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‘  let’s just say some brutal murders happened in there which would lends itself into being haunted.  ’
‘  give that baby a ball.  ’
‘  why is it only people who get murdered? why doesn’t someone who choked on a peanut get a ghost?  ’
‘  you know, people don’t like their stepmothers.  ’
‘  so you think like 90% of people who have stepmothers are like ‘aw, my stepmother… i’d love to bury an axe in her face.’  ’
‘  that is fucking awful.  ’
‘  that’s strange because, if your pa is laying there, his head turned into blood oatmeal, and you hear ma come in, you’re probably not just like, ‘oh, i wonder what she’s up to today.’ you’re probably like, ‘hey ma, you should probably come here.’ not just, ‘oh i wonder if she’s gonna go take a little nap.’  ’
‘  i’ve got a life-changing thing to tell you here.  ’
‘  we should probably give her a little holler.   ’
‘  i mean, maybe she’s just thinking back on the good old mutton days.  ’
‘  it reminds me of downton abbey a little bit. it’s very proper.  ’
‘  i feel like a little fancy little lord in this room.  ’
‘  i’m not doing this because i want to steal.  ’
‘  i’m doing this because i want to give the ghosts significant reason to haunt me. i want them to be upset with me.  ’
‘  i stole from you, you hear me?!  ’
‘  cool….. that’s pretty… cool.  ’
‘  if people were already like, ‘we think you murdered them’ i’d be like, ‘fine, i guess i’ll spend their money.’  ’
‘  i’d like to see you put on a dress from that time period– that came out weird, i could’ve worded that better.  ’
‘  we’re sleeping here. we can’t even run away!  ’
‘  she’s gonna kill us tonight.  ’
‘  come on, buddy. times-a-tickin’. show up. murder us. be the first ghost to murder someone in history. we’ll get it on film. you’ll be famous.  ’
‘  just say something. you don’t have to get violent.  ’
‘  those are four pieces of circumstantial evidence that make him just as much of a suspect, in my mind.  ’
‘  both of them seem dubious as hell, that’s all i’m saying.  ’
‘ but you know me… i’m a fan of conspiracy theories.   ’
‘  i was gonna say this doesn’t seem that crazy to me.  ’
‘  wait, are we agreeing right now?  ’
‘  i’m not saying ghosts are real, i’m just saying.  ’
‘  can you imagine if you got sleep paralysis in this room?  ’
‘  why would you fucking say that right before we’re about to sleep?  ’
‘  dude, why would you say that? you know one of my greatest fears is a face staring at me through the window.  ’
‘  even if we get possessed tonight, we can have a nice brewski after.  ’
‘  well, i’m just trying to distract myself now.  ’
‘  the late 1800′s was peak ghost time. 90% of ghosts are from that era.  ’
‘  you never really hear about a ghost from 2010 or so that’s wearing like a flannel and ripped jeans or some shit like that.  ’
‘  they’re followed by doom.  ’
‘  they’re really just getting boned by fate now.  ’
‘  do you think because you believe in all of this stuff that you have a higher chance of being a ghost?  ’
‘  i’d be a pleasant ghost. i’d like pour people tea and stuff like that or i’d do chores around the house and i’d tip my hat and i’d tap dance out of the room.  ’
‘  right, doesn’t that sound great? wouldn’t you like to be haunted by me?  ’
‘  this is the sorrowful room. do you feel sorrowful in here?  ’
‘  i’m fine with not talking too much to he because she scares me.  ’
‘  i feel a little bit like i’m being watched, but i don’t mind it.  ’
‘  oh fuck, dude. i feel really weird all the sudden.  ’
‘  i don’t feel particularly strange, it’s just not a great chair.  ’
‘  now that’s just rude.  ’
‘  it’s kinda just a dick thing to do.  ’
