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BTS reaction: seeing their crush in bikini for the first time.

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Hi! I really love your blog and you have now a new follower~ I have a request btw! How BTS would react if they saw their crush in bikini for the first time ?


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Jin would blush so hard that he won’t be able to look at you. He would start giggling to himself, confusing you because you had no idea why he was giggling. But after he gets over his initial shyness he wouldn’t be able to stop stealing glances at you.

“Oh my gosh…” he mumbled to himself and started giggling as he felt his face get warmer.


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He wouldn’t make a big deal out of it at first but after that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from looking at you. He wouldn’t even try to hide the obvious way in which he was starting at your legs.

“Yoongi, why are you staring at me?”

“Because you look incredibly hot in bikini.” He smirked at you.


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Hope would be extremely flirty during the entire day. Constantly winking at you, sticking out his tongue at random moments, complimenting you, biting his lip, sicking on his finger and overall just being seductive.

“Hope, did you get something in your eye?” Namjoon asked after the 20th time Jhope had winked at you that day. 

“No,” he answered smiling before turning to you again and giving you another wink.


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Namjoon absolutely loves your curves. So seeing you in just your bikini would drive him crazy. He would be staring at your ass and legs without even realizing it, and licking his lip at the sight of it. 

“Namjoon were you just staring at my ass?” You asked.



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He would really enjoy it (obviously), but most of all he would be overprotective of other people looking at you, even if the two of you weren’t dating (yet). If you were at the beach or a public pool he would walk everywhere with you and if anyone even just dares to look at you he would give them the “glare of death”. 

“Y/N let’s go. I don’t like the way that dude’s looking at you!”


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Tae would be extremely touchy with you the entire day. It would start of as hugs, but each time he hugs you his hands would travel all over your body. Later he would start putting his hand in your thigh. And then he would initiate a tickle fight his fingers tickling you on a lot of…personal places.

“Tae are you tickling the inside of my thigh?”

“Yes, I’m sorry…But just tell me if you want me to continue.” He winked at you and started laughing.


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Completely shook! He wouldn’t even be able to say a word to you without stuttering. But would still try to act natural. 

“H-h-hey [Y/N]! Y-y-y-you look g-g-great!”


My Little Secret

They had met in Jamaica when Harry went to get away, to write, to have no distractions. But then she came out of nowhere, she was on vacation with her friends, spring break. She was cute, and Harry took a quick liking to her, she was different. She didn’t want to know Harry Styles from One Direction, but just Harry Styles as a person. 

He liked the way she laughed, the way she was carefree but at the same time she wasn’t. He liked the way that she had to plan everything before it happened, that she hated not knowing. He liked the fact that she was a college student, a waitress, a regular girl. He loved the fact that she private, and didn’t want any camera’s on her, she wanted no part in his famous life. She wanted him behind closed doors. The only person in her life that knew about him was her roommate, other than that she kept her lips sealed.

And at the beginning it was easy, he could visit her, she could visit him. She went to his private show in London, met his family. They all loved her, who wouldn’t? She met his friend, his band mates, she sat in the crowd and people just assumed she was a fan. They came in separate cars, him with his team, she would drive her 2008 Ford, they would leave in separate cars. They made it work. 

“When did you get here?” Harry asked, relaxing in the shade near the pool. 

They were careful, up until his three day holiday in Mexico. She stood by the doorway, her sun flower covered dress laid over her bathing suit, sunglasses on her face. 

“About twenty minutes ago, I ran up stairs to change,” she smiled, “how’s your break?”

“Would be better if you laid here with me,” Harry grins, patting the spot next to him.

She laughs, laying next to him, he wraps his arm around her, the two face each other, their faces inches apart, “did you get a hair cut?” he asked, picking up the ends of her hair. 

“Yeah,” she smiled, “I got it the other day.”

“‘s nice,” he yawns, dropping her hair, “I’ve missed you.”

She kisses his jaw line, moving up to the corner of his mouth, “missed you more,” she mumbled, kissing him, “your sister requested to follow my instagram, I had to decline.”

Harry laughs, Y/N made it clear she wants her privacy. And if Gemma, Anne, Harry, and all his friends and family followed her on social media and shared pictures people would start asking questions, something she wasn’t ready for. 

“Did you see me on the late late show?” He asked. 

“I stayed up every night,” she says, making him smile, “your performance of Kiwi gave me life I had no idea I was missing.”

He laughs, moving her body closer to him, and then wrapping his leg around her, “is that so?” he asked. 

She nods, “are you joining me next week?” Harry asks, lips in a pout. 

“I wish, but I have work,” she sighs, “I have to make money to pay for college, you know like normal people.”

“Ugh,” Harry groans, “what about June?”

“I’m all yours,” she promised. 

“We are going out to eat,” Mitch says, leaning against the island in the kitchen. 

“Where are you going?” Y/N asked, placing her chin on the palm of her hand, she tears her gaze away from Harry to Mitch. 

“Some restaurant Claire found,” he shrugs, “I take it you guys won’t be coming?”

“Why wouldn’t you?” Sarah asked, walking in, she sets her back on top of the island, “didn’t you two come out yet?”

“No, why would you think that?” Y/N asked. 

