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Making Tsukki suffer via extended family is pretty much The Reason to ship Akiteru and Saeko (also let’s face it, Noya is basically an honorary Tanaka-sibling). And hey won’t you just look at that, all my favorite garbage in one picture. Amazing.


here are the anime trash cards i made! 

i don’t even know wtf “‘hon hon my baguette” is supposed to mean i just thought of it and threw shit together

happy v-day my children and have fun weaboo-ing ur valentine’s up

When people say they are Hardenshipping Trash

This is what I think of, every time.

Skam season 3 but Blue Neighbourhood is the soundtrack

how to get over episode 9:

1. nope. you can’t

The House of Beasts, Part 2

Part 2! Like I said, updates may be a little slow, but at least I have all my main ideas and plot points in mind, so it should move along pretty easily. Thanks for all the love!

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2393 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  

Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 2: Coffees

“I think this is the part where you thank me for saving your ass,” the man said, leaning against the white brick wall. “I’ll wait for you to take your time drooling, though. I know I’m dreamy.”

Blood flushed my cheeks. “Prick. I was going to thank you but I guess not.” I pivoted on my heel to walk away, but he simply kept following.

“Don’t walk away, darling. I was just being funny,” he continued, but my footsteps didn’t relent. The pool was trashed, as it always was around this time of the night for a party, beer cans mixing in with all the dead leaves and brush that had been swept into it. His footsteps rang out against the cement as he relentlessly trailed me to the patio, blabbering on the whole time how he just wanted to talk to me, when I plunked myself on a chair.

“Sit. Talk. Then leave. I’m really not in the mood right now.”

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Neighbors from Hell.

It was back in.. 95-97 ish times.

The pool, water and pump were about $6500 to replace.

The roof was about $7k. The neighbor used his brother in law to do the work while my father supervised.

The deck was just replacing the surface boards. My father liked the spacing to be tight. So the frame work didn’t suffer too much damage. About $1k for lumber.

My father used his old neighbor and my mother’s cousin to do the body work on the vehicles. I think it was about $3000 total for the vehicles.

The house painting was done by my neighbor’s company. My dad figured it took him $700 to $900 worth of paint and scaffold renting to do it himself. So the company would be a bit cheaper.

It was suggested by two people to post my story here. So, I’m sharing :)

The question asked was “Redditors who have had ‘neighbors from hell’, what happened?”

I took care of it. I was 14. My neighbors and I would always feud. I’d get in physical fights with all of their kids. They ranged from a juice pig failed out cop turned security at 21, a 16 year old drug abusing loser, a 14 year old know it all and a 12 year old who had a crush on my sister. They were all pigs. Always leaving trash to blow freely in their yard. Never taking their shoes in the house. Parking on our lawn. Shoveling their gravel filled snow in to our lawn. Etc.

I was smaller than the 12 year old by a few inches. So I was an easy target. I think the whole thing started over street hockey. I scored on the 14 year old brother and they said I cheated.

The 16 year old and 14 year old got a good idea in their head one day. Jump me while I was walking back home from uptown and make me eat grass while working on my kidneys. When I stood up, they threw me in to a rose bush. I ended up getting bit by a few wasps. I ended up at the hospital. Nothing too serious. Just a few scars. Had to have a thorn removed from my eye. Blah blah blah.

So I got in to their shed and removed the nut that holds the front tire to the bike. The 16 year old did a wheelie and nothing happened. The 14 year old jumped a ramp and the front wheel came off. He went to the hospital. I thought it was finished after that.

My parents had left with my sister to go to a hockey tournament. The neighbors thought I went with them. Their parents were also leaving for a week for vacation. The night their parents left for vacation, they threw food coloring, rocks, broken bottles, boxes of street chalk and bags of flour in to our pool. The oldest brother then drove them off somewhere for the week.

Instead of vandalizing my neighbor’s house in retaliation, I vandalized my own even more. I threw eggs, wet paper, and flour at my house and up on the roof. I threw hair spray soaked lunch meat on the truck, van and jeep. And I let the air out of all the tires. I made sure I did it all from angles that would be from their property for the majority of the attack. I used their shoes to muck through my mother’s garden to get to the driveway.

And then it rained. The flour turned to dough. The eggs rotted. The paper turned in to a glue. Then the sun baked it. It ended up creating a few thousand dollars worth of damage from what I did. The pool had to be drained and the pump and liner had to be replaced.

