pool sticks


-Her favorite thing about being in sg is working with the cast

-She loves her short hair

-Floriana is wonderful, and she “absolutely adores that girl”

-We will see more danvers sisters scenes soon

-Danvers sisters scenes are her favorite types of scenes

-She doesn’t think lexie grey could survive at the DEO except for moral support

-She can punch with her left hand

-She plays not really great pool, but can hit people with pool sticks like Alex

-But she’s like a “little butterfly”, and wouldn’t hurt anybody

-There is another “luthor centric epiosde” coming up so we can expect about 4 minutes of the luthors!!

-The musical crossover is “stunning”

-She can’t pick between mon-el and james (noooo pick james)

-Calista Flockhart is so lovely and is one of the tiniest people on the planet

-We might see Cat Grant soon…..

-She is so humbled by all the responses to alex’s storyline

-Alex and James will get to team up

-She keeps all her prizes like play doh and silly putty and stickers in her trailer

-Supergirl’s GLAAD nomination was  “amazing”

-She gets some pretty good memes from us of her facial expressions

-Nathan helped pick out Floriana to play Maggie

-Theres a lot of “really cool scenes” of Alex being badass

-Winn will not come out of the closet because the things coming up do not “fit into that category” but she loves the idea




Do you play pool for real, and are you ambidextrous? 

“Umm, no I can’t write very well with my left hand. I can punch with my left hand so that’s good. 

Uh, do I play pool? Can I? Yes. Is it great? Not really. But, I can hit people with a pool stick as Alex. I sound very violent, jeez. It’s Alex, it’s not me. I’m like a little butterfly, I wouldn’t hurt anybody. 

Unless I’m Alex, and then I would kick peoples’ butts.”

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Can we have a bughead living together please whether that's them living as southside serpents or just in riverdale love a bit of fluff ☺️❤️

A little early morning fluff!

“I don’t know, the boy just always smells like cigarettes and…cupcakes.” Viper said

“And his jacket never has rips in it.” Hause added

“Not to mention how panicked he gets when he gets a black eye in a fight, always mumbling something about “she’s gonna kill me”“ Venom shrugged, rubbing his head.

"Plus he rushes out of here soon as our meetings are done, doesn’t even stay for drinks afterwards” Harley continued, taking a swig of his beer.

The Gang leaders sat perched high on their bar stools, almost like Royalty on their thrones watching over the court.

Jughead Jones was one of the newest members of the Serpents, an excellent addition to the dangerous gang with his quick wit and even quicker left hook. He was F.Ps son and the calm, collected way he carried himself was almost identical to his fathers. But their was something different about this boy, unlike many of the young members he wasn’t a brute , he didn’t dedicate his life to the gang, he simply did what he had to do and headed home. But what was he going home too was the question.

Viper watched as the dark haired young man checked his phone and smiled before handing off his pool stick to one of the younger Serpents, laughing and waving as he headed out of the bar, his hands shoved in his pockets.

Quirking a brow, Viper turned to the older men,

“Alright men, who’s up for a little investigating.”

The men all smirked, always up for a little fun.


“I mean it’s like she never lets Smithers drive her home anymore, I don’t even know how she’s getting home!” Veronica pouted, dropping her hands to the cafeteria table.

“I know what you mean, i haven’t seen Betty through the window in weeks, I texted her last night and told her to come to the window to talk and she said she was too "busy” she’s never to busy to talk.“ Archie said, his eyebrows crinkling in confusion.

"All I know is that Alice and Betty are getting along much better, they even invited me to get pedicures last week and there wasn’t one nasty word between the two of them.. it was almost like they were friends.” Kevin shrugged.

Suddenly Cheryl Blossom was dropping her purse onto the table.

“Are you people really that dumb?” She asked, staring down at her cherry red nails.

“Excuse me..” Veronica started

“You’re excused. It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here, our very own resident Holly Homemaker, is no longer living at home. Perhaps she’s living with someone else.. someone who I don’t know, no longer goes to this school.” She flipped her long red hair leaving the three teens to stare at her retreating back

“You don’t think..” Kevin said wide eyed

“There’s no way.” Archie said finally

“Looks like we’ve got our own sleuthing to do.”
Veronica smirked wickedly.

Jughead walked through the doors to the trailer, instantly shrugging off his jacket and inhaling the sinful smell of lasagna. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head at the combination of the Lasagna and what he deduced were most definitely brownies, rounding the corner into the kitchen he leaned lazily against the door frame.

