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Hadcanon for how Karma, Rio, Asano and Isogai would celebrate their s/o's birthday? Maybe some of the s/o's interests is if course anime, garffiti and swimming?

Hope you like these!

Rio Nakamura

  • Nakamura goes totally ALL OUT with planning and celebrations
    • Buys a ton of anime, reserves the pool, prints out a ton of pictures of graffiti as decorations
  • Probably invites the whole class, unless she knows her s/o would be opposed to that
  • Generally tries her best to ensure that her s/o has an amazing time, and if anything gets in the way she will change it immediately

Asano Gakushuu

  • Doesn’t usually celebrate birthdays too much, so he’ll likely just do something small
  • Simply invites his s/o over and lets them choose some anime to watch
    • Secretly hopes they pick something the two of them could have an intelligent discussion about but isn’t opposed to just watching something mindless, it’s their birthday after all
  • Spends the day/night relaxing

Isogai Yuuma

  • Buys his s/o a little present, maybe a charm that had to do with one of their interests
    • Probably picks some flowers for them as well, or bakes something delicious and sweet
  • After giving them his present, he’d take them to a nice, relaxing pool where they could swim together
  • Super romantic about it, wants his s/o to have a happy birthday

Karma Akabane

  • Comes up with some REALLY long puzzle for them to do, leaving a bunch of clues that lead different places
  • At the end of this puzzle, he’s waiting with spray cans, brushes and a blank wall he’d asked to be able to paint
  • After his s/o was done, they’d head back to his place to watch some anime and eat junk food all night

(Target is killing me. The baby section of Target is killing me. The fact that Target is already advertising bathing suits in mid February is killing me.)
(Have some ‘A One Time Thing’ fun.)

It’s almost comical, how many of Aidan’s clothes have anchors or ships or fish or whales on them. It’s adorable, too - though, she can’t decide what she likes more: how cute her kid looks in his nautical outfits, or how cute Killian looks when he either points another one out when they’re browsing the aisles, or when he just brings something home. (“Look at this!”) 

But this - 

This was unexpected. 

“It’s April." 

"I know." 

"The snow hasn’t fully melted yet.”

“I noticed that." 

"Swim wear? Really?" 

"He’ll need to learn to swim." 

Which is true. Henry’s always loved the water, and given this kid’s father, he’ll probably be a water baby, too. (He loves bath time as it is.) 

"Still, he’s not gonna need it yet." 

Killian shrugs. 

"We’re prepared, in any case." 

Captain Adorable - honestly

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asoiaf/mcu au: team america. (fancast courtesy of janiedean)

robb stark as captain america
theon greyjoy as the winter soldier
jon snow as the widowmaker
dacey mormont as the falcon
jeyne poole as agent 13

“captain america needs my help. of course i’ll get back in.”

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in light of the new chap w yet another dazai ex machina, what else do you think he's bad at? he's canonically a bad driver and a bit clumsy (falling and getting injured mentioned during his dark era convo w odasaku), but what else? also maybe for atsushi, akutagawa, and chuuya?

Most of them are a bit silly/random, but if you want more serious topics feel free to request again and I’ll fix you up♡

Dazai Osamu

  • Making friends. Most of the time Dazai sees people as pawns or simply beings to manipulate. Even if he’s friendly with his coworkers at the ADA, his last true friend was Odasaku.
  • Opening things. He’ll struggle with a bottle of soda for hours only to have it explode with fizz, packages in the mail are an absolute nightmare, and the pickle jar’s his arch nemesis. Sometimes Dazai horribly ruins the mood because he’s struggling to get a condom out of the package and goddamnit the thing just won’t open.
  • Cooking/baking. His idea of making dessert is cracking open a tub of ice cream, pouring on some chocolate syrup and going to town. If he’s feeling really ambitious he might rip open a box of instant brownie mix and add too many eggs. As far as cooking actual meals- well, don’t even go there.
  • Singing. Despite the fact that he serenades his showerhead—often—and might initiate a karaoke session while drunk, he doesn’t exactly have that smoky, seductive tone (or any tone) that pops male singers to the top of the charts. 
  • Shopping. He will get distracted by the smallest of things and a trip originally meant for picking up a gallon of milk morphs into him wandering through the produce section pointing out all the fruits that look weird. Online shopping’s even worse— don’t let him within ten feet of ThisIsWhyI’mBroke.