‘  how do you arrest a ghost? you can’t.  ’
‘  you better watch out or the ghost of yankee jim will give you some taffy. some folks say they hear him playing a jolly little kazoo tune in the middle of the night.  ’
‘  he’s not a ghost. that’s not a spooky enough name.  ’
‘  if i were him, i’d haunt this place.  ’
‘  let’s do it before i change my mind. let’s just do it.  ’
‘  watch your language!  ’
‘  well, you’re not a man of your word.  ’
‘  it’s a nice sunset. enjoy it, it’s the last one you’re ever gonna see.  ’
‘  you don’t think ‘the grey ghost’ is a pretty cool nickname?  ’
‘  right, yeah, it’s a haunted ziplock bag.  ’
‘  before that toothpaste hit the floor, i didn’t believe in ghosts. i thought this was all b.s.  ’
‘  i swore i’d never return, but here i sit, like a freakin’ idiot.  ’
‘  who stores laundry detergent in a gin bottle, though?  ’
‘  by the way, i have a bottle of whiskey in my room if you wanna go drink it.  ’
‘  that just fucking cut through that thing like a hot butter patty.  ’
‘  ‘ugh’? that’s all you gotta say about that?  ’
‘  boats are tough, ya’know? it’s not an easy life, the boat life..  ’
‘  are you scared right now?  ’
‘  you’re not fucking scared right now?  ’
‘  could it have been my imagination? of course. could it have been a spirit? well, maybe.  ’
‘  i just think it’s embarrassing for them to drown in a pool… on a boat.  ’
‘  it looks like it’d be pretty easy to get crushed to death here.  ’
‘  a little seamen lubrication, huh? c’mon, that was funny.  ’
‘  do i feel strange right here? yep, i don’t like it.  ’
‘  okay, now i’m starting to get scared again.  ’
‘  you’re really gonna hate this.  ’
‘  i have a feeling i’m really gonna hate this.  ’
‘  you’re gonna lose your mind.  ’
‘  they laughed and told me i was an idiot to my face.  ’
‘  i don’t think we’ve ever attempted something more idiotic than this.  ’
‘  did you just fart? you piece of shit.  ’
‘  oh crap, i’m starting to psych myself out again.  ’
‘  i don’t know what you did. i’m angry again.  ’
‘  what the fuck? it’s morning.  ’
‘  she’s a beaut. you’re a beautiful lady. i love your bones.  ’
‘  alright, approach it with an open mind. let’s get started.  ’
‘  so this is just a bunch of hobos and rapscallions who were meeting down by the train tracks?  ’
’  28% of people believe in the existence of a new world order.  ’
‘  28% of people probably believe that the sun moves around the earth.  ’
‘  well, i don’t have any scientific polls for that, so…  ’
‘  i’m just sayin’ people are dumb!  ’
‘  that’s not creepy? that didn’t make your spine tingle a little bit?  ’
‘  oh, i can’t wait for that parade of other ‘experts’ you’ve got lined up.  ’
‘  4% believe that lizard people control our societies.  ’
‘  xeroxing is not how cloning works!  ’
‘  what are you, a clone expert now?  ’
‘  i don’t believe you. i’ll fucken look it up right now.  ’
‘  he looks like he just pooped his pants.  ’
‘  the name of their child, blue ivy, has been interpreted to stand for ‘born living under evil illuminati’s very youngest.’  ’
‘  so this has just moved to… like, frat-level hazing?  ’
‘  i am not in the illuminati, she is not in the illuminati… you may be.  ’
‘  by the way, if the illuminati is a real thing, the fact that they have a public relations director… fucking amazing, right?  ’
‘  i’m not saying that there’s lizard people– ah, fuck, i guess that is what i’m saying.  ’
‘  what the hell are you talking about? you’re making this all up.  ’
‘  what the fuck are we doing here?  ’
‘  get our little detectives hat out.  ’
‘  is this all in our mind?  ’
‘  this could be the most elaborate delusion of all.  ’
‘  these are true crime serial killer trading cards.  ’

