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i created a spotify specifically for the playlists for the gtaverse from my 8tracks. here’s the links to the playlists i have so far if you want to check them out!!

guns for hands [fahc]

man of gold [fahc!gavin]

behind the mask [fahc!ryan]

girl power [fahc!jack]

too cute for words [sean poole]

i’ll run to you [killems]


  ↳ elyse willems

“i’m in the business of misery, let’s take it from the top!”

“ elyse, she’s fun. other gangs, they see her, they think she’s just a pretty face, they think she ain’t good for nothing but decoration. and they’re right; when she decorates the walls with their blood and brains, it’s real pretty, the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. elyse, she brings the party. ”

things to look forward / things that happened in the season 3 trailer

•clace is rising

•alec and magnus go back to the hunters moon

•alec and magnus play pool again at the hunters moon (they were holding pool cues!!)

•alec is clearly gonna worry about magnus

•magnus’ new look (THAT BANE HAWK™!!)

•really everyone’s new look

•plus alec’s new shirt/wardrobe?!?

•more alec being in charge/being the powerful leader of the NY institute

•izzy being the new weapons master at the NY institute

•more showing magnus as a powerful warlock in action

•alec ‘adopting’ more of magnus’ traits

•malec cooking scene at some point

•possible malec rain kiss?? (it’s been hinted at)

•possible malec training scene !! (also been hinted at)

•maybe even the rest of the malec tokyo flash back (been hinted at as well)

•just malec in general

•mia gets a bigger role

•mia also gets a better relationship w the other female shadow hunters

•jordan will be introduced, but will be different then in the books

•more clalec brotp

•luke gets a new love interest

•apparently more stunts (!!)



for those of you funhaus fans who have never watched inside gaming, heres a compilation of some of the best moments


DaisyHouse Targaryen … passion, extraordinariness, vehemence

CoulsonHouse Tully … honor, earnestness, vigilance

JemmaHouse Stark loyalty, uprightness, innocence

FitzHouse Lannister prowess, selectiveness, arrogance

MayHouse Mormont fortitude, steadfastness, deference

MackHouse Dayne courage, worthiness, militance

ElenaHouse Martell intensity, brazenness, radiance

WardHouse Bolton manipulation, mercilessness, violence

BobbiHouse Tyrell ambition, artfulness, elegance

TripHouse Reed integrity, staunchness, allegiance

Rainafaith of R'hllor belief, uncanniness, prescience

LincolnHouse Greyjoy exile, impetuousness, overconfidence

KaraHouse Poole melancholy, usedness, semblance

HunterHouse Hunter okay this one just is

RosalindHouse Hightower hauteur, shrewdness, nurturance

RobbieHouse Uller impulse, ferociousness, disturbance

(redux + elaboration)

13: Adrenaline

Request by @andhiseyesweregreen: Congrats on 4000 babe!!   My number is 13 and my sentence is “We push and pull like a magnet do.” 💗💗

Word Count: 1045

A/N: I changed the sentence a little just so I could work it in easier. I love Ed Sheeran, but the grammar in that sentence just doesn’t for anything other than a lyric. Also, Shape of You has a completely opposite feeling from Adrenaline, so this was super interesting to figure out :) And for this one I put it in season 11/12ish, but I’m still in denial that Ellen and Jo are really gone, so it’s kind of an AU because they’re definitely not dead! (The Roadhouse never burned down, Ash still sleeps on the pool tables, and hunters still stop by there all the time dammit!)

A/N.2: I just found out that this song features Trevor McNevan, who is the lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch who is, like, one of my favorite bands? WHAT? How did I now know this? Two of my favorite bands have a song together and I’ve listened to it countless times, but I couldn’t figure it out? WHAT??

Version en Español: Adrenalina

Song 13: Adrenaline by Nine Lashes

Ever since you met Sam Winchester, your life seemed to shift and it was like you couldn’t quite breathe right. The edges of each moment never quite aligned, and nothing you did seemed to get the pieces to lock into place.

You managed to escape from your family’s unglorified business of hunting monsters and killing the things that go bump in the night to study law at Stanford. Well, pre-law. You never quite made it into law school. Your brother ruined those plans when he got himself bitten by a vampire and your dad dragged you away from school to help hunt down your sibling and cut off his head.

