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Let me say some of these things out loud real quick...

•Yesterday, President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because he’s upset that no charges were brought against Trump’s opponent in the 2016 election (which Trump promised to do during the Presidential debates) AND because Trump is annoyed at how serious the FBI seems to be about investigating Russian interference in our Presidential election.

•Today, President Trump  not only met with the Russian Foreign Minister, but also the Russian Ambassador who is at the center of every controversial meeting between Trump associates and Russian contacts.

•Oh, and that meeting – held in the Oval Office – was done at the “insistence” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

•By the way, no American news outlets were allowed to cover this meeting in the OVAL OFFICE between the President of the United States, the Russian Foreign Minister, and the Russian Ambassador at the center of many of the controversies suggesting collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. NO AMERICAN PRESS WAS ALLOWED TO COVER THE MEETING. There was not even a pool reporter or a pool photographer from a United States media organization allowed to step into the Oval Office for five seconds to take a photo of Trump and the Russians. 

•But, hey, that’s okay because we can always count on TASS, the official Russian state news agency to cover our President’s meeting in the most important office of the “People’s House”:

We ARE going to remember the names of the Republican members of Congress who aren’t raising questions, objections, or worries about what’s happening in this country, right? We won’t allow this to just become the new normal, right? What the fuck is happening, America? How did we get to the point where things are so crazy that we just stopped paying attention to all of the new crazy things taking place?

In an excerpt from The Man Who Could Not Kill Enough, Anne Schwartz discusses her first day covering Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial.

I was lucky enough to be the pool reporter the second day of jury selection. Deputies ushered me into the judge’s chambers. I looked toward the corner of the room, and there sat Jeffrey Dahmer, just a few feet away from me. He had changed into brown pants, a tan jacket, and a beige shirt with no tie. Yellow tinted glasses rested atop his nose but he didnt use them for reading; he simply stared at the floor or out the window behind my head the entire time. Prospective jurors never looked at him. Dahmer briefly looked up at me when I walked into the room and then returned his gaze to the floor.

One of the highlights of the jury briefings was a woman who said she could not serve on the Dahmer jury because she raised exotic birds and they would die without her. Even Dahmer laughed. Some perspective jurors were excused because, as one woman put it, “I don’t think I have the stomach for it.”

Trump Threatens To ‘Totally Destroy’ North Korea In ‘America First’ Speech At United Nations
Trump also strongly indicated he would not renew the Iranian nuclear deal, in a forceful first speech before the international body.

Marina Fang at HuffPost:

President Donald Trump forcefully defended the United States and condemned North Korea and Iran in his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly, hailing “strong, sovereign nations” and urging fellow world leaders to “put your countries first,” while trying to strike a cordial tone on the international alliances he had previously criticized.

“As president of the United States, I will always put America first,” he said. “The United States will always be a great friend to the world and especially to its allies, but we can no longer be taken advantage of or enter into a one-sided deal in which the United States gets nothing in return.”

Trump’s speech Tuesday was an important test on the world stage, as the U.N. grapples with international crises, including North Korea’s growing nuclear program, terrorism and climate change.

“Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime,” Trump said, referring to his nickname for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

He then said the U.S. “will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea” if the regime does not tamp down its nuclear development and if it threatens the U.S. and its allies.

In a clear nod to his conservative base, Trump pledged to “crush the loser terrorists” and “stop radical Islamic terrorism.”

He also strongly indicated that he would not remain in the Iranian nuclear deal, which is up for renewal next month, calling it “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the U.S. has ever entered into” and “an embarrassment.”

Trump’s speech presented another opportunity to push his “America First” foreign policy vision, this time in front of an international body he has often maligned.

During his presidential campaign, Trump regularly criticized the United Nations for mismanagement and ineffectiveness. And in December, he referred to it as “a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time.”


In his speech Tuesday, Trump celebrated the international alliances formed after World War II, a sharp contrast from his campaign rhetoric.

Yet he remained critical of the United Nations’ role and fiercely put forth his “America First” platform, boasting at the beginning of his scripted remarks that “the United States has done very well since Election Day.”

The reaction to Trump’s speech among the world leaders in the room was “muted at best” and “stone faced,” according to a press pool report from The New York Times’ Peter Baker. At the conclusion of the president’s remarks, there was “fuller, polite applause, though not rousing or enthusiastic.”

