poop pants!

Soft load in tight jeans

Decided to have some fun, now that I’m back at college and my roommate was away for the weekend.

Yesterday I ate a bunch of Halloween candy while playing some GTA with my two mates.

I went to bed feeling bloated and woke up feeling gassy. I then put on my tight, light grey boxer briefs and my tight dark washed denim jeans.

I had to run some errands and visit the library. I soon started to feel my stomach acting up and the urge to poop hit me. Held it in for about two hours before I had to go quite badly. I was ready to go to the library, but I was hesitant to go, because I’m still trying to get more confident about these planned accidents, especially in public.

I decided to go anyway, because I only had to pick up a few books and do some paperwork. While doing my things at the library, I had to clench my butt cheeks together. Farts started to escape from my body. By that time, I only had to find one book, and while I looked through the shelves, I started turtle heading and discretely put my hand over my butt, even though the area was almost empty.

A cramp hit, and it felt sticky between my butt cheeks. I finally found the book I was looking for, and I headed to the computer to sign out. While standing there, I leaned forward, slightly bending my knees. I then gave a push, and a semi firm load slowly but steadily made its way out into my briefs. I felt it curl up into a warm ball when meeting the pressure of my tight jeans. I finished signing out, and then felt the urge to fart. I pushed again, and a long bubbly, not very loud fart came out. I then started to walk towards the door, while another cramp hit me as well as a sudden urge to poop again. I rushed past a couple of other students, out of the door, down the stairs when I had to stop.

I was in the hallway with about 10 other students minding their own business, talking or studying. I pretended to be looking at one of the books, while another load - this time soft and big - filled the rest of my pants with a squelching sound.

I don’t know if anyone heard it, I just rushed out of the building and walked back to my room about 5 minutes away. The poop had completely filled my pants, and was even squishing between my thighs. When I reached my room, I squatted down and pushed again, and quite a bit of more soft poop came out, accompanied by a wet, bubbly fart.

Had to soak my briefs and jeans in boiling water two times before washing them. Hope they survive. And don’t eat too much candy, kids.


These were all from the same sunset walk recently. They sort of track the damage getting worse and I was still going as I walked into the photo with my jacket up a bit. I’d worn double briefs (inner white, outer green) sandwiching some rolled up tights as it felt like a large one before hand. I’d managed to abstain from the toilet for three days prior and made it fairly comfortably through until p-day, upon which the need hit me as soon as I was up. But I’m out of padded underwear at the moment so the wetness in later photo’s was mainly due to a loss of bladder control shortly after the jacket up photo. Incidentally in response to a fair messages about the staining in my photo’s; the majority is due to wetting, and how I often lean backwards if I have to wee a little to stop it going down my legs. This exacerbates poop damage when it mixes and softens the mess.

It was a quiet walk without many witnesses. Maybe a few but from a distance and nothing on par with the induldgent walk within the crowd near the church last time. I’d usually walk around in the pursuit of a slightly more witnessed event but I couldn’t wait anymore in the woodland and had to let go. It wasn’t too solid or wet initially, it just flowed out although I had to push harder due to the resistance of the jeans. But I like the high waist which serves as a back leak guard if I have to sit down. An aftershock maybe half an hour later was seriously mushy however and it audibly bubbled out into the already softened mess. It didn’t come on its own accord or cause any cramps. It surprised me as I just gave a push not expecting anything. After taking a few danger photo’s in public places I ’d gained confidence as it was deserted, as I’d remembered this location from previous absurdities, not like in summer when I was shaken and rumbled by teenagers a few times.

And then the sky started to glow. An iridescent amber to begin with, maybe 10 minutes after our stunning star had set, caught by the high clouds still bathing in the light so far up. It kept getting brighter and brighter, even as the colours sank from ambers to reds, mauves to pinks. It cast an eery, ethereal glow over the entire parkland and arboretum. As if on another world under a dimmer, redder star. I’d almost forgotten I was in a ridiculous mess as I was concentrating so much on finding a suitable foreground silhouette to capture the burning sky against for normal photography. The one’s posted were a slightly rushed after thought and are blurry as I didn’t stand still enough. I was slightly annoyed I hadn’t gone to the hill as it has far better views of the horizon at this time of year but hey.

Things then started to get wetter and wetter on my legs and it really stank so I called it a day and just enjoyed the final vibrant pinks and reds, slowly making my way back to the car park. The moon was out and the way the light balanced from dying reds on one side of the sky to silver-lined moonlit clouds with a backdrop of deep mauve’s and dark blue’s on the other was simply beautiful.

