See, that’s the thing with you fleshsacks!  You think I can just clap my hands and SHAZAM, a perfectly suitable vessel complete with two eyes and shaven back hair.  But trust me, haha, it’s not that easy!

Possession is a two-sided job! Sure, I might be able to con my way through it, but unless the other sap plays into that handshake, I’m stuck. 

And trust me, I know exactly what you’re gonna say: “But Bill! Why don’t you just go possess a dead guy?” Well, sure, bein’ a zombie sounds like a walk in the gravestone-filled park, but when’s the last time you’ve ever seen a corpse give a fully conscious handshake?  And don’t say that guy from The Sixth Sense, ‘cause that doesn’t count!

Point is, I’m pretty limited when it comes to getting “my own body,” cause there’s always gonna be that pesky little leftover spirit.  Plus, I gotta deal with whatever issues the body itself is dealing with–which, in Pine Tree’s case, was a heck'f a lot more than I bargained for!

And as for Poolcheck, ha, I see where you’re coming from, kid!  Got a decent build, good stamina…a bit too sunburnt for my taste, but hey, you can’t get picky.

But when it comes to possession, believe me! I know the handshake just wouldn’t work out.

…For a number of reasons.

So I realized that Weirdmageddon Part 3 has ties to every episode

Sorry, some of these are fairly loosely done. Warning, there’s a lot of “They still have this character” sorry. Seriously, upon finishing this, some of these just kind of suck. But they still all tie to the finale

Tourist Trapped - The Gnomes show up. The series starts and ends with Dipper narrating. Dipper gets a new hat in the first episode, the one with the Pine Tree, and the last, Wendy’s

The Legend of the Gobblewonker - The Gobblewonker is part of the robot. Also McGucket uses his beard to operate a stick shift in both episodes

Headhunters - Wax Larry King’s head is back, fascinating

The Hand That Rocks the Mabel - Gideon being cute, in the finale he says he’s tied of being cute

The Inconveniencing - They finally turn 13, something Dipper lied to Wendy to get in with her group

Dipper vs. Manliness -  Manotaur comes back

Double Dipper - Grenda, Candy and Pacifica come back again. Clones 3 & 4 are also in the credits

Irrational Treasure - Quintin P. Trembley appears in the end credits

The Time Traveler’s Pig - Waddles. Also Dipper grabbing the bag of ice to help Wendy’s black eye could foreshadow her place on the Bill Cipher Wheel

Fight Fighters - Rumble McSkirmish is there to help fight

Little Dipper - The Growth/Shrink Ray is used against Bill

Summerween - Mabel brings this up when trying to restore Stan’s memory

Boss Mabel - In both episodes there’s a sign displayed that says “Under New Management.” They also aired two years apart to the day

Bottomless Pit! - In Dipper’s story “Voice Over” McGucket refers to himself as a “part time inventor” in the finale, he makes millions with patents on his inventions and buys the Northwest Manor

The Deep End - Mr. Poolcheck makes a reappearance outside of Buzz’s Autobarn

Carpet Diem - Though not exactly the same way, both features a pair of twins switching places. In Carpet Diem Experiment 78 causes Dipper and Mabel (among several others) to switch bodies. In the finale, Stan and Ford dress up as each other so Bill will go into Stan’s mind

Boyz Crazy - Sev’ral Times is shown in the finale

Land Before Swine - A dinosaur makes up one of the robot’s arms

Dreamscaperers - Stan says he’s surprised Bill doesn’t remember his mind, a reference to when Bill entered it in this episode

Gideon Rises - Stan and Ford reenact the pose where Mabel holds onto Dipper and saves their lives. Main difference is they’re going up

Scary-oke - Zombies appear in the cemetery

Into the Bunker - Weirdmageddon is possibly what the author (Ford) planned to hide in that bunker for as long as he could

The Golf War -  There’s at least one Lilliputtian in the shack during the finale

Sock Opera - In Sock Opera Bill says “I have big plans.” Meaning he planned Weirdmageddon, and subsequently needs Dipper kept in the dark as much as possible to help his plans.

Soos and the Real Girl - Melody comes back when they show Soos running the shack

Little Gift Shop of Horrors - In both episodes Grenda is given highly dangerous technology. In Little Gift Shop of Horrors, story “Abaconings” she is given a jetpack Waddles made. In the finale, she is given a glove that controls a very large fist. Both dangerous, both hilarious.

Society of the Blind Eye - The Memory Erasing Gun comes back

Blendin’s Game - In this episode Stan hired Soos. In the finale, Soos became the manager

The Love God - Robbie’s parents make a reappearance

Northwest Mansion Mystery - Marius also appears in the end credits

Not What He Seems - Ford joined the main cast in this episode, in addition, the portal being used in this episode is what caused the rift that allowed Weirdmageddon to happen

A Tale of Two Stans - The ships Stan and Ford are on now is dubbed “The Stan O’ War II” a reference to the “Stan O’ War” from this episode

Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons - In both episodes Ford needs to be saved

The Stanchurian Candidate - Mayor Befufftlefumpter comes back as a zombie in the finale