Betty was bent over the oven, her tiny cheerleading skirt rising up, giving him the perfect view of her blue boy shorts, she was wiggling along to Frank Sinatra playing on her phone as she held a chocolate covered spoon in front of her. Jughead walked slowly towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling his nose into her neck, her distinctly feminine perfume, mixed with the chocolate from the spoon had him moaning in appreciation.


“Hi juggie.” She whispered, turning in his arms and holding out the spoon to him as he licked it greedily, causing her to burst out in giggles and drop a kiss to the side of his mouth, licking off the remaining fudge.

“Hi Juliet.” He smirked, pulling her even tighter against his body, reveling in the way her eyelashes fluttered.

“How was school?” They both asked at the same time, before erupting in fits of laughter. Hotdog chose that moment to come barreling in, pawing at Betty who bent down and handed him a spare pasta noodle. Jughead rubbed hotdog with his calf, refusing to let go of Betty.

“Smells good” he whispered, dropping his forehead to hers.

Betty grinned, rubbing her nose against his
“You smell better.”

Jughead growled lowly, his eyes scanning hers with a mischievous smile
“Oh yeah, how good?” He asked, picking her up bridal style as she squealed, as soon as they were standing in the doorway to their bedroom, they heard chaos at their front door, Jughead stiffening as Betty wrapped her arms tighter around his neck.

He slowly placed her on the floor
“Stay here.” He ordered, dropping a slow kiss to her lips.

Moving to rip open the front door he couldn’t believe what he saw.

“Viper? Archie? Venom? Veronica?! What are you doing here?”

Standing before his trailer was the four older Serpents and his three Riverdale friends, Veronica standing huffily in front of Viper as Archie shook his head behind her, Kevin hiding behind the red head. Venom, Harley and Hause were all watching the scene with amused eyes.

Viper turned to Jughead
“We found these guys snooping around the outside of your trailer. You know them?”

“Snooping?!” Veronica squeaked “I’m sorry but if anyone was was snooping I would say it was you. Jughead they were five seconds away from looking into your window.”

Harley shook his head
“Now listen little lady…”

Archie stepped forward
“You better not step closer to my girlfriend dude”


All eight sets of eyes turned to the door, where Betty was standing, wiping her hands on a rag.

“Now we can stand outside all day and argue or you guys can come inside and have some dinner, we’d be happy to have you in our home” Betty smiled as Jughead tucked his girlfriend protectively against his arm, smiling adoringly at her.

“Your home? As in both?”

“You live together?”

“The Jones boy has a girl? Atta boy?”

“That explains it”

Betty smiled,

“Come on them, there’s plenty for everyone.”

As the very different personalities filtered into Betty and Jughead trailer, Jughead bent down and dropped a kiss to the side of Betty’s head

“You ready for this?”

She looked up into his eyes, pressing her lips to his for a longer kiss

“With you? I’m ready for anything”

that one scene in shaun of the dead where they’re circling around the zombie rhythmically hitting it with pool sticks to ‘don’t stop me now’ by queen is one of the funniest scenes in the history of cinema

Everything Two-Bit Mathews says in the book.

“Nup. They got away this time, the dirty…”

“Nice-lookin’ bruise you got there, kid.

“Nice cut, too. Makes you look tough.”

“Next time get one of us to go with you, Ponyboy. Any of us will.”

“I was plannin’ on getting boozed up tomorrow night. If I don’t, I’ll walk over and find y'all.”

“Okay, greasers, you’ve had it.”

“Who’s this, your great-aunts?”

“Sorry, kid. I forgot.”

“Shoot. You’re ninety-six if you’re a day.”

“Brother, you’re a sharp one. Where’d you two ever get to be picked up by a couple of greasy hoods like Pony and Johnny?”

“Five. They don’t talk Arabian, I don’t think. Say somethin’ in Arabian, Johnnycake.”

“Hey, where is ol’ Dally, anyways?”

“He’ll probably find the fight. That’s why I came over. Mr. Timothy Shepherd and Co. are looking for whoever so kindly slashed their car’s tires, and since Mr. Curly Shepherd spotted Dallas doing it…well…Does Dally have a blade?”

“Good. Tim’ll fight fair if Dally don’t pull a blade on him. Dally shouldn’t have any trouble.”