I’m planning a christmas mission. But will go through some shorts one’s that a few people have asked for. Sure I have some, how many of which are post-able I’m not so sure :)

Even though I’ve posted these jeans before, this one was so large and ridiculous it needed an entry. The jeans were noticeably darkened and stained in places from previous incidents and I was so desperate before leaving that I didn’t put much thought into selecting them. They were just near the top of my mission draw.

I’d woken up after a much needed night out with the girls and had sort of been planning but not as ardently as usual. However, we ate at an Indian restaurant near the end of the evening and I think that was the element that added so much bulk and desperacy to the movement. And there were witnesses, oh god there were definitely witnesses. Its left me a little numb again. 

I’d woken up and immediately felt the need to go after much unpleasant gassiness. It felt different, not like diarrhoea where there’s absolutely no grip, but with the same urgency and crampiness. I could fight off the waves with crossed legs so I was guessing it would probably be firm to start with, blocking messier stuff behind. When I was at the peak of a wave a few times when the mess was forced to back track my stomach was making noises. And the waves would come in groups of three or four, leaving me cemented to the spot for five minutes at a time. It all added up to being unpredictable, but because I’ve done this so much it was something I found exciting, rather than off putting. 

I drove into a local town that’s quite busy and without a plan just walked the outskirts. I couldn’t go right into town as the jeans were visibly stained from previous experiences so I played it safe. Not long into it, wondering around back roads and small parks, a monster wave hit and I had to cross my legs heavily. While holding my breath periodically between gasps for air, trying to battle this all consuming weight, I noticed some people appear and they were coming in my direction. I just couldn’t stay there like that in the same position and waited a few more danger seconds to battle the mess back. But when I started walking off towards a church yard, round two started and just as I was crossing the road a spasm hit that would have needed utterly crossed legs to survive. The poop was loose enough to start coming out in a crackly way as I was walking but firm enough to pile up and bulge rather than spread. It was still coming out when I’d got to the relative privacy of the church yard and I slammed on the brakes as things started to turn messier. 

This first loss of control was large. I’d usually only let out as much as an apple or an orange’s worth but it felt alarmingly bulgy and slightly wet at the bottom by the leg bands. Nearly forgot, underneath, white briefs under knee cut rolled up tights to secure the underwear leg bands. So pretty minimal protection and I could tell by how quickly things were staining through. And the smell was noticeable and sickly sweet. I wasn’t too far away from where I’d parked and I wasn’t sure what to do; attempt the drive somewhere easier to take a photo before things became any messier or wait for the rest of the messing. This was decided for me by random chance. I stood in the church yard for a little while, admiring the eccentricity of some of the grave stones as the urge to go built again, gradually making my way to the front of the church which would lead me away to where I was parked. As I reached the church front there were a lot of people leaving it after a service or a choral practice or something and just as I was deciding about whether to walk that way a large group of girls in their late teens started to head out of the church. It was a moment of turning off the nerves and just walking as if everything was normal. I was super desperate and was already visibly messed as I literally walked with them, among them, down the steps and through the car park.

I don’t think anyone had noticed for the first ten seconds or so as the conversation hadn’t changed but out of madness, or thrill seeking, or whatever, I pushed. Hard. It started flowing out fast and I felt it spreading around more, filling out all the way around and even right up my front, all as I walked. It was so warm. Up until the final push it was fairly silent but, while still walking among them, if slightly ahead of them, I made a disgusting blurp noise and grabbed my bottom! I glanced back while holding my stomach now as well; there must have been at least fifteen of them and their conversation was now changing. They suddenly went much more quiet and I heard a few whispers. The awful smell filled the air now and I upped the pace trying to get ahead of them, looking around again briefly, with my hand over my mouth. They were all staring. I heard a few things they said. One of them said “oh my god that’s huge” and heard another say “she shouldn’t walk…” but missed the rest. It was mostly whispers and a few laughs. They were lovely, polite church goers after all.

It felt so full and messy back there as we all turned onto the road. I was now panicking a little as the smell was so bad and I could feel things getting a lot wetter in the seat of my jeans. I was worried it would leak. Luckily only a little wee somehow. I had to go on the road to overtake a few more of them who were further ahead, now visibly flustered and trying to get away from being sandwiched between the large group and the small group on a thin pavement. I power walked with my hand on my bottom a lot. It was so obvious. 

