poop i miss you

Dear people who miss someone,

Listen to me right now. It is perfectly ok to miss someone, even if you just saw them today. Even if you’ve only met them once. Even if it’s your significant other. Even if it’s your past significant other. You’re allowed to miss them. But, don’t let it own you. Go, live your life! Make something crazy, bake a cake, take a walk outside, watch a movie, do something for you. Don’t let your longing own you, especially if the person you miss is no longer in your life or wasn’t good to you. Remember the good times, and move forward! Nobody can invalidate your feelings, but be sure to take care of yourself and live your life too. Also, please feel free to drop me a message if you need to talk! I’m always here for you guys, even if you don’t follow me.


why, just the other day rhett flipped us off while link sang a song about takin’ a dump.

  • Int: What do you miss most about living with Tyler?
  • Dylan: Ahm, I miss smelling his farts, I miss basically everything regarding poop you know