I waited until my parents got home. They called the police. The police took my statement. Then they waited for my neighbors to get home. We all had a sit down. There was no disputing the damage. I had pictures of them trashing the pool, throwing objects over the fence. My camera didn’t have a complete roll of film, so I couldn’t document the whole thing. What I did have though was enough to convince the police and the insurance company as well as the neighbors that their kids were completely guilty.

The neighbors agreed to pay for all the damage as long as we didn’t press charges. We got a new deck. New paint on the home (my father hand painted the cedar siding of a 2700 square foot home every 3 years until he decided to go maintenance free) and new shingles for the roof. The cars were repainted and the pool was repaired and refilled.

Two months later, the neighbors moved. I have no idea what happened to any of them.

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Imagine Stiles taking pole dancing classes because he sees how much strength it takes to do that shit and he feels weak and inadequate and hopes it'll help him get stronger and maybe not so clumsy. Turns out he's a natural. And the day Derek crashes the class (he thinks its regular dancing) because he needs Stiles to help him research the newest weird shit and sees Stiles working the pole goes down in Beacon Hills history as the day Derek Hale walked into a metal pole and broke his nose.

There is literally nothing I can add to this post. It is perfect. Derek Hale accidentally walking into things because he’s too distracted by Stiles will forever be my aesthetic. 

May Stiles go on to live a long and happy life as a pole dancing instructor and may Derek forever go walking into poles, falling into pools and tripping over trash cans because of it as long as they both shall live.

“You’re job is dangerous, Stiles.”

“Oh my god. I’ve been doing it for ten years, Derek. I think I’ll be fine.”

“I wasn’t talking about for you, you idiot.” 

(meanwhile their kids are probably face palming in the back ground; all they wanted was normal parents but instead their dad gives pregnant women pole dancing lessons every Tuesday in their living room while playing the Star Wars theme tune while their papa has gone through his third pair of glasses this month alone because apparently parents aren’t too old to be love sick idiots)  



Eres Muy Guapo

a/n: so, I wasn’t very sure how you wanted this written out but I did my best! I hope you enjoy it and sorry for any errors you might see. 

prompt: The reader speaks Spanish and it makes Nick feel some type of way ;);)


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Just last week, you were excited for your new future in the States. After years, you finally gained permission to gain your visa to legally be in the States, and you were extremely happy to the point in merry tears. When you boarded off the crowded plane and into L.A.X, you felt so overwhelmed with emotions, you almost cried again. Everything in Los Angeles was so different, colorful, and lively. It was so different from your sleepy, village life back home; although, the people were a bit rude.

People weren’t exactly kind in the States but you didn’t let those people bother you. Your Tia Griselda and Tio Daniel had picked you up from the airport; genuinely happy to receive you for the first time in a very long time. You hadn’t seen them since you were five years old. You didn’t speak a lot English but they reassured you that your cousin, Ofelia, would happily teach you.

Things were great, hell, they were better then great; they were amazing. Life in the States was exciting! The food was the best, though. It was a bit difficult learning English but Ofelia had a great amount of patience.

Everything was fine until you noticed the shift in the air…the shift in the animals…the shift in everything. It was weird…no one else noticed but you…you were sure that your Uncle had noticed it too, but for some reason ignored it. It made you wonder if you, too, should’ve ignored it, but you didn’t.

A couple of days after you noticed the shift; the rumors of some sort of virus were spreading onto the streets of Los Angeles. Your Uncle and Aunt had assured it was nothing that it happens all the time but you knew they were lying to you.

It was on a particular evening, that you knew something was going to happen. You were fidgety and nervous as Daniel was finishing up the last costumer of the day. There was an apparent riot going on and a family sought shelter in the shop, much to your Uncle’s dislike. You were curious as to what was going on and why the people were being so violent, and it wasn’t until the man of the small family of three, Travis, was his name, started babbling about people coming back from the dead and attacking the living, and that it wasn’t safe outside or in Los Angeles anymore.


Your Uncle didn’t believe him…until the rioters began setting the store next door on fire and you were all forced to evacuate the barber shop and into the street…and the moment you stepped out the door, chaos was everywhere. Young thugs shoved past your Uncle and into his shop just destroying everything for no reason, police were desperately trying to calm down the situation but failing. Cars were on fire, people were yelling and shouting, and it was just a chaotic scene.

