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imagine newt and Graves are out dealing with a particularly dangerous beast and credence is just so happy and relieved he gives Graves a big hug for the first time and Graves just looks at newt like what do I do?!

Ok first thing first: YOU! YOU I LIKE YOU <3

Omg I can just imagine it though, Credence hugging Graves and Graves freezing up like a deer caught in headlights because he’s not used to be hugged ever. Or just plain touch come to think of it. Not that he doesn’t like physical contact, but he’s not the easiest person to be around and now that he’s got Newt and Tina and Queenie (and Jacob but shhh nobody is supposed to know about him) in his life, he’s coming to realise that he hasn’t really had any friends since he left school. And well even with his new circle of friend only Queenie and Newt are the kind to be always touching him with familiar little touches as they brush past him or hands him something. And it’s not that Credence really shies away from physical contact, but Graves has been very careful not to cause him any reason to be afraid of him and he gives him his space.

But yeah, all this to say that Graves isn’t expecting this AT ALL and he’s looking at Newt in panic, he’s arms like plank against his side because WHAT THE HELL HOW DOES HUGS WORK AGAIN?? And Newt is just giving him that look and making little encouraging gesture, so slowly, very slowly, just to make sure Credence as the time to get away if he wants to he raises his own arms and wrapped them lightly around the boy. And he would want to hold a bit tighter maybe, because it’s been a difficult case and a dangerous one, but that will do for their first hug and he only realises that he closed his eyes when he opens them in surprise when Newt gets closer and hugs them both close

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oh god credence calling newt mum 😍😍😍😍

Credence is an cinnamon roll who needs to be protected at all cost and you know Newt would just take him under his wing and protect him and be a moma dragon around him

And I am pretty sure that as soon as Newt decides that he’ll be watching over Credence, the first time Credence wakes up from a nightmare, Newt would be right there hugging him and telling him that Mummy’s here, that he doesn’t need to be afraid, nothing is going to hurt him and once he’s calmed down  and about to fall back asleep, Credence would think that yes, that’s probably what it feels like to have a mum for real

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sad headcanon! because I can't help myself! >_> credence has to get used to being around the real Graves and not flinch when he raises his hands unexpectedly

Luv, darling dear, you can always send sad headcanon, but you have to deal with me turning them around on you though :p I can’t help myself either

I agree though, Credence would have to get use to the real Graves, and just being around people in general. It’s why he would like to around Newt so much, because Newt is that totally none-intrusive guy and most time he’ll just let you do your own thing and if that thing is helping take care of his beasts well, he sure won’t complain. And Credence would like helping out with the beasts, because they don’t expect anything from him except to get feed and pet and it’s good, comforting, soothing.

And then Graves would start coming around once he’s back in good health from having been kept wherever it was Grindelwald was keeping him and thankful to Newt because like a few other people have headcanon Newt has help find him in some way. He also comes around because knowing what Grindelwald has make that boy go through while he was using his appearance sickens him and no matter what everyone tells him, he takes full responsibilities and he’ll do right by Credence if it’s the last think he does.

Only problem is, Graves isn’t really that good with kids/teenagers, especially not traumatized one and he isn’t used to being around all those creatures that HAS NO PLACE IN A SUITCASE MR. SCAMANDER WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? and so he makes a few mistakes the first couples of time

After a few visits, he asks if it wouldn’t be best if he simply stopped coming, because he fears he’s doing more bad than good but Queenie would be adamant that no, he has to continue, sure it seems bad right now, but it will be worst if he just abandons Credence now. Sure he’s got Newt and Tina and Queenie (and Jacob but shhh that’s a secret) but having Graves, the real one believe in him is and caring for him is something he needs right now too.

And Graves isn’t blind, he’s seen that Newt is really good with Credence and he’s not above asking help and Newt is kind of surprised that Graves would come to him for advice on what he should be careful of with Credence and what would help, because Graves didn’t seem like he liked Newt much past the natural gratitude for saving him.

But it’s not really that Graves doesn’t like Newt, just that he’s different from what he’s used too, but not a bad different he finds out.

And I mean, it’s not all sunshine and roses, it’s progress and Graves has his own issues, but he finds out that he usually doesn’t get nightmares on the days he goes for a visit.

And just imagine Credence and Graves having fallen asleep one afternoon after tea and scones with Newt (the scones might or might have not come from Jacob’s bakery) and Newt wishes he could take a picture because Credence looks so peaceful for once with his head against Graves’ shoulders and while Percival looks like he’s second away from waking up, there’s something protective over Credence in his stance and usually Newt is never overly fond of humans, but if people where more like this, more willing to take the time to learn and care for each other, maybe they wouldn’t be so bad

So check it. I 👏 do👏 not👏 care 👏 about 👏 gillovny 👏.

Do I think it would be wonderful if it were true? Absolutely
Do I think it’s true? Nope
Why not? No proof. And it’s none of my damn business.
Do I care if you care about gillovny? Nope, not if you’re cool that I don’t.
Do I think being a crazy ass-hat is a way to convince someone to be or not be gillovny? No, you freaking psychos! Lay off the crazy bull shit, anons!