poop hole

When your tampon string breaks.

So I’m gonna talk about a relatively ‘taboo’ subject. Tampons! And what to do if one ever gets stuck. So if your tampon string ever breaks off while you were trying to remove it.
First, STAY CALM. When your body tenses up it makes your hips contract inwards therefor making it harder to remove the tampon.
Second, get ready to get really dirty. Wash your hands. Remove any clothing from waist down. Wash your hands again, and get ready to stretch.
Third, squat. Squat as if you’re going to poop in a hole. I know this sounds weird but it will help you as you move your fingers around to grasp the tampon. If squatting doesn’t work lift your leg up and lean it against the wall now delicately insert your fingers.
Fourth, be careful with your hands/fingers you don’t want to push it in further. Try not to freak or get grossed out from it all.
Fifth, stay calm! Relax its gonna be ok.
Six, DO NOT USE TWEEZERS TO REMOVE IT. Just don’t. You could really hurt yourself!
Seventh, if you cannot remove it or push it in further seek medical attention ASAP. A Doctor will be able to remove it for you. Do not wait for more than a few hours and do not sleep!

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So, I was inspired by this post and made a little video.

May I present to you… “Stander over There“ opening.