Dean Winchester was the Righteous Man. 

His entire purpose of creation was to be the vessel for Michael in the final battle of the Apocalypse, and then die without a fight and spend the rest of eternity in his little corner of heaven. 

The angels made sure that this heaven was a special one as a thank you for the sacrifice that he would give. It wasn’t terribly big, but seeing as Dean’s only purpose was to be the Michael Sword, he would have no soulmate to share it with. A soulmate wasn’t necessary for the Michael Sword and would only serve as a distraction, so they didn’t give him one.

The angels only finished creating his heaven when they were certain that it was a very adequate heaven for one man. There was a small, familiar home for him to reside and memories tucked into every other corner of the heaven. They then shut the door and awaited Dean’s descent into hell to mark the beginning of the end. 

The day that Dean was rescued from the fiery pits was the same day that the size of his heaven began increase.

It went unnoticed for a long time seeing as all of the angels had more important things to worry about. Seals were being broken and demons were running rampant. No one checked on the heaven.

Outrage and shock fanned through the holy hosts when the great Castiel rebelled against everything he’d ever known. When questioned why, he’d answered, 


And Dean’s heaven added another chair to his simple table set. 

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Adrianna Hutto

On August 8, 2007, Amanda E. Lewis made a fateful call to 911. According to her, she had discovered her seven-year-old daughter, Adrianna Hutto, floating in their inflatable pool. She reported that Adrianna was not breathing, and paramedics rushed her to Bay Medical hospital not far from her Esto, Florida home. Unfortunately, within an hour of her arrival at the hospital, Adrianna was pronounced dead as a result of drowning. Investigators originally treated her death as an accident, but her little brother AJ told police an entirely different story.

According to AJ, he had seen his mother holding Adrianna down in the pool, allegedly as punishment for acting out. After this revelation, other signs that something was very wrong became apparent. While all people experience grief differently, the doctor who had treated Adrianna reported that Amanda was unusually cold upon finding out about her daughter’s death. What’s more, further investigation into Amanda’s home found a house devoid of normal signs of children—no toys, no dolls. The house also had a faint smell of urine and was fairly unkempt. Despite these mounting clues, Amanda passed a lie detector test. It came out that prior to her death, Adrianna was diagnosed with ADHD and Amanda was having a hard time raising her. She had made statements that her temper was “shorter” with Adrianna than it was with her brother AJ, who was described as the calmer of the two children.

In September of 2007, amongst mounting evidence of her guilt, Amanda was arrested on suspicion of killing her daughter in the first degree. In the trials, the defense posited that AJ was not a reliable witness, due to his age and the fact that his story of the events had changed a few times since originally telling it. The prosecution met this with evidence brought forth by the medical examiner that showed that bruises on Adrianna’s body at the time of her death were consistent with having been forced underwater.

It took only four days for the jury to find Amanda guilty in the first degree. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Alexander was sitting on his bed, gripping the edge with shaking arms. His entire body was tense and despite sitting in the nice air conditioning of the house on top of his cool blue sheets, he was already sweating. It might have been because it was summer and his hair was down. Or it might have been because he was so nervous.

It was the first day of summer, and it was already hot, but the community pool had just opened its doors to the public after being closed all year. It was usually opened by spring break, but apparently the city manager put it under maintenance to fix a large crack in the foundation. Wise on the city’s part, but that left the citizens to suffer in the heat until it was fixed.

As soon as the pool was reported to be open for business on the news, Lafayette instantly suggested going. Alexander had agreed easily at first and even watched Lafayette excitedly call their friends, but after closer consideration he realized that he’d be swimming. Which meant that he’d have to take his shirt off.

He was currently wearing a large white t-shirt and a pair of black nylon shorts. Beneath his shirt was a nude binder, something that Martha had gifted to him on his birthday. He had been saving it for a day like this, where he’d have to take his shirt off, and he was so confident at first. But after seeing himself in the mirror, he felt so inadequate. He felt that he couldn’t pass, he felt that people would know. Well, of course they would know after seeing him in a binder, and that’s what made him so nervous. His breathing was growing fervid.

He nearly jumped to the ceiling when there was a knock at his door. “Alexander! Hercules and Laurens are downstairs!” Lafayette called from the other side. “Are you ready?”