Nakajima Atsushi

  • Accepting failure. Atsushi simply can’t take losses easily; he’ll beat himself up over whatever he did wrong for months. Letting mishaps go is nigh unto impossible.
  • Remembering song lyrics. Karaoke sessions with Atsushi are a disaster because he’ll forget a line in the chorus and it’ll throw him off until he’s a mumbling mess. Naturally he feels bad for ‘ruining’ the song and everything plummets from there.
  • Any sort of mechanical maintenance, at all. Whether it’s a car’s oil change or fixing a microwave that never quite seems to get the center of his food warm, any machine is too much for Atsushi to handle and he ends up just staring, lost, until he inevitably gives up.
  • Drinking. If you can actually convince him to down anything alcoholic, prepare for a drunk, sleepy mess in seconds. One jello shot is all he needs to get plastered; not to mention pure drinks. A single swig of fireball not only has him gagging, but also on the floor for the next three to twelve hours.
  • Video games. He always gets seventh place or worse in Mario Kart and he’s extremely salty about it to the point that if someone asks him to play, he’ll politely refuse (unless, of course, it’s Kyouka).

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • Talking through problems. His solution to everything is to just brute force it, and when that doesn’t work, he’ll ignore or internalize his issues.
  • Birthdays in general. First of all, there’s three hundred sixty five days in a goddamn year, how is he supposed to remember when each and every Port Mafia member that’s ever said ‘hello’ to him was born? Gifts? How the fuck is he supposed to figure out what someone else wants? Parties? Don’t even go there. If he’s in a bad mood (he always is) he just Rashomons the balloons.
  • Laundry. For years he didn’t realize you can’t use bleach and laundry detergent interchangeably and kept ruining clothes. He still refuses to separate lights and darks and just dumps everything in the washing machine at once. Folding simply doesn’t happen. All his clean clothes simply sit in the laundry basket until he wears them.
  • Swimming. Not only does he hate getting wet, he’s about as good at navigating the water as a dead dog. Unless he’s got floaties (and you look me in the eyes and tell me this is a man that consents to using floaties) he’s just stuck flailing. Or drowning.
  • Keeping plants alive. If he really put his mind to it, Akutagawa could probably kill a plastic potted plant. The poor grass outside his house can testify.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • Apologizing. His hotheaded nature means he gets into fights easily, but dealing with the aftermath doesn’t come so naturally. Chuuya hates saying sorry and he’ll only do it if he’s really out of line, or he’s apologizing to someone he cares deeply about.
  • Impulse buying. Of course, when you’re swimming in money, dropping a few thousand dollars on a galaxy-printed pool table is no biggie, but the fact still remains that blowing an entire week’s wages in one afternoon surfing the internet is probably not the most financially healthy decision.
  • Sudoku. Puzzles in general make Chuuya want to rip his hair out but the numbers based ones especially make his head ache. Whenever the whole thing implodes and over half of the boxes end up not working out he gets unreasonably angry and powerbombs the thing halfway across the room.
  • Board games. Not only will he be in last place, he’ll be incredibly salty when he loses. Prepare for the cold shoulder anytime you kick his ass at Monopoly.
  • Remembering peoples’ names. If he cares for someone or they’re important for a mission their name will stick in his head, but random people like neighbours a few houses over or people who frequent the same bar will completely slip his mind. It’s probably a good thing he never went to high school because he would never remember his classmates when he ran into them at the grocery store.

They had a tradition. Whenever they had water activities, be it a pool party or just a beach day, someone HAD to be in speedos.

The speedo boy would then have to go about the day like normal, except he wouldn’t have a pair of his shorts to hide under… Everything would be on public display.

Before heading to the pool party, the One-Speedo-Rule was invoked, and Alec was the lucky “winner”.

He had to wear a pair of skimpy speedos, while his friends were all decked out in their swimshorts. He had to wear a pair of sunglasses to cover his embarrassment, even though he acted like he was cool with it.