poop the sun


(since I posted this in the chicon fb group)

It’s that time of the year again 😀

+++500 pins all together+++
- j2m set (2 inch round, 100 each) the misha one is v2.0 cuz added more words so a little different from the one from the past 2 yrs
- tfw!cas (2 inch round, 150)
- deancas (1 inch round, 25 each)

I will be at the hotel thurs so if you guys want pins early before it gets busy, I’ll hang out around the poop statue around 6pm

sat/sun - seat L50 (this might change if they let me move to the seats for disabled, will update sat morning)

these are still free always and forever so just find me and ask ❤️❤️ I give you guys permission to bother me lol I’ll be the one walking around with a blind cane with stickers and (on sat/sun) dressed up in lolita inspired outfits

not sure if I’ll be dropping off some misha pins at the random acts table again cuz I don’t want to bother them with people looking for the other pins and also take up table space

if you want to give me money for them, just please donate it to the random acts table ❤️

I’m legally blind and can’t see people’s facial features/any details in general so I won’t be able to recognize any of you so if I don’t notice you, it’s cuz I can’t see you and not cuz Im being rude :)

if you can’t find me or too shy/get anxious approaching people - if you’re ok with it - I can mail you up to 3 different pins (no multiples) per envelope/stamp and I’ll pay for everything…the only bad news about this is if I run out of pins, you guys gonna have to wait till I have enough money saved to order a new batch

I know tfw is incomplete but I run out of money so will do them later :P

that’s everything for now I think lol :D


Got this little guy off wonder trade and I didn’t want him at first but then I looked at the name this person gave him and I was thinking “Well damn that’s kinda mean” so I decided I will make this the best damn Poop ever. And when Sun and Moon comes out I’ll hatch an egg from Poop and name him Son of Poop and raise him as my main starter and never leave his side, telling him all the stories about his father and how we conquered the Elite Four together.

* Edit* Poop is now level 100, check out my most recent post to see the accomplishments he has achieved!
the signs as dog behaviors
  • aries: humps peoples legs
  • taurus: has to sleep on your bed
  • gemini: overreaction to the word 'walk'
  • cancer: licks faces
  • leo: viciously attacking the mailman
  • virgo: barking at crows
  • libra: lets the cat sleep on its back
  • scorpio: destroys bedding
  • sagittarius: runs around the yard in circuits for no reason
  • capricorn: eats the cats poop
  • aquarius: lays in the sun
  • pisces: falls asleep getting petted