poop i post

me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]


Okay listen here’s a prompt - Toshinori and Inko on their very first date after becoming a couple. They may or may not have bought clothes for it.

Also additional doodle: The kids trying to help this date from behind the scenes.


keith as shiro’s adopted lil bro is my favorite thing and i will take it to the grave with me

the hero pose shit is somethin i did as a kid while my sister filmed me cause she knew it would age like fine freaking wine and i am projecting my embarrassment into keith

ENFP Stereotypes

You know, as I scroll through the ENFP tag here on tumblr, I have to wonder where this horribly wrong stereotype about ENFPs being “bubbly” and spouting nothing but nonsense came from, when you consider the efforts and personalities of real life notable ENFPs such as: Salman Rushdie, John Lennon, Joan of Arc, and Erasmus.

Ne and Fi together produce hilarity, yes, but often with a razor sharp and sometimes offensive slant behind it; Fi is moralizing, it wants to make a point, and it WILL shock and offend people to do it, if they feel strong enough about the subject. Because Fe is lacking, there is no bubbly Fe-filter – just brutal honesty via Te. Fi, as ENTP points out, is the “definition of ANGST.”

Somehow, all the other high Fi-types are taken seriously, but because Ne-dom is capable of concealing truth under biting humor, there’s a misconception online that this results in them being stereotyped as silly rather than the serious intellectualism that comes with Ne + Fi.

Yes, they tell jokes. They often tell barbed jokes. ENFPs like to point out the uncomfortable truths no one in society wants to deal with – through humor. What is so particularly shallow and bubbly about that? They use sarcasm and wit to deal with feelings, to point out the stupidity of modern society, and to affect change. They may hide seriousness from time to time, if uncomfortable discussing deep things with you, but ENFPs in general do not go about being the cheerleaders of the known universe. Often, we find something (Fi) that matters intensely to us, and then there’s nothing funny about it.

If you are dealing with a really bubbly extroverted personality, who seems to use Ne just to have fun and be silly rather than as a serious filter through how they see reality, which shapes every viewpoint with immediate contradictions, do yourself, and ENFPs a favor and call them what they are: ESFJs.

- ENFP Mod