poop animation


More updates on The Thing I have been working on! Haha! I’m making a ‘parody’ of the Attack on Titan ending song. Replaced Mikasa with Petra and Eren with Levi. Behold the misuse of Photoshop in Carrinth’s hands!! LOL…. WHY DO I HURT MYSELF THIS WAY. ⊙△⊙

Just finished Levi’s animated thing today (see above) but I still have to correct his hair animation and a bit of the scarf towards the end. Plus I think I started drawing his head all wonky because I was getting really tired out. You’d think tracing an a few still images wouldn’t be so exhausting… @_@

Still a work in progress. No clue where the heck I’m going with this. Not one. I’m riding a wave of FEELS baby and I go where it takes meeee!!

It’s been a while, and I feel like I got a good chunk of my motivation back.

HALL should be updated later today, but there is still a chance that it happens tomorrow morning. Thank you for waiting, I’ll try not to get so ambitious next time.

For now, take this MS Paint Andrew I threw together on my laptop.


A one week film I made earlier in the fall called Sadness.

You all know this feeling.