“There are pictures of you like everywhere,” Sarah says, handing her phone to Y/N.

She grabs it, scrolling through twitter. 

Y/N Y/L/N is the girl Harry is with, here is her twitter. 

She’s not that pretty. 

LOL she looks like trash. 

IDK I would put in more effort in my appearance if I was Y/N.

Y/N is cute, leave her alone. 

If Harry likes her, I like her. 

Y/N needs to lose some weight, where did she come from anyways?

I bet Y/N is with him for the money.

Harry grabs the phone, pictures of them from the pool are posted everywhere, links to her social media are attached to tweets.

“Oh God,” Y/N rubs her temples, “how did they find me so quickly?”

“Please don’t listen to them,” Harry says. 

She sighs, she had seen how the fans reacted to his past rumored girlfriends, it was the last thing she wanted. 

“This is crazy,” she says, grabbing her own phone to see calls and texts from her friends, DM’s from people in her school, “this is the last thing I wanted.”

“Why are people like this?” Mitch sighed. 

“Y/N,” Harry says gently. 

“I’m fine,” she shrugs, turning off her phone and slipping it back into her bag, “it was bound to happen at some time anyways.”

“It should’ve happened when you were ready though, not when some guy wanted a pay check,” Harry says, frowning. 

She grabs his hand, “my social media is on private, and I don’t plan on changing that, yeah people know about me, but they can’t really ever know what happens when it’s just us, which is what really matters.”

“‘m sorry love,” Harry kisses her hand, “I know this isn’t ideal.”

“Hey, you have to put up with me and my baggage, I have to do the same, your baggage just happened to be millions of camera’s,” she teased. 

“Sometimes you can get a really good profile picture though,” Harry jokes. 

She rolls her eyes, leaning over the island and kissing him quickly, “you’re very lucky I like you a lot,” she smiled. 

“I’m a very lucky man,” Harry agrees, a smile on his face. 

He grabs his phone sending out one little tweet. 

Please share the love, she’s a wonderful girl who makes me happy, H.

“Stop signing your tweets! We know they’re from you!” Claire yelled, walking into the room. 

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Dearest Jalapeñokins? I was wondering if you could do me a favor if you are able and feeling up to it? ( I'm sick af right now..your writing gives me life) Would you please consider one of these things. A: Could I get some fluffy nsfw Jumin Han smut? ~OR~ B: What do you think the RFA +V and Saeran sound like when they're cumming? ( Jumin Thirst anon)

Why not both?

Hope you feel better soon, my thirsty friend!!


Okay, so first, what do they sound like when they’re cumming?

  • Yoosung: A whine or a stutter if he’s trying to say something
  • Jumin: Is usually pretty quiet tbh besides his heavy breathing, he prefers you saying his name
  • Zen: Guttural moan, this boy is loud 
  • Jaehee: Cries out through heavy pants 
  • Saeyoung: Moans your name through shivers
  • V: Whispers your name next to your ear 
  • Saeran: Growls “Fffffuck!” or other curses

~I have to also tag @goddamnitdazai because she’s been asking for Jumin smut for  e o n s  here you go BFF.


Word count: 1.344

     “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” you whined through your mixing of the thick batter, the large bowl heavy in your arm as you paced the kitchen.
You were trying your best at being a cute housewife while Jumin was at work. You imagined him coming home to one glorious cake, held proudly by you in your little apron. He’d smile with delight and compliment you on how delicious it was! But standing now, broken egg shells on the counter, flour scattered everywhere, pools of milk, and you covered in batter, this was not going as planned.

     You hadn’t even gotten the batter in the pan before you heard the penthouse door open.

     Please be a security guard, please be a security guard, you prayed to yourself.

     “___, I’m home early,” Jumin declared before flinging his suit jacket on the couch.

     “Shit,” you whispered under your breath, defeated.

     “You’ve been busy today, I see,” he chuckled at the sight of you.

     He stood just a few feet away now, wearing that slight grin that made your knees weak. His large hands fumbled at his tie, pulling it loose from his collar. You gave up, tossing the bowl on the nearest countertop with a sigh.

     “I was trying to bake you a cake,” you replied with a huff.

     “I think more of it got on you than in the bowl,” he laughed, “so cute.”

     Before you could reply he had you pinned up against the counter. Looming over you he reached to the bowl behind your back, dipping a long finger into the batter and bringing it to his lips.

     “Tasty,” he remarked after pulling it from his mouth.


     “Mmhm, try some.”

     He brought a batter drenched finger to your mouth, pressing himself up against you with a little more fervor as you sucked it clean. His mouth descended on your collar bone, lapping up the batter between nibbles. His free hand found your breast and kneaded with intensity as he licked your bare skin clean, grinding his hardening cock into your hips.

     “So this is why you came home early,” you noted through a sly smile.

     “This taste delicious, but I think it would be even sweeter coming from your lips,” he suggested.

     He smeared the sticky concoction over your closed mouth before trailing his tongue over your lips and shoving it inside for a deep kiss. You could almost forget the sharp pain of the counter top pressing against your back as his tongue danced eagerly with wanting in your hot mouth. You were melting in his arms when he pulled your hair, forcing your head back slightly and popping off of your mouth to suck a trail down your neck. You were pink with heat as your breath quickened for him.