The Last Mabelcorn - The hair protects the main body of the robot

Roadside Attraction - In both episodes, Stan rips on himself. In Roadside Attraction, he’s talking about how his way of flirting stinks. In the finale though, he talks about he never used his mind for anything good. Stan also jokes about him being an amnesiac, oh the foreshadowing

Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future - This episode kind of caused the Weirdmageddon, so… yeah I’m counting that

Weirdmageddon Part 1 - Gideon’s punishment is showed in the finale

Weirdmageddon 2: Escape from Reality - There’s still all of the people shown from the end here. Dipper also said that he wouldn’t go with Ford in this episode, he returns home with Mabel in the finale

That’s it. The finale has a tie to all other 39 episodes.
If you want me to add anything, please feel free to message me

With Love, from the Spooky Part of the Forest

[Part One because I have no self-control and I swear this was meant to be a one-shot]

Wirt had been called a lot of things. Some positive, some negative. Pilgrim, wanderer, that-guy-over-there, and, most recently-


Wirt felt his eyebrows fly up in surprise and confusion. “Whoa, what? No, no, you- you guys have the wrong idea. I mean, I’m not a king. Or royalty, really. I’m just… I’m just a guy, really.”

The tiny man shook his head and laughed, flapping his hand at him. “No way, José, I know a gnome when I see one. And you! Look at you!” Wirt took a moment to glance over his appearance. Gnome was definitely not what he had been going for, but he supposed it could be a bit subjective. “You’re a mega gnome! A god among common men! A king! Am I right, fellas?”

The (dozens? Hundreds?) of the bearded guys cheered and chanted.

“Mega gnome?” he asked quietly, his voice drowning in the countless others.

Wirt had seen some crazy things since accepting his fate as a permanent wanderer of the woods, so these guys weren’t the strangest. They were certainly the first to think he was their ruler, though.

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head cannon that wendy is really athletic. She’s obviously capable of physical feats such as in into the bunker, plus she’s tall. She also probably knows how to swim really well since she was head lifeguard, unless poolcheck hires unable employees, which i think it’s safe to assume he doesn’t. she’s probably even on a swim or dive team. I think she plays volleyball in the fall and basketball in the winter, she’s tall and skinny and just seems like a girl who would be super sporty.

After seeing Wendy totally wail on Gideon last episode, I’m wondering now if there are going to be any other character interactions that we haven’t seen much of in the series during Weirdmageddon while Dipper, Wendy and Soos rescue Mabel.

Like, what if Grunkle Stan runs away from Gompers and bumps into Pacifica, and he’s forced to save her from monsters.

Or, what if Robbie, still trying to avoid getting captured, runs into Manly Dan, someone who probably doesn’t approve much of him at all.

Or… even better… Toby Determined somehow gets saved by Mr. Poolcheck and they form a team along with… TAD STRANGE.

…OK, maybe that’s going too far. Still, I for one would love to see Candy and Grenda team up with Sheriff Blubs and Tyler to get Durland back. That would be sweet.

Anyone else have ideas for Gravity Falls unexpected team ups for the Oddpocalypse?


Note: A drabble - someone on the Parapines tag wanted one. I’ll fix formatting later. :)

“It’s freezing, Dipper.”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Dipper sneezed, grinning widely. It was harder to stay afloat with his arms crossed than he’d originally thought. “Water’s great.”

Norman looked at him doubtfully. He exhaled slowly and scanned around them again. “Poolcheck will kill us if he sees this. We’ll die. We’ll be dead.”

I’ll be dead, you’re a tourist,” Dipper reasoned. “And it’s fine if I’m dead, right? It’s fine. You’re fine.”

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Heiress out of Place

The Drawing Room was where a the masters of the house and a guest or two could withdraw from other distractions or company.  Her father used it for a number of business negotiations.  Natalie, not so much.  Just now, she supposed.

What else was she supposed to do when her bedroom, her sanctuary, was being slept in by a toad of a man- a belching drunk who had wandered in?  Natalie yelped when she saw the monster stretched on her bed and ran down to find Jesús to eject the man, but he had left suddenly with her father for some kind of midnight fishing trip.  Left, with the St. Patrick’s Day party in full swing…

It was highly unusual, or at least it should have been- Parsifal making a rash decision like that, especially one to engage in such a bizarre activity.  But it was becoming more and more common place.  More off the cuff adventures, more frivolous with the Northwest fortune, even once creating a shower of cash and subsequent riot in the Poolcheck Grocery.  Natalie hated to admit it, but she was worried about him.  He just didn’t seem like the man he used to be…

And now…there was a drunk in her bed…and Parsifal, Yukon and Jesús, the men had always protected her, were gone, and Ricky had locked herself in the drawing room, breathing heavily to herself.

She wasn’t sure when she feel asleep, but the sun shining in her eyes woke her up.  She was stiff from leaning against the wall, and her back hurt a little.  Was it morning already?  She hoped the rowdy guests had had the presence of mind to leave or at least had been escorted out.  And this was why the common folk were never invited to Northwest Fest.  She was a little stung that no one had thought to come looking for her…

He stepped out into the hallway, then screamed, and ran back in.

It was all wrong!

The floor, the wall paper, the pictures on the walls, they were all wrong!

It was as if someone had come in the night and changed everything!

…Had they?  How wild had that party gotten, anyhow?