“A fair fight isn’t rough. Blades are rough. So are chains and heaters and pool sticks and rumbles. Skin fighting isn’t rough. It blows off steam better than anything. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a few punches. Socs are rough. They gang up on one or two, or they rumble each other with their social clubs. Us greasers usually stick together, but when we do fight among ourselves, it’s a fair fight between two. And Dally deserves whatever he gets, ‘cause slashed tires ain’t no joke when that was his fault. Our one rule, besides Stick together, is Don’t get caught. He might get beat up, he might not. Either way there’s not going to be any blood feud between our outfit and Shepard’s. If we needed them tomorrow they’d show. If Tim beats Dally’s head in, and then tomorrow asks us for help in a rumble, we’ll show. Dally was getting kicks. He got caught. He pays up. No sweat.”

“You dig okay, baby. Anyone want a weed?”

“Me, too. Get Johnny some, too. I’m buyin.”

“You must make such interestin’ conversation, you keepin’ your mouth shut and Johnny not sayin’ anything.”

“Who is it? The F.B.I.?”

“And a few other of the socially elite checkered shirt-set.”

“Who’s acting? I’m a natural normal.”

“Don’t get mouthy, Ponyboy.”

“No…no, Ponyboy, that ain’t right…you got it wrong…”

“Shut your mouth, kid. If you wasn’t Soda’s kid brother I’d beat the tar out of you. You know better than to talk to Johnny like that.”

“He didn’t mean it Johnny.”

“Shut up talkin’ like that. We couldn’t get along without you, so you can just shut up!”

“I know. The chips are always down when it’s our turn, but that’s the way things are. Like it or lump it.”

“Who you callin’ bums?”

“Then pity the back seat.”

“Why? We ain’t scared of them.”

“Well, those were two good-lookin’ girls if I ever saw any.”

“Marcia’s number. Probably a phony one, too. I must have been outa my mind to ask for it. I think I’m a little soused.”

“Y'all goin’ home?”

“I don’t know why I handed you that busted bottle. You’d never use it.”

“Gonna go play a little snooker and get hunt up a poker game. Maybe get rip-roarin’ drunk. I dunno. See y'all tomorrow.”

“Anybody home?” 

“Hey, Ponyboy. Long time no see.”

“Man, dig baldy here! I wouldn’t have believed it. I thought all the wild Indians in Oklahoma had been tamed. What little squaw’s got that tuff-lookin’ mop of yours, Ponyboy?”

“What I like is the ‘turn’ bit. Y'all were heroes from the beginning. You just didn’t ‘turn’ all of a sudden.”

“No what?”

“Why is it very bad?”

“I’ll babysit him. I haven’t got anything better to do.”

“Work? And ruin my rep? I wouldn’t be babysittin’ the kid here if I knew of some good day-nursery open on Saturdays.”

“Holler uncle.”

“…anyway, I was walking around downtown and started to take this short cut through an alley…and I ran into three guys. I says ‘Howdy’ and they just look at each other. Then one says 'We would jump you but since you’re as slick as us we figure you don’t have nothin’ worth takin’.’ I says 'Buddy, that’s that truth’ and went right on. Moral: What’s the safest thing to be when one is met by a gang of social outcasts in an alley?”

“No, another social outcast!”

“This house ain’t messy. You oughtta see my house.”

“Shoot, kid, if I ever did that my mom would die of shock.”

“I would drive us, but the breaks are out on my car. Almost killed me and Kathy the other night. You oughtta see Kathy’s brother. Now there’s a hood. He’s so greasy he glides when he walks. He goes to the barber for an oil change, not a haircut.”

“You know the rules. No jazz before the rumble.”

“Hey, Johnnykid.”

“They treatin’ you okay, kid?”

“Don’t talk. Just listen. We’ll bring you some hair grease next time. We’re havin’ the big rumble tonight.”

“It’s too bad you and Dally can’t be in it. It’s the first big rumble we’ve had—not countin’ the time we whipped Shepard’s outfit.”

“Tim Shepard?”

“Did you know you got your name in the paper for being a hero?”

“You want anything besides hair grease, kid?”

“Okay. Don’t y'all run off.”

“I wish it was any one of us except Johnny. We could all get along without anyone but Johnny.”

“No wonder he hates your guts.”

“Oh, lordy! He has to live with that.”

