poopie doodoo

today’s been poopy shit doodoo butts bc i feel like ass (bad decisions spoon wise yesterday but! that’s what i get for hanging out w/ folks who don’t respect my limits and don’t want me carrying my mobility aids around them bc it’s “embarassing” !!!) and am also just like. Vaguely Sad and unable to do any work which makes the sad spiral into Sad and Useless

i was hoping on friday to do some self care shit but Nah, and then today i was too tired for self care Or work (i wish so badly abled ppl understood that like. some days i have to work up energy for 2 hours to go to my bathroom and brush my teeth, and sometimes even SHOWERING is impossible) 

but. at least ali gets home here shortly and we can eat together and maybe watch some anime or smth good. there’s always tomorrow, just wish the weekends weren’t so short and that work wasn’t so taxing lately. :C