     You couldn’t help but reach down and stroke his eager cock through the fabric of his pants, eliciting a satisfied purr from him. Your other hand sweeps over his chest. He feels so warm and solid pressing into you, and the fragrance of his expensive cologne is enough to make you quiver.

     You both moan when his hand sweeps between your legs, grinding itself on your wet folds. It took all you had not to collapse right there, your hips swirling in wanton to meet his friction with a moan. The ridges of his knuckles massaged you into euphoria and you threw your head back with a sigh. He placed a quick and hungry kiss on your mouth before pulling away from you completely.

     “Turn around princess,” he commanded while unbuttoning his pants, “hands on the counter. Do not remove them or I’ll have to punish you.”

     You followed his command, leaning your ass out for him. He didn’t even bother to fully undress either of you. The cool air rushed between your legs as he pulled your dress up over your hips, hooking his fingers in your underwear and dragging them down to your ankles, pausing only to let you step out of them. He planted kisses along your legs on his way up, paying extra attention to that weak spot behind your knees. He trailed his tongue down your moist slit, relishing in the quake of your muscles.

     You yelped when he landed two quick and hard smacks to your ass before seizing it in his hands to grope through your whimper. His legs kicked yours apart for him before sliding his length along your slick folds slowly. You pushed back against him, your whole body pleading for him to enter and fill you.
“I’m sorry, my pet. You know I usually take better care of you, but I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he growled.

     It’s true, he usually spent more time working you up, getting you wet and begging for him. But something in his voice and in his body language today was more demanding and eager. You could only nod before he forced himself into you. The shock of his thrusts and the feeling of his long cock inside of you caused you to lose you grip and slide slightly forward on the counter.

     His right hand swooped under your belly and pulled you back into him roughly to meet his pounding. As soon as you were steady again it travelled down to flick at your sensitive clit, sending you into a frenzied cry of pleasure.

     “Ah! Oh god, right th-there,” you puffed, fireworks in your belly as he found your spot and began hitting it over and over again with vigor.

     Your walls were convulsing around him and you felt your juices soaking your inner thighs, the sound of his slamming becoming more of a wet slap as you drew closer to your orgasm. His cock was twitching and throbbing inside of you at the feeling.

     “Do you like when I fuck you like this,” he spoke through bated breath, “when I make you my own?”

     “Ahh, y-yes! God, yes!” you were straining to hold yourself against his thrusts.

     He switched up rhythms, hips swirling driving into you at a slower more methodical pace. You lost it when his hand began slapping at your pussy, causing you to wriggle and thrash underneath him as the waves of pleasure came rolling through your every fiber. The combination of his pumping and stimulating your sensitive nub fueled your demanding side as you pushed yourself back into him greedily.

     “Mmm…yeahh,” you managed to pull a moan from him, “you’re so naughty and eager for me, aren’t you,” he panted.

     Your head was floating, your cheeks searing hot as a violent pleasure tore through you, moaning out as he fucked you through your orgasm.

     He gripped your hair, pumping long and languid thrusts, stretching you further. Sure that he held you firmly in place, he released your hair and moved that hand around your chest, ripping at the collar of your shirt in order to dip inside more easily and grip your breast with voracity. His fingers were encircling your hard nipples before pinching and rolling down on the nub.


     “Mmm…say it again,” he spoke through gritted teeth.

     “Jumin! Ah, fffuck!” your hands flailed wildly, knocking the bowl off of the counter.

     Hearing you moan his name shot him over the edge and he spurt himself into you forcefully. His hips smacked against you with a husky breath, hand still lingering on your breast before his final thrust.

     Your head was hazy when he finally pulled away from you. With shaky legs you took a few steps, thinking you could make it to get the glass of water you desperately needed. But before you went any further his hand hooked around your side in a possessive manner, pulling you into his chest and brushing your hair back behind your ear when you looked up to meet his gaze.

     “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet,” he spoke with a fire in his eyes, “Let’s get you cleaned up, my pet. I’ll draw a bath…”

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Could you write a blurb where (y/n) goes for like a midnight swim in the hotel pool and Niall is there skinny dipping and they end up having sex? Please, I love your writing x

Could you do a niall smut involving a feisty very short girl who is a few years older then him, PRETTY PLEASE!? I absolutely love your writings and re-read them over and over!

It had been a helluva day.  I felt like I’d been pulled from one interview to another to another.  All while fans wanted pictures and autographs, my friends wanted replies to the congratulatory emails and texts, and my parents wanted a phone call.

My first solo album had been released.  And so far, so good would have been an understatement.  Every physical copy sold out in the stores.  The first single release had been a roaring success and the tickets for my tour had sold out in minutes.

I had yet to get a chance to enjoy it.  Let’s be honest, I had yet to get a chance to breath.  It was three a.m. and the entire hotel was silent save for the small army of fans in the lobby I’d encountered on my way in.

I did my due diligence for an hour.  Which is to say I took pictures with everyone, signed anything they wanted and even sat down to get their perspective on the album.  It had, after all, been made for their enjoyment.