“We just left him. I don’t know about stuff like this…but…well, he seemed pretty bad to me. He passed out cold before we left him.”


“You feel okay? You’re awful hot.”

“All right. But Darry’ll kill me if you’re really sick and go ahead and fight anyway.”

“You know somethin? You’d think you could get away with murder, living with your big brother and all, but Darry’s stricter with you than your folks were, ain’t he?”

“You know, the only thing that keeps Darry from bein’ a Soc is us.”

“I never knew you to play chicken in a rumble before. Not even when you was a little kid.”

“Somethin’ is gonna happen. We’re gonna stomp the Socs’ guts, that’s what.”

“What’s up with the big-times?”

“You sure?”

“Thanks, Cherry.”

“Welup, I see we’re in prime condition for a rumble. Is everybody happy?”

“Get thee hence, white trash. I am a Soc. I am the privileged and the well-dressed. I throw beer blasts, drive fancy cars, break windows at fancy parties.”

“I jump greasers!”

“Shoot, everybody fights.”

“They’re running! Look at the dirty —— run!” (Ponyboy isn’t sure if Two-Bit says it or not, but we could count it as him.)

“So he finally broke. So even Dally has a breaking point.”

“You really would have used that bottle, wouldn’t you? Steve and me were backing you, but I guess we didn’t need to. You’d have really cut them up, huh?”

“Ponyboy, listen, don’t get tough. You’re not like the rest of us and don’t try to be…”

“What in the world are you doing?”

“You little sonofagun.”

“No, but that’s what I’m wishing was all that’s bothering me.”

Say You Won’t Let Go

Author: @dylan-ohbrien
Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader
Wordcount: 4,088
Warnings: a little language, car crash, blood, death
A/N: So right now one of my favorite songs is Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur and it kind of inspired me to write this little oneshot thingy! And I hope you guys like it! 

LISTEN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yW7w8F2TVA

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Title: Doubt
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,220
Characters: Kurt Wagner x Reader, Warren Worthington III, Jubilation Lee
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Assumptions of infidelity, a bit of self-deprecation
Notes: Request from @multipotens for “idk if I already sent you this (if I did oops) but could you maybe write a Kurt X reader where he’s jealous of warren cause the reader and him are best friends (both the badass leather jacket people at Xavier’s) and when people hear that Kurt is crying in his room the reader comforts him and flufffff? ugh nervous and insecure Kurt is my life! thank you so so much I love ur account!!!!” // Thank you!!

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When you know someone extremely well, it’s easy to tell when something is bothering them. They may never intentionally give any indication that something’s wrong, but nevertheless, you can still tell. And that was how you knew that something was up with Kurt.

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The Only Exception (Part 2)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,460

Warnings: language, fluff, hot firemen, drinking, (one) sexual innuendo, sarcasm, advice-giving for sad situations

A/N: I got so mad that I accidentally deleted my effing chapter. All your lovely notes and comments are gone; I’m sorry. This is a repost. I’m not retagging.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 -

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Request: Could you write me a Brad imagine that has a dark/dirty and dangerous love kind of feel?

Warnings: Smut, Phone Sex, Dom!Brad, BDSM

Punk!AU’s are my favorite kind of AU so I kind of got carried away with this one. It’s the longest and dirtiest thing I have ever written I’m so ashamed.

Let’s write Bradley as a cocky asshole, shall we?

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My Econ/ US History teacher is also the mayor. He ran unopposed. He's addicted to Coca Cola (his room is covered in cans and paintings and his pointer is a pool stick from the company) he even tried to tell my health class sugar was non addictive. He also likes to startle kids in the hall and goes on long and odd stories to make a point in the lesson. Once he wrote a recipe for pizza dough on the board, made us copy it and said it was important to the lesson. I still don't know why 3 years later

Obviously for all your pizza making needs

My Babygirl-Part Ten

My Babygirl Masterlist

Last “filler” part. Sh*t is gonna get real the next part.

Dean casually sat on a couch at the coffee shop with a grim look on his face. He was pretending to be interested in his phone when in reality he was spying on you while you were on your first date. Sam had tried to convince him to stay behind and let you go on your date by yourself, but Dean wasn’t having it.

No way was his fifteen year old daughter going on a date without supervision.

He watched as the boy with the Bieber hairstyle got up from the table you were sitting at and made his way over to the register to order something. Dean saw this as his opportunity to get a few fatherly words in with this boy who had gained your interest. He quickly got up and stood behind the boy in line.