The picture was taken after a brief drive on the way back so the sitting down made the staining worse but from the way it felt before the drive, it would still have been rather visible to the group as I walked ahead away from them down the road. I didn’t stay for long but there was some great autumn colour and the sun was shining making it burst into life even more. I was still in a state of light headed disbelief that I’d totally messed myself whilst walking amongst so many people. 

So in analysis, I have to say that was probably the most thrilling filling since the shopping centre. I’ve never done the actual act so obviously in front of that many people. I feel a little strange about it but not necessarily in a negative way. I hope I didn’t offend any of them too much, but being around so many girls reminded me of high school or college trips and what it would have been like to have an accident on one. I went to an all girls school so being enveloped in such a group added even more realism to that feeling. I wish I knew what else they were saying to each other. Most probably expressions of disgust. Possibly some sympathy, albeit undeserved.

Such a silly day! x


So this happened last week. I’ve been testing the disposables in different underwear combinations and this time it was white briefs, under normal opaque tights under the disposable pants, which are pretty much a nappy/diaper. I wore the same jeans as shopping centre day and managed to hold on for three clear days. I’d also taken a few fibre supplements called psyllium husk on days two and three (thank you for all the recommendations) and it does indeed give the movements more traction, reducing their water content while still being soft and easy, and tremendously large. It was a mistake, however, as the evidence shows, to have left out the rolled up tights.

I knew I’d have some free time and with nice weather following heavy rain it was a humid day. I’d actually been hoping the rain would persist so I could get a little braver and do a walk somewhere more public, shielding my face with an umbrella if needed. It was preceded by a full days worth of sporadic resisting and I couldn’t hold on for long, just so desperate to go, and a final powerful wave hit me while I was on a fairly public pathway. There was no one close by so I could glue myself to the spot and attempt to ride it but very soon in I was beyond the point of return and I had to uncross my legs. Poops this large feel strange as although they’re coming out the urgency doesn’t really reduce for about ten seconds and I get tired and out of breath if I try to evacuate all in one go. It was soft but not super mushy like sometimes and it wasn’t noisy. With so many waves of resistance before I think I’d passed most of the gassiness. I was nervous about doing it somewhere so obvious but was half way down a long straight path with good views of anyone who might pop up on the radar. I’d also wee’d as much as possible before leaving but still lost control a bit which was absorbed effectively by the always discreet pants. The relief as I filled my underwear was substantial and it felt messy but not terribly so. It felt very warm and I enjoyed the feeling of it spreading when it reached a point of pushing uncontralably. About two thirds in and I braked as I wanted to still have some more to do in order to prolong things. The smell was very noticeable and I could feel that the puffiness of the padded pants along with the poop was bulging out pretty badly.

I took the first photo in a nearby woodland and had to hobble into position with my Jeans down which wasn’t a particularly elegant act. There was some minor leakage already contained under the tights and it was already staining the jeans a little. After the picture I pulled my jeans up and tried to push/uade the spill back into the underwear region but it just made the stain a little worse I think.

The second picture I posted was about 20 minutes afterwards near some tables and benches. There was enough poop left to cause a fairly urgent wave and it was a little mushier. The problem was that by now I also really needed to wee and the poop and wee needs were confusing, conflicting and combined. It happened in another nearby area of woodland just before I ventured to the picture location. I stopped fighting and pushed the remainder of the poop out quite slowly and then had to lean back on a slanted tree as it was followed by a long wave of wee. I felt slightly more confident than usual, wearing the absorbent padded underwear. But it was a lot of wee, so much that I needed to remain leaning backwards for at least a minute so as much of it could collect in the disposable pants as possible. But the way everything mixed together as I tried to sort of massage things to encourage areas of pure liquid to be absorbed or fuse with the mess to gain enough traction for me to stand upright meant that it was now a very dangerous situation without the rolled up tights and the inevitable happened. Very messy leg leakage on both sides. It even wetted down to the tops of my boots which I hate. This was a very bad way to be in public!

There was no effective way out. Too messy. I was the mess capital of England, probably the world at that moment in time. It was so bad that it actually made me laugh. Being like that somewhere really public would have destroyed me but I had the fail safe cardigan to tie around my waist which at least covered the worst bits and would have just revealed the wetness from my knees down. But on one side it was darker and clearly pooped.