I was far too jazzed to sleep.  I’d been subsisting for most of the day on caffeine and sugar so it was no real shock that I was buzzing.  I had asked the front desk clerk if the pool was open.  She said it was and incognito handed me the key.  I took that to mean it was actually closed but since she liked me she was breaking the rules.

So I grabbed my swim trunks, a towel and my flip flops and headed downstairs.  I couldn’t wait to sit there in the glowing blue water and contemplate everything that happened to me today.  

I pushed the creaky door open and peeked inside the pool.  This hotel, being that it was five star, had definitely gone over and above when it came to their pool.  The pool was on the roof so no one around could see into the windows surrounding the entire thing.  I was on top of the world all by myself.

I raised my eyebrows after the door clicked closed behind me.  No one around, everyone was asleep, should I?  I had done it before and not been caught.  I smiled and nodded to myself, skinny dipping it is.  

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Please, Stop / Mitsuhide x MC

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

@belxsar: Hello, for your ‘Kisses With Meaning’ prompt drabbles, I’d like to request Mitsuhide with either eyelid, nape, or wrist (you pick because I can’t!) please. Thanks so much! :) Love your writing and your blog! <3

  • Mitsuhide + Eyelid (adoration) + Nape (deep attachment) + Wrist (desire/lust)

It’s a game she comes up with on the spot to test a few things, meant to last only a heartbeat. But looking at him now, and every moment before and after, she knows she will never be able to help herself, not when he sits there so fraught and tidy, refusing to play. There will be a wrinkle in his sleeve and a wrinkle in his brow, as well as a wrinkle in his words and a wrinkle in his calm, and she will want nothing more than to reach out on every plane and see how much more wrinkled it would get under her touch.

She does enjoy it. She can admit that. But it won’t even be the best part.



She thinks him untouchable, invulnerable, as stalwart as a battle ship heaving out to sea, and it infuriates her, because she can see the wear and tear. From the pier she wonders why he doesn’t.

“May I kiss you?”

So she plays with him, poking and prodding with gentle paws, until it’s a glorious mess: the stillness. The fake tranquility that goes washing over him and seeping out through his pores. His brush stills. His breath stills. His eyes still. And every inch of his control frays under an invisible, indomitable, weight.

Like the cat that got the canary, she bares her teeth at him in—

“Leave me,” he says.


“I beg your pardon?”

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Headcannon for the gang at a pool party?

-Pony refuses to wear a bathing suit or get into the pool bc teen years are Awkward 
-Darry openly sun tans 
-Two-bit pushes Ponyboy into the pool 5 minutes into the party
-Soda claims all of the pool floaties as his own
-Steve fucking cannonballs into the pool and water goes eVERYWHERE 
-Darry is a damn good swimmer and he’s not afraid to show it off
-Johnny mainly stays in the hot tub
-Dally is just there for the birthday cake
-Two-bit has sunglasses on the whole time, even in the water
- Soda keeps eating food in the pool mainly just to piss Darry off
-Steve and Soda nearly drown each other playing chicken fight
-Dally doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s checking out all of the girls in their bathing suits 

A Crime Against Pizza (co-authored with @mshoneysucklepink)

From this prompt:  "Your pizza keeps getting delivered to my house by mistake and I need to talk to you about your choice of toppings AU" by @ashesinyourhair from the @dailyau

Rating: PG (for innuendo)
Summary: Some people are very particular about their pizza.
Warnings: Pineapple on pizza, orgasmic descriptions of pepperoni, egregiously overused italics, general idiocy. Stoner Brett.
~3100 words 


First this happened. Then this happened. Super thanks to @snarkyhag for the awesome beta.

The only saving grace about exam time, Blaine thought, was that somehow it made pizza taste even better. He wasn’t sure if it was some psychosomatic reaction or the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and fat traveling through his bloodstream straight to his brain - but it set off his reward center like nothing else. Except maybe a good orgasm (ideally brought on by something other than his own hand, thankyouverymuch).

The only problem was his roommate. Sam HATED Blaine’s preferred toppings of pineapple and ham, (“it’s fruit on pizza, Blaine, and fruit is healthy, it totally defeats the point of pizza being junk food! It makes it, I don’t know, less junky!”) Which was why he considered himself lucky that Sam had a nighttime photo shoot. Nothing was stopping him.

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marycontrary82  asked:

Zip me, please, for whatever characters you please.

A little more in my WWII resistance AU.

Clarke reached for her revolver when she heard the hammering on the alley door.  Generally the Gestapo didn’t knock, but that sort of pounding rarely meant something good.  The bar was silent and empty as she tiptoed towards the back hallway.  She kept the gun behind her back and opened the door a crack to see Bellamy’s ashen face looking wildly around.

Without thinking she stepped back and pulled him in, slamming the door behind him.  He had his hand pressed to his side, covered in dark red blood.  “They didn’t follow me,” he gasped and leaned heavily back against the door.

Clarke flipped the lock and peeled his hand away from his side.  “Were you shot?”

 “Grazed,” he said through gritted teeth.  “I didn’t know where else to go.”

