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NASA’s “Space Poop Challenge” needs your help to upgrade its crappy system

If you’re an innovative person with ideas about how best to deal with your bodily functions while wearing a spacesuit, then NASA wants to hear from you! The agency is currently soliciting entries in its aptly titled Space Poop Challenge, posted on the website HeroX, to “source a system that routes and collects human waste away from the body” for “fully-suited astronauts.” The cash prize is massive.

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Space. The final frontier … for your poop. Recently, NASA has disclosed what those of us on Earth long suspected: Shitting in space is no cakewalk. And the situation is only going to get worse. So much worse that they’re asking people like me (and you, I guess) for help solving their shit issue. Shitssue, if you will.

The problem is this: Astronauts in the future may be faced with extended periods in which they are sealed in their suits for upwards of 144 hours, or six days. Currently, astronauts make use of diapers to stem the tide of disaster until they can get to a space toilet, but these are only reliable for about a day, and the risk of adult-onset diaper rash is high. NASA has tasked us with solving the six-day toilet problem in a way that doesn’t require the removal of a spacesuit or the use of hands. This is the most daunting scientific inquiry into crapping in history.

The Space Poop Challenge, as it’s literally called, tasks us with sourcing “a system that routes and collects human waste away from the body, hands-free, for fully suited astronauts.” The prize for the best solution is $30,000 and the honor of having your crap idea implemented in space for real.

NASA Has A Poop Problem (And We Know How To Fix It)

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How weird must humans concept of shame be to aliens though?
Like we will shamelessly take our clothes off and stick parts of ourselves into another human, some even boast about it, most tell their inner most circle.

But, we will not poop in an enclosed space where no one can see our face if there is another person in the room, just we are totally anonymous in this and we feel such deep shame that we will wait until this other person leaves to do something essential even though they do not see us and they all do the same thing


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