Then you saw it.

A police officer walking funny…with a bullet wound plain on his forehead…and attacking his fellow officer…and by attacking I mean…digging his teeth into flesh and blood splashing everywhere. You were horrified, hell, you had seen worse back home but still, the fact that it had happened so violently, and no one even bothered stopping made you believe that Travis had been right, and your Uncle knew it too.

It wasn’t long until that chaos almost ended your Tia’s life. Things were falling apart and they were falling apart fast. You were anxious as Travis drove through the streets like a madman towards the hospital but the…the hospital was worse. The police were there shooting at what you were sure were those who were sick.

The sick wouldn’t die until a bullet struck through its head, no amount of bullets any where else would cease their existence, unless it was to the head. When you saw the hospital and how everything was losing its control, you knew the end of the world was here.

The world was ending and you weren’t with your mama or papa…you were thousand miles away and there was nothing you could do to reach them. If the sickness was spreading, you knew it was only a matter of time before it reached your village…and you were unsure whether your parents would survive such a thing.

You wanted to cry because the realization of your parents possibly dying made your heart clench in a bad way. Ofelia was scared and doing her best in fighting back her tears. Daniel was holding onto Griselda, who was doing her best not to show how much pain she was in. It wasn’t long until Travis reached a neighborhood that was eerily silent and untouched by the chaos of downtown.

Or so you thought, because lingering in the house that Travis rushed into was one of the monsters. It almost managed to bite Travis even with the two shotgun shots to its body from your Uncle. You were lucky that you saw a kitchen knife lying about because you picked it up and shoved it into the monster’s head saving Travis’s life.

Travis was upset that you had done such an act to his friend.

Anyway, they were intending to leave the following morning. The woman, who lived there, Madison and Travis’s girlfriend, granted Daniel permission to stay in the house as long as they wanted. You protested, along with Ofelia, that maybe it was best to leave with the two families. Daniel didn’t agree. He was wary of strangers and had a right to be but…he knew it wasn’t safe in the city but he made all of you stay behind.

Now, it was a two days later and the military had barricaded the neighborhood and taken control. Things were meant to be looking up, but you didn’t trust these men. Madison’s family and Travis’s family were forced to return, and now, all three families were smashed into one house.

You didn’t like how everyone acted like everything was going to be fine, because it wasn’t. It would only get worse…and it was because of those men in uniforms. They were hiding something. You knew it.

Travis was out jogging. Madison was waiting for the power to come back on. Alicia and Ofelia were getting ready to go get their rations for the day. Alicia was Madison’s daughter. She was a bit snobby at first but you liked her. It wasn’t until you found her crying in her room when everyone else was out, that you saw through her blank, indifferent façade. You couldn’t speak good English, only a few words, but you knew how to comfort someone in need. That was something known internationally, and you knew Alicia was grateful for what you did that night and even began teaching you English since Ofelia was out with her secret boyfriend.

You were unsure what to do. You weren’t exactly on Travis’s good side since you stabbed his neighbor in the head. Madison seemed to like you enough. “Hey, Y/N, have you seen my son? Nick?” Madison was standing on the front porch, hands on her hips and with a worried expression on her stern face.

You blinked lazily up at her and set aside the children’s book Alicia gave you earlier. You shook your head and gave her an apologetic look. She sighed in a stressful manner and gave you a pleading look, “Can…can you go get him, please? I have to cook dinner before the power goes out. He’s probably in the neighbors’ pool again.” Her steely, blue eyes were on you and you knew you couldn’t say no. Madison had offered her home to your family even when she was forced to come back, you did owe her for that.

You gave a small smile and nodded, “Sure.”

Madison gave you a relieved look, “Thank you so much, Y/N. I know it’s a lot to ask you but thank you.” She said with a smile before disappearing back inside.

You got up and stretched. It was quite but further down the street, you could see most of the neighborhood getting in line for their rations. You moved towards the one of the neighbors empty houses and moved towards the backyard. You smiled slightly at the sight of Nick. He was just floating in the slightly dirty pool water without much care in the world with sunglasses on.

“Nick,” You called out standing on the edge of the pool gazing at the leaves in the water.

Nick turned his head your way, his light brown hair spreading around his head like a halo. “Oh hey, Y/N. What’s up, chica?” He grins at you cheekily.