 “You did the right thing,” she assured him and helped him into the back room.  He settled onto a pallet with a grimace.  She opened the trap door and pulled out a small med kit.  She handed him a bottle of whiskey and grabbed a cheap merlot off the shelf.

 “What’s that for?” he asked as she dumped the bottle out over the trail of blood.  Dark red liquid splattered everywhere, pooling on the floor.  

“Cover,” she explained.  “It’s hard to explain blood on the floor back here, but spilled wine makes sense.  It’s not perfect, but if they don’t look too hard it should work.  That whiskey is for you to drink, by the way.”

 Bellamy lifted it with a shaking hand and took a gulp.  “How bad is this going to hurt?”

 “Probably about as much as getting shot.”  Clarke started slipping his buttons through their holes and eased the shirt down his shoulders.  

 “Buy me a drink first why don’t you,” he laughed wryly. His white undershirt was soaked with blood, but when he peeled it off she found the wound was shallower than she’d feared, simply long and bleeding something fierce.  The rest of his skin was smooth and unmarked, save for another scar across his shoulder.  Some distant part of her brain wondered if they would ever have time to themselves without this war, time where she could touch his chest softly. 

Time where he wouldn’t be bleeding profusely all over a pallet in her storeroom.

 “I’ll have to stitch this, so now’s the time for that drink,” she said and watched his throat muscles bob up and down as he swallowed.  She took the whiskey and poured it on a clean rag and then handed it back.  Bellamy hissed as she swabbed the blood away and took another drink.

 She pulled a candle stub from a higher shelf and lit it, holding the needle above the flame to sterilize it.  “Ready?” she asked him.

 “Not really,” he admitted, but he met her gaze evenly.  He jerked his chin and she began.

 By the time she finished, Bellamy was drunk.  His eyes were glassy and he didn’t seem to realize he had dried blood on his hand when he raised it up, gently brushing her cheek. Clarke smiled at him like he was just another partner in the Resistance even as her heart tumbled inside her chest.   “My apartment’s upstairs— you can sleep on the couch tonight,” she said briskly.

 Bellamy’s eyes dropped to her lips.  “Thanks for patching me up, princess,” he slurred.

 “Try not to get shot next time,” she chided, because they were fighting a war and she couldn’t lose sight of that.  

 But then she reached out and brushed his hair back from his forehead and knew she was already lost.

An Adventure With Peter Parker Pt. I (Peter x reader)

Hello lovies, hope your day is mighty fine. Sorry if this long or short I don’t know what the normal length with be but I hope you enjoy! xx

Description: A series of adventures and stories do you the reader and Peter Parker.

Today:You and Peter went for a swim and things almost happened?¿? Natasha than came in and made everything 100% more awkward and confusing.

Warnings: Slight cursing

It was a quiet evening in the tower. Everyone had been training all day so they could currently be found relaxing by the tv or in their rooms. Except for you and Peter, who both trained with Steve today, along with Nat, Bucky, and Sam.

Not fun.

Peter had asked if you wanted to go for a swim later on to relax and hang out. An offer which you gladly excepted since he was the only Avenger your age at the tower, besides you two had a thing. Nothing even close to anything, but something.

When you went down to the pool you found him there, sitting at the edge of the pool in his swim trunks. You knew he was deep into his head considering he didn’t notice you until your phone fell off the towel you had on a chair to the ground.

“Oh he-hey Y/N” He stuttered quite surprised.

You just smiled as he tinted blush on his cheeks, “ Hey Spiderboy.” He hated being called that so it was expected that he rolled his eyes in return.

Peter was going to complain but choked on words as you took of your oversized NASA shirt, revealing just your black mesh bikini. You felt his eyes on you but you actually felt more confident.

“Peter Parker get some manners.” The playfulness jumping out of your voice as you walked over to him. It took him a second to pull it together.

“I think we should come up with a name for you.” He planted at you.

Giving him a curious look you asked, “What’s wrong with Y/N?” Being it was your given name.

“I just think it’s unfair, I mean you call me Spiderboy, and it’s less fun when you don’t have a nickname.” You didn’t understand his logic but let him try to find a suiting one.

He pondered for a minute as you both sat on the pool edge, your feet dipped in the warm water. When the lightbulb in his eyes got noticeably brighter he started spitting out ideas.

All of them were either cliché or just bad. At some point he started spilling out names already used.


“Latest Star Wars.” You said, informing him of all his sources.


“You mean the greek goddess? No.” Totally out of character, sure she was the goddess of hunting, forest, the hills, and moon, but archery. That’s Clint’s greek mythological character.


“Peter that’s just sad and offensive.”

“She-Devil?” He smirked at that one, in which you took slight offense.

“That’s it im done with this.” You followed that by hoping in the pool but as you swam away something tugged your foot and pull you back.

“Why the hell do you still have that on you? It’s a pool.“ You asked as Peter took his webbing off of your foot.

“I mean for what I just did, you know it’s rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation.” He answered as you rolled your eye at him.

Swimming up to him, you let your arms and chin rest on his legs as he took of his webbing. You really hated that stuff, it was brilliant, but a pain in the ass to get out of.

“I thought when you asked if I wanted to go swimming after training that we’d actually swim.” That’s when he stood up and back up to the pool chairs.

