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I have a question.. or more like 2-3 - Based on Poolio and The Talk, I can assume that Ciel was a romantic when it came to Alois, however, he acts like himself when he's with Sebastian.. is this good? And I've been wanting to know for a while that if Ciel loved Alois more (romantically of course) when they were together than he currently loves Sebastian.

the thing about alois and ciel is that a lot of their relationship is clouded with worry, fear, pity and guilt. this is all because of alois being a victim of abuse and ciel desperately trying to save his first love from any harm. sadly at such a young age of 15-17, i think a kid would confuse one of these emotions for something much deeper. ciel lived in complete anguish when he was apart from alois merely because he thought the babe would be beaten to death. in a way the two grew to become dependent on one another (and they still are to this day), and we all know that aint good for a relationship.

i think the connection with sebastian is far more real, more natural, and loads healthier. sebastian is older, more put-together, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and he seriously from the bottom of his heart wants the best for ciel. they give and take and argue and make up and communicate. whereas with alois it was way serious. ciel never once fought with him, never laid a finger on him, never purposely hurt him - all out of fear and pity and guilt. alois is so so fragile to ciel even in their current state alois is like this pristine glass figure that’s delicate and priceless and deserves the best in the world - but it’s something he can only try and protect now instead of possess. 

so did ciel love alois more? maybe at that time. but it was only due to the ignorance of youth, teenage obsession, the instinct to protect, and the complete emotional overhaul you experience when you meet your first love. other than that i can safely say that ciel is so deep in love with sebastian that it’s the most powerful connection he’s ever felt.

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Hello robo! first of all,thank you Poolio was wonderfull. but I have a few questions about it. First, if Ciel didn't have his accident would he stay with Alois and if yes, if he had met Sebastien later, without a trauma, and being happy with Alois would he have gone to sebastian? Because I'm a little confused there. the way I see it Sebastian is like a medicine to Ciel trauma and Alois would be better for him? is that it? please keep making good stories! I'll always follow as your anonymous fan

okay i’ll just tell you the big fucking plotpoint that everyone asks about.

ciel broke up with alois to prevent him from coming into contact with the male who ended up almost murdering him. so you can say ciel kind of took the bullet to save his one true love. alois has no clue about any of this.

if ciel were to meet sebastian while he was dating alois - no, absolutely not. he would never go to any single person other than alois. 

in ciel’s current state sebastian is more than just medicine, he is a cure. he loves unconditionally and (in later chapters) pulls ciel out of his morose state of mind which no other person could ever do. is this bad or good? stay tuned on the next episode of - the body shoppe.


Bruce Aylward: How we’ll stop polio for good

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I could barley breathe when reading “Poolio” because it was so perfect (just like Ciel and Alois) and so artfully written!!! I hope you know how much your writings mean to me and all of your other fans, because they are light in an otherwise dim world! Kinda a weird question, but how often do they reflect back on their first time? Is it a painful memory for them or a happy one? Do they regret anything about it? Also, it was so cute how Alois had been wanting to date Ciel for months! Thank you!

i just replied to your ao3 comment too, hime - i cant thank you enough for taking the time to write such long reviews!  
i think theyve had so much sex that they probably dont reflect on their first time that much as there are sooooo many other crazy things they did you know. they both get ripped back into that hot summer night whenever the word pool is mentioned im sure.

it’s always happy, every memory of them making love is always always a good one.

the only regret they both have is not doing it sooner

yeah alois had just moved into town and when he saw ciel he was mad crushing on that bitch like damn boy pick your jaw up from the floor. nah he was cute about it, super blushy and hiding behind lockers when ciel walked through the halls like fucking mr popular. tripping as he walked to class because he caught a glimpse of him, writing ciel’s name on his notebook, looking away all fast when their eyes met and feeling like his heart was about to burst. 

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robo. robo robo robo. i'm in love with you. i'm the girl who requested a do-whatever-you-want cielois oneshot once upon a time. and ugh UGH ugh i'm so in love with poolio. I love it I love you I love Alois Trancy i am so happy thank you thank you robo.

s-stop with the flattery just kidding i love it, thank you for reading!

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I cant read the other half of the sex scene in poolio because i keep freaking imagining how badly Alois is scraping his knees D: please tell me something was under him so i can read it in peace.

it’s the ground he’s not on a bed of nails dude. sometimes you get banged up when you get banged, it’s part of the fun.

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IM A MESS RIGHT NOW WHYD YOU HAVE TO WRITE THAT LAST LINE OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU BUT THAT WRECKED ME SO BAD you're perfect oh my god and I hate you for being perfect xD

i always go in for the last-line-zinger it’s a robovacation seal of authenticity you should know that by now

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haha thank you. it kind of puts it into perspective how stupid and fleeting and meaningless teenage love can be doesnt it.

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So Poolio. Wow. Woooowowow. To me Alois is like the ultimate power bottom, but during their relationship Alois & Ciel never once wanted to switch it up??

alois is so dedicated to ciel’s dick it’s not even funny. ciel knows how to work him and he only got better each time, so alois never once wanted to switch it up. the kid is in love with being sensually fucked and we all know that’s ciel’s primary profession.

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Yas fuck that guy. Also I feel a sense of sadness for Poolio because it's set in the past and they were so in love. I can see why Ciel would always be protective of Alois in TBS and it's sad to see them not together when Ciel promised subliminally.

everything about alois is sad my poor baby god his little broken heart why do i do it why

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Fucking perfection, wish I could give more than just one kudos to that prompt and all of your other works

god fuck, thank you man this makes me so happy