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Waking up with Bill Skarsgard.

You wake up next to Bill Skarsgard on holiday.

It was a Sunday morning in Cyprus. You woke to the sound of birds outside and sleepfull breathing. You could feel this breath on the back of your neck. There was a weight against your back and down your body. You were pulled in tight to this weight, by the arm around your waist and the leg over yours.

You opened your eyes and turned around slightly, to face your boyfriend Bill. He was still fast asleep. His beautiful features were completely at rest. His mouth was pouting slightly, as if he wanted to kiss you. You could stay like this forever. Bill would  probably want to stay in bed all day, as he recovered from the stressful journey to your holiday destination yesterday.

Bill started to mumble in his sleep. This was usually a sign of him waking up. You thought that you would wake him up, in the best way possible. You kissed his forehead. Then each cheek. As you were about to kiss his lips, you felt Bill pull you in. He kissed you slowly as a smile formed on his lips. He deepened this kiss passionately, before he pulled away slightly and opened his eyes. He was looking directly into yours and you both smiled.

‘Good morning beautiful. Sleep well?“ He mumbled.

'Good morning babe. I did. I think I needed it. I was so exhausted last night’. You smiled.

'Was it the travelling or our extracurricular activities last night?’ Bill winked.

'A bit of both. I’ve got so much energy now. I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight’. You laughed.

'How about we use up some of your extra energy then?’ Bill flirted.

He started to kiss your shoulder and then moved into the crook of your neck. You moaned slightly at his actions. You knew what he wanted but he was going to need to try harder than that. He was leaving little bites and kisses as he tried harder to please you. He travelled up to your ear and started to whisper sweet nothings. Little 'I love you’s’ and 'your so beautiful’.

'Honey, I want to continue. Just after a shower though because my hair feels so gross’ you stated.

'That sounds like a fair deal. So after we are done… You know, doing each other, what did you want to do? We could chill by the pool or go for a boat ride, find a nice place for some food perhaps?’ Bill asked.

'food sounds good. I’m starving. Then chill by the pool’. You said, as you got out of bed and headed towards the shower.

Bill moved to lie back down when you put your head around the corner and smiled.

'You coming?’ You flirted, raising your eyebrow.

'Dont need to ask me twice’. Bill jumped out of bed to follow you into the shower.

Send a Symbol - Summer Edition

Send ≌ for our muses to go swimming.
Send  ✹ for one of our muses to get sunburned.
Send ⌦ for our muses to travel on a boat.
Send ⊙ for our muses to play a game outside.
Send  ◥ for our muses to seek shelter from the heat.
Send  ☄ to watch a meteor shower.
Send ◍ to have a barbecue/cook food outside.

If Chica could speak...

can you imagine her calling out Mark on all his bullshit - 

Chica: I mean one time he put me on a lilo and pushed me across the pool screaming ‘Boat Dog’. Imbecile, I could have done that this my immense doggy mind, and to then oust me as the evil overload…..amateur. I do not need his help. I do all my own stunts girl. I’m a professional.


Foggy Poole by Tony
Via Flickr:
Just before the sun burnt away the early morning fog

anonymous asked:

Vernon pool date plz

Spring was coming fast, with the snow melting and trees slowly starting to have the smallest buds on their branches, and so both you and Vernon had started to get more and more excited about the idea of swimming, which was exactly why you had found a nice Saturday for the two of you to visit a nearby indoor water park.

Upon arriving at the large building that held the whole water park, you went to take your belongings and clothes to the lockers, changed into your swimming suits, and after a quick shower, entered the actual park area. Once you did, neither of you could hold in the fascinated gasps.

There were numerous slides, pools of different sizes and figures, and everything simply looked like a lot of fun.

“Where do you want to go first?” Vernon asked from you with a small grin and caught your hand with his. You chuckled and turned to him.

“Perhaps one of the slides? And then… I think that’s a fountain there? How about it?” you suggested while pointing at a thick pillar with water falling down from its top. Vernon looked at the direction and nodded.

“Sounds just perfect,” he said and squeezed your hand in his before the two of you left off to find the most intriguing slide.

You found one fairly soon, and ended up climbing the stairs to a slide you could ride together with an inflatable mini boat underneath you. You sat at the front, and got Vernon’s arms around you loosely when he had sat down behind you.

An excited smile was playing on your lips as you held the edges of the boat, making sure there was no one in your way in the pool. “Clear.”

You could hear him snort quietly, and unwrapping his arms, he pushed your boat forward so that he could set you off and placed his hands on the edges of the boat, too. As you slid down, you both resorted to screaming, although it was mostly mixed with your laughter.

When you reached the water, you and Vernon fell off the boat, laughing hard as it floated towards the edge of the pool.

“That was amazing,” you said while laughing and wiped your hair off your face after you had come up from the water. Vernon laughed too, shaking his head a little to get the water off his hair.

“We need to try that again while we’re here,” he announced, and you nodded excitedly. Figuring you had to get out of the way of whoever wanted to come down the slide next, you got off the pool and got the boat up as well, placing it on a conveyor belt that soon took it back up.

Linking your hands again, you and Vernon walked further into the water park, checking out all the cool stuff they had. You in particular set your eye on the hot tub, but you both agreed it’d be one of your last stops, if not the last.