“Y-yeah!” Alex replied, eyeing the towel that hung from his chair. “Um… Just go downstairs without me. I’ll be there in a bit!” He waited for Laf’s cheery reply of “Okay!” and the sound of his footsteps galloping down the hall. Alex sighed and hopped onto his feet, a little wobbly, and stood in front of the mirror that was installed on his door. He pulled off his shirt to examine the binder once again. It almost perfectly blending into his skin and it wasn’t too tight, yet it compressed his chest to near perfect flatness while still giving him the ability to breathe normally. He exhaled through his nostrils and slipped his shirt back on. He could do this. He grabbed his towel, threw it over his shoulder, and headed downstairs to join the others.

As soon as he reached the bottom step, John went over to him to give him a tight hug. “Ready, babe?” he asked as he squeezed his hand.

“I’ve been ready since the beginning of spring break,” Alexander huffed with a grin. The others nodded in agreement. Before they left, Martha made sure that they had enough sunscreen and plenty of snacks in their little beach bag before sending them off. The pool was about a block away from their apartment, roughly a five to ten minute walk.

By the time they arrived, they were ready to jump into the cool chlorinated water. Lafayette, John, and Hercules all pulled off their shirts, relishing the fresh air felt on their bare skin. Alexander was ready to throw off his shirt as well, but hesitated and instead ended up rolling up his sleeves and tying the excess hem so it sat above his waist.

They all helped each other apply on sunscreen, specifically on their backs and shoulders. John hummed happily as Alexander massaged the lotion into his shoulders and upper back, already having applied the sunscreen to his shoulders and legs. He turned his head to look at Alex with a grin, and realized the blank expression on his face. He leaned forward so their noses would touch. “Hey, babe. Is something wrong?” he asked.

Alexander blinked before shyly retreating, his cheeks burning. He’d blame it on the heat instead of the embarrassment. “N-no,” he insisted, though he didn’t sound too sure.

John tugged at his shirt. “Well, are you going to wear this when you swim?” he asked with a quirked brow. “Looks like it might get heavy…” Alex was small, and not all that strong, so John was worried the heavy fabric would drag him down.

“I’ll take it off,” Alexander replied, rubbing his arm nervously. “It’s just… I’m wearing my nude binder right now, and this is the first time I’ve ever worn it. I’m just… nervous, y’know?” he finally admitted. He felt a lump forming in his throat and tried to swallow it. He’d hate himself if he was the reason they didn’t have fun today, especially after looking forward to this day for the past week.

Laurens shifted his head as he heard Lafayette and Hercules race each other to the pool, their bare feet slapping against the concrete. After they had both jumped into the water, they were scolded by the lifeguard for running. As much as John wanted to join them in the cool water, he knew it was more important to keep Alex company. He sat beside his smaller boyfriend and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. “It’s alright, babe. I’ll just sit with you until you’re ready,” he assured.

“John, you really don’t have to-” He was silenced when his boyfriend placed a finger to his lips, leaning forward to kiss his forehead. He rested his head on John’s freckled shoulders, hugging his legs to his chest.

Thirty minutes later, Hercules and Lafayette emerged from the pool soaking wet, sloshing back to where they had set up their mat under the shade of a tree with large grins on their faces. “Hey, you didn’t join us,” Hercules said.

“Yeah, Alex isn’t feeling so well,” John said without the slightest hint of condescension, rubbing Alex’s shoulder comfortingly.

Lafayette sat beside his adoptive brother. “Mon ami, what’s the matter?” he asked, squeezing the water from his hair. “Are you feeling ill? Does your stomach hurt?”

Alex shook his head, squeezing his legs tightly. “I, uh… I’m just not feeling so good about my body right now,” he explained, shuffling his feet. “Y’know, since I’m not really a, uh…” He gestured to himself, resting his chin on his knees with a sigh. “Sorry, I’m such a downer…”

Hercules scooted towards him and pulled him away from John into a tight hug, squeezing him close to his wet body. Alexander sputtered, shoving at him playfully. “Hey- Herc! What the heck!” he laughed, finally scrambling away, already half wet.

