Snuggle Pool

@egobangin-in-the-house-tonight (You magnificent creature)

So I was thinking about the amazing Ghoul Grumps AU, and I was thinking about how Danny and Suzy both loose their legs when they all creature. Then I started just thinking about them cuddling and being adorable and I remembered how some snakes like to lay in water and then I wrote a drabble/fic thing (it’s egoflapbang sorta)….

Arin wanted to snuggle. Like now. He needed it and Momo and Mochi were not cooperating. He gave them both a sour look before standing from the couch, stretching, and wandering off to find Suzy. His snake queen would defiantly cuddle with him. He searched high and low around the house calling her name, going from room to room until finally coming to the last door in their house.
Of course.

He opened the door slowly peering in and smiling at the sight before him. Suzy and Dan were fast asleep, curled up tight together, their tails intertwined with Dan lying half on his side and Suzy using his chest as a pillow. They were lying in the special super-sized most adorable kiddie pool Arin had been able to find. It was pink with cute little smiley bunnies on it. They’d gotten the pool for Danny in hopes of having a better swimming option for their fishy friend. Bath tubs just weren’t large enough, the ocean was out, and public pools made Danny uncomfortable with the way others would stare at him. (Arin always tried to puff up his chest and scare them off but it rarely worked.) The water was deep enough to have Danny submerged enough to be happy, but shallow enough that Suzy head stayed dry.

He stepped into the room being careful of the pool and edged his way over to the spot near were their heads rested before sitting down and watching them both fondly. He wanted to join them, but after several failed attempts he’d learned the kiddie pool just wasn’t made for him. His claws had a tendency to pop the linear, and though duck-tape had managed to keep the pool going he figured there was only so much duck-tape they could put on it before it wouldn’t hold air anymore. So he sat outside the pool reaching out and petting the two curled together in the pool before laying down with his back to the pool keeping watch and waiting for the ones he loved most to wake up.

He’d force them to cuddle with him later.