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16th Birthday Ideas
  1. High tea
  2. Toga Party
  3. Luau
  4. cooking Class
  5. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
  6. Pool Party
  7. Campy Party
  8. Backyard BBQ
  9. Party at the Park
  10. Book Party
  11. Campfire Party
  12. Board Game Party
  13. Beach Party
  14. Slumber Party
  15. Dinner and a Movie
  16. Hot Air Balloon
  17. Weekend Away
  18. Rock Climbing
  19. Disneyland
  20. Surfing Lessons
  21. Boating/Lake
  22. sail Boating
  23. Sky Diving/Indoor Flying
  24. White Water River Rafting
  25. Water Park/Water Slides
  26. Paint Ball
  27. Snorkeling
  28. Seaplane
  29. Band/DJ
  30. Argosy Cruise
  31. Black and White Ball
  32. Fancy Restaurant
  33. Mall Shopping Spree
  34. Hotel Party
  35. Cheerleading Party
  36. Photo Booth
  37. Glow-in-the-Dark Party
  38. Bowling
  39. Putt Putt Golf/Mini Golf
  40. Costume Party
  41. Talent show
  42. Go Karts
  43. Sporting Event
  44. Ice skating
  45. Circus
  46. Zoo
  47. Roller Skating
  48. State Fair
  49. Line Dancing
  50. Laser tag
20 Questions

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Name: Ash

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Pig

Height: 5’ 10″

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hogwarts House: I honestly have no idea. 

Myers-Briggs Personality Result: ISFG

Favorite Season: Summer. Sunshine, sitting out on the deck writing, going in the lake or the pool, rafting the river. It’s on its way!

Favorite Books: Impossible to choose just one. Gone with the Wind. Anything by Jodi Picoult. Outlander series. Sookie Stackhouse series. Pablo Neruda. Emily Dickinson. Tyler Knott Gregson. Hemingway. Poe. 

Favorite Flowers: Lily of the Valley. 

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Animal(s) and why: Cats because mine is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Call me a cat lady, I’ll totally accept that cuz I love her. 

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: anything with toffee in it. 

Average Hours of Sleep: At least 8. I like to sleep. 

Sam Girl/Dean Girl/Cas Girl/ Crowley Girl/ Other/ None? I’m a Winchester girl. Dean girl, obsessed with John, with a major crush on Sam. I wouldn’t kick any of them out of my bed. Actually, all 3 of them in my bed is a very interesting smut idea…

Favorite SPN Character and Why: HOW do I even answer that?! I can’t choose between the Winchesters, don’t make me. So I’ll pick Chuck because his return was literally epic and I loved his episodes. Plus Rob gives really good hugs irl :)

Second Favorite SPN Character: Mark P. as Luci. I think he’s the best part of this season. He’s completely entertaining and funny, while also so evil and manipulative. Absolutely brilliant job this season. Love him. 

Favorite Fictional Characters Other Than SPN: Like ever?? I’m going to limit myself to 5 because this is a very long list- Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind. Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Bucky Barnes. Thanos! Adam Warlock! Shit, I can’t limit myself. Jamie, Claire, and Briana Fraser from Outlander, Chandler Bing, Diana Prince, BABY GROOT, Daenerys Targaryen & Jon Snow (I ship it) Ok I’ll stop. 

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Favorite Superhero: Cap. Forever. 

Favorite Movies: Gone with the Wind. Captain America: Civil War. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Sound of Music. Horrible Bosses. Pitch Perfect. Strangers on a Train. GOTG2. 

What would your personal SPN heaven look like? Sunny beaches of Maldives. Then my apartment writing and cuddling my kitten. A bookstore where you can buy all the books you want and read all day. Back to the beach to read, write, and drink margaritas in the sun. And a cabana boy that looked like Dean wouldn’t be too bad either :) 

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Hey! If you're still doing energy readings, would you mind giving me one? Thanks!💕✨🌷

I’m in a pool laying on one of those pool rafts, looking up at the sky, I turn over and plunge into the water. The water’s deeper and colder than I realized. I try climbing back up on the raft, but I slip and fall deeper. I sink to the bottom and curl into a ball, near my chest and in my hands is a ball that starts to glow. The ball starts rising and I use it to float back up to the surface, I wave a goodbye to the ball and get back on the raft.

i know very little about the aquabats but i’m reading their wikipedia article to fix that and it's extraordinary, holy fuck

With professionalism far from foremost concern,

that this how a section starts out is absolutely beautiful

To accompany their distinct new uniforms, The Aquabats constructed a backstory which alleged they were actually superheroes hailing from the distant island of “Aquabania”, though Larson admits the entire mythology was simply made up piece by piece as they went along from one interviewer to the next.