“Just thought you needed to get wet somehow,” Hercules said with a large grin. He slumped his arm around him and pulled him close to his side, half to get him drenched and half to comfort him. Alex groaned but leaned into him, his head resting on his chest. “Alex, you just need to know that we care about you man, and we’re not gonna judge you no matter how you look. We’re not gonna force you to get into the water if you don’t want to, but it’d be cool if you came to swim with us.”

Alex sighed, “I know…” He looked around at all three of them, guilt swirling in his stomach. “I… I guess I can try,” he whispered. Hercules patted him on the back.

John grinned, pushing himself onto his feet and darting for the pool. “Then come on! What are we waiting for?” he shouted, ignoring the whistle of the lifeguard as he cannonballed into the water. The three on the mat laughed before Hercules and Lafayette went to join him. Alex chuckled at the sight of his friends splashing each other in the water, ignoring the lifeguard as they scolded them for running and diving into the shallow end. He sighed before grabbing his shirt, slowly tugging it off. He rolled his eyes when he heard someone whistle. Probably Herc. He neatly folded his shirt and set it on top of his towel, slowly walking to the edge of the pool and sitting with his feet in the water. His friends lingered around, admiring his nude binder and his toned upper body.

“Damn, Alex, how come you didn’t tell us you were ripped?” John asked, squeezing his bicep.

Alex jerked away with a blush. “Wha- I’m not!” he denied, rolling his eyes when his friends disagreed with him. He placed his hand on his chest to feel the flatness, breathing deeply. He looked down when he felt someone touch his hand. It was John.

“You look great,” he assured, squeezing his hand.

Alex couldn’t help but grin. “I know I look great, babe,” he said confidently, and his friends smiled at his returning positivity. He exhaled and ran his free hand through his hair, cringing at the feeling of the oil and sweat. “Jeez, I really want to get in the water… Martha says that this binder is waterproof, but… I dunno.” He shrugged.

John grinned before grabbing his wrist. “Well, there’s only one way to find out!” As Alex was in the middle of screaming, “John, no!” as Laurens pulled him into the water, wrapping his arms around him to lift him above the surface after dunking his head below. He gasped for air, instantly splashing the freckled teen once he had semi-regained his composure. John laughed and swam away backwards with Alex chasing him in an attempt to pull him under.

All in all, it was a fun day at the pool.

Challenge 59


*Maxerica pregnancy scare

(I’ve had these prompts forEVER and I’ve been wanting to write the story of how we got Lief, because it’s different from the other Laws of Inheritance Schreave babies, but it’s… sort of… long? And comes with its own world building history lesson? So I haven’t had time. But then I hit writer’s block with The Thing with Feathers (don’t worry! I have everything outlined, it’s just a matter of telling the story in a nice, readable way), so I decided to give myself a break and write something different and fun AKA this) (PS, it worked, my writer’s block is BUSTED in a way it hasn’t been in months. I’m only kicking myself for not trying this sooner!) 

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Man Dissolved in Acidic Water After Trying to “Hot Pot” Soak in Yellowstone National Park Hot Pool

He and his sister were trying to “hot pot,” or soak in the water.

An Oregon man who died in a Yellowstone National Park hot spring and dissolved when he fell into the boiling, acidic water, was looking to soak in the water, park officials said in a report.

The report, which followed a Freedom of Information Act request from KULR, found that Colin Scott, 23, was looking for a place to “hot pot,” or soak in the streaming waters—a practice forbidden by the park—with his sister in June. He “was reaching down to check the temperature of a hot spring when he slipped and fell into the pool,” the report said, quoting his sister Sable Scott.

Search and rescue rangers who looked for Scott found his body in the pool, along with his wallet and flip flops, but their recovery efforts were thwarted by a lightning storm. The next day, they could not find any remains because of the acidic water quality.

“In a very short order, there was a significant amount of dissolving,” Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress told KULR.

White House Breaks Tradition By Not Holding Eid Al-Fitr Celebration To Mark End Of Ramadan
By Salvador Hernandez

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan, arrived Saturday without a celebration at the White House, ending a presidential tradition going back at least 20 years.

President Donald Trump and the First Lady did issue a statement Saturday marking the end of Ramadan, but did not host an event at the White House to mark the religious holiday.

Instead, the couple attended the wedding of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to Scottish actress Louis Linton, according to White House pool reports…

The decision not to host an Eid celebration was not a big surprise considering that no invitations had gone out to Muslim leaders in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Still, people across the country still took notice of the administration’s decision.