“Tu mama te está buscando.” (Your mother is looking for you.) You spoke going over to grab one of the long nets to start cleaning out the leaves in the pool. Alicia did mention that Nick took a semester learning Spanish, or tried.

Nick pushed his sunglasses firmly over his head and gazed at you, “You know, you don’t talk much, do you?” He questioned you curiously watching as you began to leisurely clean up the dirty pool, “Why is that?”

You smirked slightly trying not to blush at the intense look in his light brown eyes that were almost child-like, “No hablo Inglés, Nick, duh.”  (I don’t speak English.) You state obviously making him laugh.

“But Alicia is teaching you right? What have you learned so far?” Nick asked floating behind you as you walk around the pool picking up the trash in the pool.

You smiled, “Um, how are you? What is up? I am hungry. Nick is a loser.”

“Hey, she did not teach you that last one!” Nick protested but had a smile and a laugh on his face.

You giggle, “No, but she calls me a loser when I say a word wrong.” Nick was slightly impressed at how well you spoke in English, even though it was a small amount. He definitely liked your accent and how you spoke Spanish. To his ears, your voice combined with the foreign language was music to his ears. You were different with your long curly hair and wide eyes. You were quiet…you barely ever spoke…you preferred being quiet and observing. He liked to think you were a snake in some past life because you were silent but you were deadly.

He had seen the way you killed his undead neighbor.

He rather liked you from afar and thought you were a lot better up close. Hell, you were beautiful.

”Tell me something in Spanish.” Nick announced with a kiddish grin.

You laughed amused by his demand, “Como qué?” (Like what?) You asked softly going over to dump the trash into the garbage can nearby before resuming what you were doing.

Nick hummed thoughtfully before shrugging, “Doesn’t matter. As long as I can hear you talk in Spanish.” He says and smugly smiles seeing the flustered expression on your pretty face.

“Well,” You perused your lips, “Vamos a tener un hermoso día . Estás nadando y yo estoy limpiando esta piscina sucia . Los muertos están caminando . Tu eres muy guapo. Me gustaría tener mi Ipod.” (We’re having a beautiful day. You’re swimming and I am cleaning this dirty pool. You are very handsome, and I wish I had my Ipod.)

Nick almost fell out of his floatie trying to look at you, “W-What did you say?!” Nick demanded with wide eyes. Had he heard you correctly!?

You grin mischievously, “Que?” (What?) You questioned innocently.

“What did you just say?” Nick demanded getting out of his floatie and swimming towards where you were standing.

You tried not to blush as you recited, “Me gustaría tener mi Ipod.”

He laughed and shook his head, “No before that, Y.N.”

You looked at him gently and said, “Tu eres muy guapo.”

His beautiful brown eyes were now wide with awe, “Say it again.”

You repeated it again with a blush on your face. He smiled up at you, “You know what would make you even more beautiful?” He suddenly asks randomly. 

You gazed at him curiously, “Que?” (What?)

Before you could understand what was going on, he was lunging out of the water and pulling you into the cool water. You squealed in shock before gasping as you reached the surface. Nick was dying of laughter but had an arm around you waist pulling you close to his laughing form.

“Nick, por que?!” (Nick, why!?) You sputtered pushing you hair away from your hair although you couldn’t help but to laugh.

Nick grins at you still laughing before breathlessly saying, “Eres muy Hermosa.” (You are so beautiful.)

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a/n: So I hope that was okay, I honestly think I did a shitty job x: I will get started on the next Nick Clark Imagine tomorrow. I’ve been strangely busy these past few days XD

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What was most laughable about the trash & pool story , is that it was later said that the house is like fort knox & nobody is getting in there without numerous alarms going off . So if that is true , how the neighbor allegedly got into the yard & dug through the trash is beyond me . Personally , i think if anyone broke in & dug through the trash it was Renee herself . Dean did say he was being stalked at airports etc , for the last 2 years . Maybe he was trying to tell us something , lol

Once upon a time Jeyne Poole got a nice marriage that she chose for herself and they had it on a beach (thigh-deep in surf) and her bouquet was slimy and smelled like low tide and the priest concluded the ceremony by dunking her and Theon’s heads underwater for like a minute without warning and two people lost three fingers at the reception doing what Theon said was a “Finger Dance” but it was still the best wedding ever because she was Jeyne and not Arya and there was no Ramsay. the end.

Now with Kraken Groom Theon!