Poetry is habit forming
and a gateway chemical
stronger than any drug
I’ve ever taken

Cut me off:
had too many radioactive
words growing inside
my barrier reef

tell me
can I
get some
relief from revealment
tell me
can I
get some
impossible dreams happening
tell me
can I
get some
ocean water in my lungs
tell me
can I
get some
beats coursing through the
walls of this indoor pool

chill me in the refrigerator
like you would a craft beer
in America,
because we don’t take it warm

let me know when the dogs are out
so I can run wild with the other
domesticated wolves

chicken shit
spread on the coop
because we’re not cooped up anymore

celebrating the end of celibate times
relevant rhymes irrelevant words
for the hell of it curse
for the rest of the curve,
I stop and listen to them
and nod in agreement
so I could be a part of the herd