Blue Hole

Also called “Devil’s Puddle,” the Blue Hole is located southern New Jersey, in the Winslow Wildlife Management Area. Many legends surround this mysterious body of water, and it is alleged that it is the famed Jersey Devil’s portal back to hell. Other legends state that the pool is bottomless, that the water is freezing year-round, and that strange whirlpools will attempt to suck down swimmers into the pool’s depths. Some say the pool has a bottom, but is made of fine “sugar sand” that acts like quicksand. Visits to the pool report crystal clear water and an unsettling stillness to the pond. There are no signs of life in its waters. Decades ago, it was a popular swimming hole for locals, but slowly gained its creepy reputation over the years. With its creepy stillness and oddly clear water, it is easy to see how the Blue Hole could cause uneasiness in its visitors.

anonymous asked:

Ouma came from a very homophobic past. Once he enrolled in the academy, he tries hiding his sexuality, thinks everyone is straight, and believes everyone will hate him if they know he is attracted to the same gender.

Ended up writing another fic after finishing my work early, ahahaha ^u^

btw, if you haven’t already, how about voting for the next big fic I’ll write? More info about it all here 030!!

Anyways, I’m going to bed, so night night, enjoy the story and have a good night ^u^

Safe To Be Me

Something was… odd, her at the academy. And no, it wasn’t the fact that he was forced into a killing game by some weird monochrome bear and its kids, no, that, strangely enough, wasn’t odd in the least. What was odd… was… how… gay everyone was.

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ACLU wins legal challenge against immigration ban: ‘Hope Trump enjoys losing’
The American Civil Liberties Union announced Saturday evening that a federal court in New York issued an emergency stay on President Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The American Civil Liberties Union announced Saturday evening that a federal court in New York had issued an emergency stay on President Trump’s executive order banning immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The court’s decision, which will affect people who have been detained in airports, came after the ACLU and other activist groups filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of two Iraqis who were held at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York as a result of the order.

“I hope Trump enjoys losing. He’s going to lose so much we’re going to get sick and tired of his losing,” ACLU national political director Faiz Shakir told Yahoo News shortly after the decision was announced.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the court ruling.

Trump’s executive order, which he signed on Friday afternoon, barred people from Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Somalia from entering the United States for 90 days. It also stopped all refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days and indefinitely suspended the entry of refugees from Syria. As a result of the order, some people with current visas have already been detained or turned around at airports.

The class action lawsuit sought an immediate injunction barring the Trump administration from blocking immigrants based on the executive order. It argued that the order violates a 1965 law that banned discrimination in immigration based on national origin. According to a copy of the court decision from Judge Ann Donnelly, it will stop officials  from removing individuals with approved refugee applications, holders of valid visas and people from the affected countries who have been authorized to enter pending completion of a hearing on the matter in court. Donnelly also wrote that the lawsuit would have a “strong likelihood of success.”

“There is imminent danger that, absent the stay of removal, there will be substantial and irreparable injury to refugees, visa holders, and other individuals from nations subject to the January 27, 2017 executive order,” Donnelly said.

Shakir said the stay will affect those who are “currently detained in airports” and that the ACLU’s lawyers “will continue litigating the rest of the people impacted” by the order.

Trump’s order has led to large protests at airports around the country. Critics charge that it amounts to a “Muslim ban,” while Trump and his team have maintained that the order is not designed to target any specific religion and is merely aimed at terror-prone nations.

Yahoo News asked White House press secretary Sean Spicer about the order during his briefing on Wednesday. He framed it as a “necessary step” for dealing with people from countries that have “a propensity to do us harm.” During his presidential bid, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims” entering the U.S. That proposal subsequently evolved into a vague promise of “extreme vetting.”

Trump touted the executive order while speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Saturday. He said the scenes in the airports were evidence of its success.

“It’s not a Muslim ban, but we were totally prepared. It’s working out very nicely. You see it at the airports, you see it all over,” Trump said, according to a White House press pool report.

For this first time this season, NYC Health has detected West Nile Virus in New York City mosquitoes from areas in Queens and Staten Island. No human cases have been reported this season.

