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Kaze please……….

X-Squad Group Chat


  • started the chat
  • “Da Queen” w/ a crown emoji
  • never starts drama
  • ends drama
  • with tears
  • never her tears
  • plans things
  • Mom Friend™
  • knows All


  • claims he started the chat
  • didn’t
  • “Da King”, originally w/ a crown emoji
  • took 15 seconds for it to change to a poop emoji
  • always stressed
  • couple pictures w/ Jean
  • stays in his lane
  • mostly
  • “that’s my girlfriend!!!”


  • ????????
  • just showed up in the chat 1 day
  • no one knows who invited her
  • Kurt knows
  • Kurt invited her
  • starts roasting ppl hourly
  • rlly good at it
  • “Jubi” w/ 15+ firework emojis
  • adds more firework emojis randomly
  • no one has noticed


  • “Sanic”
  • gets roasted 24/7
  • agrees w/ most of it
  • changed Scott’s crown to a poop
  • puns
  • very Extra™


  • reads everything
  • never says anything
  • added a raincloud emoji after her name
  • she has a phone????????


  • squad child
  • always spared from roasts
  • pure
  • Peacemaker™
  • Someone: “Kurt’s lame!”  Squad: “da fuq u say”
  • sends pics of the squad
  • everyone’s ride
  • does his best
  • typos, but they forgive him

First picture: Ollie, shih tzu, age 7. Ollie’s favorite treats are ice cubes, he forgets how stairs work on a daily basis, and wants to be held 24/7. He’s honestly the dumbest dog I’ve ever met, but he tries his best and I love him.

Second picture: Gidget, shih tzu, age 10. Gidget likes to be left alone a lot of the time, but she still enjoys a good ear scratch and snuggling when she’s in the mood. She is also way too smart for her own good. Her nemesis is the gardner snake that lives in the backyard. She’s a good lil bean, even if she likes to eat her poop sometimes.

Third picture: Buddy, golden doodle, age 11 months. Buddy actually happens to be my father’s dog, thus I take no responsibility for his name. He’s a rambunctious pup that never runs out of energy, puts everything in his mouth, and will nip at your ankles when you least expect it. He is a good boy™ when treats are involved though.

I love all my children.

BTS as weird-ass things that have happened at my school

Seokjin: Someone anonymously folding all the clothes in the laundry room

Yoongi: Someone posting “Today is a Free Day!” signs all around campus so they would have an excuse not to have an important assignment done and to miss class to finish it

Hoseok: Someone running around outside at 4:30am on a weekday screaming and making random cow noises

Namjoon: Someone writing on the board after Theory of Knowledge Class: “Nothing Exists. Are we even alive? Is life worth living? What gives our teacher authority? Can he tell us what to do?”

Jimin: Someone making a game where you had to kiss people to win just so they could have an excuse to chase after and kiss their crush

Taehyung: On the day of the first snow, someone rounded up a bunch of people to have an intense snowball fight in the nude

Jungkook: Someone randomly creating a monthly paper called the New Toilet Times and sticking it up in all the bathrooms; it included prizes for those who could answer poop-related trivia, poop puns, and an article about how to create your own fake poop with a picture of Nicholas Cage as a poop with the caption “Real, Fake, or a Bomb?”

July 10 2017

Here’s a good Suzy video to watch today:  Q&A with the Grumps! - PART 1 - GrumpOut

Here’s a cool Suzy fact for you today:  She makes her first vocal appearance on the Game Grumps channel in Pay Your Workers, after Arin tries to call Barry into the room, and she can be heard saying “He’s pooping.”

Here’s a good picture of Suzy to look at today:

Every Breath She Takes

A/N: This is my second follow celebration personalized fic! This one is for yet another immensely patient follower, @plaidstiel-wormstache who put up with me peppering her with questions about all manner of weird things (most of which didn’t even end up in here). Special thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier who beta read this monster and helped me get the accent a little closer to reality. Honorable mention to @faith-in-dean who helped me title it! These are all quality women with quality blogs and you should be following them!

Summary: Sam and Dean meet Jessie, and the rest is history.

Prompt: Whatever moved me, preferably fluff.

Pairing: Sam x Jessie 

Warnings: None. It’s so fucking fluffy you could pet it.

Word count: 2382 (Believe me, you don’t want it longer. The story took a very weird turn around 2500 words, and I decided it was better to end it fluffy.)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Sam was impressed by Jessie from the first moment he saw her. Admittedly, when he first saw her, he was actually seeing a Leviathan impersonating her, but when the monster was as dead as Levis got, she was still impressive. He had almost a foot in height over her, but she was a whirlwind of furious anger with long, dark hair and an explosive expression. She got up off the floor where she’d been thrown, stormed over to the impersonator’s head, and kicked it across the warehouse like a champion soccer player.

“That’s what y’get fer messin’ with the big boys, y’slimey bastard!” she screamed as the head hit a wall with a wet thump and rolled around a corner. She looked up at Sam triumphantly while her chest heaved and her hands landed on her hips. “So, big boy, are there more of those things around here that need killin’ or is this the part where I take you out to dinner to thank you for savin’ me life?”

Sam’s mouth flapped silently while his brain tried to catch up. Her accent enthralled him while he fought to look away from her eyes as they sparkled with mischief. “You’re not going to ask me what that was or what’s going on?”

Jessie shrugged and gave him a lopsided smile. “Mate, I’m from Australia. It’s not a proper Monday morning ‘til ya’ve killed five things that wanna kill ya back!”

The smile that shone from her face was the first thing to warm Sam’s heart since Bobby had died, and he immediately hoped he would see more of it. In spite of everything that was going on around him, for the first time in a very long time, Sam laughed, and his fate was sealed.

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