poop hole

When your tampon string breaks.

So I’m gonna talk about a relatively ‘taboo’ subject. Tampons! And what to do if one ever gets stuck. So if your tampon string ever breaks off while you were trying to remove it.
First, STAY CALM. When your body tenses up it makes your hips contract inwards therefor making it harder to remove the tampon.
Second, get ready to get really dirty. Wash your hands. Remove any clothing from waist down. Wash your hands again, and get ready to stretch.
Third, squat. Squat as if you’re going to poop in a hole. I know this sounds weird but it will help you as you move your fingers around to grasp the tampon. If squatting doesn’t work lift your leg up and lean it against the wall now delicately insert your fingers.
Fourth, be careful with your hands/fingers you don’t want to push it in further. Try not to freak or get grossed out from it all.
Fifth, stay calm! Relax its gonna be ok.
Six, DO NOT USE TWEEZERS TO REMOVE IT. Just don’t. You could really hurt yourself!
Seventh, if you cannot remove it or push it in further seek medical attention ASAP. A Doctor will be able to remove it for you. Do not wait for more than a few hours and do not sleep!

Reblog for a person who might need this in the future.

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all you aussies are living under a rock where's yalls high speed network and cable at

i literally don’t even have electricity or running water i bathe in a trough and poop in a hole outside 

Hump Day Smut

Happy Wednesday! Are you guys ready for some smutty goodness? I sure am!

Beauty of a Secret by takeitoffwinchester (Dean and reader try to keep their relationship under wraps.)

Realistic Dreams and the sequel Dreamlike Bonds by assbutting-everything (Sam smut.)

Slow Burn, Big Payoff by leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Dean is a sex god and that is all you need to know.)

The Other Side of the Wall by the-pri-experience (Companion fic to Slow Burn, Big Payoff with Sam.)

When Dean’s Away, Sam Will Play Part 3 by ilostmyshoe-79 (This is the kind of content I can really stand behind. Both boys, orgasm denial.)

F*ck You Better by ssmar (Reader takes Dean’s mind off some other girl.)

A Hell of a Winchester by spnimpalaimagines (Reader chews John out for being a shitty father and defends Dean. John tells reader she’d make a good Winchester. Then Dean smut. Allie still sucks at synopses.)

Can You Count to 10? by abaddonwithyall (Jess comes out swinging from her brief hiatus and brings us a multiple orgasms with Dean fic.)
Can You Count to 10…12? by abaddonwithyall (Sequel to last fic. Sammy gets his turn.)

The Payback by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (After Sammy went down on Reader in the back seat of the Impala, it’s Sammy’s turn to get off.)

You Can Look, But You Can’t Touch by ilostmyshoe-79 (Prepare for some sexual frustration, and then go straight to the Epilogue to resolve said frustration.)

Freckles by leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Dean has freckles everywhere.)

An Ideal Stop by @inhellandheaven (Diner bathroom smut with Dean.)

No Need for Jealousy by thenightyouknow​ (Reader is Sam’s girlfriend, spends some time bonding with Dean and Sammy gets jealous.)

Green Eyed Monster by missscarlettangel​ (Reader uses her charm to help cases along, Dean doesn’t like other men looking at her.)

In-Flight Entertainment by isometimeswritesomethings (Taking Dean’s mind off being in a plane.)

Kiss and Make Up by manawhaat (Dean accuses reader of cheating and generally acts like an asshole. Then realizes he was wrong and apologizes. Makeup sex ensues. Allie isn’t getting any better at summarizing these fics.)

We Clear? by mightywinchester (Holy Dom Dean.)

Pecan Pie Afternoon by kittenofcastiels (Fluffiest fluffles with married!Dean who is also dad!Dean.)

Do It Again by manawhaat (Dean and toys and all the sexy.)

The Hookup by deanfiend (Sweet christ on a cracker. This is one of the best Dean smut fics I’ve read. There’s a smut-free fic before this called The Pickup, and it’s linked at the top of the fic. There are two more parts to this called The Wager and The Spoon. All great.)

Stranded by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (Dean likes watching you work on his car.)

Possessive by deans-colette (Classic Dean confessing his feelings to you and then fucking you like crazy fic. Only there’s rimming. I feel that I should warn you for that because rimming squicks me pretty hard. Please no butt stuff. Don’t put your mouth near my poop-hole, Dean.)

Gunpowder and Dean by rizlow1 (Dean confessing his feelings to you and then fucking you like crazy fic. But way different from the fic listed above. Amazing how such a simple premise can be interpreted so differently. Also, I love it when Dean confesses his feelings to me :) )

Connection by ilostmyshoe-79 (Sam has been distant, reader gets close to him again.)

I’m happy to report that no writers have gotten themselves into Smut Timeout this week! We got a whole week of angst-free smut! Oh happy day!

Keep it up, writers! And until next week, Happy Humping!!!


So, I was inspired by this post and made a little video.

May I present to you… “Stander over There“ opening.

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How do you even squeeze out poop if your butt hole is so tight?

I have to wait a long time usually. I never just have a normal shit fly out.


someone has a case of “fallen and can’t get up”