New Yorkers are urged to take precautions to prevent exposure to mosquito bites. Some helpful tips:

  • Use an approved insect repellent containing picaridin, DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus (not for children under three), or products that contain the active ingredient IR3535.
  • Make sure windows have screens and repair or replace screens that have tears or holes.
  • Eliminate any standing water from your property and dispose of containers that can collect water. Standing water is a violation of the New York City Health Code.
  • Make sure roof gutters are clean and draining properly.
  • Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor saunas and hot tubs. Keep them empty or covered if not in use; drain water that collects in pool covers.
  • Report standing water by calling 311 or visiting here.

The Health Department will also apply larvicide by helicopter to marsh and other non-residential areas of Staten Island, the Bronx and Queens on select days July 17-21.

Visit our website to view the continuously updated West Nile Spray & Aerial Larviciding Schedule, track West Nile virus reports and results, and review NYC’s 2014 Comprehensive Mosquito Plan.

One direction BSM #53 You are mobbed my paparazzi. Age 8-11

A/N: I have so many requests right now, and it’s lovely! But that means if you requested something, it might take quite some time before I write it. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Request: You are mobbed my paparazzi. Age 8-11

ZAYN (age 8): “Zayn?” you asked confused, standing up in the booth to properly look out the window. “Y/N! Sit down!” he hissed. When you were seated with a pout, you repeated the question. “Yes, love?” You munched quietly on one of your fries while you tried to remember the word. “Oh! Why is there paparazzi outside?” Zayn furrowed his brow as he stretched his neck to see, only to be blinded by an instant flash. “Shoot! Are you done eating?” You looked at the empty Happy Meal standing before you, put the toy safely in your pocket and nodded. “Let’s go.” Zayn picked you up and placed you safely on his hip, and guided your head to his shoulder and asked you to shield your eyes. You burrowed your face in his shirt, and when the screams from fans and yells from the paps filled your ears, you took a deep breath of Zayn’s familiar cologne. “Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s over soon,” he soothed calmly and let a hand trail up and down your spine in a calming gesture. When you were safely strapped into the car, Zayn pulled his hair up and started the car with a deep sigh. “Sorry sis. I always forget that happens.” You shrugged and happily pulled out your toy, and Zayn listened fondly as you played.

NIALL (age 9): “NIALL!” “OVER HERE!” “Y/N!” “SMILE!” You whimpered pathetically and gripped Niall’s hand tighter. When someone, something grazed your back, you pulled on your brother’s hand. He looked at you quizzically over his shoulder. “I’m scared,” you mouthed. Or, well, said, but your voice drowned in the midst of all the paps yelling. Niall send a dirty look to the paps behind you, but when they didn’t back off, he huffed angrily. “That’s it,” he grumbled and crouched down. “Jump on my back!” he called, and when you’d done as you were told, he stood up once again and continued to fly down the street towards the car. You hid your face in his dyed locks, and despite your added height, you started to shiver in fright. “We’re almost there.” Someone pulled on the back of your jacket, you yelped in surprise, and a few tears raced down your blotchy cheeks. “N-ni,” you said shakily. “I know, I know.” When you finally reached the car, Niall buckled you in quickly, and raced home. He carried you inside, and sat down on the couch with you perched on his lap. He quickly wiped at your damp cheeks and kissed your forehead. “It’s okay, you’re okay. They’re gone.”

HARRY (age 10): “Fucki-shit!” Harry stared dumbfound at nothing for a while before muttering under his breath: “nice save there, Styles.” He shook his head and cast a worried glance out the window. He and you had been out getting ice cream, and somehow, the paps had found you, and were now blocking the exit, making it impossible to get out without having to face them. “Listen Y/N, you need to pull your hood up, keep your head down an-“ “and not say anything, I know Harry. We’ve done this a million times before.” Harry raised an eyebrow and stole a spoonful of your ice-cream. “Who is it that teach you this sass?” You smiled innocently. “Gemma.” Harry laughed, dimples on display, before throwing out the sad leftovers of his ice-cream cone. “Let’s get this over with.” You nodded and joined his side as he threw the doors open dramatically. He let you walk first and lead you all the way to the car with a hand on your shoulder. You hummed to yourself and focused solely on Harry behind you as the paps screamed for your brother. “How do you do that every day?” you asked baffled in the car. “I don’t. I stay home or I go to less crowded places. I’m sorry you’re used to it. It happens too much.” You shrugged and patted his cheek. “Nah. You’re doing what you love. It’s worth everything.”

