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An odd thing . . .

So, we have Hawkeye being set in Los Angeles. 

We have Ghost Rider in Los Angeles.

We have Gwenpoole doing an arc in Los Angeles.


Nope, they’re not in a book, so they don’t get guest appearances. 

Instead, we have Kate getting a visit from her ‘idol’ Jessica Jones (boy, is that a retcon), and Totally Awesome Hulk and All New Wolverine doing guest shots with and to those books.

Look, Marvel, I get it, you want to push what you’re currently selling.  But, really, this is a big missed opportunity.

About as much as Ms. Marvel not having an adventure with the Suburban Jersey Ninja She-Devils. 

I mean, c’mon.  Canadian Ninja’s are already an arch for Kamala! 

Jay Adams had every aspect of what makes a skateboarder great; he was aggressive, he had amazing form and technique, he was fantastically inventive, he was spontaneous and unpredictable to the highest degree, he was incredibly stylish and really knew how to position his body beautifully, and he skated with intense emotion and fury.  But the greatest thing about Jay as a skater is that he wasn’t great.  He wasn’t great at anything in particular; he wasn’t the greatest pool rider or bank rider or freestyler and that is what was so great about him.  Had he been the greatest at any one of these aspects of skating it would have diminished his true gift, which was his purity.  Jay was so pure, he might very well be the purest skater we’ve seen to date.  I know he was for me and I’ve witnessed so many of the very best.  He was absolutely a pure skateboarder.  He was skateboarding incarnate.  He wasn’t trying to be a skateboarder, he was a skateboarder – 100% inside and out.  He was the spiritual and physical embodiment of what a skateboarder is.
He will be terribly missed by all but his spirit and what he was and what he helped create will continue to play out in every kid that ever picks up a skateboard. – Stacy Peralta

Thank you to William Sharp for the images. Thank you to Stacy Peralta for his thoughts. Skate and remember where we come from – Ozzie

Almost without exception, the pioneers of our sport will claim ignorance when asked if they had any idea that what they were doing in the 1970’s would make such a radical impact on the world. Sure, there are a few individuals flushed with pride & filled with themselves that will say different. There are those that remain bitter for what they feel they never received. Ego. I feel sad for them. Some advice- ‘Greatness’ can only attach itself to humility. Most of the early pool riders were just having fun & doing 'their thing.’ They had no real concept of the ripple effect. They–collectively–threw a pebble in a large pond & those ripples spread from the sunny beaches of California, across the feilds and farms of the midwest and into the cold industrial northeast. The ripples continued on across the world. TA told me that for the longest time, they just skated. They finally did notice that what they were doing was special. written by: Skate- Ozzie 
Photo by Warren Bolster

A comiXologist Recommends:
Harris Smith recommends The Lonesome Go

Boxcar riders, bikers, pool hustlers, small time crooks, hitchhikers, drunks, punks and losers all abound in Tim Lane’s The Lonesome Go, published by fantagraphics. Lane’s dark and shadowy tales explore the dusty, dingy corners of 20th century America, fueled by angst and alienation, set to a score of Motown, Bruce Springsteen and the Ramones.  The artwork is meticulous, yet far from sterile, rendered in severe, shadowy black and white, recalling a less gynecological Charles Burns, or perhaps a Winsor McCay fever dream of skid row, with occasional flourishes of odd Steve Ditko esque manic insanity.  Though stylistically different, one could draw a thematic line between Lane’s vision and the paintings of Edward Hopper, capturing stark moments of everyday life with just a hint of subdued otherworldliness.  Like his artwork, Lane’s writing is gritty yet insightful.  He is part of the tradition of American authors, like Nelson Algren, John Fante and Raymond Carver, able to carve out small slices of down-and-out despair with sensitivity, perception and pathos, and, quite often, a touch of sinister, damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t humor.  

Though the subject matter is often rough and tumble, there is a delicacy to the comics here, not just in Lane’s fine, detailed line work, or in the vulnerability of his characters beneath their grizzled veneers, but in the intricate structure of the book itself.  Four ongoing stories- “In Another Life,” “Belligerent Piano,” “Notes of a Second Class Citizen” and “The Motorcycle Chapter”- are split into chapters and interspersed among other, shorter stories, as well as fragments, diary entries, prose pieces, family history, author commentary, pin-ups, fold outs and cut outs.  From the open road to claustrophobic barrooms to profiles of the Temptations and the history of the leather jacket, Lane covers a lot of terrain here, all of it fertile ground.

At times harsh, but always humane, The Lonesome Go hits you like a smack in the face.  It’s a graphic novel in the truest sense, meant to be read as much as viewed.  It’s a rich, substantial work by an artist and writer who is using the medium of comics to its fullest potential.  Tim Lane is a visionary, and his vision is really out of sight.

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Harris Smith is a Brooklyn-based comics and media professional. In addition to his role as a Senior Production Coordinator at comiXology, he edits several comics anthologies, including Jeans and Felony Comics, under the banner of Negative Pleasure Publications. He’s also the host of the weekly radio show Neagtive Pleasure on Newtown Radio.

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people are reaching with this pregnancy thing, just ignore it and it's all gonna blow over and then we can all move on so we can get new scandals

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