“First date nerves?” Dean asked the boy as they waited. The boy gave Dean a tight smile and nodded his head.

“Yeah, kinda nervous.” The boy chuckled out, “She’s the prettiest girl in school and everyone likes her but for some reason she choose me.”

A happy grin overtook Dean’s face as he heard the kind words the kid was telling him. “So you landed the girl everyone at school likes. Impressive.”

“Yeah.” The kid sighed out.

“Just make sure you don’t hurt her, pretty girls like that always have dad’s that know how to handle boys who hurt their little girls.” Dean said.

The boy teen chuckled, “I’ll be sure to remember that.” He told Dean as he turned around to order the drinks however Dean placed his hand on bieber hair’s shoulder to grab his attention.

“I mean it. You hurt that girl over there and there will be hell to pay.” Dean stated in a scary tone.

Dean’s change in demeanor instantly intimidated your date who quickly nodded his head, “Ye-yes sir. I won’t hurt her sir.”

“Good.” Dean said as he handed the barista at the cash register a twenty dollar bill, “I’ll pay for whatever they want. Good luck kid, and remember what I said.”

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Dean looked up from the game of pool he was playing by himself and couldn’t help the smirk that overtook his face; you were so his kid. At seventeen years old you had a fake ID and your friends decided to put it to use at a bar a few towns over from where you lived.

This wasn’t the first time Dean watched over you as your friends and you partook in underage drinking. When Sam first told him that he had tracked your phone to a bar one Saturday night Dean about had a heart attack. However the brothers soon learned your routine and Dean and occasionally Sam would spend a few hours at the bar ensuring that you were safe.

It was the overprotective side of Dean coming out, but he couldn’t help it.

Dean watched as you stood from the table your friends were at and made your way to the bathroom. As you passed by a table of frat boys Dean saw how they all noticed you, pointing, whispering, and he couldn’t help but slam his pool stick down when one of the men stood up and followed you to the bathroom.

Dean stood out of sight, hoping that he was overreacting, but the moment you came out of the bathroom and the frat boy was in your face Dean nearly lost it. As soon as he heard you say, “No, please leave me alone.” Dean pushed himself off of the wall and quickly made his way to you.

“Problem here?” Dean asked as he stood tall behind the man blocking your exit.

“Na man, just talking to this pretty thing here.” The frat boy said with a cocky attitude.

“Sounds like she doesn’t wanna talk to you. Why don’t you let her by before you regret it?” Dean threatened.

“We’re cool here man. Seriously. Go.” The college kid tried again but Dean wasn’t having it.

“Just let me by.” You said, bringing yourself into the conversation.

“Come on baby, we can still chat. Don’t let grandpa scare you away.” The frat boy cooed at you while he grabbed onto your arm causing you to flinch, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Dean.

“You have three seconds to let her go.” Dean breathed out.

“Or what?”

The kid instantly found out as Dean gripped onto his hand tightly, causing the boy to release his hold on you. Dean gently pushed you behind him as he swung his arm back and punched the frat boy to the ground.

“You okay?” Dean asked softly. You quickly nodded your head in response, “Good. Go back to your friends, he won’t bother you anymore.”

You turned and walked away but before you left the hallway you turned towards Dean, “Thank you.”

Dean smiled at you, “You’re welcome sweetheart.” As you left the hallway Dean turned back to the frat boy, anger overtaking him once again. He grabbed the kid by the collar and brought him up to Dean’s face, “Don’t you ever touch my daughter again. Got it?”

Part Eleven



“Danvers, I already got all cued up. You in for a game?” Maggie handed over the extra beer bottle she ordered for Alex. Winn, James, and Kara all raised their brows when Alex left them to join her new cop friend.

“They’ve been hanging out a lot,” Winn commented. Kara kept her mouth shut.

“Hmm, you think you have a chance, Sawyer?” Alex smirked as she set up to break.

“Oh, I do,” Maggie’s eyes raked up and down Alex’s body as she bent over the table. Just friends, Maggie.

“Yes! I love stripes!” Alex exclaimed as she hit a ball in its pocket. Maggie giggled.

“Nerd,” Alex rolled her eyes.

“Let’s see the game you’ve been working on here,” she watched as Maggie furrowed her brows, deciding on where to hit. The second Maggie lined up to shoot Alex shook her head.

