pool metaphors

actually for a class i wrote a screenplay about a witch who this woman tries to exchange her firstborn child for a spell and then runs off, and the witch is like “the fuck man, i don’t want your kid, i’m calling child protective services. next time just write me a check”

it was going to be my thesis project but i’m kinda deciding that still bc i also want to make a weirder artsy film with furniture in a pool and some vague metaphor


Request: Can you do an angsty Baekhyun scenario where you’re his girlfriend but you tend to bottle up your feelings and he gets annoyed because you don’t tell him how you feel and breaks up with you. I leave ending to you thanks!

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 2179

Warnings: Cussing

*1 hour earlier…*

You were enjoying yourself at first, mindlessly moving your body to the beat of the music and catching up with old friends. Then, you saw your boyfriend of 6 months with some other woman you didn’t recognise, innocently conversing among themselves.

You convinced yourself that they were just chatting, and it was good he was getting to know new people. That is until she sank herself down onto his lap, hands caressing his face while he made no immediate attempt to push her off. He did eventually, struggling out of her grasp and escaping, but not before he made eye contact with you across the room.

You ran to find your friend, Cassie and apologised for leaving her party early before you pushed through the dancing bodies and quietly slipped out of the club. Baekhyun found you a few minutes later, standing beside the car and staring off into space. He knew what you were like, so he unlocked the car with his keys and drove you home in silence.

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'empty at the news' makes absolutely no sense tho... Plus i can clearly hear 'empty avenues' when he sings, without a doubt

nope, you’re wrong. he says empty at the news, you can clearly hear it in headphones and watch his mouth move on snl, he is saying empty at the news, then the next line is “there’s no water inside this swimming pool” it makes sense because he is the metaphorical swimming pool. 

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"There's no water inside this swimming pool" he's metaphorically the swimming pool which is filled with water, obviously, so since its empty that means he's literally cried to a point that he can't cry anymore cause he just feels empty and like there's nothing left in him that can produce even a single tear

this is…. so sad

The Burning Coffin - The Stunning Imagery of TST

Please look at this amazing transition. From the shark in the aquarium to the hallway where Vivian Norbury is led away by police to Mary’s burning coffin and a headstone at the cemetery John visits. 

But this is not just visually beautiful. They show us the burning coffin as proof that Mary is dead. It could be a trick and she will make a reappearance. Or her twin sister could appear. Or she could haunt Sherlock like Amber did in House MD. 

We are always coming back to these two elements - fire and water. They are a common thread in the whole series. And especially in TST:

  • Fire destroying the body of Charlie Welsborough.
  • Fire consuming Mary’s past in the HLV flashback. 
  • Fire consuming Mary herself.

Fire is destructive and cleansing. And do not get me started on the water metaphors - rain, pool, river, waterfall, sea. 

It is also interesting to compare John’s visit to what I assume is Mary’s grave and his heartbreaking scene at Sherlock’s grave. In TST we see nothing of this. No speech at the grave, no tears, no visit to his therapist. Wonder why. 

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Homestuck Finale

I’ve been meaning to comment on the end of Homestuck since 04/13, and I just haven’t gotten around to it. Part of that was suddenly having less time on my hands, part of it was being kind of bummed about the whole thing, and part of it was not wanting to add to the Act 7 miasthma. So, yeah, I was disappointed. And then I was disappointed for being disappointed, because I clearly love the shit out of Homestuck and really expected a more complete ending. For years I’ve been saying “it’d be pretty hard to fuck up the end of Homestuck. Just as long as Hussie does the same shit he’s been doing the whole time, it’ll be fine!”

Surprise! He decided to do something very different. Honestly, I didn’t dislike anything he uploaded. I loved the guest art, I loved EOA6, the anime as fuck Act 7 animation was great… but it was missing something integral. I can’t really say it felt like Homestuck. I mean, for a comic that was almost certainly more words than images, we’re suddenly given total and complete silence? No narration, no character dialogue, no raps, no reveries, no big speeches, no ridiculous banter - just silence. That, plus the total lack of Huss art kind of gave me the impression that Hussie just stopped caring a long time ago, and that really sucks. I’d be lying if I said my energy for a project never fizzled out, especially when I have another pretty big project looming overhead. That multi-million dollar game definitely deserves Hussie’s main focus now, but it still fucking sucks. It still hurts, as a Homestuck fan, to be given an ending it feels like the comic’s creator abandoned. Yeah, he storyboarded it a long time ago. Yeah, he was involved. It doesn’t change the fact that the ending is almost entirely devoid of everything I’ve known Homestuck to be about or that I can’t find a trace of Hussie’s regular style in anything April gave us.