While you could’ve gone to another slide, Vernon suggested you check out the fountain before you forgot, so that was where you went. The water in that particular pool was pleasantly warm, while the water after the slide been had on the slightly colder side.

You sighed contently as you got in the water, and Vernon let out an appreciative sigh, too.

“Good luck trying to get me out of here,” you grinned at him and began swimming on your back towards the fountain. Vernon snorted and swam after you, making you yelp when he caught you in his arms and gently moved you together under the fountain.

He pressed your back lightly against the tile of the pillar in the middle of the pool, and while grinning, leaned closer to you. “I love challenges.”

Your heart was beating a lot faster than it usually did when he was about to kiss you, but you knew it had a lot to do with the situation. You were in public, first and foremost, and he wasn’t a fan of too much PDA, but perhaps it was the illusion of privacy created by the water curtain all around you, with no one else under the fountain. And well, it was quite exciting to be embraced by him when you were both wearing only your swimwear.

Wrapping your arms around Vernon’s neck, you leaned in to give him the kiss he was going to give you, and smiled happily against his lips. “I love you.”

His cheeks gained a rosy color, and he gave you another kiss before just gently rubbing his nose against yours, the happiest of smiles playing on his lips. “I know. I love you, too.”

You remained still for a while, just enjoying the water falling down around you and the closeness of each other. His arms were steady around you, as strong as ever, and you could feel his lips curved into a smile against your neck.

Slowly, you finally untangled from each other and went around the pillar, then left from under it altogether. It looked beautiful, and the feeling of the water falling down to your shoulders was incredibly relaxing, even if it did almost make both of your swimsuit pieces fall down a little.

Vernon looked thoughtful for a moment, but it ended when you suddenly climbed to his back, which made him shriek quickly. He laughed heartily and placed his hands under your thighs. “Somewhere you wanna go?”

“Actually… yes. See that slide there?” you asked with a grin, pointing at one, where the fall to the pool was… well, an actual fall. Vernon swallowed as he nodded. “There.”

Shrugging, he began walking in the water towards the ladder, and as he got near it, hummed, “I hope you know you’re getting off my back soon.”

You snickered and hugged him. “Of course I do.”

The slide was just as enjoyable as the first one, even though you got some water up your nose and made a lot of rather ungraceful faces trying to get rid of it, while Vernon laughed at you and stroked your back.

“Better?” he asked when you finally let out a relieved sigh, and you gave him a small smile.

“Yeah. God, I hate it when that happens,” you grumbled before the two of you got out of the water, starting your journey towards another slide.

A few hours later, you were finally happily seated in the hot tub, cuddled up to each other with your feet playing with his.

“I’ve had a great time today,” you said happily as you fiddled with Vernon’s fingers. His smile was as warm as his gaze was when he looked at you.

“Me, too. Our best date yet,” he said with a grin, and you quirked your eyebrow.

“What about the one where we had our first kiss, huh?” you asked, mock hurt, and got a hearty laughter from Vernon, who shook his head.

His voice lowered to a whisper when he spoke, leaning closer to you, but not quite giving you a kiss. “After that one, of course.”

Admin Scooter

16th Birthday Ideas
  1. High tea
  2. Toga Party
  3. Luau
  4. cooking Class
  5. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  6. Pool Party
  7. Campy Party
  8. Backyard BBQ
  9. Party at the Park
  10. Book Party
  11. Campfire Party
  12. Board Game Party
  13. Beach Party
  14. Slumber Party
  15. Dinner and a Movie
  16. Hot Air Balloon
  17. Weekend Away
  18. Rock Climbing
  19. Disneyland
  20. Surfing Lessons
  21. Boating/Lake
  22. sail Boating
  23. Sky Diving/Indoor Flying
  24. White Water River Rafting
  25. Water Park/Water Slides
  26. Paint Ball
  27. Snorkeling
  28. Seaplane
  29. Band/DJ
  30. Argosy Cruise
  31. Black and White Ball
  32. Fancy Restaurant
  33. Mall Shopping Spree
  34. Hotel Party
  35. Cheerleading Party
  36. Photo Booth
  37. Glow-in-the-Dark Party
  38. Bowling
  39. Putt Putt Golf/Mini Golf
  40. Costume Party
  41. Talent show
  42. Go Karts
  43. Sporting Event
  44. Ice skating
  45. Circus
  46. Zoo
  47. Roller Skating
  48. State Fair
  49. Line Dancing
  50. Laser tag