“No, no you’ve got it wrong. Here let me show you,” Alex gently pressed herself against Maggie’s back, absentmindedly gliding her fingers along her waist. Maggie’s breath hitched but she relaxed into her touch and slowly bent further so she would press harder into Alex. From across the bar James shot Winn a look.

“Just friends, huh?” James whispered in his ear. Kara glanced over her shoulder at the two woman - who were so clearly into each other - flirting without acknowledging it. She sighed.

“Mmm, yeah that’s better but you have to hold the stick like this,” Alex slowly slid her hands down Maggie’s arms to her fingers to place them in their proper place. Maggie’s face flooded with heat. Alex smirked. Maggie cocked her head back so she could see Alex’s eyes.

“Like this?” her voice was raspy. Her eyes fluttered down to Alex’s lips for just a moment. Friends, Maggie goddammit. Alex nodded and let her fingers linger on her back before stepping around to the other side of the table to watch her shoot. Maggie sighed at the loss of body contact but continued onto sink four balls into the pockets.

Alex won the first round then lost the next five in a row. Maggie jumped up and down with excitement and took a shot every time she won. James, Winn, and Kara left long before the two “friends” starting getting into bets.

“Danv- hey, I got an idea,” Maggie slightly slurred as she swayed the pool stick back and forth. “If I win you owe me a grenade. Oh, and dinner.”

“What do I get if I win?” Alex crossed her arms, stepping closer to Maggie. Maggie ran a finger through her non existent beard.

“Hmm…I’ll buy you breakfast. Tomorrow morning,” Maggie flashed her dimple causing Alex’s heart to race. 

“Game on, Detective,” Alex motioned back towards the table.


“Maggie, hey. I didn’t think you’d actually follow through with the bet,” Alex bounced over to where Maggie was holding out a box of donuts, a grin plastered on her face at the DEO. James nudged Winn’s shoulder.

“I’m a loyal sport, Danvers,” Maggie opened the box of yummy treats. Alex clapped her hands together, debating on digging into the glazed or jelly-filled. She chose both.

“Ooh, I know a good place where we can eat these!” Alex chimed and dragged Maggie to the roof.

“Wow, the view is….”

“Beautiful,” Alex finished her sentence, not taking her eyes off of Maggie. Her friend nodded in agreement, unaware of the content behind Alex’s comment.

Downstairs Winn, James, and Kara were discussing what was happening.

“Hey, Kara…so, are Alex and Maggie…?” Winn inquired. Kara shrugged and turned away.

“They’re just friends,” she answered.

“Oh, come on "just friends” don’t look at one another like they each hung the moon,“ James commented.

"Who looks at someone like they hung the moon?” J'onn dropped in.

“Alex and Ma- Ow!” Kara punched Winn in the shoulder. J'onn looked around for a moment, oblivious to Kara’s reaction.

“Speaking of Alex where is she?”

“Probably making out with her "friend,” Winn muttered under his breath. This time it was James who kicked him.

“Excuse me?” J'onn questioned.

“Nothing, sir! Nothing at all,” Winn shrunk into himself thankful Alex and Maggie chose this moment to slink back down from the roof.

“I’ll call you at lunch!” Alex promised as they approached the gang. Maggie playfully nudged her shoulder.

“Can’t get enough of me huh, Danvers,” she winked and headed out waving bye to the agents. J’onn glanced between the two women. Alex’s eyes never left Maggie’s back. He smirked. 

Tuesday Night:

“Alex, I think you should stay in tonight. I know Winn, James, and J’onn were going to the bar, but we can have a sister night!” Kara placed a hand on Alex’s forearm. The scratch on her forehead was still raw and her head was pounding. 

“No, Kara I’m fine. I think I could use a drink anyway. And besides…” Alex trailed off.

“Besides what?” Kara already knew the answer but urged her sister on. 

“Maggie’s going to be there,” Alex said, her voice barely audible. Kara nodded understandably and grabbed the keys as they walked out of the DEO lobby. 

The super gang all entered the bar together, Alex lagging behind. Stop being so nervous, Alex. She’s just your friend. Who invited you to hang out. As friends. 

“Alex, what happened to you?” Maggie did a half run half walk over to Alex the second she laid her eyes on her. It was almost as if the world stopped turning and it was just them two in the bar. Maggie softly placed her thumb and swiped it across the scar forming on Alex’s forehead. Her eyes spoke worry, comfort, anxiety, frustration, love. 