I could see the car park but had to take a detour as there were a few people walking from it towards me that I didn’t want to get close to. On the detour my timing was bad as I joined a parallel path ahead of a couple. I only glanced at them when I joined the path; maybe early 20’s and too close to me! They saw the wetness and jeans leg staining as I noticed they’d suddenly started talking quietly so I upped my waddle to a canter. It was embarrassing and I don’t know if they’d smelled me. Without the cardigan it would have been totally out of hand. When I turned into the car park there were a few more people to negotiate but I didn’t alter my path and thought just get the hell out of here. Getting in the car was about the messiest time of the incident and it went everywhere. The bin liner I sat on protected the seat somehow but my jeans needed hosing off and pre washing for 20 minutes when I’d returned. Everything else went in a plastic bag for binning. I’ll always keep these jeans. They seem to be made of a magic material that stains always wash out of. They’re now clean enough to wear out!

Thanks for reading :)


I’ve been rather busy lately, apologies for the lack of updates. These were from a recent walk and it was a huge mess that again happened at a supermarket. I’m wearing more layers than it looks like. White briefs, under primary tights, under pink briefs, under secondary tights! And it still soaked through. I’ve had this green skirt for years; it’s stretchy and thin so it isn’t particularly inconspicuous but its super comfortable. The weather here in the UK is turning cooler so huge socks were needed. They also help to protect my calves from all the brambles when I’m off the beaten track. 

I hadn’t been for four days and had taken three or four psyllium capsules on the day before so just being desperate doesn’t really do it justice. I was nervous as I had to get a few bits of shopping before I stopped here and it was a battle that I eventually lost. I crossed my legs in the queue for the self scanners and the thought of letting go then and there crossed my mind but it was way too public. When I was at the self scanners I let loose some uncontrollable gassiness followed by a little bit of mush and it was seriously embarrassing. Then a huge wave hit as I was waiting for someone to okay some wine I’d bought. I couldn’t cross my legs enough and I started to lose it and the smell became noticeable. Finally after a sweet guy had cleared the wine I left the self scanners and hobbled to the toilets with an increasing mess beginning to pile up back there. The guy didn’t indicate that he smelled anything but I suspect he did. When I got into a cubicle I pulled up my skirt and sat on the loo before literally exploding; it was a noisy one that would have been so obvious if I’d lost it in the shopping queue. Over the course of maybe 5-10 seconds it really filled out and the relief was incredible but the smell was utterly horrendous. I had to stand back up mid way through as it was spreading too much to the front and turning really messy and it felt so hot against my skin. 

So again I found myself in a public toilet in a total mess and had to face the walk of shame back to my car. I tied my cardigan around my waist to cover the bulge and checked in the mirror that nothing was too obvious. It hadn’t stained through to the skirt yet. That happened on the upcoming drive to the woods. But I really stank. It was tunnel vision on the way out of the supermarket. People would have smelled it but hopefully wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint me as the source. Getting in the car was awkward as usual and I had to sit down carefully on a bin liner. It was so messy and smelly that I thought about going straight home but decided not to as I wanted to document it with a few pictures at least. It was one of the largest this year and definitely one of the worst smelling poops I’ve had for a while. 

Apart from perhaps a few witnesses on the way out of the car park there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy to report. It was great to get out in the fresh air away from my stinking car. I didn’t stay around for too long as I didn’t want any rashes like previously. There were a few aftershocks while I was taking some photos but they were small. 

It was nearly a real desperation accident at the supermarket. When I’m unable to fully cross my legs there isn’t much I can do to prevent having an ‘accident’ when I wait this long. It was certainly a thrill to be on the edge of losing it at the self scanners, and the messy relief in the toilets was enjoyable for reasons I’m still trying to figure out. I don’t think I could enjoy it having such a large incident somewhere more public though as I rarely clean up in public toilets. Too much to inflict on all those poor innocent noses.

Thanks for reading :)

I’m obsessed with trees and all their lovely characters throughout the year. Autumn is such a special time and they’re just starting to hit the beautiful sweet spot here in the UK. I’m always mesmerised by their quiet and stoic swan song; all the shades of reds and yellows, like its my first autumn again, and then they fall. Many trees have had a hug from me.

I’d go on walks anyway to enjoy the seasons but with this bizarre kink firmly routed in me, I seem to be making an excuse this year for ridiculously absurd amusement more often than not. This happened recently and it was large, messy and obvious.

I’d planned for at least three days and on the final day I had a huge pizza, swamped in extra virgin olive oil; a sure bet for a movement that just keeps coming. They’re terribly messy and smelly however. After the drive and having resisted a wave of urgency in the woodland between the car park and the hill, it became too much to bare and I lost control heavily whilst walking over a bridge whilst being followed by a girl walking her dog. I couldn’t stop and had to let go as I was walking but I did have to hold my hips and underwear leg bands to try and stop it leaking as it was fairly minimal protection beneath; just capacious white briefs and rolled up tights. The cramps leading up to it meant it was certainly relieving but it was rather a lot mushier than usual and it pilled up and spread around so quickly. My stomach muscles were totally clenched as I hobbled briefly and I just about managed to regain control, trying not to leave her with too much of a disgusting spectacle, but it would have been rather obvious as she wasn’t far behind. My chance to let her pass in the woods was gone now and I was trapped trying to reach the view and the light on the other side of this long pedestrian bridge.

