smith: a relationship with zico might start of pretty smoothly but will for sure come across some up and down throughout the way. zico is a guy with a lot of rough edges. put that along with your personality and you have yourself chaos, some nasty fights and a roller coaster full of drama. at the end of the day tho, you always manage to get through the troubles together and always care deeply for each other. the two of you are still couple goals and the brangelina of the town


aesthetic. thats one word to describe your relationship with dean. as long as the two of you are together, you can always turn the poopiest situations into the most unforgettable and fun time of your life. music is one of the most important things in the life of both of you and it is what connects you and keeps you together at your toughest times.



This is fun. I should’ve just made it ridiculous(er) and given her like 50 wings because why not. Really need to practice lipsyncing/acting soon though, or at the very least animating on a rhythm, I have entirely neglected that.

Also, tumblr has the poopiest of poopy commenting/messaging systems. Just an fyi that I do read all the replies, I just don’t know how to appropriately respond because I don’t wanna make a new post for every message :| C’mon tumblr, step up your game and add a better comm interface.

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Being in school for art has really gotten me to loose my confidence as an artist. I'm loosing the sense of the idea that my current art is still good and valid bc I now know I know I have so much to learn and improve upon. How do I get my confidence back?

You’ll get your confidence back in time. You’re fine. I mean we all look at our work and go “Aw man, this is… this just the worst. This is amazingly bad” but then someone else looks at it goes “Nope, it’s great. You’re weird.”

I mean what exactly about being in school is making you lose your confidence? It seems like you just said it in the question: “I’m loosing the sense of the idea that my current art is still good and valid bc I now know I know I have so much to learn and improve upon” Are you upset at yourself because you don’t know everything there is to know about art? That’s kinda silly. How awful that you’re human like the rest of us!

As far as “validity” your art is always valid. It might not be accomplishing the goals you wanted it to, but it’s always a valid expression of what you’re trying to say. It’s just the communication of those thoughts and feelings that might be suffering and that’s what I think most people refer to when they mean “good art”.

Frankly, you might be right about your art’s “goodness”. Your art might not be very good at all. Might be awful at the moment. Might be awful for a couple days, months, or even years! I’ve had vast stretches where absolutely everything I produced was horrible. I go through my sketchbooks and even finished art and I wanna go melt into a wall in humiliation and never let anyone speak to me again without them acknowledging my full title every time they speak to me “Mr. Poopiest Artist in the Universe Who Can’t Draw a Circle Owen Dennis.”

But you’ll be fine.

Because that’s the learning part that you just realized you have to do. Basically all of your work will go through a series of ups and then plateaus. Notice I say ups and plateaus, and that’s because it’s not a down. All you have to do is look at all art you’ve ever made throughout all time and you’ll notice it’s never gone down, it’s only gone up or seemingly stopped going up. Right now you’re at a slow, leisurely incline upward.

You work and work, then you start making stuff you really like, then after awhile it loses its freshness and it feels shitty and awful (plateau). Then, because everything is shitty and awful and you don’t want it to be, you’re actually in the process of learning how to NOT make things shitty and awful. Then one day you’ll notice things aren’t so shitty and awful anymore and that’s when your climbing on up and the cycle continues!

Your confidence will rise up every time the ratio of “shitty and awful art” is a little bit less than the “Well that art is okay I guess”. I feel like the ratio is close to 5:7. Your confidence will also go down a lot less once you start to be okay with the fact that you’re going to make a large amount of bad art, that everyone makes bad art, but that no one ever shows anyone else the bad art that they make because it’s too embarrassing and they don’t want to show that weakness to our bleak and unforgiving world.

Point is, you’ll be fine. You have a lot to learn. So do I. So does everyone, and everyone is at a different point in their climb. Some are at plateaus and some are climbing on up and they look amazing, but either one of them could be you at any moment.


Happy (belated) birthday sweet miyakuli!!!

I’m very sorry about the delay and for the quality of my gift orz I actually had more scenes but I had to cut them off since there was a continuity error =_=

Threw things you liked such as: child!harumako (yes they’re supposed to be young here), crying makoto (Lola, you sadist), haru comforting makoto, the forehead thing and the color purple o/ (okay, it wasn’t intentional)

with that I’m gonna hide for the next hundred years o/