poop i post

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

poop emoji review

aka smiling pile of poop my all time fave emoji as i a piece of shit relate to it anyway lets begin 

i may be bias but this is familiar to me i view him as a friend he has a nice smile and kind eyes looks a little like ice cream but i feel that’s part of the charm 5/5

something about the eyes are off putting i feel threatened shaped like a flame? idk the bottom is round makes me feel like its floating very menacing im afraid of this emoji 2/5

again thick borders from microsoft but this guy does seem friendly unlike mr google up there his smile seems genuine feel hes trying his best 4/5 

what is this a blob?? no mouth?? where r the layers this poop looks sloppy n gross like u need to take the dog to the vet make sure hes ok and i dont like the floating eyebrows 1/5

its alright but i dont like the eyes to mouth ratio tho or the colour 2/5 

no effort from htc as per usual not even a face on this guy at first glance it looks like a thumbs up 0/5 

another poop emoji with scary eyes its a friendly shape otherwise 3/5

looks like a chrater from a kids movie that would be voiced by Patrick Warburton 3/5

what a cute guy the 2d approach looks good on this emoji he seems like hed always be excited to see you 5/5

he looks really happy and cute like hes ready to have a fun time 4/5

adorable i love the expression on this guys face shaped like a friend 5/5

emojidex disappoints again…


It is done!! My 5 part hourlies for Feb 3, 2017. Hehe, yeah, I know I did the wrong day. Also, I kiiiinda cheated this in the sense that I sketched the ideas in the appropriate hour, then inked afterwards. Hope none of you mind.

This was fun! Hope to participate again next… year? This is a yearly thing right?


keith as shiro’s adopted lil bro is my favorite thing and i will take it to the grave with me

the hero pose shit is somethin i did as a kid while my sister filmed me cause she knew it would age like fine freaking wine and i am projecting my embarrassment into keith


im kinda hoping that playing as spectre knight is just him trying to be edgy and mysterious while everyone calls him out on actually being a huge lame-o who makes stuff up on the spot