After feeling back, it had soaked though very quickly and with the shock of such immediate staining I upped the pace. Before reaching the location pictured and now on the hill, another severe cramp hit and again I lost control, totally this time and it was much noisier. She was still behind me, a little more distance between us now, and I had to stop and lean over a little. It just erupted and spread out so much in my underwear. I didn’t dare look back and awkwardly continued walking in a purposefully different direction away from her, now noticeably smelling and obviously in a mess. She was adorably cute so maybe I didn’t fight off the urgency as much as I might have but I hope she wasn’t too grossed out.

The event didn’t go without any wee this time. On the second filling I lost control of my bladder briefly but I’ve had far worse leaks. I stayed there taking pictures for 10 minutes, enjoying the view and the light. We have a few nice viewpoints near where I live and this one looks out without too much urban clutter in the photo and most importantly, has lots of gorgeous trees. 

The way back was eventful and was speckled with further messings albeit slightly less over the top as the main two explosions. I should have tied something around my waist, I really should have but I was still wearing my cardigan when I needed it as camouflage most. People kept appearing from nowhere and I kept having to change direction. And then when I’d eventually reached the bridge and attempted a quick photo that came out way too dark, I had to awkwardly walk past a couple and their dog. Another dog that was particularly astute at drawing attention to my bottom. I seriously hate it when dogs stick to me and their poor owners have to ironically bark at them to leave me alone. But its totally self inflicted and thats just part of the adventure I suppose. I did the fingers stretched and palms to the floor gesture as I shook my head when the dog wouldn’t leave me and the owners had to yank its lead forcefully. I heard it yelp a little and I felt terrible having caused that. Those seconds somehow become hours of pure stress in my memory. 

It was such a messy one to have to drive in and I went straight home to shower. An incredibly messy autumn day. But satisfying on a level that not a lot of people will ever grasp :)

This was back in early July I think. Another venture wearing the always discreet pants / diaper. A bit leaky but not disastrously so. Loose skater style skirts are certainly much more subtle and I think It was around the time I’d started experimenting with the psyllium fibre supplements. It was a relatively soft, large and smelly poop on a hot day that I do remember was exceptionally relieving, complicated slightly by a leaky wee. The walk was relaxing and I remember just being alone in the forest, watching the sunlit branches and leaves sway gently in the breeze and just breathing, not thinking. I love summer in forests, the way the light is occasionally let through to dazzle you between the leaves as the branches dance under the bluest skies. The way bird song threading its way through the air is softened by the wind on the trees. I’d bought the skirt a while back and hadn’t worn it much although I do really like it. It did need a wash afterwards as the inner lining got slightly stained. If I get more adventurous again I’ll probably play it safe wearing something like this rather than obvious clothes like shorts or leggings; or at least have a skirt in my bag as back-up rather than a tie around top or cardi which can fall off. x


The giant prehistoric squirrel is slowly pumped full of life-giving gas. A muffled “MMMGHROORN” emanates from its pre-formed mouth.

Finally, the great beast has swallowed its fill of helium. The anxious handlers are quick to trap the behemoth in a net.

“Acorn,” it murmurs softly. “He’s awake!” a handler exclaims, grinning nervously. The handler’s smile falters. Scrat’s eyes have opened wide. “ACORN,” it bellows.

“It is time.” The overseer puts a steadying hand on Balloon Wrangler #13’s shoulder. “Are we sure we should … what about the children? Shouldn’t we –” The overseer sighs wispily, clipping the conversation short. “Forget it, kid. It’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Release it.”

“ACORN,” it screeches. Newscasters faint. Balloon Wrangler #7 vomits. “ACOOOOORN.” It barrels down 77th Street. Children cry. Women scream. Men poop their pants.

The Only Acceptable Reason To Watch The Macy’s Parade

Remember when Briana was calling that random marketing agency and paying them money to come take her and Freddo’s pictures once a week back in the Summer so the Mail would publish them.

She only cares about “privacy” when it fits her end game. Which is to get verified on instagram and make money off it shitting her pants for poop tea companies.