But those few years as an undergrad in California had been like a dream. You met your first boyfriend during the first week as a freshman. Then, the next semester you met Sam in one of your classes. He had been single then, but you were still unavailable. By the time you wised up to your feelings for him and broke up with your boyfriend, he’d found Jess. And he was so happy that you couldn’t be a homewrecker. Then Jess died, Sam disappeared, and your father showed up a week later.

Those dream years at college just served to show you that you really were a hunter. You could pretend to be lawyer material all you liked, but your life wasn’t meant to be simple or serene. So you resumed hunting with your father.

Since then, you’d run into Sam Winchester a few times. Always when you had to get an early start the next day in order to meet your father for another hunt in a different state. So you only got to have a few drinks with Sam before calling it a night. Other times, he was the one who had to run. The business conference or meeting he’d been in town for was over and he had to catch an early flight the next day.

But you always seemed to find your way back together, if only for a few hours.

“Sam Winchester as I live and breathe,” you said, announcing your presence with a smile. He spun around in the barstool and a wide grin broke across his face.

“Y/N!” He unfolded his large body from the stool and gathered you into his arms, crushing you to his perfectly toned chest.

Laughing lightly, you wrapped your arms around him as well, enjoying the way his muscles moved under your arms. He may be a businessman who got lost, but he definitely could fit right in here at this typical hunter bar. “It’s been a few years. What the hell are you doing in an old dive bar in Nebraska?”

“What are you doing in an old dive bar in Nebraska?” He asked cautiously.

You glanced around the Roadhouse and tried to fit the pieces of this puzzle together. You knew that there was a simple explanation for this, but you didn’t want to believe it. You wanted to believe that Sam had a normal life. It was the only way for you to keep one toe in the simple, nine to five life you’d often imagined as a child.

“Sammy!” A man with a jawbone that could cut glass came sauntering over. “Ellen got us a case down in Florida. Whadaya think? Kill some monsters, hit the beach, hit on hot chicks in bikinis on the beach?”

Sam let out a sound between a sigh and a grunt and turned to you. “Y/N, this is my brother Dean. Dean, my friend from Stanford.”

A case? Kill some monsters?

“My God, we’re idiots,” you said, eliciting a raised eyebrow from Dean and a cocked head from Sam. Shaking your head quickly to clear it, you stretched out your hand to shake Dean’s. “Sorry. I mean it’s really nice to meet you, Dean. I’m Y/N and I just came from a hunt in Arizona that turned out to be some ancient spirit from central Africa.”

Slowly, you slid your eyes from Dean over to Sam, meeting his wide-eyed stare as he finished the puzzle in his mind. “Wait, you’re telling me that—“

“We’ve both been hiding that we’re hunters for years? Yeah.”

“So when you said you had to go get your dad out of a hairy situation three years ago—“

“Werewolf. And you weren’t kidding when you said you just got out of a meeting with the devil himself?”

At that, Sam laughed. “Not at all. And when I said I had to go run and make a deal with a demon or my boss would fire me…”

“My God, I am such an idiot. You weren’t even trying to hide it.”

Again, he laughed and even though over a decade had passed since you first started crushing on him, you still found your heart doing somersaults.

While Dean subtly excused himself and you and Sam sat down to catch up on the unabridged versions of your lives, you couldn’t stop your mind from wandering. You and Sam push and pull like magnets do. Together, but never touching. Apart, but always on your mind. And there was always something in your way, some unseen force holding you back.

But there was nothing right now. Just the two of you. The both of you were confident in who you were. As you learned more about him, you could see your own past as a mirror image of his. Doubting if hunting was really the life for you. Wanting to make the world a better place by practicing law. Trying to get out. But then figuring out that this was where you belonged. The unspoken heroes.

Blood pounded through your veins as you built up the courage to say what you wanted. It was now or never. Time to take the chance.

“So, Sam. I have this hunt in Oregon. I was gonna ask Jo to be backup, but maybe… maybe you can come. It’ll be like old times. Late night study sessions in the library. Just higher stakes. More blood.”

He glanced over at his brother for a second, considering his options. Then a soft smile tweaked at his lips and you knew that you’d won. “When do we leave?”

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