You knew what was coming, suddenly he was running and jumped over your head into the pool. Water flew everywhere as it covered most of the floor around the pool.

Peter and you spent a while playing water games like Marco Pollo, or racing each other. Peter didn’t play fair all the time, being you were a faster swimmer than him.

This time you were tied 7-7 and this was the winning race. Almost to the finish side of the pool with Peter behind you he pulled your ankle back, but this time as you came up for air he was right there looking at you.

Both of your eyes were bloodshot from the chlorine but you just stayed, slightly stunned at your close proximity and his hand on your waist just by your back.

“Peter.” You manage to get in a small voice.

“Yeah Y/N?” He answered back but before you could find or speak any words something hurdling towards you came into your peripheral vision. Plummeting yourself underwater was the first reaction you had.

Then you noticed Peter talking to someone so you popped up like a rabbit. That’s when Nat’s presence was finally noticed.

“I didn’t want you two to get too thirsty with all that swimming so I brought you something to drink.” She said clearly wanting to make the whole situation more uncomfortable.

You looked at Peter and saw the can of Coca-Cola in his hand, identifying it as what you saw in the air.

“Anyways we were planing on watching a movie in a bit, along with ordering pizza. I was gonna see if you wanted to watch, unless I interrupted something?” She added which caused both you and Peter to shake your heads frantically while replying no in unison.

“Ok well we’re starting in half an hour so I guess i’ll see you both there.” With that she left and the both of you just floated there.

“Well um, I’m just going to go take a shower and change…so I guess I’ll meet you, I mean see you there.” You stuttered out.

“Oh uh, yeah yeah I’ll see you there.” He managed to get out.

As both of you climbed out there was a silence the whole time. Both tried not to look at each other but you could feel Peter taking glances as you dried off and put your shirt back on.

You couldn’t breath until you got into the shower, watching the shampoo and soap go down the drain as you rinsed the chlorine out.

Damn Natasha.

Meanwhile with Peter.

He couldn’t believe that just happened, what did happen?

He didn’t even know how you ended up in that situation, one second you were just racing and the next you two were so close. What would’ve happen if Nat hadn’t come in?

“Hey there Underoos.” Tony said coming into the kitchen. Peter jumped as his voice snapped him out of his thoughts of you.

“You ok there buddy? That can isn’t going to open itself you know.” Tony made him nervous, because well he was Tony Stark, his idol. He was always afraid of messing up in front of him.

“Oh yeah, of course sir.” As Peter was about to open the can it suddenly did it itself. Well except it was Wanda as she came into the kitchen.

“Who says it can’t open itself?” She asked Tony. Everyone than came in the kitchen to get either bowls of chips, or popcorn, and their own drinks.

Y/N still hasn’t come down, was all Peter thought as he watched the steps awaiting your entrance. He didn’t realize that Nat saw him doing so. That’s why when you finally came into the room with your hair in a messy bun, shorts and a sweatshirt she made a comment.

“Your Spider-Boy has been waiting for you.” She smirked and you tried not to let the heat rise to your cheeks.

“Leave it alone Nat, he just gets nervous around Tony. Is the pizza here yet?” You asked and as if on queue Steve and Bucky came out of the elevators with boxes of pizza.

Once everyone got food and drinks they sat down and the movie started, you and Peter would make eye contact from across the room once in a while which Nat caught onto. Then at some point you fell asleep.

Steve woke you up at the end credits, now everyone wanted to play UNO.

Old people.

At the end of the game Peter got up and went to the kitchen and when he came back he handed you an ice cream cone from the freezer.

“What’s this for?” You asked, gladly taking it.

“Just accidentally grabbed two and thought you’d like it.” He shrugged and you smiled up at him for the gesture. “Ok well I gotta get home before Aunt May freaks out, bye guys thanks for the pizza.” He said as he turned to leave while eating the ice cream cone.

“Goodnight Peter.” You called as he reached the elevator.

There was a slight smirk in his soft smile, “Goodnight.. Arsenal.”

You couldn’t object since the elevator doors closed and he disappeared. When you turned back to join the second game Sam commented, “Arsenal. I like that.”

You just smiled as you ate the vanilla ice cream cone. “Me too.”


my knees are getting kinda fucked


Murder, Massacre and Mayhem.

Part 4 of: A Lesson In Whores And Baking

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He slammed his fist against Charlie’s front door. It’s warped hinges screeched as it flew open, smashing into the wall with an audible crack. The front room had been tossed, chairs and tables lay broken on their side and the floor was littered with glass, plaster and Maryanne’s cheap china. He moved much more quietly now, the immediate panic had given way to common sense. He saw the deep gashes in the wood. He knew what they meant. He’d made those gashes before.

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Common Ground

Hiya! Your stories are amazing you’re an incredible writer.   I was just wondering if you could write a story about Lynn Gunn that’s smutty where the other person is famous, but total opposite to Lynn so she’s a pop singer.   I don’t know if that’s lame or not was just an idea! Thank You.

I got into this one so it’s a bit longer than usual, hope that’s alright! This was real good to write so I hope you like it, anon. And thanks again for your v kind words. 

Hit me up with any requests & I’ll see what I can do, friends. 