“Ah, just another alien attack,” Alex waved her off to try to stop the redness in her face from spreading at Maggie’s touch. Alex didn’t realize her friends had already sat down at their own table, each one glancing back towards her every now and then. 

“Let’s get you something hard then,” Maggie flashed her dimple and made her way to the bar. Alex unwrapped her jacket and slung across the back of a chair and sat down. From the bar, Maggie shot a look at Alex. At the way she was sitting, guarded and fearful of what the world has done and can do to her in any moment. The way she nervously wrung her hands and bit her lip. Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off of her and Kara noticed.

“God I just wish they would kiss already, jeesh,” Kara groaned. 

“What are you - ah.” Winn followed her gaze from Maggie to Alex.

“Someone’s gotta push one of them. As far as I can tell they are clearly in love already but sometimes two people need a bridge,” James said. J’onn looked over to his earth daughter. 

“I will,” J’onn pushed back his chair and met Maggie at the bar. Kara’s eyes widened and James hit Winn in the arm, excitement drawing across all of their faces. 

“Detective,” J’onn placed a gentle hand on Maggie’s shoulder. “Nice to see you.” Maggie grinned.

“Nice to see you too, sir,” she replied.

“You can call me J’onn,” he winked at her. She nodded slightly and floated her eyes back to Alex for a brief moment. “She likes you, you know?” 

“Wh-what?” Maggie mumbled. 

“Alex,” he pointed his thumb behind him to Alex. “She really likes you. And you like her too,” his voice was since, not pushy. She bit her lip. “I can tell by the way you look at her. Like she hung the moon. She looks at you like that also. But this is just coming from someone who cares deeply about Alex, and who spends enough time with her to know you are all she thinks about. I know you’re scared but you should give it a chance. Give her a chance,” J’onn smiled and walked back to his table. 

Maggie looked down at her feet. She was oblivious to the way she felt about Alex. No you aren’t. You like her. No, but you can’t. Stop. But she’s beautiful and funny and likes aliens and is basically perfect. But you don’t deserve her. Maggie shook her head. To hell with it. 

She grabbed the two beers in one hand and the two shots in the other and slowly sauntered towards Alex. She looked over at J’onn and he shot her a thumbs up. 

“Took you long enough,” Alex muttered and grabbed ahold of the two drinks. Maggie sighed. “What’s wrong?” 

“What do you mean?”

“You have that look in your eyes, Maggie. I know when something is wrong. And you’re playing with your hands,” Alex nodded to Maggie’s fingers pulling on each other. Maggie’s heart swelled at the woman sitting across from her. It swelled because she - Alex, Alex, Alex - paid attention to her. She cared about her. She could see the worried look in the way her forehead crinkled. 

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Maggie looked away, unable to focus on Alex’s soft eyes. 

“Maggie, you can tell me anything. You can trust me,” Alex steadily covered Maggie’s hand with her own. 

Over at the super gang table James coughed in response to Alex and Maggie holding hands. They all turned their heads to the two women who were completely unraveling at their seams, all grinning like school kids. 

Maggie bit her lip, unsure of where to begin - or how to speak for that matter because Alex’s hand was on hers. Alex’s thumb was tracing small circles upon her skin. Alex wanted to protect her, to pull her in. Alex wanted to love her. 

“Do you want to get out of here? So we can be alone?” Maggie uttered. Alex threw her shot back and nodded eagerly. Maggie chuckled then stood up to collect her things. Alex quickly waved to her friends and followed Maggie out of the bar. 

“That’s my girl,” J’onn whispered to himself. 

“What place do you have in mind?” Alex asked as she slipped onto Maggie’s bike, wrapping her arms around her friend’s waist. She desperately wanted to feel Maggie’s skin. No you don’t. 

“You’ll see, Danvers,” they rode for about half an hour until they came across this clearing of a field. Its hills seemed to roll about forever. 

“Where are we?” Alex was curious. Maggie rolled to a stop and parked her bike.

“I found this a few years ago. I like to come here when I want to be alone.”

“So why’d you bring me here?” Maggie bit the inside of her cheek.

“I thought you’d like it,” she motioned her hands towards the vast grassland behind her then pointed up to the stars. “I also want you to teach me a thing or two about the night sky and the way it lights up,” Alex revealed a soft smile, her heart pushing over the edge. 

