pool pavilion


Artist’s residence and studio in Sagaponack, New York by Selldorf Architects. “An artist commissioned this house and studio on 17 acres on eastern Long Island. Inspired by typical New England farm structures, the house, studio, garage, and pool pavilion form a quartet of taut, shingled and gabled volumes arranged around a central courtyard. The structures are positioned to provide a series of outdoor rooms, emphasizing the spatial relationship between buildings. Materials used for the buildings mirror the traditional vernacular, including cedar siding.” Photos: Nikolas Koening.


San Michele (Bluefields Bay, Jamaica) :: has a private island reached by footbridge where you can spend countless hours truly “on” the sea. After days of water sports, excursions, relaxation, and delicious repasts to your specifications, fall asleep to sea sounds from an authentic Jamaican four-poster canopy bed. San Michele’s Jamaican furniture is part of a larger collection saved from export by the Moncure family—now able to be enjoyed here.

This 1+ acre property of expansive even lawn is right above sea level. It is perfect for small children and adults with its easily-accessible private pool, expansive pool pavilion, and personalized staff contoured for each group of guests. San Michele was extensively remodeled and enlarged in 2000, now with two spectacular master bedroom suites and two other bedrooms in its main house. Two more bedrooms are in the San Michele guest cottage right behind.


Montville Residence 2 by Sparks Architects

Two pavilions with one slightly skewed against the other, creating an outdoor room in between which facilitates circulation between the pavilions, pool and decks.

anonymous asked:

hi! do you think you can give a clear definition of what a pavilion is? we have it for our final design plate but so far all i've been getting is very ambiguous answers. thanks :)

If you get ambiguous answers it is because we use the term pavillion for more than one kind of structure.

The most commonly use of the word is for a light, usually open building used for shelter, concerts, exhibits, etc.,as in a park or fair. 

CMY Pavilion Shift architecture urbanism

China Pavilion - Milan Expo 2015 Tsinghua University + Studio Link-Arc

These structures can have no use beyond shelter, an object in the landscape, but could be more elaborate and house some uses (like a pool pavilion with restrooms). In these instances we use the term pavillion to refer to a secondary detached structure within a project site.

Pavilion at Architect’s Residence Kythreotis Architects

Bambou Pavillion Koffi & Diabaté Architectes 

Last but not least, we also use pavillion to refer to the buildings, separate or attached, forming a hospital or the like. 

Hospital in Puyo Pm, Mt 

Hope it makes sense!