pool puppies


It’s summer time ladies!!!! Pool time at all the 5 Star Hotels in Beverly Hills ❤️

My bf got a room at the SLS hotel so I spent few days at the pool. It was so nice. We had this huge suite. My bf left for work and I went to the pool and this well dressed gentleman was standing there so I asked him to press the floor with the pool. He followed me to the pool and offered to buy me and my gf drinks and dinner. We had a really good time. Then as I was leaving I bumped into that guy that paid our tab at Roku Sushi! He invited me and my gf to dinner at the SLS hotel. We had a FEAST! Then the next day he asked me what I wanted to do so I asked him if he can get us a cabana at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel! He did and paid for everything for me and my 6 gfs. We had a freaking blast. We had VIP cabanas and waiters in suits serving us. This hotel is true luxury. I want to live here.

Omggggg if you really want to meet the richest guys in LA you need to go to Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills. It’s really hard to get reservations at Jean George and the roof top bar but if you have connections that’s where you want to be. You can just smell the money when you walk in… well Bales candles at least haha

How come no one commented on my puppy? She’s so cute!

Ok girls… if your guys are not giving you money he’s not a sugar daddy. He’s just an old guy trying fuck young girls. A sugar daddy takes care of his girl. He pays for everything, gives her money, and takes care of her. If he doesn’t want to give you money you need to stop wasting time and go look somewhere else.

You need to think in abundance and be in gratitude if you want to receive. If your not grateful you won’t get more.

Help other people! You have to help others if you want to receive. It comes back! Come from a genuine loving place.

Guys keep trying to talk to me because I have this new puppy!! If you want guys to approach you grab a cute dog and walk your dog around. Guys will start coming up to you just to see the puppy haha

Last thing… do not send nudes, or dirty talk, or even make out with a POT. They’re using you. Get the money FIRST. If they won’t give you money they’re fake girl. Money first.

I love you ladies! And I see a whale coming your way!!! Act cute! :)

send a number (or 2) and a pairing and i'll try and write a drabble or ficlet

1. chocolate

2. in the snow

3. rhythm

4. irresistible

5. hold my hand

6. tongue-tied

7. blue

8. with you

9. grinding

10. not wearing that

11. can you hear me

12. believe

13. in the storm

14. first kiss

15. shooting star

16. broken wings

17. last dance

18. bite

19. at the edge

20. breaking the rules

21. good riddance

22. books

23. weight of the world

24. my child

25. sunlight

26. tactile

27. happy birthday

28. waiting

29. fading away

30. all I ask

31. blame me

32. open your eyes

33. hope

34. good enough

35. eternal

36. that hurt

37. meant no harm

38. blood

39. secret admirer

40. separation

41. diamond

42. flying

43. pool

44. puppy love

45. under the influence

46. fever

47. throne

48. shackles

49. coming home

50. odds and ends