한숨 (breathe)”, which jonghyun composed / wrote for lee hi earlier this year, was covered on two separate singing variety programs within the last week! the first cover was done by popular soloist (and former member of r&b duo vibe) and television personalty (best known for his stint on dad! where are we going?) yoon min soo on the july 13th episode of vocal war: god’s voice where he praised the lyrics to the song. the second cover was done during on the july 15th episode of duet song festival during a duet with ss501’s heo young saeng.


So since their comeback Kyujongie has been copying Hyungjunnie’s posts on instagram. Their love for each other is so high profile LOL. But at the same time they are leaving their leader Youngsaengie out hahahaha this is hilarious. I’m sure there will be more couple photos like this coming up hahaha


Heo Young Saeng and Lee Jung Hyuk covering TVXQ “Mirotic” on Duet Song Festival

This performance broke the record on the show and won first place ~

Updated with playable/official vid!