“You’re pairing me with a rock band?” You asked incredulously. You didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but you were kind of freaking out. There was no way your music would translate to that kind of crowd, and you didn’t know if your ego could take the inevitable rejection.
“They’re not a rock band per say. They’re a blend of dark electronic pop, with a few heavier rock elements. The singer is LGBT just like you and the whole band have a really receptive following. I think it could be a great move.” You tried to believe your managers words, he’d never been wrong before. But he’d also never suggested something so risky.
“You think just because we’re both gay that this is worthwhile?” You bit, feeling slightly offended.
“Not at all. You know more than anyone that I don’t believe any of that stuff matters, it’s always been about the music. But if you can appear as a united front, imagine all of the LGBT+ audience members you can reach. There’s no shame in playing to your strengths, and one of yours is that you’re a strong icon for young lesbian women. It’s a fact. And so is Lyndsey, from PVRIS. And think of all the people you could reach on a tour like this, people that you’d otherwise never get the chance to perform to.” You nodded, knowing you’d feel like a dick if you refused at this point. You did want to inspire people and you definitely weren’t ashamed to be out in the music industry. You wanted to help people, and most of all you wanted to create art. And it seemed like this band and Lyndsey had the same vision.

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Don't die on me

Promot 22? With stiles❤️ thanks in advance- Anonymous

#22- “Don’t you die on me”


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There was blood everywhere, pooling around the head of a boy laying ever so still on the ground, moaning in pain and defeat calling out to anyone who might hear. Your heart raced as your feet carried you over to the boy you so desperately wished you could trade places with “Stiles” you croaked out, your voice hoarse and broken as you feel to your knees, gasping his hand in the process “Where does it hurt?” You asked, your hands beginning to shake as they became colored in his blood. He blinked multiple times before he mumbled the word “Head”. Your eyes scanned to the back of his head seeing where the dent was made, blood flowing freely. Your hands carefully tilted his head to the side, examining the wound that looked destructive. You had already called Scott, Melissa and Lydia, all assuring they would be there any second, the police and ambulances on their tales, all you had to do was wait. You had no idea what happened but at this point it didn’t matter, all you knew was that the love of your life was bleeding out on the floor slipping in and out of states of consciousness. His hand, once grasping yours tightly had gone slightly limp. You shook your head in defiance, grasping his hand even tighter and raising it to your heart “C’mon Stiles, you’re stronger than this, I know you are, this is nothing alright?! Don’t die on me” you pleaded, not like he could do much. He gave a meek smile “Alright…But only because you told me not to” he joked, his voice coming out choppy and tired. You too offered a small smile at his attempt to joke around “Good, because you’re gonna be just fine, I promise” you were starting to hear sirens, hope glimmering through your eyes. “Don’t…Don’t make promises you can’t keep” he retaliated, coughing rather harshly, blood trickling down his mouth. Tears began pouring as you wiped the mess from his lips “I promise you Stiles. You are going to be fine. I love you”. His eyes closed as all you could see was a small smile trying to shine on his face “I love you too” and from there it became a blur. You hear feet pounding upstairs and voices screaming out yours and Stiles names, but you were caught up in the moment, all you remember was screaming when paramedics pulled you off of Stiles, lifting him onto a gurney and racing down the stairs. Scott was holding your thrashing body back as you gave up and began sobbing into his arms, falling to the ground and watching the ambulances fading figure. Scott, Lydia and you followed behind the car, rushing out when they stopped at the hospital and running to where they were placing him in ICU. He began immediate surgery, it was taking hours, Melissa could give you guys nothing as you sat in the waiting room, waiting for any news that could be given to you. You couldn’t breathe, you knew you were but you couldn’t feel it, you felt dizzy, almost like you were floating. The three of you waited forever before a doctor finally came out to give us any news that they had “He had severe trauma on the back of his head, we were able to stop the bleeding and keep him stabilized, he’s going to be alright” to be honest you barley heard a word he said, the only thing you were listening for was the phrase “he’s going to be alright”. All three of you gave a sigh of relief as you fell into each other, your shaking body finding a way to calm itself down. It took four days for you or anyone else to be able to see him, and the second his doors were open you were right by his side. Your thumb caressed the back of his hand as you sat next to his hospital bed hearing all the rhythmic sounds of the machines, waiting for him to open his eyes and wake up. “You were right” you heard a groggy voice mumble. Your eyes darted up Stiles, placing your book aside as you rose out of your seat to face him. A wide smile appeared on your lips as you grasped his hand a bit tighter “I’m always right” you replied teasingly, knowing he would expect nothing less. His eyes opened wide as he slowly and carefully rose a bit higher from his bed “I wouldn’t say always” he began, his toothy grin showing face “But I’m glad you were right about this”. His eyes found yours as he beckoned you closer, starting with a kiss on your forehead, nose, cheeks and then lips “I love you” he murmured, wanting to make sure you knew that, wanting to make sure you always knew that. You sighed in content, your forehead resting against his. You pecked his lips once more “I love you too Stiles”.

Start of A New Family (Part 2)

Sorry this took so long to get out! This is more of a filler chapter, but part 3 is started so expect that soon! Hope you guys like it!

