giveaway prize: tiny dads 10 genre meme

for theo.

angst: eunkwang’s smile is as bright as ever when they run into each other late one evening in dongdaemun, and minhyuk has to fight not to let it warm him from the inside out like it used to. “how are,” he starts, but breaks off, swallowing around a suddenly dry throat. the way eunkwang steps into the silence is still as natural as breathing, as natural as it was when he filled all of minhyuk’s spaces and not just his pauses. “i’m doing all right, minnie,” he says softly. “how about you?” minhyuk squints against the lights, against the blinding brilliance of eunkwang he’s always gravitated toward like a moth to flame. he’d been an idiot to hope, however unconsciously, that their time apart might have dimmed eunkwang at all, cast a shadow over any part of his existence. “…i’m okay,” he croaks, finally, blinking sunbeams and wishes and tears from his eyes.

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