A lot of other people have talked about how the ending gave us nothing in the way of conclusions: neither were large, overarching conflicts nor smaller, personal conflicts resolved. I mean, we all know the Lord English battle tease was rude as fuck, and the green sun exploding sure had some relevance probably, but I also can’t help but wonder about the smaller shit: Do Aradia and Sollux ever rejoin their friends? What did that conversation between Dave and Dirk look like? Does Dave find a way to tell John and Jade about his relationship with Karkat? Does Rose actually come to terms with her “role” and her “arc?” What happens to the sprites? Like, seriously, what happens to the sprites? Do they live? Do they get to go on their own fulfilling personal quests or are they bound to the game? Do Dirk and Jake actually have a conversation and resolve their relationship or do they just play soccer in a probably imaginary future? Does Kanaya hatch the matriorb on Earth? Do trolls and humans forever live amongst each other, despite having pretty opposite tastes in light exposure? From what universe is Caliborn and Calliope’s incarnation of earth? Does Calliope age despite being dead? Is she really going to live amongst the characters and totally forsake her cherub nature? What ever happened to Erisolsprite? Does Tavrosprite ever stop being allergic to himself? Which Tavros am I supposed to care about, ghost Tavros or sprite Tavros? Does either Tavros ever have anything good happen to them? Actually, hell, does Tavros ever find out Gamzee had the hots for him? What happens to Gamzee in the Fridge? MAN I HAVE A LOT OF QUESTIONS.

I could probably go on forever, which kind of just ticks me off more. Like, was anything at all answered in that ending? No? Definitely not, because that would have required some amount of narration or dialogue and not vague and dream-like images of a frog flying through clouds and some pool metaphors! So, yeah, I didn’t like the ending. I actually kind of thought that wasn’t the ending for like an entire day before I realized “oh yeah, act 7 is ONE SINGLE VIDEO. THAT WAS THE END.” I’m a dumbass so, if an epilogue comes out one day, I’ll be all over that. That doesn’t change how utterly disappointed I was and am about the end of Homestuck. I know it’s tempting to say “you would have hated it no matter how it ended, because you don’t want it to end,” but I’ve actually been wanting it to end for a few years now (fuck the gigapause and the omegapause and the sniff my asshole pause) and I think there would have been a lot of great ways for it to end! I always kind of hoped it would end like it began: with weird jokes and Dave finding some AJ which actually turns out to be piss.

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Wait sorry what's happening with one direction? Like plz give a summary of the entire last day ????

- The two gay rainbow bears came back with a bang dressed in their finest wedding wear and ready to be married by Larry Grayson, not to be confused with Larry Stylinson

- Niall has gone head to head with Simon Cowell in the battle of who has more chest hair, Niall is winning

- they switched up the set list and although Strong and Happily are still resting in their graves the stage became a rainbow during Girl Almighty, Liam survived

- Harry and Louis are in love

- no but really Niall broke a metaphorical pool cue in half ala TIF and went at Simon Cowell

- Larry is real

We can’t restructure our society without restructuring the English language. One reflects the other. A lot of people are getting tired of the huge pool of metaphors that have to do with war and conflict. The “war against drugs” is an obvious example of this. So is the proliferation of battle metaphors, such as being a warrior, fighting, defeating, and so on. In response, I could say that once you become conscious of these battle metaphors, you can start “fighting” against them. That’s one option. Another is to realize that conflict is not the only human response to a situation and to begin to find other metaphors, such as resisting, outwitting, skipping, or subverting. This kind of consciousness can open the door to all sorts of new behavior.
—  Ursula LeGuin
There shouldn’t be any sort of competition between Scira and Scallison.

Scallison (Scott x Allison) can be described as a full-on, deep dive, no holds bar relationship. They jumped right into the deep end of their metaphorical love pool. It really is the definition of love at first sight. They said they loved each other within about a month of meeting. They kissed within a week of meeting. They started dating after about two days of “knowing” each other. The pace of their relationship was quick, and unfortunately, it ended quickly as well (since they would’ve broken up about 2 or 3 months after meeting). Allison was Scott’s first love. Scott was Allison’s first love. Unfortunately, Allison was only starting to fall in love again (with Isaac), but Scott has gotten that chance, and Allison knew, and accepted, that. Just like Scott accepted that Allison and Isaac had feelings for each other.

Scira (Scott x Kira) can be described as an instant spark, much like Scallison, that still went through a slow burn. With all the problems with the Nogitsune, Kira finding out about being a Kitsune, and Allison’s death most especially, it’s not surprising Scott didn’t want to jump right in. He would never want to damage his memory of Allison, or forget, but that’s why Kira is so perfect. Even without Allison in the picture, the awkward, reserved and slow pace of Scira is enough to show just how brilliant their chemistry is. They don’t need to be passionately in love from first sight to be amazing together, though it does help that they were immediately attracted to each other. Even Mr. Yukimura saw the instant chemistry! He invited Scott over for dinner so he could hook Kira up! SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 5X04: Scott accidentally professed his love to Kira. Much like when he accidentally had his second kiss with her in 4X01. Their feelings for each other don’t consume them in the same way, and yet Kira and Scott are so dedicated to each other, that it only makes sense that Scott’s madly in love with Kira. I mean, she is a katana-wielding, bad ass Kitsune (thanks Lydia!). How could he not be?!

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is the Scallison and Scira are different, and it’s easy to compare the two relationships Scott has been in; HOWEVER, it’s more important to realize that both relationships are valid, developed and deep relationships. Kira and Allison have both helped shape Scott into what he is today, and Scott has done the same for them. There’s no reason for Scira and Scallison to compete. They execute healthy relationships that are inherently different in how they developed, but both have become staples in Teen Wolf showing viewers how beautiful love can be.