Dean pulled up outside of the small white house and got out of his beloved car. Sam followed suit, taking in the broken windows and scratched up door. The brothers looked at each other, both equally wary. This didn’t look good.

“Hellhound?” Dean questioned, stepping onto the sidewalk leading up to your front door. Sam nodded. He took in the damage around your house and shook his head. You had to be pretty shaken up. By the looks of things, whatever went down wasn’t pretty.

“Most likely. I can’t imagine much else making this sort of damage,” he replied. He went to knock on your front door, but the smallest amount of pressure gently nudged it open. Cautiously, he entered your house. “Hello?”

Dean hurried in after his brother, standing beside him in the entrance way.  The whole house was in tatters. There was glass shattered in the carpet and the couch was overturned in the living room. A trail of blood lead into the kitchen, where the brothers could only assume that your mother was.

“I’ll go check out the kitchen and see what happened. You look for the kid,” Dean looked toward his brother who nodded. He then walked toward the kitchen, following the blood trail that got thicker the closer he came. The scene he walked into was grotesque. Gruesome. He could even say disgusting. There were strips and chunks of flesh everywhere, pools of blood covered the whole floor. Dean sighed. He felt for you, having to see the only family you had ever known resorted to this. Eyes wandering, the eldest Winchester shook his head. Man, did he have alot to clean up.

Meanwhile, Sam hurriedly walked up the steps looking for any sign of you. All the doors were shut, and you were most likely terrified. Hell, any kid would be after seeing what you had. Sam was messed up after seeing Dean torn to shreds, and he was and adult. He couldn’t imagine being a kid and seeing your mother end up like that. He was worried. Not only was he dealing with a most likely traumatized teenager, he was dealing with his sister. A sister, who he didn’t know existed until a few hours ago. A sister, who probably didn’t trust them and was probably scared out of her mind while two strange men walked around her house.

“(Y/N)? Are you still here?” Sam looked around for any sign of you. He found nothing. Although your house was small, he was starting to figure finding you was going to be harder than expected. A muffled voice came from somewhere in the hallway.

“Who are you? I have a gun,” the voice was small and weak, making Sam hurt for you.

“Hey sweetheart, I’m Sam. Sam Winchester. I’m here to help you okay? My brother and I are going to get you out of here okay? But first you need to show me where you are, okay?” the far door on the left opened slightly, and puffy (Y/E/C) eyes peeked out at him.

“How do I know you aren’t lying?”

“I guess you’re going to have to trust me on that,” Sam gave you a patient smile. The door opened the whole way and Sam’s eyes scanned you for any injuries and drank in your appearance. Your clothes were completely bloodied, some of your (Y/H/C) hair matted down with blood. You had obviously been crying, but you tried to look composed as you clutched a duffle bag in your hand. Sam gave you a soft smile.

“Let’s get you out of here,” he lead you down the stairs where Dean was waiting by the door. At the sight of Dean you hovered a little closer to Sam. The elder Winchester rubbed you the wrong way for some reason. While Sam seemed more kind and empathetic, Dean just seemed very gruff and out of place.

“Well, are we going or not?” Dean growled, making you wince a little. Sam sent his brother a warning glance and smiled at you apologetically. The three of you headed out to the impala, and off to a motel. You quickly showered and fell asleep in one of the beds while the brothers argued quietly. What were they going to do with you?

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Fic Recs: Illustration for Warning: Emergency Pull Tab by ikeracity​:

Knocking a guy over with an inflatable pool and nearly giving him a concussion is probably not the best flirting technique in the world, but if there’s anyone who can pull it off, it’s Charles.

Comments: This is the closest that a written work will ever make you feel like you’re watching a colourful, extremely vivid, high quality animation without actually watching an animation. IT’S IMPOSSIBLY BRILLIANT. MY GOD. Situationally hilarious, and so freaking fluffy and cute I actually want to pet it. 

A Matter of Cereal or Death

A/N: Thank you to the Anon who prompted me to write this, I hope I’ve done what you expected! P.S. The dream bit is the weirdest thing I have ever written…

Title: A Matter of Cereal or Death

Warnings: Gory nightmare descriptions, character death (but not…)

Description: Dan has a nightmare about Five Nights at Freddy’s in which Phil dies and believes it’s true when he wakes up home alone.

Word Count: 1795


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The Honey House  Chapter 1

Supply Run

The halfers were everywhere. Pooling out of doors along the corridor and tumbling down a flight of stairs to the sickening ping of bones cracking against metal. From the outside the pharmaceutical building had seemed secure. Rae supposed it really was secure, everything locked up tight, a dark maze filled with hungry little mice and she was the cheese.

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Let us please take a minute to appreciate the fact that after Dean and Castiel finally make their love official and are in an established relationship that Dean will find any and every opportunity to fuck him senseless. 

In the backseat of the Impala, on the hood of the Impala, a quickie in the bathroom stall at one of the diners they stop at, in all of their crappy motel rooms, in all of the showers with sucky water pressure in said crappy motel rooms, etc.

Just think about Dean and Cas fucking each other stupid at every possible chance they get because holy shit, they’ve got years of pent up sexual tension to resolve and they’re going to account for every second of it.