Pool Shark Nicknames

Last week I said I’d call myself “Rancho DeMamp” when I became a pool shark, but the name hasn’t grown on me like I’d hoped.  If I’m going to get it tattooed across my knuckles, it’s got to be forever.

Here are some other ones I’m messing with:

  • Adam “The Pool Shark” DeMamp
  • Adam “The Lifeguard” DeMamp (runs pool)
  • Pool Jaws
  • The Cucamonga Leaner (when I hit every shot with a calculated lean)
  • The Big Stick (self explanatory)
  • Pool Master & Commander
  • Solid Stripes (play on Stars-n-Stripes, go with the Patriot theme)
  • The House (always wins)
  • Adam “Ball Breaker” DeMamp (simple, effective)
  • Scratch Adams

Figure I’ll play some games, make some scores, separate some marks from their cash, and then the right name will come to me in a dream like Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.

What do you guys think?