LOUIS (age 11): “Lou, can’t they just go away?” you whined, letting your head fall to his shoulder as you blew out an impatient breath. “Sorry love, I’m afraid not. It won’t get better until we get out. Shall we?” You took the time to groan once more before you slipped out of your seat in the café and gripped your brother’s offered hand. You could play as tough as you wanted to, but Louis knew how much the paps freaked you out. When you were younger, he’d just pick you up. Now you were too old, and besides, it was embarrassing. However, you could never grow too old for holding hands. “Let’s just run for it okay? Make it a game? Scare the beschizzle out of the paps in the progress?” You stared funnily at your brother. “Beschizzle? What kind of word is that?” Louis shrugged and tightened his hold on your hand. “A new swearword. Now, 3, 2, 1 aaaaand GO!” You almost toppled over you were laughing so hard as you reached the car. You fell back against the side together with Louis as you both struggled to get your breath. “We *gasp* should really *gasp* go for some runs.” You scoffed and swatted his arm. “As if that’ll ever happen you beschizzle.”

LIAM (age 11): The paps adored you. In the beginning, Liam had tried desperately to keep you out of the lime light, but you knew, somehow, how to handle them. You smiled adorably, told them silly stories, and had them swooning within five minutes, and the next day there would be an article about Liam Payne and his adorable little sister. Today was no different. “…and then he just slipped and fell head first into the pool!” The reporters all laughed/cooed, and you preened under the attention. Liam was watching you from a few feet away, and if there was a few pictures of his fond face in the article, well, then the whole world knew. You were having the time of your life chatting away with the three paps, when there was heard thundering footsteps and shutters of cameras. “Oh no,” Liam muttered, and despise you’re too old age, he picked you up in his arms. “What is that?” you asked, winding your arms around Liam’s neck tight. “More paps. I think it’s time to go.” Just as Liam turned on his heel to go to the car, you were both swallowed whole by cameras and yells and questions. “Liam,” you gasped, eyes flickering. “I’ve got this Y/N. Don’t worry.” And if there was another article about Liam sprinting to the car with you laughing like a maniac in his arms, well, then the whole world knew. 


The little baby giant panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C., has turned 100 days old. So, as tradition dictates, it was given a name.

Meet our cub: Bei Bei! He’s our little endangered #bae. Thanks@FLOTUS & Mme. Peng Liyuan! #PandaStorypic.twitter.com/o70cuP3qZR

The little guy had some VIP help. The name was chosen by first lady Michelle Obama and China’s first lady Madame Peng Liyuan.

Here’s the pool report from the ceremony:

“The panda born on August 22 here to Mei Xiang has a name! It’s Bei Bei. It was chosen by FLOTUS and Ms. Peng and they revealed it in English and Chinese by unrolling scrolls tied by ribbons with help of two school kids.”

There’s no word, yet, on how Beyoncé feels about all this.

Say My Name: Baby Giant Panda Is Named … Bei Bei

Photo: Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Obama vows to be "relentless" against ISIS...after he finishes golfing and golfing...and golfing...

President was all smiles and fist bumps again today on the golf course with not a hint of concern about the American journalist still held in captivity ISIS nor the other American journalist who was beheaded earlier this week.  

Yesterday’s 5 minute speech on James Foley’s death was completely overshadowed by the 5 hour golf game Obama immediately rushed off to after the speech.

Obama is back on the golf course again today.

from Daily Mail:

President Barack Obama teed off again on Thursday, just 24 hours after pictures of his wide grin on the golf course drew condemnation in the wake of the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley.
‘Admit it,’ a White House pool reporter emailed the press corps. 'You all made small-dollar bets that POTUS would be playing golf today. And … you would be right!’
'We are at the Farm Neck Golf Club at 1:13 pm. and POTUS is hitting the links again.’
The president drew fire Wednesday after reacting to Foley’s on-camera slaying for just five minutes, and then gripping his driver.
He had told a global audience minutes earlier that 'when people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done.’
Then he was seen laughing with friends and fist-bumping them during a five-hour round at Farm Neck on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Today’s trip makes the 8th time Obama has played golf in 11 days.  By my count, that makes 194 games of golf since Obama took office. 

Utterly shameful.