As their mythology grew, the members soon adopted superhero stage names and identities, and began tailoring their live shows around a comic book aesthetic by incorporating onstage stunts and mock battles with costumed villains, antics which were originally ploys to get the band’s friends into shows for free.


Jacobs likened the experience to a superhero’s alter ego, working by day and fighting crime [read: being an Aquabat] by night.


For some performances, in place of a villain, The Aquabats will feature a sketch with one of their “allies”: for example, to segue into their song “Magic Chicken”, the titular character— a man in a chicken suit— will come onstage to hand out fried chicken to audience members.


With parents’ permission, children can also take part in onstage games and activities with the aide of the audience. The most common of these have included “pool floatie races”, where two selected children mount inflatable rafts or pool toys and race across the venue via crowd surfing,


and assisted stage diving, in which between songs the MC Bat Commander will gently throw children into a waiting audience so they may experience their “first punk rock moment”.


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pool noodle, tiara, zipper, fishhook

“Oh my god,” Clarke slowly rolled onto her back, her head pounding. She shielded her eyes from the sun and groaned loudly. “Where-“ She sat up, finding herself in the backyard of her mom’s house next to the pool astoundingly hungover.

Wells heard Clarke moving, but couldn’t bring himself to move at all. He had managed to get into a pool chair, but past that he was not moving an inch. “Morning Princess.”

She pushed up on her hands and knees, “Princess?” When she reached up to move her hair out of her face, her hand his a hard and sharp something on her head. She pulled it out and found a tiara in her hair. It took a moment to untangle it from her head, but when she did she sat back and examined it. “Where did I get this?” She tried to bend it, but it didn’t give, “It’s real.” Wells didn’t answer her.

She looked around the backyard which was in general disarray, but the most astounding thing was the rather large pool noodle raft that she had been intricately constructed and woven together with more pool noodle than they actually owned. On the raft, her mother and Raven were tangled together, both snoring lightly as they floated in the middle of the pool.

“What happened last night?” some part of Clarke wanted to crawl to the pool and just stick her face in it.

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you have no idea how much you made cackle at the "fuck" clexa drabble. oh my god. i think it's my favorite thing :) i'm so glad you joined the crazy the 100 train. specially with clexa and even some princess mechanic. would you write a little brotp drabble about clarke, raven and octavia? i love clexa, but i also love clarke's friendships, particularly with raven (and then octavia) it can be in the 100 universe or au. if you feel like it, of course

“Do you think we’d be docked major popularity points if people at school knew about this?” Clarke asks, her skin making a cringe-worthy squeaking sound as she adjusts herself on her turtle-shaped pool raft.

“Popularity? No,” Octavia says from the other side of the large round pool. She slicks back her hair and then jumps up onto her seal floaty. “Hotness points, though. Maybe a bit.”

“No way.”

Clarke leans up on her raft at the words, places a hand above her eyes to block out the harsh sun so that she can see Raven. “You don’t think so?”

Raven rocks back and forth on top of her shark floaty. “No way,” she says again, kicking her legs in the water. “I’m riding a fucking shark. If that’s not hot as shit, I don’t know what is.”

Laughing out loud, Clarke waves her arm through the water and sends a splash Raven’s way.

“Hey!” Raven squeaks. “Watch it! My shark will eat your turtle, bitch!”

“I’m pretty sure sharks are more likely to eat seals,” Clarke laughs out, pointing toward Octavia who narrows her eyes and glares at Clarke before looking to Raven.

“Don’t even think about it,” she warns, and Raven cackles before launching through the water.

“Too late!”

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we took acid and decided we really wanted to be in water, so we floated around on pool rafts holding hands so we wouldn't drift too far apart. passing a few joints back and forth. we watched the sun go down like that and watched the stars for awhile.

oh my god that sounds amazing. water while tripping is so relaxing.

thats actually the sweetest thing ive ever heard this is my new dream date im super jealous of you