Maggie began walking up the hill, taking in the darkness, taking in the fresh air, taking in the way the stars seemed to beam for them, and the way the moon seemed to speak to her. She took in the way Alex followed her quietly, the way she knew Alex’s eyes were glued to her back, the way she felt love radiating through her body. 

“What do you want to know, Sawyer?” Alex asked when they reached the top of the hill. Maggie laid down and her eyes wandered through the sky. Alex purposely pressed her side into Maggie’s when she laid down. Maggie blushed. 

“Show me your favorite constellations,” Maggie softly spoke. Alex couldn’t help but smile. No one ever really cared enough to want to know what Alex found whimsical about the stars. But she was glad Maggie was finally the one to ask. 

“See those three stars right there,” Alex pointed.

“No which ones?” Maggie’s brows furrowed. 

“Here,” Alex grabbed Maggie’s hand and guided her finger to the constellation. She turned her head to watch Maggie’s reaction. Maggie sighed in disbelief, her hand still gripping onto Alex’s.

“I love that,” Maggie whispered. “It fascinates me that the stars are watching over us. They are just there, you know? And we have no idea when they die or really what they mean, but we look up in awe at their endless wonder because for some reason they feel so powerful. They feel so fortifying and secure if that makes sense,” Maggie rambled on making Alex’s smile grow deeper. Maggie glanced over at Alex. “Why are you smiling like an idiot?” 

“I love the way you think about the stars. I’ve just always felt attached to them and the moon. They always feel like home when I tilt my head back and gaze at them. I can never stop staring,” Alex commented. Maggie bit her lip.

“Alex…”Maggie’s voice was suddenly raspy and faint. She propped herself up on her elbow then smoothly pulled herself on top of Alex, legs on either side of her torso. 

“Maggie what ar-” Maggie’s lips crashed into Alex’s, their breaths becoming one. Alex’s hands absentmindedly made their way to Maggie’s waist lingering above the hem of her shirt before slowly lifting it up. Maggie melted into Alex’s kiss before realizing she didn’t ask for permission. She jolted up.

“Sorry I- was that okay?” Maggie looked down at Alex with worried eyes. Alex brushed the hair that had fallen around her face behind Maggie’s ears and nodded. 

“That was more than okay, Maggie,” she pulled her down and kissed her like she wanted her, like she needed her, like she was falling in love with her because oh did she feel like falling. Maggie couldn’t help but grin into Alex’s lips, causing them to part slightly. 

“I’ve been wanting to do that,” Maggie whispered.

“I can tell,” Alex beamed at her. Maggie placed a gentle peck on her lips, her cheeks, and her forehead then settled to burrow into her chest. 

Alex occasionally pointed out a few constellations but Maggie’s eyes stayed fixated on the woman holding her. Protecting her. Comforting her. The two stayed tangled in each other until dawn broke through and the sun flooded the sky. 

“We’re gonna be late for work,” Maggie sleepily rubbed her eyes but curled deeper into Alex. 

“Oh well,” Alex pressed her lips to Maggie’s forehead and interlaced her fingers with Maggie’s. 

Wednesday afternoon:

“Agent Danvers, you’re late,” J’onn crossed his arms. The glow Alex radiated, the grin she was wearing, the thoughts she was replaying in her mind seeped their way into J’onn. He broke out into a smile.

“What?” Alex nudged his shoulder. 

“Nothing,” he winked then headed towards the equipment room.

“Alex, nice of you to join-,” Kara halted in her steps.

“What? Why is everyone being so weird?” Alex looked eyed her sister, James, and Winn who were silently giggling. 

“Someone had a good night,” Alex’s face flooded with heat. 

“Oh, pfft. Just a, you know, just a-a casual night at h-home. Alone!” Alex muttered. 

“Oh sure alone,” Winn shoulder bumped his friend. Alex was too loopy to retort a small punch. 

“Come on, spill,” James demanded. Kara bounced on her feet, tugging at her sister’s sleeve. 

“Please tell us everything!” 

The more Alex delved into talking about Maggie and the way she made her feel, the more her heart expanded. Her story was interrupted by Kara’s shrieks or James’ “right ons” and Winn’s fist bumps from time to time. J’onn listened in, smiling to himself because Alex, his precious Alex, has finally found a person who turned on the light inside of her that’s been out for so long.