Projector Digitally Aligns Your Billiard Shots in Real Time

A team of students from the University of the Algarve in Portugal designed a projector, called PoolLiveAid, that creates real-time light predictions of billiard shots — sort of like a “digital cheat code” for pool. The projector hangs above the table and analyzes the position of the billiard ball, then detects lines that correspond to it in relation to the cue, which it shines onto the table.


Esto es la tecnología, es sorprendente, que tal uno de estos para aprender a jugar Pool?



Ever played pool? Sometimes, getting the right angles can be quite difficult. Have you been beaten by someone who seems to have an almost computer like ability to work out physics and geometry? The PoolLiveAid, a special project by Luís Sousa, Ricardo Alves, and J.M.F. Rodigues of the University of Algarve in Portugal.

It is currently in a development stage, but as the video shows, PoolLiveAid has the ability to take the mathematics out of playing pool. Designed more as a training tool than something for use in pool halls, it works out where the balls will go based on the current angle of the cue.

PoolLiveAid has the ability to calculate the path of multiple balls, leading to the possibly of you sinking multiple balls with one shot.